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  1. I first joined Hurlstone Agricultural High School in Sydney in 2017.
  2. That was when I first met Jen.
  3. She definately stood out... the short thicc asian girl, u know the type.
  4. I guess we both knew we liked each other, but none of us had the courage to actually confirm it.
  5. 1 and a half long years past... we talked a minimum amount on discord, one night i friended her and talked to her till rly late, but we didn't have the courage to talk to school, and then we stopped talking altogether.
  6. Fast forward a year (2 and a half years since I first met her), I dropped my opal card on the table during a science lesson and i picked it up later on, later that night she texted me randomly in the first time in ages just confirming if I had saw my opal card, which I did.
  7. We ended up talking until night, then the day after that and the day after that.
  8. But that day, the third day... idk what happened... but we ended up confessing over Discord, and turned out we liked each other!! I felt so happy, because camp was coming up, not only that, but I bought some MrBeast Black-gold hoodie which could have arrived after camp (which is bad bc i wanted to wear it during camp), and it arrived that day!
  9. I even went to a science meeting the day before that, and I got a rainbow pusheen (my discord pfp), which I was like no WAY that's my discord PFP like what are the chances??
  10. I was so happy at that moment.
  12. The next day we were alone on the train, and we hugged each other for like the entire train ride. It was literally the best day of my life.
  14. Then, on the very same day, the 9th of September, I got this message from her:
  15. "andrew
  16. My sister accidentally told my parents about us
  17. And they don't me to be with anyone
  18. And that they're gonna take away all devices for a month
  19. im so sorry
  20. but this one day has been the best day ever
  21. thank you"
  23. I didn't know what to say.
  24. She did mention that her parents found out about us, and her phone / laptops gonna be taken away.
  25. I tried texting her multiple times, hoping it was a joke.
  27. It wasn't.
  29. The next day she didn't come to school. I couldn't concentrate at all that school day.
  30. I was at the peak of my life, and then I was at the very bottom in a matter of a day. I was happy and alo crying the entire day, crying myself for 2 hours to sleep.
  32. The very next day, though, she came. I hugged her in the morning... but she didn't hug me back. She seemed sad about something.
  33. I talked to her after school. I was so confused, sad, and also angry that she seemed like she suddenly didn't even care about me anymore.
  35. She told me everything.
  37. Since her parents found out about us, they didn't want to continue the relationship.
  38. She said that she didn't want to lie to her parents, and she wanted the relationship to end.
  39. I... was broken in every way possible.
  40. I even thought about suicide.
  41. She kept saying stuff about it wasn't my fault...
  42. But the main question arose...
  44. Why?
  46. ...and why so suddenly? We only talked for 3 days...
  48. She got her phone back after 2 days, but wasn't allowed to talk to me online.
  49. We talked mostly in person. We said maximum of 5 words to each of us each day, and eventually, we just stopped talking altogether.
  50. I guess we're still friends, but we don't really talk at all to each other.
  51. I know that we know that we both care about each other, but even I don't wanna get too close either.
  52. Even if everything worked out fine, nothing would be the same, and it would be too awkward knowing that she already admitted that she didn't want to continue the relationship.
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