Escape from DINO landlord results rant script

Mar 2nd, 2022
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  1. You might have noticed that I had been on radio silence more or less. You might in fact have noticed that I had not made a video about Mangs in mid-February even though you'd expect at this point that I would have. Well, I actually would have if I didn't have real life issues to worry about, namely with my now ex-landlord, who I need point out here how we have a rights advocate getting in my way of calling out the unrepentant rapist and his 100K enablers. He would have understood why I detest Mangs so much if he cared one iota about my opinion, but no, he wanted to be full of the same brand of hubris that in December had him just introduce a whole family into the same house I've been living under, a house with only ONE bathroom I might add, with NO regard to the structure problems that this was inviting, as if the landlord would care as long as he would get to edge me out via tenant capacity DURING A PANDEMIC. When I inevitably called this out, he just wanted me out by the end of February, end of story. Of course, you're hearing me say this on a video uploaded in March, which would make it clear that I do still have something to work with now having escaped the landlord, but my GOD do I have a lot to unpack.
  3. For starters, the landlord was throwing me out in the middle of the same pandemic that he and others have used as an excuse to not try to figure out something for getting my parents' house fixed. That right there is a problem, that he knows there is a pandemic, he just doesn't care if it gets in the way of his being spiteful. Oh right, what do I expect from a guy who enabled his granddaughter to smoke indoors and also barge into my living space to break my comb. He's been biased against me the entire time and it got to the point where he omitted important details I had every right to know about, yet he didn't tell me because he must have thought I was happy about my mom's death. Again, I made a video response to my mom's STROKE regardless of her survival chances, and it was outrage against people's shallowness because it fueled my cowardice that allowed the problem to develop. WHY does the landlord want to think that stupidity and use that as an excuse to not tell me anything I should know. Just...what?
  5. The landlord was just a slimy politician. It gets to the point where he would write on a paper with a religious message about how he would just focus on undecided voters. Well, ex-landlord, congratulate yourself. I'm no longer an undecided voter. I'm going to vote Independent. You say I need to vote for Kristoph Gavin Newsom like you tried to make me do that in the recall election? MAKE ME! I already used a local post office for mailing in my ballot during the recall election. What are you going to do? Throw me out? OH WAIT, YOU ALREADY DID THAT ON YOUR WILFULLY DISORGANIZED CONCEIT! I'm sorry, I do NOT vote for mask hypocrisy elitists who make it so much harder to talk ANYBODY out of passive suicide. And you can't claim I'm Republican either, not when I actually would want Beto O'Rourke to win and reform Texas. By the way, Beto O'Rourke shows signs of being MUCH better than Kristoph Gavin Newsom, simply by doing things like advising his voter base to direct others to warming centers while he himself would interview the likes of paraphlegics who show why the likes of disability daycare centers would exist, doing this BEFORE he has secured his power. California doesn't get to make excuses for its gross incompetence.
  7. That's another point. The landlord preaches kindness. If he practiced what he preached, he'd have cared that I do not know who else I could turn to about my paents' house and that he knew my mom from the local senior center AND that my parents' house is in the same freaking neighborhood he lives in. At least then the abandonment-induced mess wouldn't have reached the point where a given nasty bite of persistent evidence of a stray cat that's been left unchecked for far too long is right past the front door. Oh, but he wants to blame me for not daring to risk desecrating my dad's ashes with some shallow powercleaning job. No. He lives in the same neighborhood. He also advertises himself as some active aid. He should be doing something to get this fixed. If he wants to be a massive liar, then screw him. I refuse to put up with him any longer anyway.
  9. I didn't say much about the family by this point, but I'm telling you now that if they care, it's too passive even if we ignore the language barrier being an issue that the landlord didn't fix because he DICTATED WHO I COULD AND COULDN'T TALK TO EVEN WHEN THE PERSON IN QUESTION HAD WILLINGLY PROVIDED ME THEIR PHONE NUMBER. Another point about the landlord's tyranny, which I put up for 6 years out of general necessity, but getting back to the family, I should also point out that in the later days of February, they had gone into my living space to take items from it while I was out handling tasks. Forget any theft, the problem was the invasion of privacy, something that proves why I was carrying my laptop around everywhere. So yeah, they weren't going to be any more helpful. In fact, I'm glad I am no longer dealing with them either. They deserve each other. That whole farce was just a Tower of Babel at its finest, one that based on what I recall I have lost a luggage bag or two from my mom to.
  11. Sadly, if you think I am done calling out this mess just because I've covered the landlord and the added family, yeah, guess what? I'm not. Do you think I would have put up with that landlord anymore than I had to, especially after the granddaughter episode? No, I wouldn't, not when I was, again, carrying my laptop around everywhere I went on concerns of potential evidence tampering by the landlord or a member of his sycophantic support system. Fact of the matter is, this mess was allowed to develop by people who were supposed to help me. Now before I start, I will say that they did at least help me get out of this mess and in particular, I was otherwise ready to call the sister of mine who is supposed to handle my parents' house a sociopath for past and present conduct of hers alike, but at least she did help when needed. The problem? ANYBODY who cared would have done that, and what I got was these people, including the aforementioned sister, being painfully lax about these tasks, going as far as to abandon precious meetings simply because I was showing frustration that as you can see would be understandable. Just....why? And they do this so that they can play some cheap blame game because clearly everybody to one is a fair fight. Oh wait, I thought Democrats were AGAINST fights. ...oh right, I forget, I'm putting up with California. Which wants to add hypocrisy to already having problems with rampant shallowness.
