Things I'm Selling in Mabinogi (IGN: Shizuren)

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  1. Red Lunar New Year Costume (M) (S)
  2. Bat Dress (F) (S)
  3. Terra Gothic Suit (S)
  4. Wild Swimsuit (M) (S)
  5. Vine Dexterity Lunar Dragon Helmet (M)
  6. Wiggling Droopy/Folded Dog Ear Headband (S for both)
  7. Kirito's Wig (S)
  8. Brilluen Wig (M) (S)
  9. Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots (S)
  10. Lugh's Greaves (S)
  11. Dark Knight Boots (M) (S)
  12. Night Mage Boots (S)
  13. Royal Academy Slippers (F) (S)
  14. Avelin's Greaves (S)
  15. Brilluen Bootie Heels (F)
  16. Wave Bangle (S)
  17. Pearl Shine Bracelet  (S)
  18. Bandit Boss Gloves (S)
  19. After School Wrist Guard (S)
  20. Huw's Watch (S)
  21. Valencia's Cross Line Plate Gauntlet (S)
  22. Creek Crow Admiral Owen's Open Finger Gloves
  23. Lugh's Vambraces (S)
  24. Halloween Witch Robe (S)
  25. Spriggan Wings (Maybe, not sure if I'll sell yet. Can make an offer.)
  26. Fallen Angel Wings (Maybe, not sure if I'll sell yet. Can make an offer.)
  28. An (S) next to the name denotes it will be going into my personal shop, but you are still free to make an offer with me on the item if I still have it.
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