MH - S01 E10

Mar 20th, 2015
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  1. <Darkling> It's the next day at school, lunch time. The girls are sitting outside under a tree, they haven't really had a chance to talk until now abotu everythign going on, and Avaline seems abnormally absent.
  2. <Darkling> Elisa has the two books she found laid out in front of her and is eating a pudding cup, looking to each of the others.
  3. Tina_ seems a little distracted, looking around the school yard. SHe hasn't touched her lunch at all.
  4. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy is...asleep. Arms folded over her chest she's managed to doze off leaning back against the tree.
  5. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi has one eye on Billy, but not in a particularly suspicious way. The girl leans forward to have a look at the books, giving Elise a glimpse of her cellphone. "What this now?"
  6. <Darkling> "Well, I was reading these last night after I found them in the library, and I honestly don't think I've found anything of value." She sighs and looks to Izumi with weary eyes.
  7. <@Mr_Rage> "Maybe need a fresh set of eyes. Anything stand out?"
  8. <Darkling> She turns around one book. It's leathery and etched in gold. "Thsi one I think is about fairies, but I really read it. I don't even know if there is writing in it." She pushes it over.
  9. <Billy_Blackfeather> A snort and Billy's body squirms into a more comfortable position, lips parting so she can breath through her mouth instead of her nose.
  10. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi grabs for it almost too eagerly, flipping through.
  11. <Darkling> "And this one," she pats the darker book of the two. "Is all about witchcraft. I didn't read much in it because it disturbed me. Sacrificial thigns and weird orgies." She shudders.
  12. <@Mr_Rage> "Hey. Orgies not that weird. Just tricky!"
  13. <Darkling> She hesitantly pushes that book over too, looking skeptical.
  14. <Tina_> Izumi earns a sideways glance from Tina with that one. "Well. Sacrifices are part of what we have to do anyways right?"
  15. <Darkling> As you flip through the book, the images on the pages move ever so subtly, there aren't words per se, but the moving images tell tales and stories on their own, though their meaning is easily lost.
  16. <@Mr_Rage> "Hnnh..." Izumi tilts her head this way then that.
  17. Tina_ looks over at Izumi. "Good book?"
  18. <@Mr_Rage> "Going to have to keep at it. Tonight, I think." For a moment it looks like she's ready to slot the book into her shirt, but it goes into her backpack instead. "Witchcraft... not sure that one helpful to us."
  19. <Darkling> "No, I'll just return it." She doesn't really look liek she wants to touch the book.
  20. <Darkling> "Whats uh, what's up with Billy?"
  21. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi scratches her nose, glancing over at the wolf-girl. "We try to get more information on what the spirit asked of her. She get it, but it take a lot out of her." A gentle frown mars the idol-girl's face.
  22. <Tina_> "She made a deal...didn't she." It's not a question.
  23. <@Mr_Rage> The frown deepens, and Izumi touches her chosen book.
  24. Tina_ sighs and looks off back towards the school.
  25. <Darkling> "What exactly happened?"
  26. <@Mr_Rage> "We went to a clearing, I help Billy enter a trance. She talk with something, took a couple hours," Izumi glances at the wolf-girl, measuring something, before she continues, "swear herself to service anew." A scowl.
  27. <Tina_> "Service anew? Like what her family did way back?"
  28. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi nods. "Yes."
  29. <Tina_> "What did she learn?"
  30. <@Mr_Rage> "We take unspoiled earth to the rot. We hunt a stag for its heart. The blood must be a bond," at least they'd gotten that one right, sort of, "and the seed the spirit will provide when we have the rest."
  31. Tina_ looks down, thinking.
  32. <Darkling> "What does serving them entail?"
  33. <@Mr_Rage> "Don't know yet," Izumi sneers. "Not want to find out."
  34. <Darkling> "Well it can't be worse than what's going on now, can it?"
  35. <Tina_> "Don't say that! You're gonna make it start raining or something."
  36. <Darkling> She looks to the sky, clear and blue. "I think we're safe."
  37. <@Mr_Rage> "Hmf. Point is, we have ideas now."
  38. <Darkling> "Which do we start with then?"
  39. <Billy_Blackfeather> With a yawn Billy say up, arms stretching out. Look at those nice sharp canines. She smacked up lips and looked around, still looking tired.
  40. <@Mr_Rage> Billy's offered an apple to perk her up. "Well, stag will be hardest."
  41. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Psh, hard for who?" She takes a big bite out of the apple.