  13. Really, if these people want me to play nice, then they need to answer to 6 years down the drain because they wanted to SUPPORT the landlord in his garbage, or at best refuse to call him out for the abuses. But I know they won't do that. As far as they care, I'm just a job. If you want to convince me that they're not desultory enough to allow for a problem that I called out over and over again to develop to the point where it did, then you're going to have to show me that they cared enough that I was dealing with an urgent matter. So far I'm seeing them treating things as being business as usual because they're milking a status quo even when it proves itself inherently broken. The pandemic isn't a valid excuse either; they've been basically like this before it started as well. It's a shock that I'm only being kept afloat at this point by money from the pandemic, yet here we are because I'm forced to put up with broken communication that neither the landlord nor the people who are supposed to help me tried to fix.
  15. Oh yeah, that's the biggest issue: that these people do not care about my points. I don't even have to look any further than the point that my parents' house was entrusted to somebody who lives outside the state, considering that that same somebody is the aforementioned sister, who, again, I was ready to write her off as a sociopath once the dust settled. She isn't, or she would have left me to the wolves, but that doesn't change why I would have thrown about the notion, OR that the end result is the same regardless, and it comes back to legitimate reason that she herself had provided, because good GOD is she still too aloof. Want an example? Well, besides how she wants to be such a pessimist toward me, when I was trying to talk about Athena Cykes from Ace Attorney being a Stepford Smiler to make a given point, she gave me some claim that Athena wouldn't care what others think. Yeah, nice projection there, it's not like Athena ever broke down from being thought of as some silly girl.
  17. That's a recent example too, and I wish it was the most problematic recent one, but one that gets on my nerves even more is her remark, in response to the unfair handling of my frustration by the other people who were supposed to help me, that nobody is perfect. Well, gee, news to me that my type has a nasty habit of being easy to stereotype as an idiot. It's not like I've had a real life example of such, who is older than me, have problems understanding how the Knight in Chess works. ...*UGH!* I'm having to talk about that even in a sarcastic tone. Forget any double standards being shoved down my throat. This issue, and what I have to say in response, serves to show how these people don't know me and don't care to know me even when they should, yet they throw about presumptions about my person because all they care about is their paychecks. Yeah, I'm totally sympathizing while I'm stuck putting up with a problem I kept calling out that they don't care to lift a finger to help with fixing.
  19. But hey, they should keep applying the Not Now Kiddo trope towards my person. Clearly I'm an idiot and that's why they don't consider that I would be able to work in programming. It's not like I could ever handle programming well enough to program in things like multiple unit Hit Point display onto a Game Boy Color game. Nah, I'm stupid because they say so. it ANY wonder why even before that family moved in, I had compiled evidence onto a 60 page document calling out the landlord, the people who are supposed to help me, AND multiple other parties. And for reference, the document's last edit date is November 10, just to solidify that the document has been handled before the family moved in. Too bad I couldn't get legal aid for the organization I was requesting via the document.
  21. San Francisco "Yay" Area, you want to claim that I need to learn what reality is? Well, guess what? YOUR "truth" wants scenarios like cat poop being right past the front door of my parents' house. You don't want me to face reality. You just want me to be subject to YOUR tyranny built on hypocritical arrogance.
  23. At least now that I have escaped that awful landlord and his soulless place, there are some benefits I can work with. Granted, there are still some issues that are lingering, but I will say that points like not having to carry my laptop everywhere I go for security with evidence against my opposition are a MASSIVE improvement. Of course, this is STILL a massive setback with handling my parents' house. 6 years down the drain with nothing to show for it because I'm surrounded by hubris-filled cowards.
  25. There is one more general thing I wish to say. I wish to thank the YouTube user Maggie Danger for his moral support. Maggie Danger, I particularly thank you for agreeing that California is full of hypocrites and that BOTH political parties need to shape up and present solutions instead of more useless arguments in their interest of mudslinging. Oh yeah, another point: if the likes of the landlord believed themselves the good guys as you additionally called out, WHY do they need to mudsling. Just...yeah, moving on. I'm glad that we're in agreement that California has problems, and if I'm such an idiot as they claim, then perhaps they would care to present a valid solution to fixing my parents' house before they wish to throw any more stones in their glass house. At least we can talk about things here and there though, and it makes me glad we met over my Secret of Evermore 25th Anniversary Balance Patch, which does bring up when you tried drawing a map of the Volcano Sewers, something that's akin to when my dad had done something similar when he had played Legend of Kyrandia back in the day. I just wish more people understood values like that, particularly when a bigger gathering of moral support would have managed to get through to the idiots. Alas, gaming communities want to be toxic as sin too. But again, thank you for the moral support and also for agreeing that yeah, Mangs is scum and the landlord is corrupt regardless.
  27. I can at least get to actually doing things now, even if the first thing I'll get to is deconstructing the Mangs Empire. But my God, all the trouble I had to go through and still have to all because people wanted to enable a corrupt Democrat In Name Only I had to call a landlord for 6 years while they were hitting me with Not Now Kiddo stupidity on permanent repeat.
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