Momi/Meria - A Second Friend

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  1. Meria Boucher || There is a soft series of raps on Momi's door a short while after his return. There is no other context to the sound beyond this.
  2. Momi Hajinne is keeping himself busy by organizing shelf after shelf of potions and tinctures. He's stressed and it shows in the way his hands move shakily. When the knock comes he jolts and calls out in a shaky tone, "Y-yes...? C-come in?"
  3. Meria Boucher || With a click, the door opens, and the masked form of Meria steps through - stopping immediately in the entryway, perhaps to avoid crushing the flowers. She is wearing her bizarre 'cooking' attire, this time with pretty shoes instead of combat boots, and suspended over her hand is an entire strawberry shortcake. "Hello. You seemed distressed, and I think you seem like a nice person, so I wished to do something to ease this distress. I have found that I am emotionally incapable of -
  4. Meria Boucher: - offering people comfort through less obvious means though, so I brought you cake. Would cake make things better?"
  5. Momi Hajinne stops his fussing, his pink eyes looking a bit...glassy before he realizes who it is and relaxes. His smile isn't too relaxed. It's a bit rough, but he's trying, "O-oh...m-miss Meria..." he bows politely, "Mm?" He chuckles gently, "Th-that is kind of yo-you...I-I would li-like that..." He beckons her to a small side table and moves aside some papers and bottles, "He-here...a pl-place to set it."
  6. Meria Boucher looks down at the floor, tilting her head to the side slightly. Her shoulders rise in a breath, and the hem of her skirt seems to... float very slightly as she takes very, very careful steps to not crush the taller blossoms. If Momi looks at her feet carefully, they aren't /quite/ touching the ground as she approaches him and sets the plate with the cake down on the table. Beside it is a place, and wordlessly, she pulls up the first layer of her skirt to - oh. Oh, she's just got knives -
  7. Meria Boucher - stashed underneath there. Like. Lots of knives. Choosing one, she sets it on the table beside him. "I hope it meets your tastes."
  8. Meria Boucher looks down at the floor, tilting her head to the side slightly. Her shoulders rise in a breath, and the hem of her skirt seems to... float very slightly as she takes very, very careful steps to not crush the taller blossoms. If Momi looks at her feet carefully, they aren't /quite/ touching the ground as she approaches him and sets the plate with the cake down on the table. Beside it is a place, and wordlessly, she pulls up the first layer of her skirt to - oh. Oh, she's just got knives -
  9. Meria Boucher - stashed underneath there. Like. Lots of knives. Choosing one, she sets it on the table beside him. "I hope it meets your tastes."
  10. Momi Hajinne tilts his head as he watches Meria move, then after another more sweet chuckle he shakes his head, "I-it's can are fairy resilient...I-I've...let them uh...g-go a bit too far." He watches Meria set the cake down and leans to observe it. His eyes glancing towards Meria to see K N I V E S. Why so many knives? " is a lot of knives..." He says what he's thinking.
  11. Meria Boucher glances down. "Ah. It has previously been expected for me to always be prepared. I apologize if this mis-match of customs is unnerving to you," she says, like that is customary to any normal person /ever/.
  12. Meria Boucher does, however, let her feet touch the floor after Momi's reassurance that it's okay.
  13. Momi Hajinne doesn't seem worried about the knives...just perplexed. His eats twitch and he chews his lower lip a bit before he nods, "I-I is good t-to be prepared..." He does not make a relateable comparison but well...the words are nice. AGain he looks at the cake, "Wh-what flavor is it?"
  14. Meria Boucher picks up the knife, gesturing to the multiple layers of dense white cake, whipped cream, and pretty red strawberries as she speaks. "Strawberry shortcake. Have you had it before?" She cuts into it neatly, splitting open one of the berries topping the confection as she portions a slice for Momi.
  15. Momi Hajinne watches with big eyes as Meria slices the soft and sweet cake. He bounces a little, excited for what the delicate confection will taste like. As Meria works he continues to bounce, speaking softly, "A-ah...I-I have one is yours...s-so it's different. Unique." He explains, then sighs softly, " thank you fo-for this kindness...I-I needed it...ev-even th-though I wasn't...exactly th-the nicest earlier..."
  16. Meria Boucher looks over at him, studying him - and his enthusiastic demeanor - for a moment before transferring the neat triangle onto his plate and proferring it to him with a fork. "I am glad that it is helpful for you, though I do not think anything about your behavior today precludes you from acts of kindness. Our new colleagues were composing themselves in a manner that was," A pause as she searches for the right word. "Needlessly difficult and inefficient."
  17. Momi Hajinne takes the playe and fork in hand, poking at a strawberry as he speaks in a somber tone, "I-Indeed..." He looks at the cake for a long moment, then takes a SCARY HUGE BITE. Chewing and then swallowing with a sigh, "I-I am a-are some..."good" members of the empire but...if there they've shown little woth praising."
