(OLD) Rainbow Dash's Punishment - Day 1 (AB/DL 1/4)

Mar 30th, 2014
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  1. This short is based on this picture: and an old unfinished Twilight punishment story on 4chan found here:
  3. I'm in the process of redoing a few things with day 1, particularly with some parts with how I handle RD, it's pacing and how the story is a bit too absurd for its own good.
  5. 4/30 I'm slowly working towards giving this story a revision.
  6. 6/12 Sorry, the revision has been put off. I am currently working on a unity game project.
  8. ***
  10. Rainbow Dash's Punishment - Day 1
  12. >You have had just about enough of Rainbow Dash and her antics.
  13. >She used to be an awesome pony to be around.
  14. >Now she is dismissive and insulting to just about everyp0ny.
  15. >Not to mention self destructive.
  16. >Her behavior changed around the time you started hearing rumors that there was a lot of infighting going on with the Wonderbolts.
  17. >You tried multiple times in the past to tell you why she was acting up, but each attempt was met with failure.
  18. >You just want your old friend back.
  19. >Luckily for you, her friends all share your sentiments on Rainbow Dash.
  20. >The straw that broke the camel's back was when Rainbow Dash ended up getting drunk during an important ceremony at Canterlot.
  21. >Things got so bad that she ended up ruining the event for both Princesses and all her friends
  22. >Because of Dash's recklessness Celestia and Luna decide that it is only fair that Dash gets acted like a filly she should be treated like one for three days.
  23. >You offered to punish her at your place in Ponyville and all five of her best friends agreed to help ensure that she gets properly punished.
  24. >You and Applejack agreed on taking the role of supervising her.
  25. >It's only fair with the things you and Applejack had to put up with that night
  26. >Rarity got her parents to lent her some things that belonged to Sweetie Belle when she was a Foal
  27. >The best item by far is the foal carriage seat that looks very similar to a baby car seat.
  28. >The adorable pair of Foal pajama with a drop seat will also work wonders.
  29. >Twilight is assisting you with her magic
  30. >She already magically altered Sweetie Belle's Foal things so they are enlarged to Rainbow Dash's size.
  31. >She also let you and Applejack borrow a really nice camera.
  32. >Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy both said they wanted to pitch in treating Rainbow Dash like a Foal when they have the time.
  33. >Those two will be in charge of putting her to bed early at their place and changing her when deemed necessary.
  34. >Spike only purchased a 10-pack of diapers for the 3 day punishment so they are somehow going to have to make that work.
  36. >You are currently at the Golden Oak Library.
  37. >She was just informed of her punishment and she still hasn't said that she regrets anything she did last night.
  38. >Despite her recent screw ups she is still being nasty to everyp0ny.
  39. >If only you could know why she has been acting like this
  40. >”You are in this too anon? This is too lame even for you. I thought we were bros?”
  41. “Bros don't put other Bros through with what you did last night. And I think you won't be calling anyone lame anytime soon after we teach you some self control and humility.”
  42. >Everyone including spike smiles at your little speech and nods.
  43. >Rainbow Dash just sinks her head to the ground and gives you a dirty look.
  44. >”Like I give a flying a buck anon. This stupid punishment will just end up being a waste of everyp0nies time”
  45. “I honestly don't know what has gotten into you Dash, I'm hoping we will have our old friend back when this is all over... Anyways, Luna and Celestia are going to want to hear from Twilight and Spike that we are ready to carry out your punishment.”
  46. “Unfortunately for you we have to demonstrate to Luna and Celestia that we are serious in carrying out the task.”
  47. >Rainbow Dash gulps.
  48. >The girls and Spike all give you a funny look
  49. >Gotta be cruel to be kind to get your bro back you think to yourself.
  50. ”See that big baby car seat-I mean Foal carriage seat over there Dash?”
  51. “I want to give them a nice picture of you in it and I want you to look like a happy foal while doing it and in one of these cute diapers no less.”
  52. >In an uncharacteristic display Fluttershy speaks up.
  53. >”Anon, don't you think that is a bit much?”
  54. >You're a bit surprised Fluttershy is standing up for Dash like this.
  55. >Dash did say some really mean things to her introverted friend during that Ceremony.
  56. "It will be fine Fluttershy. Pinkie would you like to give me a hand?"
  57. >On cue Pinkie grabs one of the thick diapers and prances over too Dash.
  58. >For some reason dash decided to call her annoying and unfunny.
  59. >It really hurt Pinkie.
  60. >Everything she does is to try to make other p0nies happy.
  61. >It's weird really too she used to get along so well with Pinkie and she would always laugh at her jokes.
  62. >Rainbow Dash still hasn't said anything about regretting her recent actions.
  63. >You notice that Twilight is on alert for any escape attempts by dash.
  64. >Like every other pony in the room she is currently very annoyed and disappointed in Dash.
