Les has a MS Electron Prediction

ChrisLAS Jul 2nd, 2018 125 Never
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  1. Hi both,
  3. After your recent discussion on Microsoft's purchase of Electron, I thought I'd share one long term prediction I have.
  5. As you've already noted, Microsoft have been testing some apps with the technology. I think we could see a much larger project migrated to Electron over the coming years - Office. It wouldn't be an overnight switch but Microsoft have been building the online version of the suite, so the base is already there.
  7. By moving to an Electron app, they wouldn't have to maintain three codebases (Windows, Mac and online), which would clearly save a lot of resources. Who knows, the move could even bring a version for Linux!
  9. Granted an Electron version of the app would use up even more RAM, but who's counting?!
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