  18. Meria Boucher gives this a moment of thought. "I have no experience with the machinations of the empire, other than knowing that
  19. had they not resumed their conquest upon Eorzea, my life would have been... drastically different. Still, that is indirect cause-and-effect at best. It sounds as if your experiences with them are much more direct. And," There is a pause. "The manner with which our associates comported themselves indicated a general dismissal of other's competence, an over-inflated sense of -
  20. Meria Boucher: worth regarding their own time, and a general desire to set aside smooth completion of assigned tasks in favor of the sorts of dominance displays one sees in hounds. They were not even going to offer us a map until I pressured them. Inexcusably disorganized.
  21. Meria Boucher huffs slightly. Its... possibly the most emotion Momi has seen from the woman.
  22. Momi Hajinne takes another large bite of cake, mulling over his words, "I-I do not know yo-your life Miss Meria...yo-you do not th-think yourself a-apt at providing comfort and th-the like...but I think you underestimate yourself." His smile is very real, almost proud? Which why? He doesn't know Meria all that well, " not make a good fi-first impression. Th-they were rude an-and haughty...and even if th-they were no-not Garlean I-I would have be-been quite cross." He explains, "One>
  23. Momi Hajinne "Ought t-to be polite t-to business associates...a-and treat th-them equally...still...on the matter of garlemald...ah before that le-let me put on tea..." he sets his now empty plate down, talking as he heads to his stove. Covered in herbs and potion tools...and one kettle, "I-I am you kn-know anything ab-about the empires occupation th-there?"
  24. Meria Boucher turns, watching him pour the tea. When Momi said she was good at /comforting people/, she'd frozen in place - shock, perhaps? But his question causes her to organize her thoughts well enough to reply. "I can point Dalmasca out on a map, and I have heard the occasional strange claim, but I know very, very little of it, other than - as you mentioned - the Empire is involved with it."
  25. Momi Hajinne watches the kettle, letting it whistle for a moment before he takes it off. In the meantime he had prapared two cups of tea. Both with a blend of rosehips and dried cherries. He pours tea into the cups and brings them over. Setting them on the table to let them finish ssteeping as he sighs, " a strange claim co-comes in about the capital but th-that is beside the point...I wa-was once a citizen of Da-Dalmasca...a rebel..." He turns to look around his room, remembering>
  26. Momi Hajinne where he had lived in the past. It was a bit painful to recall, but he doesn't cease his explanation, "Dalmasca...wa-was under imerial over th-thirty summers be-before the rebellion th-that I was a part of occurred...the Ba-Barheim incident." He picks up one of the cups and swirls it a little, "A ended in the pu-public executions of re-rebel lea-leaders and rats being e-exterminated. Th-The renowened XIVth le-legion was even involved."
  27. Meria Boucher raises her hand to her mask, sliding it off and settling it on the table to reveal her expressionless, scarred face. "I am sorry. I can only compare it to what my land suffered beneath the Dravanians, and were I to be forced to work with a dragon, to have that creature gloss over what my people had endured with imperial arrogance... I do not think I would have kept my composure as well as you had. I find that impressive."
  28. Meria Boucher picks up the cup clearly meant for her. "Thank you," she says briefly, before blowing on it to cool it slightly before taking a sip.
  29. Momi Hajinne shakes his head, "I-I find i-it useless to-to compare trauma." he explains gently, "E-everyone ha-has suffered in so-some respect I-I is just...wh-when I am expected smile and be joyful and kind in th-the face of it that...that I simply can't!" His voice actually raises a bit and he sets his teacup down, laughing weakly, "I-I still mourn fo-for my country..." he mutters, "Bu-but for th-them I am just forget wh-what I have lost?"
  30. Meria Boucher: Suffering may be incomparable, but I still think what you displayed was notable. I also do not think it is fair to expect any such things from you. Your joy, your smile, your love... they are yours, and yours alone, to bestow on those you find worthy. No one is entitled to them. I... do not know what to say about your situation; of being expected to work in the same company as those who - even if they did not literally participate in the oppression of Dalmasca - are in some way complicit. And..
  31. Meria Boucher: Beyond that, you've indicated that this is a place of safety for you. Of comfort, and a feeling of family.
  32. Meria Boucher looks into the depths of her cup, staring at the face reflected back at her in the floral water.
  33. Momi Hajinne exhales slowly, repressing a good deal of emotion it seems. His hand shakes as he picks up his tea again, "Th-there yo-you are again...being pe-perfectly cspable of comfort mi-miss Meria." He nods, though he does not smile. Instead he looks into his own teacup, "This i-is my home no-now...wh-ehen I had nowhere else to go...bu-but I came back a-and everything has person I-I placed so mu-much trust in ha-has gone and a wo-woman who speaks in riddles is left...a-and I-I don't>
  34. Momi Hajinne: "Kn-know how to speak up to her...o-or to a-any of them without becoming frustrated an-and shaky or...or letting that part of me that's so angry o-out li-like before." He refers to the moment he spoke without his stammer, "I-I
  35. sometimes fe-feel alone he-here...wh-when I think of the past...but the past is the pa-past. SO I will find good ag-again." He smiles at meria, "Su-such as yo-you or...or pe-perhaps those who came fo-for me in the sea of clouds. Ne-new friends. New fa-family."
