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  1. Murasaki is a kind and loving person, with a heavy sexual appetite to boot. They prefer to be identified as a [color=pink]girl[/color] (for uncertain kinky reasons), so please use female pronouns when speaking with her! She finds anything remotely furry or squishy to be adorable, and loves any kind of gifts that fit the cute criteria. She cross-dresses as if it was natural, although it'll take some convincing if you're wanting her to wear any sort of wig. She loves to tease anyone every chance she gets, and will be relentless with her [color=purple]flirty[/color] approaches until either she is filled to the brim with [color=gray][b]cum[/b][/color], or dumps her hot load inside another person. A bonus to her affinity towards cross-dressing means that she doesn't mine any sort of cosplay, so don't be afraid to ask her to wear something that you'd love to fuck her in! :D Despite her sexual appetite, she can be quite a closed shell at first, so don't be afraid if she acts shy or standoffish. Come on and see if you can butter her up, give her a good fucking, and have her purring your name in no time! She has a weakness for other femboys, and even shemales, so being any of those is a definite bonus. She doesn't mind being dominate, either, so don't be afraid to ask! :D [color=red][b]OOC INTRODUCTIONS GREATLY ENCOURAGED![/b][/color]
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