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  3. For my senior project, I plan to develop a website that will display my photography from the past five years and any photographs I take in the future.  Additionally, I will be putting together a new series of photographs that I will take during the Senior Project time frame.  I plan to take ten, themed photographs and display these together at the Senior Project presentation at the end of the year.  
  4. Photography is one of my greatest passions, and despite the large amount of photographs I have taken throughout my life, I have rarely shared them with those around me.  Developing a website will allow me to display my past, current, and future photography and share my passion. The site will include an “About Me” section and an online gallery of my photographs which will be organized and divided into subsections based on image categories. (i.e.  portraits, landscapes, waterscapes, nature, flowers) Additionally, I may add a section on the site displaying the photographs I have taken for Special Olympics over the past 4-5 years.  I have attended numerous events and taken photographs for my community service requirement.  I have shared these photographs with the Special Olympics staff for use in their brochures and website, but I would also like to share them with the athletes.  Putting them on this site would allow me to do so.
  6. The project will take place both on campus and at home.  My on campus work will be supervised by Kris Street, and I will be using my laptop and software that I already have access to.  The project will occupy approximately five hours a day, which would equal 25 hours each week.  I will be designing a website to display my photography during this time, as well as taking new photographs throughout Rhode Island to produce my new set of images for display.  
  8. Designing a website for my photography has been a goal of mine for quite some time.  After I complete this project, I would like to share my website with the Moses Brown community as a whole, but also with the outside community, including my friends, family, and family friends.   My objectives throughout this project include learning about web design, developing a site to display my photography, learning about photography, taking new images, and sharing my work with the larger community.
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