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  3. >'''How do I get homebrew and prepare for CFW?'''
  4. First, quit being such a massive faggot, and then find your firmware version below. Then see, unzip the starter kit to your SD card, and follow instructions to setup the Homebrew Launcher.
  5. >'''9.0 or under''':
  6. Find a way to load Decrypt9 on your version (MSET For 4.x or 6.x, most likely browser otherwise): then proceed normally.
  7. >'''9.0-9.2''':
  8. Follow the guide as normal. On New 3DS, you can now install arm9loaderhax without downgrading past 9.2 through the homebrew launcher.
  9. >'''9.3-9.8''':
  10. Use browserhax, optionally install menuhax as a more permanent solution. Downgrade as normal then proceed normally.
  11. >'''O3DS 9.9-10.3''':
  12. If you have the update nag that prevents you from using the web browser, change your system's date to January 1st, 2000 at 00:00, initialize savedata, and immediately use browserhax. Don't exit the browser using the home button, or you'll have to reinitalize save data.
  13. >'''N3DS 9.9-10.1''':
  14. If you have the nag, you can beat it by opening the web browser as fast as you can from boot before the update nag kicks you out. Bookmark the applicable browserhax link, use as quickly as possible. You'll have about 30 seconds. Install menuhax immediately afterwards.
  15. >'''10.3-10.7''':
  16. Browserhax and menuhax are usable. The phailect guide might say 10.7 can't use broswerhax but it can.
  17. >'''11.0-11.2''':
  18. ==Running CFW is not as straightforward==
  19. Downgrading is now possible with hardmod, or with software. You might need a second 3ds already running CFW to gain an entrypoint. <-- These are your non-hardmod options: waithax, steelhax, and 3ds transfer
  20. If you're interested in doing a hardmod, a guide is available here: Downgrade from 11.0 with a hardmod is outlined in the A9LH Guide.
  21. Homebrew is accessible on 11.x
  22. -------------------POST 2--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. ==Frequently Asked Questions==
  24. >'''CFW??!1?¿?'''
  25. Luma3DS is the most popular CFW and supports A9LH, as well as having a number of features such as Region Free, Language Emulation, Automatic AGB_FIRM patching, Automatic flash cart unblocking, Auto-Update blocking, RO Patching (Special features for romhacks) and more.
  26. Reinand appears to still be worked on, but the creator has indicated that they want to work privately from now on. Reinand also supports Region Free, Auto-Update blocking, RO Patching, and more.
  27. rxTools is now out of date and lacks support for newer features as well as no longer under active development. If you have been using it previously, it is advised to switch.
  28. '''All CFWs support both O3DS and N3DS.'''
  29. For additional features such as cheats, save states, screenshots, and screen capture(NEW 3DS ONLY), use your CFW of choice to launch NTR CFW.
  30. For more detailed info about each CFWs feature set, go here:
  31. Do further, thorough research on your own. Ask smart questions here.
  32. >'''Is updating my emuNAND safe and/or can I update on A9LH?'''
  33. Yes, you should always stay up to date.
  34. >'''Installing Luma3DS/Updating from rxTools'''
  35. Using the links below, get the latest version of luma. copy the arm9loaderhax.bin to the root of your SD card, go into the hax folder and copy the 3ds folder to your SD. If you're using a bootmanager simply make an entry in the boot.cfg. This will allow you to load luma through the homebrew launcher.
  36. On first boot, hold select to open the menu, and check "show current nand in system settings" as well as "enable region emulation", and if you like the gba boot screen you can enable that as well. '''Copying arm9loaderhax.bin does not install arm9loaderhax, this is simply where the cfw is stored.'''
  37. >'''What's a .CIA?'''
  38. CIA stands for '''C'''TR '''I'''mportable '''A'''rchive, where CTR stands for the codename of the 3ds. In simpler terms, a .cia is simply an installable package you can launch from your homescreen.
  39. >'''What's emu/sysNAND?'''
  40. sysNAND is the core system files that your 3DS uses, including the Home Menu and system titles such as the browser and system settings. emu/redNAND are a cloned version of this that runs off of your SD card instead of the built-in chip on your 3DS.
  41. >'''What is Arm9LoaderHax?'''
  42. Arm9LoaderHax or A9LH is an entrypoint for booting into emu or sysNAND. The advantages of A9LH include 100% boot rate, and execution before boot. If you install A9LH, you can get rid of emuNAND and load an updated sysNAND to install .cia.
  43. The installation requires a one-time downgrade to 2.1.0 in order to dump OTP (One-Time Programmable console-specific information). A9LH does still support booting of emuNAND if need be, but the most popular option is to update sysNAND and use it.
