Normal Norman - Locker? I Hardly Knew Her!

Jul 10th, 2013
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  1. [written by basedwritefag]
  3. >Norman sat at his desk, jotting down the quips of information the teacher was giving him.
  4. >He'd never payed math class any mind in the past; he wouldn't need to know how to derive equations later in life.
  5. >His opinion on the matter changed when he was approached by the PE teacher after recess.
  6. >Mr. Fritz wasn't just the PE teacher, coaching five different sports in the school.
  7. >He was infamous for his style, a harsh perfectionist that sought only the best athletes for his team.
  8. >During last week's session of dodgeball practice, Mr. Fritz confronted Norman with a sour face.
  10. >"Norm," he said, "You're doin' great. You're one of the best players I've ever seen. There's problem."
  11. >He stuffed his Herculean hands in his pocket and extracted a postcard-sized sheet of paper.
  12. >He offered it to Norman, dropping it into the boy's open palm.
  13. >"Care to read what it says?"
  14. >Norman flipped the document over to reveal a short text with a signature.
  16. N. NORMAN, GRADE 12, 7-2-2013
  18. BIOLOGY: A
  19. HISTORY: A-
  21. MATH: C-
  23. >"What is that at the bottom, Norman?"
  24. "A 'C', sir?"
  25. >"That's correct. Now tell me, boy, what is my policy on academic achievement on my team?"
  26. "B or higher," Norman muttered.
  27. >"Speak up, boy!"
  28. "B or higher," he shouted.
  29. >"Right. As you can see you're not meeting my standards. Raise your math grade to an 'A' or I'm cutting you from the team."
  30. "But sir!"
  31. >"Silence!" Mr. Fritz boomed, "There will be no debate. Either you bump your grade or you never play dodgeball again! Do I make myself clear?!"
  32. >Norman nodded.
  33. >"Now go home! Practice is over!" Fritz loudly blew his whistle as the players shuffled to their bags.
  35. >"Norman!" A shrill voice shouted, "What is the derivative of 3x+5?"
  36. >Norman glanced at his note before looking back at the teacher.
  37. "Three, ma'am."
  38. >"Very good, Norman," she smiled, "Just yesterday you couldn't tell me what x-squared raised to the third power equaled."
  39. >Norman rolled his eyes and put his head on the desk.
  41. >"Ms. Shimmer!" the teacher howled, "You mean to tell me you can't add two simple fractions?"
  42. >Norman looked beside him to see Shimmer shaking, her desk vibrating with her terrified convulsions.
  43. >>"I don't...I can't do it, ma'am," she squeaked, "No one ever taught me."
  44. >"Hmmph," she sneered, "You need to apply yourself Ms. Shimmer. I suggest you look up to Norman; he picked himself up by his bootstraps and got back on the beaten path. I would follow his example."
  45. >Shimmer glared at Norman, her fiery eyes burning past his skull. She looked him up and down as if she was scanning for a weakness.
  46. >Norman was off-put by a demonic smile as she looked back towards the teacher.
  47. >He shrugged and went back to his notes. The class lasted only a short while before the bell signaled its conclusion.
  48. >The students filed out of the class and towards their lockers. Most of the students' lockers were just outside the door.
  49. >They gathered their belongings and raced towards the buses and cars.
  50. >Norman, however, turned the other direction. His locker was on the far corner of the school, a sketchy section of hallway that he was sure no one even bothered to maintain.
  51. >Norman drove a car, negating the worry of missing a bus.
  52. >It still irritated him that while every other student took three steps to get to their lockers, he had to take three hundred.
  53. >Norman marched down the hallway, his sneakers squeaking along the linoleum floor.
  55. >When he reached his locker Norman clasped his hand on the padlock.
  56. >His combination, 6-17-13, was quick and he had the locker open within seconds.
  57. >Norman only kept his backpack in his locker, a large portion left unoccupied.
  58. >His old school's lockers were much smaller, only barely big enough to fit his slender backpack inside.
  59. >These lockers, on the other hand, were so expansive that you could probably park a horse comfortably inside.
