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UESP Discord Rules 15Jan

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Jan 15th, 2018
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  1. [5:22 PM] AKB: No Flaming - Do not post with the intent to start, or continue, an argument, or to attack another member or their work. This includes instigating Console/OS wars, comments about religion, race or orientation, insulting spelling and grammar or any other personal jabs at other members.
  2. No Hatred - Do not post hate speech or hate symbols. These include but are not limited to: Nazi imagery, triple brackets around names, Pepe the frog memes (due to frequent misuse).
  3. No Rules Lawyering - Constantly trying to toe the lines in the rules and constantly pestering us about the rules is heavily frowned upon.(edited)
  4. [5:23 PM] AKB: On Advertising - You may share your personal blog, art account, fan fiction site, or Let's Play series, but do not continuously share it after being requested to stop. Other Discord Servers may not be advertised without permission from staff.(edited)
  5. [5:23 PM] AKB: No Piracy - Discussion of, links to, or instructions about piracy are completely and totally illegal.
  6. Do not ping staff roles unless it's an emergency.(edited)
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  8. Sweetroll59
  9. January 27, 2017
  10. [2:04 AM] Alarra: Additional information about the server, such as ranks, can be found here:
  11. UESPWiki:Discord
  12. [6:37 PM] baratron: Rules are also available to read on the UESP wiki page linked to above. Please note that discussions on Discord should attempt to strive to maintain a civil and, if possible, friendly tone.
  13. [6:38 PM] baratron: Members are also asked to keep discussions PG-13-rated at most. This means minimal swearing, no explicit sexual content, and no other clearly mature topics.
  14. October 7, 2017
  15. [6:13 PM] Legoless a.k.a. Camlornboy 🐯🍲🦍👌: No politics outside of #off_topic
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