  44. A9LH protects from softbricking once installed, as it can load before the 3ds boots and flash a backup nand image. If you're familiar with the Wii, it's similar to BootMii or Priiloader.
  45. Menuhax vs. A9LH:
  46. >'''Can I upgrade SD Cards/Can I use 64GB+ SD Cards?'''
  47. The 3DS can support any SD card formatted FAT32. You can do this on your 3DS using emunand9, or you can use tools like this:
  48. Yes, you can transfer your files to a larger SD if you desire. On A9LH you need only copy your files to the larger SD. If you're on emuNAND there's a more detailed process:
  49. First, backup all your old SD Card's files, and make an emunand dump with Emunand9. Hit eject, insert your new SD card, go to SD Format Options, and do format (minsize) if using rednand. If unsure, just do format (emunand default). This creates a partition on your New SD and formats it correctly.
  50. Restore your emunand onto your new SD card and then copy all of your files off, you've successfully upgraded your SD.
  51. >'''Can I play original DS Roms?'''
  52. Not without a flashcart. SD Loading is on the way, but there's no real expected timeline. Asking WHEN doesn't make it come faster.
  53. >'''What Flashcart should I get?'''
  54. The cheapest and best option is the r4i 3ds: Avoid r4i-SDHCs. Their firmware is on a timer and the card will brick itself in a year so you have to buy a new one. The Menu is slow, and if you get a replacement for it it causes compatibility issues.
  55. >'''My issue is covered in this FAQ at all!'''
  56. Check 3dshack and Gbatemp to see if someone has had your issue and as fixed it. If you're going to post your issue here '''INCLUDE AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE'''. You're only opening yourself to shitposting if you don't.
  57. -------------------POST 3--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. ==ROMS WHERE==
  59. Disregard .3ds rom dumps - this is a format for flash carts and citra only.
  60. Downloading roms directly from nintendo is possible, and recommended as a first approach before visiting external sources, excluding the obvious such as romhacks.
  61. If you would like to download roms direct from nintendo's servers on your 3ds you can use freeshop: After installing, open freeshop, go to Settings>Update and enter or visit on your computer and click the QR button, then Scan.
  62. on your PC you can also generate FBI-Scannable QR codes by visiting and clicking on a title, then clicking the generate QR button.
  63. and are the most commonly used sites for finding roms.
  64. You can search for titles on and you can view the completion here: (Non-VC only right now) If you own a game on eShop that's marked in red for your region, consider submitting it.
  65. >'''Can I dump a cart to a .cia?'''
  66. Previously dumping carts was a pain in the ass, but decrypt9 can now dump carts directly to cia easily, go to Gamecart Dumper > Dump to CIA.
  67. >'''Can I convert a .3ds to a .cia?'''
  68. Yes, with Decrypt9 simply go to Content Decryptor > NCCH/NCSD > NCCH/NCSD to CIA.
  69. >'''How does get keys?'''
  70. The encTitleKeys site most commonly used is dependent on user submissions. If you own an eshop title that isn't available on you can add it yourself for all to download.
  71. Using Decrypt9, go to titlekey options, then titlekey decrypt for your respective nand. This will dump a decTitleKeys.bin, which is different than an encTitleKeys.bin. you can submit it to the website, where it will be added.
  72. You can create an encTitleKeys dump using Titlekey Dump. The site doesn't take these, but the file will be usable for anyone with freeshop or ciangel.
  73. >'''I'm a citra user and can you tell me where to find unencrypted roms?'''
  74. Not here.
  75. ==Downloads==
  76. Basic Utilities Pack:  '''This should cover most of your needs, start here for basic useful tools'''
  77. Luma3DS (Formerly AuReiNAND) Download:
  78. Luma3DS Nightly Builds:
  79. Luma3DS updater CIA:
  80. In-depth Arm9LoaderHax information:
  81. NTR CFW: 3.4 is New 3DS only, 3.2 supports O3DS. No longer in development, but still useful for features.
  82. GBA VC Injector:!tYVBGCxK!dabFA2bLp9h3y3Ym3v6enK37SZSV8AnlGWy7xs79yM8
  83. Updated BootNTR:
  84. A Bunch of 3DS .cia's:
  85. 3DSISO/3DSChaos Accounts: user: eightvee pass: veeeightbunker
  86. New™ 3DS Vola:
  87. Vola User: 3DSOP pass: password!1
  88. Current OP Pasta: ==PUT PASTA HERE DUMMY==
  89. Last Thread: ==LAST THREAD HERE DUMMY==
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