  60. >Norman slung his backpack over his shoulder and turned around.
  61. >He was greeted with a large smile occupying half of a burnt orange face. Auburn eyes glared at him, their eyelids drooping over them.
  62. >Norman searched for the words to say but was silenced when a tiny finger alighted on his lips.
  63. >"Hey there, Norman," Shimmer growled, "How's it hanging?"
  64. >Norman sputtered and stammered, unable to respond. He found an appropriate reaction and spat it out quickly.
  65. "Shimmer!" he shouted, "What are you doing here? You don't even have a locker."
  66. >"Princesses of the Fall Formal don't need a locker. They have their own booth to keep their things. Not that anyone would dare steal from me."
  67. >Shimmer blew onto her nails, admiring their crimson paint.
  68. "You still didn't answer me," Norman said, "Why are you--"
  69. >"Simple," she said, "I came to tell you that your tutoring me with math for the next week. You'll show up at my house, teach me everything you know, and I pass the class with flying colors. Sound like a deal?"
  70. "And what do I get?" Norman questioned.
  71. >"Nothing. You're not getting paid, you know. You're volunteering because you're such a good friend."
  72. "Thanks," Norman grunted, "But no thanks. I don't have the time to tutor you." He turned to his right to get around Shimmer.
  73. >His advance was stopped by an orange arm slamming into the locker beside him, blocking his path.
  74. >Norman stepped to the right but was met with a similar resistance, Shimmer's other arm planted firmly on the wall beside him.
  75. >"I wasn't asking," she snarled, her eyes narrowing, "Now you either tutor me or I make your pathetic life more of a hell than it already is."
  77. >Norman's eyes filled with exasperated irritation as he pushed against Shimmer.
  78. >He gasped as his chest was pushed back with almost superhuman strength, almost like she was possessed.
  79. >Her stumbled backwards, losing his balance as he fell into the locker.
  80. >The row of lockers shook as his head bounced against the back wall. A dull pain rocked Norman's skull as he fought to get up.
  81. >He got to his feet and started to run but was swiftly blocked.
  82. >He realized that he was completely inside the locker, his small frame a near perfect fit.
  83. >The interior was cast in shadow as Shimmer eclipsed the buzzing lights behind her.
  84. >Norman saw a devilish grin on her face before everything went black.
  85. "What the hell?" Norman said, "Who turned off the lights?" He heard a cackle from just in front of him.
  86. >"Those lights are always flickering, Norman," she said, "It's just luck that they happened to shut off."
  87. >Norman's heart quickened like a deer in the night, unable to see his predator, even when she was just in front of his face.
  88. >He heard a long exhale in front of him followed by a blast of hot air across his face.
  89. >"Oh Norman," Shimmer said, "You were always so out of touch. I'm astounded you've lasted this long. Not a single soul in this school respects you, you know that?"
  90. "That's not true," Norman said, "What about--"
  91. >"'Aryan Beauty?'" she said mockingly, "That slut? She'll sleep with anyone who shows her affection, no matter what color they are."
  92. >Norman's face turned bright red, a strong heat flushing his cheeks at the insult.
  93. >"Now back to the subject at hand," she said, "Are you going to tutor me? Or am I going to have to make you?"
  94. "Never," Norman said, "I would never help someone as diabolic as you!"
  95. >Norman sprung off his heels, pushing his way out of the locker.
  96. >She pounced like a lion, viciously tearing at his clothes.
  97. >He felt his lucky hat pulled off his head and tossed into the abyss as his jacket and shirt was torn off from under him.
  98. >A foot tripped him as he fell, his pants quickly pulled off his body.
  99. >He felt vulnerable, fighting in the dark in nothing but his boxers.
  100. >He felt another strong push as he landed back in the locker.
  101. >Shimmer wasted no time as she leapt inside herself and shut the door.
  102. >Norman thrashed before his limbs were pinned to the wall behind him.
  103. >Another hot breath cascaded over his neck.
  104. >"Well well," she cooed, "Trapped in a locker with a beautiful woman. Isn't this what every guy dreams of?"
  105. >She giggled as he leaned in for a kiss in the pitch black.