  42. <Tina_> "Didn't Ava's vision say that Billy would hunt the stag?" Tina said, looking toward the school again.
  43. <@Mr_Rage> "Guess that solve that. Soil easy too, but... whose blood we use?"
  44. <Billy_Blackfeather> "All of ours."
  45. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy takes another bite of apple, chewing noisily.
  46. <Darkling> Elisa frowns.
  47. <Tina_> "Like...from a war movie where the guys become blood brothers?"
  48. <Billy_Blackfeather> "That'd be my guess. Dunno. Open to suggestions."
  49. <Darkling> "Ick. No offense."
  50. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Ain't like we gonna share it. We can probably just cut our hands and spill some on the dirt."
  51. <Darkling> "That's why I said ick."
  52. <@Mr_Rage> "Guess it couldn't hurt to do all. Not like you covenant with one of us in particular."
  53. <Darkling> "So how do we find the place we need to bring it all?"
  54. <@Mr_Rage> "Probably easiest to go back to the same clearing?"
  55. <Darkling> "But we have to bring it where the problem is don't we?"
  56. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Hrn. We need to find the source of the rot too. We need your parents for that." Tina gets a nudge from Billy.
  57. <Tina_> "We need my parents to find the source?" Tina says looking away from the school and back at the others, confused.
  58. <Billy_Blackfeather> "They make a living off the forest. They're gonna know where the problem is."
  59. <Tina_> "Ohh. Good point."
  60. <@Mr_Rage> "Not like we can ask them, 'hey where you growing Hexxus?'..."
  61. Billy_Blackfeather chucks her apple core away and yawns again, looking ready for another nap. "If we need subtlty better not bring me along."
  62. <Darkling> "But yout hink they'll have something that shows where it is?"
  63. <Billy_Blackfeather> She shrugs, settling back against the tree.
  64. <@Mr_Rage> "Maps is my best guess."
  65. <Darkling> "That something you think you can get Tina?"
  66. <Tina_> "I think I can. Maybe Dad'll be excited to show me if I show interest in their jobs."
  67. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Glad that's all cleared up then."
  68. <Darkling> The lunch bell rings, guess it's back to class.
  69. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Gonna stay here." She yawns and settles in.
  70. Tina_ sighs and tosses the full lunch bag in the garbage on her way to class.
  71. Billy_Blackfeather snores her way through an entire class under that tree.
  72. <@Mr_Rage> Izumi... takes notes for the wolf-girl.
  73. <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  74. <@Darkling> The school bell rings, letting everyone out for the day. Elisa suddenly appears beahind everyone. "So we gonna all head over to Tina's now?"
  75. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy shrugs and stifles a yawn, more from school boredom than continued exhaustion. "Sure, but I ain't apologizing for anything."
  76. <Mr_Rage> "Apologies not amount to much anyway, with kind of damage you do," Izumi teases.
  77. <Avaline> "This is monumental." Avaline says with a sigh. "Like a funeral monument."
  78. <Tina_> "Alright guys! Let's go. Maybe I can convince them to let you sleep over too..." She seems lost in thought as she leads the girls to her house.
  79. <Mr_Rage> "Ohho?"
  80. <@Darkling> "I'm.. I don't have anythign for a sleepover."
  81. <Billy_Blackfeather> "We can paint our toes, talk about feelings and play spin the bottle. Thrilling." Delivered deadpan by Billy.
  82. <@Darkling> "Well, let's go I guess. Lead the way Tina."
  83. <Tina_> "I'm sure I've got plenty you can borrow." Tina says with a grin. Her house isn't too far away, she usually gets to school on her bike.
  84. <Avaline> "I've got plenty of sleepover stuff myself. I'm always prepared."
  85. <Tina_> You come up to what appears to be the perfect model of the American Dream. It's a nice, two story house surrounded by other nice, two story houses that look the exact same. Each one has a white picket fence and a small garden out front. There are two sedans in the driveway, one black and one red. Tina smiles. "Home sweet home."
  86. <Mr_Rage> Izumi whistles.
  87. <Avaline> "It is nice. A lot like what I pictured."
  88. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy snorts, shoving her hands in her pockets.
  89. <Tina_> "It looks like they're home. Should we ask now or do you guys wanna get dinner first?"
  90. <@Darkling> "Food would probably be good, but I don't want to impose too much on your family."
  91. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Yeah, what she said."
  92. <Tina_> "Oh, they love when I bring people over!"
