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  2. username ; cherrie___bomb
  3. password ;
  5. birth name ; choi hangyeol (luna òrfhlaith zyanya arthur)
  6. nickname ;  
  7. » anya, short version of zyanya, given by her mother.
  8. » geumju, her name òrfhlaith mean golden princess, so geum stand for gold and ju is from gongju, means princess. given by her two brothers.
  9. » dal, this has two meaning, one for moon and the other for daughter. given by her father.
  10. » jeon suji, her false identity.
  12. birthdate ; october 04, 1999
  13. age ; 20 y.o
  15. birthplace ; daejeon, south korean
  16. hometown ; seoul, south korean
  18. nationality ; korean
  19. ethnicity ; half korean, quarter irish-mexican
  21. height ; 169 cm
  22. weight ; 56 kg
  24. languages ;
  25. » korean, native speaker
  26. » english, fluent
  27. » spanish, fluent
  28. » chinese, basic. at least she still can order food at restaurant
  29. blood type ; o-
  31. occupation ; part-time in drugstore and karaoke
  32. school ; colleger, medicine dept (chung-ang university)
  34. personality ;
  36. » detail-oriented
  37.    she's really into detailed things. that's why its easy to her see changes in pattern of their enemy. because of this traits, she has the best memory. it's also easy to remember any small detail that people doesn't pay attention to.
  39. » reliable, patient and responsible
  40.    she's responsible to anything she do. she's meticulous and careful, taking a steady approach and bending with the needs of the situation just enough to accomplish their end goals. she struggle silently to meet everyone’s expectations.
  42. » selfless
  43.    she cares others more than she cares to herself. she repress her feelings, even though she's very sensitive, she keep it private and protect it.
  45. » hardworking (overexertion)
  46.   she work hard. her strong senses of duty and perfectionism combine with this aversion to emotional conflict to create a situation where it is far too easy for her to overload themselves – or to be overloaded by others.
  48. » perfectsionist
  49.   she wants everything perfect. she wants her work to meet everyone's expectation, especially her own. too detail-oriented.
  51. » shy
  52.    she doesn't talk that much or express her emotion much. she felt shy to express her emotion to others. its turn out people think she's cold, but in fact she just to shy, to talk or express her feeling.
  54. » short-sighted
  55.    why she ever think about betraying the team? because of this traits. she short-sighted, she doesn't see anything for long period. at first all she think is to live a happy life with her mother and brothers. but, after thinking a while, she knows if she betray the team, it'll be harmed the team and her own life.
  57. » discouraged
  58.    she need a couraging comments, to help her grow. she's too hard to herself, she blames and force herself off her limits.
  60. background ;
  62. » basically she is a student. ordinary students who don't know anything about the secrets of their parents. what she knew was that her father was a pharmaceutical analytic at a drug agency, while her mother was an industrial technician consultant.
  64. » at first their lives were fine, until a major car accident happened 15 years ago. this accident happened in the gangwon area, at that time there were only hangyeol, ilseong and hwan with their driver. in this accident hwan who was in seat, beside the driver's got a head injury and neck fracture. while hangyeol, who sits behind hwan, is hit by a tree branch that pierces a car window, making her experience severe eye trauma and blindness. ilseong had a concussion and amnesia, and fractured 5 of his ribs.
  66. » after the accident occurred, her mother had created the artificial eye. the eyes function quite well, but look abnormal, more like a robotic eye. even so, the eyes are still installed for hangyeol. therefore, hangyeol has always hide her right eye with an eye patch.
  68. » after that, the last 15 years of their families' lives began to be chaotic, they had to moves around, because there were many threats that emerged. hwan was kidnapped and held captive. ilseong and hangyeol food poisoning. his mother had become a victim of a hit and run. and various other things.
  70. » and the worst happened 5 years ago, when hangyeol and ilseong were still in class, hangyeol got a short message from his mother which contained: "don't involve in anything dangerous, study properly, live your life the best with ilseong. i'll send ilseong a secret number, open the safe inside my closet. use it as your new identity. don't touch any of my belongings there, except that black suitcase inside. don't search for me, and hwan. i'll be back someday. i love you. hwan also loves you guys so much. dad will be home by the time you guys come home, if he doesn't showed up til 8 pm, just go far away from home. be safe. love❤️"
  72. » because it feels out of place, that day hangyeol and ilseong go home faster. they immediately opened the safe that was in his mother's closet and took out the black suitcase mentioned, it contained several savings books, their mother's personal stamp and a small memo. and, fake identity in the name of jeon suji and jeon suho. without understanding anything they obeyed her mother to prepare their belongings and prepare to leave home. they also waited for their father as they was told, while waiting for their father they read the memo, it written that they need to go to seoul. until 8 o'clock their father did not come. finally, they left their home in daejeon. and go to seoul.
  74. » midnight, just when they arrived in seoul, there was a call from their father's number. from the hospital, which stated their father's death due to a traffic accident. hangyeol and ilseong panicked at the time, but an incoming message from their mother said: "i'll take care of it. go away. don't get involved in this problem. go immediately to the place where the memo mentioned."
  76. » the address directs them to an apartment in the seongsu area. after arriving there, they read the small memo, they both understood that before their parents were part of the mafia, and now they were forced to return to the team, because they refused, their father was harmed and the mother and hwan were trying to escape, the name of the mafia group itself not mentioned, but its members have big Y. from then on, they used their fake identities as jeon suji and jeon suho. too curious about their parents' mafia gang, suho decided to try to mingle with the lower class thugs. while suji joins black spades.
