PRP Xianyin The Grey Maze

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  1. Xianyin: The Grey Maze
  3. As peoples travel across oceans and into the great unknown, they bring with them their culture and accompanying trappings. Foods, holy days, languages and other customs from back home make the journey intact. The Great Leap West of the Shen has been transpiring for quite some time, bringing the Middle Kingdom of the East into the chinatowns of the West - little by little, brick by brick, custom by custom, SOUL BY SOUL. The Middle Kingdom has taken root across the sea.
  5. The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor was constructed over 38 years, from 246 to 208 BC, and is situated underneath a 76-meter-tall tomb mound shaped like a truncated pyramid. The layout of the mausoleum is modeled on the Qin capital Xianyang, divided into inner and outer cities. The circumference of the inner city is 2.5 km (1.55 miles) and the outer is 6.3 km (3.9 miles). The tomb is located in the southwest of the inner city and faces east. This is known and established fact.
  7. In Barrio Chino, a rumor has existed ever since the arrival of the earliest Chinese immigrant laborers. A rumor of a necropolis that was constructed beneath Barrio Chino with black magics to mirror the original one back in Qin, but a pyramid and necropolis inverted. Xianyin, the Grey Maze. The Necropolis of the Lost. A place to provide a resting place for a blood relative of the emperor, in exile in the West, to prevent the fulfillment of a prophecy that would tip the balance as regards the Turn of the Wheel. A thief from the hinterlands of the Middle Kingdom in the East has come to Barrio Chino, in possession of a scrap of a map, a broken key, and more to the story. The search for Xianyin begins!
  9. OOC: This is a longform dungeoncrawl style PRP. Random encounters with sentient and non-sentient NPCs, traps and environmental hazards will be faced en route to the ultimate goal of the inverted apex of the pyramid at the center of the necropolis.
  11. Estimated run time is +/- 3 hours.
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