More or Less - 06

Apr 26th, 2019
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넘치거나 부족하거나 ----- Publisher Link


{Inner talk / thinking}


Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Yu Hanjun (MC) Director Virgin
Yeonjin Jin (FMC) PR Representative FB's Sex friend
Han Jae-Won (FB) Sales Representative FMC's Sex friend

Chapter - 06

Restaurant washroom

FB: Are you okay?..

FB whispers in MC hears.

I think you're drunk...

MC: Yes, I'm alright.

MC leaves in hurry and stumbles.

MC: Oh..Ah..

FB goes into action and catches MC before he falls on the ground.

They stares at each other...

FB: You're drunk right..

He smiles at him.




The employees continue to enjoy the party meanwhile FMC is heading toward the washroom.

FMC: {That's right. The bathroom is here.}

She looks at the sign in front of the washroom door.

{What's wrong, in this day there are still mixed toilet..}


MC is against a wall with FB leaning against him.

MC: Hmm.. You see..

He's trying to push FB away from him.

MC: What.. What're you doing?

FB continues to lean against MC and approaches his face.

FB: Sir, a few days ago.. Do you remember?
At that time.. Here..

FB rubs himself against MC legs.

Did you not have a reaction?

MC is taken aback by the sudden action of FB.

MC: Now, right now..!
What're you doing?!!

MC delivers a headbutt to FB.

FB: Ugh..

MC's shaking, FB is on the ground like a bitch with his nose bleeding.

MC leaves the washroom and runs into FMC.

MC: Ah, sorry!

He runs away..

FMC: {What after hitting me.. Is it another one of your mystery?}

She enters in the washroom.

{Come on.. I don't know why I'm thinking about him recently..}

She sees FB whipping his nose with some tissues and screams.

FMC: You.. Oh.. What's happened?

Next morning at work

Orange Hair Girl (OH) gives a coffee to FMC.

OH: Oh baby, there take it for your hangover.

FMC: Thank you.

OH: By the way, yesterday.. What the hell happened to you?
You and the good looking JaeWon (FB), did you pass the night together?!

FMC stares at her but didn't answer.

Sales Department

FB is working with a ugly face. All his colleagues talk and stare at him.

FB grabs his head.

FB: {What's the hell is this.. I'm like a dog...!!!}

Hotel bedroom

FMC: Bwahahaha!!!

They are on the bed and she is making fun of him.

FMC: This hilarious.. Are you mad?! You're lucky that he didn't sue you!

FB: Why would he do that, am I in the wrong?

FMC: It's been a while since we done it, right?

She jumps on him and positions her pussy right on the tip of FB's D.

FMC: Fortunately, he didn't hit you here.

She teases him a bit and looks at him languidly.

FB: Really, are you never tired?

FMC: What did you say, Are you tired?

She tears off his bandage causing him to bleed a little bit.

FB: Ah..!

FMC starts to kiss him. She licks his wound. Then lower her body and they start fucking.

She moans a lot, grabs the bed and keeps riding him.

FMC: {It's been 1 year since we fuck together.. And I'm already getting bored of him.}

Flashback of the office sex scene

{I'm sorry, I've tried to resist this but my body can't..}

Back to present
They fuck harder and she moans louder.

FMC: {Well.. Now.. I need to find someone else.}

Tbc <3.

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