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Sep 9th, 2014
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  1. Gameplay in Dragon City revolves around building habitats for dragons, hatching dragon eggs, breeding types of dragon together and ensuring that the player’s increasingly-large menagerie stays well-fed. The game walks players through the basic processes involved in hatching, building, housing and feeding dragons through a simple tutorial and then repeatedly encourages them to follow these procedures through a series of quests. There is not a specific “story” to follow, meaning that the main incentive for progression is to earn money, level up and fill out the “Dragon Book” with all 159 types of dragon currently in the game. Some of these dragons may be discovered simply by hatching new eggs, some may be discovered by feeding a dragon enough for them to “evolve” and others may be found by breeding two different types of dragon together. Some dragons are also awarded as daily bonuses, and others may be acquired by using the in-game “recruitment tavern” to get friends to help.
  3. Dragon City’s monetization comes about primarily through its soft currency “gold,” which is required for most tasks, including clearing “junk” items from the play area. There is no energy bar system in the game, so the main means of limiting free players’ interaction with the game comes through this currency system. Successfully-bred dragons earn money over time, allowing the player to develop larger and larger income streams over time, theoretically allowing for gradual growth. However, this is somewhat stymied by the time the player reaches approximately level 7-8, at which point they will likely have a quest to hatch a “Plant Dragon.” Purchasing the habitat for this dragon costs 1,500 gold, which is well within the reach of the player’s income stream at this point in the game. Actually purchasing the egg to hatch the dragon, however, costs a massive 15,000 gold, necessitating either a currency purchase or a lot of tedious grinding. This sudden difficulty spike is likely to prove offputting to a lot of players, especially since the game is, up until this point, rather generous with experience, soft and hard currency rewards.
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