MGE Side III Present Saida

Apr 11th, 2020
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  1. Present Saida
  2. Pull yourself together, and I’ll explain what’s going on in the present Saida.
  3. Saida is built in a huge crater of a volcano that died long ago.
  4. Just imagine the shape of a mortar, surrounded by tall mountains.
  5. Even now, Saida has monster realm lightning pouring down.
  6. The guys building the city do some clever things, so the lightning usually doesn’t fall within the city, but in the sky and mountains nearby, it thunders violently like it is now.
  7. Like I said earlier, you don’t die if it strikes you, it actually feels really good❤ It’ll make your head go totally pure white…❤
  9. That’s why Saida is an island that lives together with lightning.
  10. It was developed with the power of “Thunderstones” and the power of lightning stored in them.
  11. Even if we don’t rely on natural lightning, us Thunderbirds can pour in as much lightning as we want♪
  12. By the way, since Saida has become a monster realm, all of the “battery stones”*, including those still buried in the ground, have turned into monster realm ore. For example, even if it stores “ordinary lightning” from outside of Saida, it’ll turn into monster realm lightning similar to that of us Thunderbirds. You can’t use it as a weapon like in the old days.
  13. That’s why these days you can think of various ways to use it, and it’s become pretty convenient…❤
  14. Well, it’s not us Thunderbirds, but the humans and gremlin teachers that think about that though.
  15. Thanks to them, I guess Saida has the most advanced technology among the cities of the demon realm?
  17. For example, as you can see, Saida is a dark monster realm, and the sky is always covered with thunderclouds, right?
  18. So, whether morning or daytime, the whole city should be pitch black like night, but as you can see, within the city it’s dazzlingly bright, isn’t it?
  19. That’s because the light of lightning from using “battery stones” like on this sign, or that store, is used all over the city. It’s not just some old bright light, with this kind of dazzling radiant light, you can change the color and draw letters and pictures, and you can even put just the light in the air!
  20. If I remember right, “Neonic Light” was created by an inventor named “Dr. Neonic” or something… It’s called “Neon Light” for short.
  21. It’s so dazzling and noticeable, and the atmosphere is erotic, that Court Alf’s Sixth Song Island “De Ryua” wanted it.
  22. It looks like it’s exported to other monster realm nations, or some kind of technology exchange! I don’t really know the details, sorry!
  24. Also, there are two ways to come to Saida.
  25. The first method is by ship from the sea, coming into the city through a cave that was punched into the mountains, the second method is by ship, flying down from the mountain summit into the city.
  26. Eh? Boats don’t fly in the sky? Oh yeah, that!
  27. In Saida, we have “airships”.
  28. Many gremlins that were interested in thunderstones moved here, and they brought some kinda ancient technology with them to the city, developing it like it is now, and the airship was one of them, it flies through the sky even though it’s a boat!? Isn’t that awesome?
  29. It seems that humans and gremlins made it together, but when they flew for the first time, both humans and gremlins were super stoked! On the occasion, we Thunderbirds waiting in the sky were itching with excitement!
  30. Also, there are airships that move between Saida and the other islands, and there are also airships that connect the city to the mountain summit.
  31. If you ride an airship, even though you can’t fly through the sky like we can, you can enjoy the scenery of Saida from far above. Isn’t the night view of Saida lit by neon lights just amazing?
  33. Well, that’s it. It’s a little difficult to talk in this area, let’s go around the city more.
  34. The city of Saida is like the noisiest city.
  35. All the neon lights dazzling all day long, the bars are always loud, we can sing and play instruments throughout the city, a man walking alone calls out to a shrewd monster nearby. All the folks here just do whatever they want.
  36. Those kinds of delinquents are welcomed here♪
  37. If you want to drink with someone, and join in with that bar and cause a racket, nobody cares that they’ve seen your face for the first time.
  38. If you want to, you can even call out to someone that doesn’t seem to have a partner❤ Afterwards? Well, it’s not like you can say goodbye once you’ve fucked if it’s a monster. I don’t know what happens after you’ve fucked❤
  39. What happens to those that can’t do that? Look over there.
  40. I wonder why he came to this kind of place, that serious-looking lanky guy that was approached by a black harpy, and cornered into a wall? They’re booking at the same time❤
  41. Well shit, both are pretty serious. Her expression has the eyes of someone totally looking at a male, and she’s even licking her lips❤ I’m sure he’ll get plenty of love. A whole lifetime❤
  43. Well, this city has this kind of good-for-nothing feeling. But that’s also the good part about this city.
  44. Both humans and monsters have their worries you know.
  45. If you eat a meal, it’s delicious right? If you sing a song, it’s refreshing, and if a man and a woman fuck, it feels great❤ Just fuck before you think about stupid things❤ There’s all kinds of ways to deal with them.