  36. Meria Boucher stares at him momentarily, again unable to process this very direct challenge to her core identity - 'a person who cannot be liked'. It wasn't the first time this had come from someone here, but it was the first time it was said so eloquently - and from a person who she hadn't caught smelling a man's boxers. "I..." She trails off. Then, "You are not alone. Your feelings are not ones you have to bear alone. I am honored you have told me such things, and find me a person worthy of trust. I am-
  37. Meria Boucher: happy I have offered you comfort. It is... not easy to have that sort of fear and anger inside of you. The gravity of it is...
  38. Meria Boucher: Well. Crushing.
  39. Momi Hajinne has a very gentle calm around him, it's clear to everyone and god that he's feeling more cheered talking with Meria, "I a-am glad you came to-to cheer me up." He nods, "I-I feel very che-cheered...perhaps I-I can return th-the favor one day...a-as for those feel-feelings..." He touches his chest and exhales nice and slow, "I-in will be resolved...o-or heal...all th-things in t-time eh?" He nods and drops his hand, "U-until then...I-I hope pe-perhaps we can sh-share snacks and>
  40. Momi Hajinne: "Te-tea as friends again hm?"
  41. Meria Boucher sounds incredibly stiff as she says, "I would enjoy that greatly," but honestly, that's probably just her way of dealing with Actual Emotional Connection. "I imagine you need rest after the events of the day, but before I depart, there is a... calming method that I use sometimes to ground myself when the weight of one's feelings are too much. Would you like to hear it?"
  42. Momi Hajinne tilts his head curiously, he is sensetive to Meria's stiffness, but he does not point it out or press it. Baby steps and the like, "I-I wo-would like to-to hear"
  43. Meria Boucher holds up her hand, palm flat and five fingers splayed out. "Find five things around you can see," a finger goes down. "Four things you can touch," another. "Three you can hear, two you can smell, and one you can taste. Take in these sensations to remind you of where you are right now, and to prevent yourself from being lost in a spiral of your own thoughts. It sounds quite simple and silly, but it has worked quite well for - " she pauses.
  44. Meria Boucher: I have seen it work quite well.
  45. Momi Hajinne holds out his own hand and mimics the way Meria moves her fingers. Once the motions end he drops his hand slightly and smiles, "I-I see...I-I will be sure t-to try it. I-I like it." He nods a few times over and then his ears perk, "O-oh! In repayment...a-and since I-I have plenty..." He holds a finger up and goes to rummage around his shelves, pulling out a small jar filled with the blend of tea he'd used today, "Ah! He-here..." he holds it out to her. The top is tied with a pink ribbon for>
  46. Momi Hajinne decoration. It smells faintly of the tea that's inside, "Ta-take this wi-with you...I-I blend it myself...I ca-call it uh...well I do-don't have a name for it bu-but it;s bright and cheers me you can use it to feel better a-and share it with someone?"
  47. Meria Boucher takes it, looking down at the endearingly cute bag settled in the palm of her hand. "Thank you," she says softly. "The taste was wonderful, and I think I will... brew a pot to share with Isaudorel when work is becoming too much. I wonder what manner of cookie would pair best with this?"
  48. Meria Boucher muses over it, still staring at the bag.
  49. Momi Hajinne nods, pleased that Meria accepted the tea, "I-I prefer cho-chocolate sn-snacks with it...bu-but I th-think it would b-be fun to find your own preference."
  50. Meria Boucher: Chocolate snacks... hm, I believe I've heard of chocolates being flavored with lavender - would that lead to an overly floral mix? Oh - perhaps cardamom. Hm, hm...
  51. Momi Hajinne: "Hehe...I-I'm glad I've given you a little project hm?" He nods and relaxes, "Pe-perhaps I-I will ma-make you so-some of my favorite coo-cookies. Hm?" He nods, "I-I am afraid I've some wo-work to do...but uhm...yo-you are always welcome to co-come by..."
  52. Meria Boucher: I would enjoy that greatly. After the rationing began in Ishgard, I was not allowed the luxury of baking overly much. and even before that, I had very few people to share the hobby with. But - yes. Please, have a pleasant evening, Mister Momi. I will...
  53. Meria Boucher bows, letting her hair hide her face. "Enjoy our next tea-time." After tucking the gift into a pocket on her apron, she replaces her mask and walks as gingerly to the door as she did before.
  54. Momi Hajinne: "I loo-look forward to it...i-if you ne-need any more te-tea or oerhaps a po-potion. I-I always ha-have plenty." He returns the bow.
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