Hajime Stone

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  2. [Garnet]
  3. γ€€β—‹ Unchanged love with important people β—‹ I want to enhance feminine charm β—‹ I
  4. γ€€want the courage to face boldly β—‹ I want a strong guardian stone
  5. γ€€β—‹ I want to achieve my dreams and goals β—‹ I want to overcome difficult walls β—‹ I want
  6. γ€€to acquire endurance and patience
  7. γ€€β—‹ Effort Achieve results, want to succeed
  8. γ€€β—‹ have trouble with human relations
  10. [Jade]
  11. γ€€β—‹ want to get an accurate judgment β—‹ improve wisdom
  12. γ€€β—‹ business, planning success β—‹ achievement of dreams β—‹ avoidance of trouble
  13. γ€€β—‹ calm mind β—‹ calm γ€€Calm in
  14. γ€€life β—‹ A stable feeling of life β—‹ Face the challenges of life β—‹ A leadership position
  15. β—‹ Increase the virtues  ・ Develop calmness and patience β—‹ Save
  16. γ€€your own pace
  18. 【Tiger Eye】
  19. β—‹ Work luck Β· Fortune I want to improve my general
  20. γ€€β—‹ I am looking for a new business or a new business β—‹ I am looking for a business partner β—‹ I am not confident in myself β—‹ I
  21. γ€€tend to be negative β—‹ I want to increase insight and decision
  22. γ€€β—‹ I want to seize business opportunities
  24. [Amazonite]
  25. γ€€β—‹ Feelings of ups and downs of emotions β—‹ Want to enhance self-expression ability
  26. γ€€β—‹ I want a bridge connecting my dreams and reality β—‹ I want to broaden my network β—‹ I want
  27. γ€€to challenge everything positively β—‹ I want to make human relationships smooth
  28. γ€€β—‹ I want to improve decision ability β—‹ Communication skills If you want to improve
  29. γ€€your health β—‹ If you want to keep the mind and body healthy
  31. [Rainbow aura]
  32. γ€€β—‹ Aura and healing and purification β—‹ Flowering potential
  33. γ€€β—‹ Strengthen self-expression ability β—‹ Promote self-growth and help self-realization
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