  93. <Avaline> "It would be nice to meet them. Trying to meet the approval of the parents is like a sacred rite."
  94. <Tina_> "Then it's settled!" Tina says happily, walking up to the door and letting them all in. "Guy's I'm home! I brought some friends too!"
  95. <@Darkling> You hear who you can assume to be her father call from another room. "Welcome home sweetie! Dinner is almost ready, I hope your friends are hungry!"
  96. <@Darkling> And then you hear a shriek and the crash of pots and pans hitting the floor.
  97. <Mr_Rage> Izumi jumps, taking off towards the noise.
  98. <Tina_> Tina does too, "Oh no what happened?"
  99. <Avaline> "Eeek!" Avaline goes running into the kitchen,
  100. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Bet it's a mouse," Billy mutters, following.
  101. <@Darkling> Looks like her mother tripped over something and dropped a pot of water all over the floor. You can't be surprised with how cluttered the kitchen is. As if this happened all the time her father is already cleaning up the mess.
  102. <Mr_Rage> "A-ah." Izumi blinks, looking to Tina.
  103. <Tina_> "Mom! You gotta be more careful!" Tina grabs some paper towels to help her dad.
  104. <Avaline> "Hi! I'm Avaline! It's soooo nice to meet you both! Tina is a really great person, you know?"
  105. <@Darkling> Her dad looks up. "Oh hi, yes. I'm Lester. It's a pleasure." He quickly shakes your hand without you offering it before goign back to cleaning up. "It's so nice that Tina has some friends over! I'm sorry about this mess."
  106. <Mr_Rage> "Izumi," she introduces herself just as quickly, tapping her lip.
  107. <Avaline> Avaline smiles stupidly. "Don't worry about it. Sometimes my stuff gets scattered around my room and it looks like a scene out of a horror movie."
  108. <Tina_> "The really quiet ones are Elisa and Billy." Tina says, pointing them out to her parents.
  109. <@Darkling> "I'm so sorry, sometimes I'm just a clutz." Her mother says. "I'm Martha by the way." She hurries across the room, moving this way and that around the mess and people cleaning, getting another pot and filling it with water.
  110. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy keeps to herself near the back of the small gathering of girls, even looking away when she's pointed to.
  111. <@Darkling> Elisa stays back with Billy, watching the commotion but offers a small wave.
  112. <@Darkling> "Well, why don't you get everyone comfortable and we'll finish up dinner dear."
  113. Tina_ wrings out the paper towels and throws them out. "Okay! Cmon guys I'll show you my room!"
  114. <Avaline> "I bet it's just how I imagine it!"
  115. <@Darkling> "I'm not sure I want to know what you imagine sometimes." Elisa says with a smirk.
  116. <Billy_Blackfeather> "You're a little too into this."
  117. <Tina_> It's hard to tell, but you think the walls might be pink. The pictures that are everywhere block the view. There's tons of camera equipment piled up in one corner and there's a pile of clothes in another. Besides that there is her pink bed and a nice laptop and printer sitting on a very cluttered desk.
  118. <Avaline> "Pink... I knew it." Avaline eyes the bed for a long while.
  119. <Tina_> "My parents tell me they were so happy when they found out I was a girl. I think they had already painted the room."
  120. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy does her best not to actually cringe.
  121. <Mr_Rage> Izumi raises her eyebrows, leaning to have a look at what the pictures are of.
  122. <@Darkling> Elisa walks in and does a small spin looking at all the pictures on the wall.
  123. <Tina_> Most of them are nature photos, trees, flowers, the odd wild animal. There are a few of the houses on the street and even more of the kids and teachers at school.
  124. <Avaline> Avaline begins to take note of the pictures, too, but spaces out and begins to daydream.
  125. <@Darkling> "I didn't know you were so into photography."
  126. <Tina_> "I carry a camera with me everywhere." Tina said, giggling. "I love taking pictures. I wish I could draw but real life is too vivid and I wouldn't wanna mess it up."
  127. <@Darkling> "Real life is already messed up, don't think you could do worse than it already is." She wanders a bit more to look at more photos.
  128. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy is leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed.
  129. Tina_ seems to take a new interest in her old photos. Looking at them all through her friends eyes. "I don't have enough ocean or river shots."
  130. <@Darkling> You hear another smash back from the kitchen.
  131. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Clumsy, isn't she?"
  132. <Tina_> "It's like she doesn't know where her feet are half the time... Mom!?" She calls down, sounding worried.
