TPP7 Submission Rules

Feb 10th, 2019
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  1. - Song must obviously be a Touhou song or an arrangement/remix of a Touhou song. I will not allow songs that are unrelated to the series, even if it had a video based on Touhou.
  3. - Submissions must have the email start with [Touhou] at the beginning of the topic title. This will make things easier for us to determine which pack it is for.
  5. - Every submission MUST HAVE AT LEAST AN EXPERT CHART, but we would greatly appreciate if you add lower difficulties as well. If you do not wish to add in lower or certain difficulties, please let us know in the email so we will add them in ourselves. I'd like our pack to be as accessible as possible.
  7. - Soft limit for the song cuts are 2:30 (arcade length). It is a soft limit because I will allow charts to go over that limit, but if I feel the song can be cut shorter to be below (or at least close to) the 2:30 limit, I will advise and can even help with that.
  9. - All stepfiles MUST have a 418x164 BANNER, 640x480 BACKGROUND, and 256x256 JACKETm, but we can also add these ourselves if you are not confident if your graphic-making abilities.
  11. - All files must also include a CDTITLE representing the submitter. But please keep the size reasonable, and they must be consistent with all of your submissions.
  13. - For the song artists, if it contains vocals, put the circle name down, and if it's entirely instrumental put the artist down. The exceptions are artists better known as their circle name (ie. CROW'SCLAW instead of Taka)
  15. - Do not worry about videos. I can provide them myself.
  17. - Song file MUST be in .ogg. You can easily convert it with Audacity.
  19. - Please try to avoid having people submit the same song. If it comes to this though, I'll go with who has the best chart.
  21. - Submissions will be rated by the Expert difficulty and be given either an ACCEPTED or REJECTED rating. If your chart is REJECTED, I will be giving feedback as to what can be changed so it can be accepted later.
  23. - There is a possibility that approved charts may be slightly modified to fix any objective mistakes still found in the chart. However, if any bigger changes are required, I will contact the submitter (via email they submitted from if I don't know how to contact them elsewhere) for approval of changes.
  25. - The file may have been already released publicly as a single or in a solo pack, but not in any form of other collaborative pack, It may not also be already charted from the previous 6 packs in the series. (You can release them in any future collaborative packs after this pack has been released however)
  27. - Please try to limit how many songs you are submitting by one artist so we can maintain variety.
  32. All submissions are to be sent to
  34. If you want to ensure you aren't charting any songs that we plan to step, check out the claimed songs by Gpop and CondorTalon here:
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