  78. family ;
  79. »  choi byeongho (evan osbert arthur) / 52 / chemist (pharmaceutical analytic) / 5/10 / dead
  81. »  muirgen leticia rivera perez (seo bada) / 50 / technician (industry technician) / 7/10 /  lost, probably alive
  83. »  choi hwan (jeffrey charon astrophel arthur) / 22 / don't know / 8/10 /  lost, probably alive
  85. »  choi ilseong/jeon suho (lucas helios alberto arthur)/ 20 / colleger (food science and biotechnology) / 10/10 / alive
  87. trivia ;
  88. » she had earth globe locket necklace as lucky charm
  90. » she has a sweaty palm when nervous
  92. » is an muay thai athlete
  94. » she got a matching sun and moon tattoo with ilseong on wrist, also to infinity and beyond tattoo in ankle
  96. » don't let her away from yogurt or she will rage
  98. » koala, likes to taking rest, i mean she can be lazing around for 20 hours straight
  100. » she knows her father is working as pharmaceutical analytic and her mother is industry technician, work on drug company
  102. » her favourite quote is "living life itself is a lie."
  104. » loves pineapple as pizza topping
  106. » she's scared to death of frog, don't ever mention it
  108. » she learn some medicine from her father
  110. » a great cook, but lazy af
  112. » she dreamed to be ballerina
  114. » one day suji asked suho about falling in love, suho said he wants to, but now his priotity is suji
  116. » she comes to the team as jeon suji, and no one knows about her real name
  118. » she gets stressed easily
  120. » she eats in a crazy pace, as fast as piano man drive
  122. » she hugs a bear doll, when feeling down
  124. » she has 3 doll, grizzly bear named ilseong, ice bear named hwan and panda bear named hangyeol
  126. weapon ; she loved to play with her kick but she take small knife and personal gun just in case
  127. motto ; "there are those who are born as monsters but there are also those who are made into monsters by people."
  128. song playlist ;
  129. »  woo, woogie — nostalgia
  130. »  jordan klassen — on your collarbone
  131. »  monsta x — fighter
  132. »  b.a.p — no mercy
  133. »  dreamcatcher — trust me (괜찮아!)
  134. »  sunmi — secret tape (비밀테이프)
  136. slot ; see saw
  137. backup slot ; rejection
  138. back-backup slot ; chase me
  140. face claim ; eunbin clc
  141. backup face claim ; soyeon g-idle
  142. back-backup face claim ; halla ex- the ark and uni.t
  144. love interest ; xiao dejun
  145. backup love interest ; mark lee
  146. back-backup love interest ; na jaemin
  148. requested scenes ;
  149. ━  yourself !
  151.      »  she's drunk and almost involve in a fight with a thugs, just before suho come and said to that thugs she's his twin. suho is the thugs friend anyway.
  153.      »  she sleep-talking, she called hwan and ilseong, when she wakes up, her tears rolling down.
  155. ━  with the slots !
  157.      » she reads a pattern, plan maker got from the ally. but, it's too different from the ally usually used, so she told to plan maker that maybe it's a trap from their enemy, but the plan maker keep saying, "get out of this. just make a medicine. you don't know how we work anyway." and, it turns to be trap and one of the teammate almost harmed.
  159.      » she dealt with the mafia she was looking for, Y. and she struggle because need to fight hwan head to head. she almost gives up and members questioned why. when the fight almost over, one of black spades members shoot hwan in the calf and arm. others Y members get away left hwan behind. and the truth about choi hangyeol revealed.
  161. ━  with your love interests !
  163.      » she told him about her intention joining the team, also the thought about betraying the team after meet her mother and brother. she felt sorry that she ever think about it, and she felt discourage. so he couraging her with a really kind words. and the talks become deeper that she confess her real name and background story.
  165.      » she felt her work doesn't meet any expectation, thats make her so down that he engulf her in a tight hug, just to made her cry her lungs out.
  167. questions to be answered ;
  168.  ━  what was the reason why
  169.         she joined the mafia ?
  170.         she joined to search about the Y gang. to search every secret her parents keep about that gang, what they work on, do they really need her mother or do her mother has a secret that will destroy the gang if it's come out and do they has her mother and brother with them or not. if they has, she want them back even if that means betraying the team.
  171.   ━  had she ever thought of betraying
  172.          the team ? why or why not ?
  173.          yes, she has that thought. her point is getting back with her mother and brother, even if it means betraying the girls.
  174.   ━  if she had to sacrifice herself or kill her
  175.          own teammates to save the team, would
  176.          she do it ? why or why not ?
  177.          at first she may think not to sacrifice herself, she has her own urges. but, after consider everything with clear thinking, she felt sorry that she ever think to betray the team. so she may sacrifice herself or killed the teammates to save the team. losing one is better than destroying everything.
  178.   ━ lastly, would she ever want to
  179.         fall in love ? why or why not ?
  180.         she want to, it's just she has no time for a cringe love story and her condition is not support any love story right now.
  182. anything else ; i made hwan alive. but, it's up to you to make her mother alive or not.
  183. dedication rate ; 77
  184. message to me ; actually i watch too much detective dramas and movies, and my head is full of unique idea about my character but i'm lacking when it comes to put my ideas to word,  so i felt sorry if this form is a bit messy
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