  46. If something’s troubling you too, how about blowing it away with my song?**
  48. W-why are you asking me about that?
  49. You came here to travel right? Traveling and enjoying yourself feels like a distraction, right?
  50. It seems like tired guys looking to cheer up often go to the second island, “Matori”, but now, for customers facing difficulties, and struggling with the way they should go, “Saida” is highly recommended! That’s what the person in charge of publicity said.
  51. If you think about things too much, you’ll end up losing your way, right? At times like those, just forget it and fire a pure white shot♪
  52. Well, I wonder if it's an important thing you can't not think about.
  53. Since it’s important, it’s alright to enjoy yourself to your heart’s content, and then think about it after you’ve felt good.
  54. Well, somehow… I guess my song can support those kinds of people. For the sake of those guys, we sing here, and I’m a diva that doesn’t act like one.**
  56. Since the city is like this, even though this place is a monster realm, folks from the Order want to come here after hearing someone recommend it.
  57. Well, humans think more deeply about various things than we do, and those Order guys have way too much to worry about, like god or faith, or the scripture that says they should strike down monsters, it seems to be a major problem.
  58. Hey, look over there. That drunken dude over there has a rosary around his neck, so he’s an Order bastard.
  59. He’s already shit-faced. A junior song maiden is rubbing his back and… and totally has her eyes on him❤
  60. Look, that chick, she’s groping the dude’s ass now isn’t she❤
  61. Like this, you can cut loose on the spot and cause a little ruckus, okay? It’s that kind of city.
  62. If you start a fight, we Thunderbirds will bring it to a shocking end, and if a guy has gotten so drunk that he’s gotten lost, a pretty and kind onee-san will come do something about it❤
  64. I’ve only shown you one area all day, but as expected of a place that’s also called a song island, the music is really thriving, isn’t it?
  65. There’s someone doing just that. A Thunderbird, and behind her a succubus and gremlin huh? Here, there are a lot of folks that form an “organized orchestra (band)” of multiple people like this.
  66. Because of that, it’s noisy all over, right? In Nevia, music is enjoyed quietly and well-behaved, but here it’s called “live”, and everyone that listens to it enjoys it making a racket together. The band members will play their performance louder to not lose to them and raise the excitement even further♪
  68. And there’s also a lot of folks besides the song maidens that play music, you know?
  69. That band has a Thunderbird song maiden in it, but the other two are different.
  70. Those three all have instruments, right? There are some that sing while playing one, and others specialize in musical performance.
  71. That thing that looks like a lute is a “thunderstring” instrument, and it’s so cool that everyone calls it an “electric guitar”. When you play a string, it makes a sharp and cool sound like thunder♪
  72. There are a lot of people that carry instruments throughout the city, right?
  73. That’s because there is so much stimulation in this city. When you get excited, you strum it with all your heart, and turn your feelings into music. If I get excited, it looks like I’m gonna start singing too❤
  75. Once you’ve gotten used to this island, why don’t you also try out one of the instruments?
  76. I mean, just give it a try♪ Even if you don’t have any bandmates, on this island, you can have improvised performances, and have a session together in place of a greeting.
  77. If a man without a partner like you is playing an instrument by himself, or is playing for the first time, or sucks at it, then the monsters around here will all come join the session. After the greetings, they’ll continue it wherever❤
  79. Well, you don’t need a partner like that anymore❤
  80. Huh? Have I been hearing a crackling sound since earlier?
  81. Nooope… that’s me. Since earlier I’ve gotten so excited that I want to sing❤
  82. I’ve just gotta do it… will you accompany me? Oi❤
  84. Notes:
  85. Levin speaks with a lot of colloquial/slang (basically delinquent) language, which I've tried to replicate with curse words and casual speech. She also uses the masculine "Ore" to refer to herself.
  86. *this used the kanji 蓄電石, which more specifically means the storage of electricity (like a battery) rather than thunder/lightning that the kanji 蓄雷石 (thunderstone) uses. I guess when a thunderstone is used for energy, it's called a battery stone
  87. **these are the only two instances of Levin referring to herself with a (somewhat) feminine pronoun. A slip-up of the author, or does our delinquent birdy sometimes get girly when talking about singing? Who knows.
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