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  3. September 2010
  4. Sitat:
  5. I have now sent an application for a Ruger Mini 14 semi-automatic rifle (5.56). It is the most “army like” rifle allowed in Norway, although it is considered a “poor man’s” AR-15. I envy our European American brothers as the gun laws in Europe sucks ass in comparison. However, the EUSSR borders to Turkey and the Middle East so acquiring illegal arms isn’t exactly rocket science providing you are motivated enough. In any case; I would rather have preferred a Ruger Mini 30, but I already own a 7.62 bolt rifle and it is likely that the police wouldn’t grant me a similar caliber. On the application form I stated: “hunting deer”. It would have been tempting to just write the truth; “executing category A and B cultural Marxists/multiculturalist traitors” just to see their reaction:P
  8. Sitat:
  9. Friday July 22 - Day 82: Initiate blasting sequenses at pre-determined sites. Test dirt for gram of gold per kg. Have enough material for at least 20 blasts. Start capitalization of project as soon as I have results. Time is running out, liquidity squeese inc. Call/email all my investor contacts with updated online prospectus/pdf.
  11. This is going to be an all-or-nothing scenario. If I fail to generate acceptable precious metals yields, in combination with swift initiation of the capitalization for securing the areas I will be heavily indebted. I must complete capitalization of the mineral extraction project within August at latest! When I have the required seed capital I will have enough funds to employ the services of professional blasting engineers.
  13. If all fails, I will initiate my career with a private security firm in conflict zones to acquire maximum funds in the shortest period of time to repay the debts.
  14. First coming costume party this autumn, dress up as a police officer. Arrive with insignias:-) Will be awesome as people will be very astonished:-)
  15. Side note; imagine if law enforcement would visit me the next days. They would probably get the wrong idea and think I was a terrorist, lol )
  18. Sitat:
  20. "Friday July 22 - Day 82: Initiate blasting sequenses at pre-determined sites."
  21. Ser ut til at flere bomber skulle gått av, men kun èn av dem gjorde det. Utøya en backup-plan?
  23. Easily obtainable chemical agents include:
  24. Uragan D2 (manufactured for killing bugs). Three kilogram is enough to kill as many as 40*000 people. The product is currently only produced by one Austrian company but it is easily obtainable. The “acid gas” vaporises as soon as the hermetically sealed containers are opened. Extremely small doses of this chemical is needed to kill a person.
  25. Her nevner han lokasjonen til et atomkraftverk.
  27. Sitat:
  28. Estimated funds required for high quality equipment;
  29. Armour, weapons and ammo: 7 000 – 30 000 Euro.
  30. Explosives materials: 5 000 – 100 000 Euro.
  31. Other logistics/transport/lodging: 3 000 – 20 000 Euro.
  32. Total amount spent in the planning + creation of book.
  33. Aprox 240 000 Euro, 140 000 for the creation of the compendium and approximately 140 000 Euro for the operation.
  35. Autumn – 2009 - Phase shift
  37. I’m in a phase shift with my project. The compendium is complete and I currently preparing for the next phase. I’m creating two different and “professional looking” prospectuses for “business ventures”. A mining company and a small farm operation. The reasoning for this decision is to create a credible cover in case I am arrested in regards to the purchase and smuggling of explosives or components to explosives - fertiliser. In this regard I created a new company called Geofarm, which might act as a credible cover for such activities. I spent about 2 weeks cannibalizing an existing Mining prospectus. In addition to the prospectus I have created I will create two websites and business cards. I also intend to contact suppliers of equipment related to these industries so that they may act as future witnesses, collaborating my story, should I ever need it. If I do get arrested in this “acquirement phase” I figure that they will have a hard time proving that my intention is to contribute and fight in the ongoing European civil war. Sure, they will attempt to charge me with terror but they will not have enough evidence to incarcerate me (due to my covers). Also considering the fact that I have never done anything illegal in the past. If I do get caught I will, however, be placed on every imaginable watch list for the rest of my life and will thus be unable to partake in any advance operation. In this case I will have to cancel the primary operation and instead go with my secondary operation of lesser significance. Such is the life of a resistance fighter.
  40. ----
  42. SITAT:
  44. 3.12 Re-founding of Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici – PCCTS, the Knights Templar
  46. The European Military Order and Criminal Tribunal (the PCCTS - Knights Templar) was created by and for the free indigenous peoples of Europe. One of the primary purposes of the tribunal and order is to attempt/contribute to seize political and military control of Western European multiculturalist regimes and to try, judge and punish Western European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist perpetrators (category A, B and C traitors) for crimes committed against the indigenous peoples of Europe from 1955 until this day.
  48. Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici – PCCTS (the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon), the Knights Templar was re-founded in London in 2002 by representatives from eight European countries, for the purpose of serving the interests of the free indigenous peoples of Europe and to fight against the ongoing European Jihad (referred to as the “third Jihad”). The Knights Templar was re-founded as a pan-European nationalist military order and a military/criminal tribunal with two primary objectives. The order is to serve as an armed Indigenous Rights Organisation and as a Crusader Movement (anti-Jihad movement).
  50. The founding session (two meetings consisting of 4 founding members and host as a security precaution) was held in London, United Kingdom – Apr, 2002.
  51. Founding (re-founding) members:
  53. Anonymous 1 - Nationality: English Protestant (Host)
  54. Anonymous 2 - Nationality: English Christian atheist
  55. Anonymous 3 - Nationality: French Catholic
  56. Anonymous 4 - Nationality: German Christian atheist
  57. Anonymous 5 - Nationality: Dutch Christian agnostic
  58. Anonymous 6 - Nationality: Greek Orthodox
  59. Anonymous 7 - Nationality: Russian Christian atheist
  60. Anonymous 8 - Nationality: Norwegian Protestant (member and proxy for 9)
  61. Anonymous 9 - Nationality: Serbian Orthodox (by proxy, location: Monrovia, Liberia)
  62. Unable to attend:
  64. Anonymous 10 – Nationality: Swedish
  65. Anonymous 11 – Nationality: Belgian
  66. Anonymous 12 – Nationality: European-American
  67. (Names will be kept classified indefinitely to avoid cultural Marxist/ multiculturalist persecution but each individual may reveal his own name during the three phases at his own convenience).
  68. The jurisdiction of the order and tribunal includes (but is not limited to) all Western European countries and the Balkans.
  69. The European Military Order and Criminal Tribunal (the PCCTS - Knights Templar) have found all European category A, B and C traitors guilty of a series of crimes against Europeans (charges 1-8). All European category A and B traitors have been sentenced to death. Punishment is pending awaiting effectuation by Justiciar Knights.
  71. KONKLUSJON: Sykt godt planlagt. Siden 2001. Trolig 12 medlemmer (!). 1 à 3 bomber har gått av. Noe som forklarer de politiet ikke har funnet. Videre står guide på åssen man lager skuddsikker vest, og det står blant annet om et lite kamera, trolig festes på skulderen av type: 4GB AEE PD8 Mini DV DVR Kamera. Er så mye mer.
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