Newlywed Life With Urakaze (Autumn) [Typeset]

Sep 19th, 2017
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  1. Newlywed Life With Urakaze (Autumn) Translations
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  4. [Newlywed Life With Urakaze (Autumn) / Odawara Hakone]
  5. >Admiral, it's Autumn now.
  6. >If you can,
  7. >Want to go together to the Naval District Autumn Festival--
  8. >...If you're busy, I can go with Hamakaze....
  9. >Eh?
  11. >Mm
  12. >Ahh...Is that so?
  13. >Fufu...
  15. >[Ara...]
  16. >...Admiral,
  17. >How is my Yukata? | Ehhhh--?!
  18. >[Uwahh--]
  19. >Admiral, get it together!
  20. >[Gasp]
  21. >I'm so fortune...I almost ascended.
  22. >Is it THAT good...?
  24. > be able to see Urakaze in a Yukata....
  25. >I...I can die with no regrets.
  26. >[Uu]
  27. >I was pretty jealous of everybody for dressing up so beautifully
  28. >So this feels like a dream,
  29. >being able to go with the Admiral to the festival in a Yukata like this.
  30. >It'll seem even more like a dream once we're actually at the festival!
  31. >...indeed!
  33. >Hope you weren't waiting, Admiral.
  34. >Were there a lot of people?
  35. >Not that many.
  36. >I ran into Kuroshio, though.
  37. >"Yer' always gettin' all picky about Okonomiyaki, but here y'are gettin' it from a stall~" | she was saying.
  38. >Hiroshima's Okonomiyaki IS the best! | But in this kind of place the atmosphere is important too!
  39. >Is there such a large difference?
  40. Note: Most Okonomiyaki vendors in Japan make Okonomiyaki in the Osaka (Kansai) style, so Urakaze may be particular about it in the same way Chicagoans are picky about pizza or Southerners are picky about barbecue.
  42. >Of course! | Next time I'll make you some REAL Okonomiyaki!
  43. >That's great, I'm looking forwards to it.
  44. >Admiral,
  45. >I want to play around over there!
  46. >Right!
  47. >[Clack]
  48. >I'm pretty good at these festival shooting games. | which prize do you want? Just leave it to me! >Well then, please get that one.
  49. >Which one, which one?
  51. >The blue one, over there.
  52. >Admiral...
  53. >Y-you don't need to | choose me even as a doll--
  54. >Even so!
  55. >I want that one!
  56. >...Even though I'm a pretty good shot--
  58. >At this rate I might end up hitting the Admiral's heart too.
  59. >I was kidding.
  60. >AHH----!
  61. >How rude of you to laugh like that!
  62. >N-no | it's just that it's hard to stop once you start laughing--
  63. >...It'd have been better if I didn't say it.
  64. >[really...]
  65. >...well, it's true...
  67. >...There.
  68. >Bountiful Harvest--!!
  69. >In the end you shot down all four.
  70. >Mm, because
  71. >I want to bring everyone home together.
  72. >Give me one of them | your hand, too.
  74. >That was fun.
  75. >I want to come here next year too.
  76. >We will come back.
  77. >Next year, the year after that
  78. >And ever after, let's come together.
  80. >It's a promise, Admiral.
  82. [Extra - Newlywed Life with Urakaze (Autumn)]
  83. >Ohhhh....
  84. >It's a pile of good-looking food.
  85. >Just for today, you can eat anything you want. It's my treat.
  86. >Really?!
  87. >Then I want cotton candy, grilled corn | and Ikayaki!
  89. >It's rare to see Hamakaze so boisterous.
  90. >Even if it's me, festivals are an occasion to have fun with everyone.
  91. >...but | you seem even happier than usual.
  92. >That's because I'm here with the Admiral.
  93. >Oh | Chocolate bananas! I want to eat Chocobanana!
  94. >Finish what you have first--
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