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  1. As a young child, Teverson would struggle to sleep at night. His mother, worried about Teversons sleeping issues decided to read children’s books to help him sleep. His father however, unhappy with the ‘false’, happy message these books would preach tore it out of his loving wife’s hands and replaced it with a book befitting this cruel world. From that day forward his mother exclusively read the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. Teverson learnt at a young age just how cruel the world is and how powerless he is to change it; however, he still felt some good surely could be found somewhere in this cruel world. Unfortunately, this all changed when his dad never returned from a trip to a cave in Poland.
  2. Teverson loving his father ventured to find his lost parent and dove into the same cave his father went missing in. After spending 3 days in the Polish cave, he could no longer find his way out. Searching all possible crevices, he relised he is forever lost. Feeding off bugs and drips of water from the ceiling, days turned to weeks and weeks to months. On one day that seemed like all the others Teverson exploring the cave heard a strange noise and noticed an unusual light. Thinking he finally found the way out of this stone prison he eagerly ran towards the light. When he finally arrived all that awaited him was an IBM ThinkPad 701C laptop, a Mad Catz Xbox 360 controller with turbo stuck on and a modded copy of The Orange Box with jump_academy loaded on it. To this day Teverson resides here hoping that one day he will find his way out.
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