  106. >Norman felt a strong pressure on his mouth as Shimmer pushed into him.
  107. >Shimmer grasped the sides of his head, preventing him from turning away.
  108. >Norman felt his lips part as her tongue forced his way inside him.
  109. >The intruder pushed forward, deftly coiling around his tongue.
  110. >Shimmer moaned seductively as she forced his mouth further apart.
  111. >Norman couldn't move, the confines of the locker preventing his escape.
  112. >Shimmer pulled her mouth away, a string of saliva connecting the two before falling to the floor below.
  114. >"Are you really struggling?" she laughed, "You sure you're not enjoying this?"
  115. >Norman yelped as a smooth hand stroked his boxers, cradling his cock behind the fabric.
  116. >He had just noticed that he was hard, blushing deeply as he looked away from her.
  117. >Shimmer giggled as Norman's boxers tightened.
  118. >"I guess you are enjoying yourself," she hissed, "So hard from just kissing a woman? How lonely are you, Norman?"
  119. >Norman couldn't hide his arousal from her, especially not in this tight space.
  120. >His erection butted up against Shimmer's thigh, proudly displaying itself to her.
  121. >Shimmer took her hand off his boxers. Norman heard another giggle on top of ruffling fabric.
  122. >Something hit the floor with a soft thump as Shimmer took a deep breath.
  123. >"If just a simple makeout can get you up, I wonder what these will do to you..."
  124. >Shimmer pushed herself closer, pushing her chest right up against Norman's.
  125. >He felt two distinct points of pressure on his bare chest. He gulped when he determined what they were.
  126. >Shimmer's burrowed her breasts into his chest, moving them in a tight circle against his skin.
  127. >His dick betrayed him as it grew to its final length, tickling Shimmer's thigh.
  128. >"I bet you've always wanted to touch these, hmm?" she teased, "Always wishing to get a finger on my tits."
  129. >Norman fought to ignore the verbal and physical assault as Shimmer took a step back.
  130. >"It a shame I can't see that body of yours," she cooed, "You probably don't have any muscle."
  131. >Norman was used to insults but he never felt so vulnerable.
  132. >Shimmer was in complete control, manipulating his body to betray his thoughts.
  133. >With a single touch Shimmer could take him to new worlds; with a single word she could bring him back.
  134. >Norman heard another thump of fabric falling to the ground and was terrified of what she had planned.
  136. >Shimmer stepped forward again, grabbing his head and locking their lips together.
  137. >Norman gasped when a new sensation gripped him.
  138. >Shimmer grunted as she pressed her hips against Norman's boxers, her newly-damp pussy staining the fabric.
  139. >Norman squirmed as his dickhead rubbed against her bare slit, drops of lube oozing through the boxers.
  140. >Thin rivers of fluid ran down his shaft as he prodded her entrance, denied entry by a thin sheet of thread.
  141. >Both of Shimmer's lips kissed him, begging him to tend to them.
  142. >Shimmer took Norman's arm and brought it to her pussy.
  143. >The pair gasped as they made contact. Norman's fingers slid across her folds, tracing a path over her velvet orifice.
  144. >Shimmer grabbed his wrist and pushed his fingers inside, moaning loudly as they slipped past her lips.
  145. >She moved her other hand to Norman's cock, jerking it tightly as he body rocked from pleasure.
  146. >Her hips bucked, forcing Norman to finger her as he tried to pull his hand away.
  147. >Their lips never broke contact as they finger-fucked each other.
  148. >Shimmer felt the beginnings of an orgasm, pulling Norman's fingers from her dripping slit.
  149. >She released her grip on Norman's cock to grab the elastic around his waist.
  150. >Shimmer slowly pulled off his boxers, dragging the fabric along his shaft.
  151. >She pulled them off his dick with a snap, his cock springing upwards, twitching slightly as it pointed at its future home.
  152. >The heat from Shimmer's loins radiated inside the locker like an oven.
  153. >Shimmer panted as she grasped Norman's dick and prodded it against her pussy.
  154. >She swung her legs to either side of him, pinning him against the back wall.