  65. >She did call Twilight an arrogant know it all bitch during that ceremony and failed to take her advice many times.
  66. >It was probably the alcohol speaking for her but you expect better from Dash.
  67. >”Fine, I will play along with your stupid game, but I won't let you get the best of me. Just get it done already”
  68. >She is trying her best to put on a tough face
  69. >Pinkie as happy-as-go-lucky as ever gestures closer to Rainbow Dash with the diaper.
  70. >Dash is not looking forward to being diapered.
  71. “Come on Rainbow Dash this will be fun! Turn that frowny face upside down.”
  72. >”Ugh, Pinkie this is so uncool.”
  73. “Don't be a silly filly Rainbow Dash this will be over in a jiffy.”
  74. >Rainbow Dash's facial expression is that of fear as Pinkie does the inevitable.
  75. >Rarity and Applejacks sides have gone into orbit as they watch the scene unfold.
  76. >Rainbow Dash's face turns bright red as Pinkie finishes securing the diaper and gives her a warm hug
  77. >“Why Rainbow dear you are almost as cute as Sweetie Belle was a Filly” says Rarity
  78. >”I couldn't have said it better myself. She makes quiet th' adorable little Filly.” says Applejack
  79. >”Alright you two laugh all you want let's just get this over all ready” says Rainbow Dash.
  80. >Making a funny crinkling sound with each step Rainbow Dash slowly and shamefully walks to to the foal-seat and sits in it with her arms crossed.
  81. >You gotta hand it to Spike, he really out-did himself.
  82. >Those diapers couldn't possibly look anymore foalish.
  83. >Dash impatiently looks up to you
  84. >”Come on you stupid hairless ape go on and take that picture.”
  85. “Alright Dashie let me just secure you first”
  86. >You finish up securing her to the seat and get Twilight to take the picture.
  87. >The picture was priceless Rainbow had this exhausted and annoyed look while she was secured to the seat.
  88. “Alright this should do the trick, now I think we forgot to tell you that we aren't even punishing you here, me and Applejack still have to bring you to my place.”
  89. >”Wait, what! This isn't fair anon!”
  90. >You do notice that Fluttershy does look a bit bothered with you but she will get over it once she gets to take care of Rainbow Dash like she is a filly.
  92. >Applejack's large carriage awaits outside for Rainbow.
  93. >Applejack agreed to take Rainbow Dash back to your place.
  94. >You were initially an outsider so your house is on the the outskirts of Ponyville.
  95. >If you go the normal route it is basically guaranteed Somep0ny will catch a good glimpse of Dash and will start gossiping.
  96. >That could be a problem you want to teach her a lesson not turn her into a joke for the entire town to laugh at.
  97. >The plan is you and Applejack are going to watch over her during the day.
  98. >You three can do a bit of property work while you wait for Fluttershy to stop on by.
  99. >Your property really needs a good bit of work.
  100. >Fluttershy said earlier that she can make it to your place sometie during the afternoon.
  101. >She has been making progress with her assertiveness training.
  102. >Iron Will is really proud of her even if she refused to pay him that one time.
  103. >Still gotta watch out for when she takes it too far and when her insecurities get the best of her
  104. >Dash is going to be really good training for her.
  105. >Dash still in her seat breaks your train of thought and begins pleading to you and Applejack
  106. >”Look you two can't we just do it here? I'm really sorry I've been acting sorta like a jerk lately and I should have listened to Anon and Applejack when she told me to slow down on the drinking.”
  107. >Good effort but she left out the words Brash, Egocentric and Insufferable Braggart in that speech
  108. >At least she finally admitted she was at the wrong.
  109. >But she is just trying to avoid her punishment
  110. >Still a lot of progress to be made with her.
  111. “No can do Dash. Twilight has a full day of work and can't be bothered with a Foal throwing a tantrum every second.”
  112. >”B-but the path to your place goes through the market and the busiest place in town.”
  113. >Unfortunately this realization makes the other mane 6 concern.
  114. >“We can't let other ponies find out about what we are doing to Rainbow Dash, we have to keep this to ourselves unless she tries to get out of her punishment.” says Twilight
  115. >”We are hear to help teach Dash a lesson in humility and to be more considerate to others not to go out of our way to hurt her.” Twilight continues
  116. >Twilight is right you did all agree to carry out the punishment just like she stated.
  117. “Yeah, true I'm guessing if me and Applejack take the quiet places in town it should take well over an hour to get her to my place.”
  118. >Dash sighs
  119. >”Whatever dork let's just get this over before I die of boredom”
  120. “Alright and I hope you don't end up peeing yourself during our trip because neither Applejack or myself are going to change you and Fluttershy isn't going to show up till later this afternoon.”
  121. >You point to Dash's diaper.
  122. “It's gonna be really nasty for you if you end up having to sit in your own pee for all that time.”
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