  133. <@Darkling> "It's okay dear!" You hear a call back. "Dinner is in five minutes!"
  134. <Mr_Rage> "..." Izumi strokes her chin, looking pensive.
  135. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy shoots a meaningful look at Izumi, head tilting slighty.
  136. <@Darkling> Elisa pipes up suddenly. "Where's the bathroom?"
  137. <Tina_> "Oh. It's two doors down the hall on the left."
  138. <@Darkling> "Thanks." She disappears.
  139. <Avaline> "Don't be gone too long." Avaline waves.
  140. <Mr_Rage> "Tina, your mother always been such a klutz?"
  141. <Tina_> "Umm...Probably? She seems pretty distracted today though."
  142. <Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl nods along.
  143. <Avaline> "Do you think your parents will like me?"
  144. <Tina_> "Why wouldn't they? I like you." Tina says, almost offhandedly.
  145. <@Darkling> And soon enough Elisa is back, and your parents are calling you for dinner.
  146. <Avaline> "A girl's parents are like the final boss, is all."
  147. <Tina_> "Ooh! Dinner! I wonder what they made."
  148. <@Darkling> They've got the table set in their dining room, a place for everyone, and a large steaming vegetarian spinach lasagna on display for everyone. "Come have a seat!"
  149. <Mr_Rage> Izumi takes a seat with a bounce, briefly touching her palms together before she can stop the habit.
  150. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy does her best not to make a face at the free, meatless food.
  151. <Avaline> Avaline heads on down to the table and takes a seat.
  152. Tina_ sits happily at the table. "This looks great guys, thanks."
  153. <@Darkling> Lester and MArtha take seats at the ends of the table. "I hope you young girls have a healthy appetite." They start serving everyone heaping piles of lasagna, and there's salad and other different veggie sides for them.
  154. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy looks desperately for some kind of meat in this meal. Please.
  155. <Mr_Rage> Omnomnom~ Without so much as smearing her lipstick or losing anything in The Abyss, the Japanese girl eats heartily.
  156. <Avaline> "Bring it on, I say. Even after a good meal there's always room to..." Avaline stops herself and laughs nervously, then starts chowing down.
  157. <@Darkling> "So, is there a special occasion that everyone is over for?" Lester asks in between chews.
  158. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy, plate empty, looks between Lester and Martha before finally settling her gaze on the father. "Tina says you own the logging company here in town."
  159. <Avaline> "This food is great, thanks."
  160. <Mr_Rage> "Mfhf~"
  161. <@Darkling> Martha smiles. "Thank you!"
  162. <@Darkling> "We do. Surely that's not why you're here though?" Lester says.
  163. <Tina_> "Well. We were interested in it. But I also wanted to ask you guys if they could sleep over."
  164. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy grunts, looking down at Tina for a moment with narrowed eyes.
  165. <@Darkling> "Of course! We can pull out the spare matresses in the basement and I'll make you girls some hot chocolate and popcorn!" Martha looks absolutely pleased with the idea.
  166. <Tina_> "Yay!"
  167. <Avaline> "Sounds delicious."
  168. <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy sighs, looking back to Lester.
  169. <@Darkling> "So, you don't really want to hear about our work do you?"
  170. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Only something specific, for a school assignment."
  171. <Avaline> "What kind of person do you think would be best for Tina? As parents what kind of qualifications are you looking for in someone your daughter will be spending a lot of time with? And yeah, what Billy said, too."
  172. <Mr_Rage> Izumi snrks, covering her mouth to hide a fit of giggles.
  173. Tina_ is caught speachless looking at Ava with a strange look.
  174. <@Darkling> Lester looks like he is about to answer Billy, finger in the air and mouth open, then he pauses and looks at Avaline. "Sorry, I beg your pardon?"
  175. <Avaline> "Like a significant other. Obviously you wouldn't want her ending up with a weirdo with no ambition, but what good qualities are you looking for?"
  176. <@Darkling> He looks puzzled. "I don't think this is appropriate dinner conversation young lady."
  177. <Avaline> "Oh, sorry. You're probably right." Avaline flashes an apologetic smile and keeps it on, mentally weighing the pros and cons of letting Billy murder Tina's parents.
  178. <Billy_Blackfeather> Judging by the look on her face it might be Ava in a shallow grave if things keep up.
  179. <Tina_> "Yeah...Besides, I think Billy was asking them about our...project?"
  180. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Right. Er, it's about environmental pollution and its effects on a...biome. Have you come across any pollution in the forest during your work?"