  155. >She giggled to herself, giving Norman a long lick across his face.
  156. >"Now for the part you've been waiting for," she cooed. She grunted, slowly pushing her hips forward as she eased his cock inside her.
  158. >Norman's body recoiled from the sensation of his cock wrapped in Shimmer's pussy.
  159. >She moaned loudly as she pushed him deep inside.
  160. >She was taken aback by his length; his shaft seemed infinite as it traveled up her tunnel.
  161. >She yelped when it bumped against her cervix, filling her completely.
  162. >"Never thought you'd be so big," she panted.
  163. >She shook off the thought as she pulled her hips back.
  164. >Norman winced as his head dragged back against her walls, waves of pleasure rocketing from his tip.
  165. >Shimmer whimpered, thrusting her hips forward to engulf his cock once more.
  166. >Norman felt a soft suction, Shimmer's walls grasped at his shaft, unwilling to let it go.
  167. >It felt like her hand, squeezing tightly around him.
  168. >Norman had never imagined how pleasurable it would be, although a slight twinge of guilt hit him.
  169. >He wished it had been Aryan Beauty (and more open circumstance).
  170. >Shimmer moaned with every thrust, each one more forceful than the last.
  171. >Norman felt his cock crash into something hard, causing Shimmer to scream.
  172. >"At least I'm hurting her," he thought to himself shamefully.
  174. >The locker didn't give Shimmer much room to move, hardly able to withdraw his length fully before slamming it back inside.
  175. >Shimmer felt her abdomen convulse, a pool of pleasure in the pit of her stomach.
  176. >Her walls vibrated around Norman's cock, multiplying his pleasure tenfold.
  177. >"Norman," she panted, "I'm gonna..."
  178. >Shimmer's orgasm rocked her body, pounding her fists into the locker walls and grinding her pussy against Norman's crotch.
  179. >Norman was too mesmerized by the vibrations to release his own orgasm was far past due.
  180. >Sharp contractions traveled up his shaft, pushing his cum forward.
  181. >Shimmer felt the waves of muscle and started to panic.
  182. >She didn't have enough room to pull him out.
  183. >"Hey! Wait!" she screamed, but Norman took no notice. He had already surrendered to his body and he no longer had control.
  184. >Shimmer tried to wriggle away from him in vain as he reached his peak.
  185. >Ropes of cum shot inside Shimmer, splashing against her cervix and cascading down her walls.
  186. >Shimmer screamed in protest as he pumped his seed inside her.
  187. >Cum dribbled down his cock as it began to go flaccid.
  188. >Shimmer pushed back as hard as she could, forcing the locker door open and tumbling into the darkened hallway.
  189. >Norman went limp from the orgasm, held up by the back wall of the locker.
  190. >He smiled at Shimmer, who was trying desperately to remove his load from her pussy.
  191. >She looked back up at Norman and flashed him a demonic smile.
  193. >"You think you've won?" she sneered, putting her clothes back on, "You have no choice but to help me now."
  194. "I could always tell the school about how you raped me in a locker after school."
  195. >Shimmer laughed loudly, her cackle echoing down the halls.
  196. >"Who are they going to believe? That me, Princess of the Fall Formal, raped 'Norman Norman', or that sweet, innocent Sunset was raped by the strong, overpowering captain of the dodgeball team?"
  197. >Shimmer was right, no one would believe him. Shimmer baggied the cum that ran down her thighs and sealed it.
  198. >"This might 'cum' in handy," she laughed to herself, "7 PM, tomorrow night. Be there or this," she held up the baggie and soaked panties, "makes the 9 o'clock news!"
  199. >Norman exhaled. He had no choice.
  200. "I'll be there, Shimmer," he sighed.
  201. >"Good, glad to see we could work something out." She got herself fully dressed and strutted down the hallway.
  202. >Norman stood inside the locker, trying to piece together what had happened.
  203. >He exhaled and gathered up his clothes. He swung his backpack over his shoulder and walked away from the damp, hot locker.
  205. "Why can't this happen with Aryan Beauty?"
  207. END
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