  181. <@Darkling> "Pollution? You might have to be more specific. We see lots of trash and rubbish left all around from people that just hike through the woods, or tourists."
  182. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Anything particularly bad? Industrial pollutants? Chemical spills or dumps?"
  183. <@Darkling> "Uh." He hesitates. "That's what your project is on? I can help you, but I can't actually divulge any company information, you udnerstand right?"
  184. <Mr_Rage> "Of course, of course. Not like we work for the newspaper," Izumi grins, having recovered from her fit.
  185. <@Darkling> "Well, there have been some reports I could robably give you some information from. I'll get something for you after dinner."
  186. <Mr_Rage> "Fantastic, thank you~"
  187. <@Darkling> Dinner concludes without much mroe fanfare and Tina's parents clean up, relieveing the girls of any duties and letting them go enjoy their night.
  188. Tina_ takes the girls downstairs to show them the entertainment center. "What do you guys think? Movie?"
  189. <Tina_> "Or we could paint our nails and play spin the bottle like Billy suggested.
  190. <@Darkling> "We could do all of those." Elisa smirks.
  191. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Why did it turn out like this?" Billy grumbles as she takes a seat.
  192. <Tina_> "Because we like to have fun and you were here."
  193. <Avaline> "What kind of movies do you keep here?"
  194. <Tina_> "All kinds!" Tina points at the shelves and walks over to them. She picks one out, "But I already know you wanna see a horor movie."
  195. <Mr_Rage> "Fufufu~"
  196. <Avaline> "You understand me so well~"
  197. <@Darkling> Elisa settles down on the floor. "Well, what are we watching then?"
  198. Tina_ giggled. "I picked a classic. A Nightmare on Elm Street."
  199. <@Darkling> "I haven't seen taht one before. Horror movies aren't really my thing."
  200. <Avaline> "Some of them are more like dark comedy, which is good in its own right."
  201. <Tina_> "Especially the older ones. They get kinda corny with age."
  202. <@Darkling> You hear some footsteps thumping down stairs and Martha rounds on you all with a tray of mugs filled with hot chocolate, a bowl of marshmellows and a giant bowl of popcorn. "Here you are dearies! I'll go get some sleeping bags and matresses for you. We don't have enough for all of you so I hope you don't mind sharing.
  203. <Mr_Rage> Izumi griiiins.
  204. <@Darkling> She heads off to another room without waiting for an answer and pulls some deflated air mattresses back with her, then heads back again, ths time coming back with sleeping bags.
  205. <@Darkling> "You let me know if there is anythign else you need!"
  206. <Tina_> "Thanks mom! We'll let you know."
  207. <Avaline> "Sure, thanks!" Avaline joins Izumi in the grinning.
  208. Billy_Blackfeather grumbles.
  209. <@Darkling> She heads up the stairs with a smile on, and not a minute later you hear a loud thump and cry of pain.
  210. <Tina_> "Mom?!"
  211. <@Darkling> "I'm okay dear!" More footsteps and she's gone.
  212. <Mr_Rage> "That is unnatural."
  213. <Tina_> "I think maybe she's got vertigo?"
  214. <Billy_Blackfeather> "...so are they forest spirits too?"
  215. <Tina_> "Who?"
  216. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Your parents. Wouldn't it make sense if you are?"
  217. <Tina_> "My parents are just people silly. If they were spirits I think I would have noticed."
  218. <@Darkling> Elisa pulls herself into a sleeping bag and grabs a mug.
  219. <Avaline> "Some people can be really good at hiding things. But I'll trust your judgment."
  220. <@Darkling> "If a forest spirit eats only plants, is that canibalism?"
  221. Tina_ giggles. "Good one." She grabs her own mug and sits on the air mattress.
  222. <Avaline> Avaline grabs a bag and a mug, settling in by Tina. "So who
  223. <Avaline> 's sleeping with who tonight?"
  224. <Mr_Rage> "Hm hm hm~"
  225. <@Darkling> "I um, think there's no extra room in this sleeping bag."
  226. <Tina_> "We can share Ava."
  227. <Avaline> "Where there's a will there's a way." She nods solemnly.
  228. <@Darkling> Elisa sits back snuggling herself in her sleeping bag to watch the movie.
  229. <Billy_Blackfeather> "Izumi's barely gonna have room for her...her boobs...so I'll just stay right here."
  230. <Mr_Rage> "Fat chance, wolf-girl. Get over here."
  231. <@Darkling> ---------------------
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