Pinkie Dreams of Ponies

Feb 16th, 2019
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  1. >Diane lived inside her head.
  2. >Why would she not?
  3. >Inside of her head was Equestria, and all of her bestest friends.
  4. >There, she partied all day with little ponies and got to bake the tastiest treats.
  5. >When she awoke to the 'real' world on those rare, horrible occasions, things were only drab and saddening in comparison.
  6. >No colors.
  7. >No smiles.
  8. >No cupcakes.
  9. >It was always a struggle to bury herself back down before the harshness of that reality could sap her of all her joy.
  10. >And this would be one of those times.
  11. >She had gone to bed after throwing the greatest birthday party for her friend, Twilight, a smile on her face, only to wake up once more to this place.
  12. >At least this time, it wasn't on a stiff, thin mattress with nothing but four white walls to look at.
  13. >No, this time, she was naked, her oddly hairless skin wet as she sat in a tub of warm water.
  14. >And something coarse was rubbing down her back.
  15. >She looks to her side at the man currently giving her a sponge bath.
  16. >It's been a long time since she's seen one of those, but if she's remembering correctly, he's not too bad looking, for a human.
  17. "So, Diane, what's been new with you?" he says, not looking from his work as he scrubs her lower back and bottom. "Good dreams, I hope?"
  18. >He runs the sponge up her side across her ribs showing there, and her lips tremble.
  19. "Nothing much changed for me. Well, besides being dumped. She said I don't talk enough, can you believe it? I talk plenty! Heck, I talk with you every day."
  20. >He sighs, lifting her arms up to get her armpit.
  21. "If only I could find a girl as easy to talk to as you, Diane."
  22. >She giggles as he tickles her, and he freezes.
  23. >"It's Pinkie Pie," she says with a smile. "Pinkamena if you really want to be weird, but Diane is my middle name. It's silly to call me that."
  24. >He stares at her, mouth open.
  25. "Holy shit," he breathes. "You're awake."
  26. >I'd argue this is the dream and Equestria is real, but that's just perspective, right? Anyway, hi! What's your name?"
  28. >She's awake?!" Liana shrieks through the speaker of the telephone. "What's she doing now?!"
  29. Anon brings the phone back to his ear and says. "Uh, finishing up her bath. She kind of, ah, came to in the middle of me washing her."
  30. >"She would choose a moment like that," Liana grumbles. "Listen, just try to, I dunno, keep her with you until we show up. Mariana and I will be there as soon as we can. Shit, Mads is still on the expedition thing or whatever."
  31. >Anon winces a little at that and feels pity for the geologist.
  32. >Time was of the essence, Diane hardly staying lucid for long in these instances, and it would already be a stretch for the twins to be able to make it in time to see their sister awake.
  33. >The man doubted Madalyn would be seeing her younger sister this time around.
  34. "I'll see what I can do," he says. "Talk to her, keep her engaged as much as I can" Looking over his shoulder where the sounds of splashing were coming from, he bites the inside of his cheek. "But I've got to go now. Can't do that if I'm on the phone."
  35. >"Yeah, do what you need to," Liana is saying as she audibly scrambles on the other end. "We'll be there in an hour- Mariana! Get your butt down here! D's awake and we're going to see her!"
  36. >The call ends abruptly, and Anon slips the cell in his pocket before turning around.
  37. >Okay, he needs to try and convince a girl who's spent the bulk of the last eight years effectively dream walking to not go back to said dream.
  38. >How the hell is he supposed to compete with whatever Equestria had waiting for her?
  39. >With a small shake of his head, he heads towards the bathroom and opens the door.
  40. >It's kind of awkward seeing the girl naked now, despite having seen it plenty of times before, but she doesn't seem to mind.
  41. >In fact, she seems too busy shaping a beard out of bubbles to even notice he's come in.
  42. >One the first thing's she asked upon waking up was, "Where's the bubbles?" and Anon quickly added the solution to the water.
  43. "Nice beard you've got there," Anon says as he shuts the door behind him. "Wish I could grow one like that."
  44. >It sounded corny to him even as he said it, but Diane, or Pinkie as she preferred, looked up and smiled brightly
  45. >"Nonny!" she cheers, throwing her arms up. "You're back!"
  46. "Yeah, I was just making a phone call," he says, coming closer to kneel by the tub. "Having fun?"
  47. >"You betch'cha! Hey, if you want a beard, too, I can sculpt you one."
  48. >She holds up hands filled with soap in askance, and you shake your head
  49. "Tempting, but I'll have to take a rain check."
  50. >"Ah..." she moans, hands dropping below the water
  51. >The disappointment doesn't last before she's back to her cheery self, holding out a hand
  52. >"Candy?"
  53. >Anon blinks at the small, soggy wrapped piece of candy in confusion
  54. "Pinkie, where'd you get-" he starts, taking the proffered treat, but stops as he looks at it more closely. "Is this... a cough drop?"
  55. >"I found it in the cabinet," she explains, swirling her own cough drop in her mouth, the hardened medicine clacking against her teeth. "Mmm, minty."
  56. >Anon huffs in amusement, and, in a moment of silliness, opens the wrap and pops it in his mouth
  57. >The taste of menthol and soap rolls over his tastebuds, and he fights a grimace, but the wide, delighted smile from the girl in the tub is worth the unpleasant flavor
  58. "So..." he starts uncertainly.
  59. >"So... "she mimics with a tilt of her head. "Where am I?"
  60. "Um, excuse me?"
  61. >"Last time I woke up, it was in the bad place with the meanies, but you're not mean, and this is a really nice bathtub. There's even a rubber ducky!"
  62. >She demonstrates by giving the toy a squeeze, a loud squeak penetrating the steamy air.
  63. >Anon has to think about it for a bit, then realizes, his heart growing heavy in his chest.
  64. >"You mean the psychiatric hospital," he says. "Yeah, that was a bad place."
  65. >The girl's expression becomes somber
  66. >"It really was," she whispers, hugging her knees. "Why am I not there now? Did you save me?"
  67. "Um, no," he answers truthfully. "That'd be your sisters. Mostly Madalyn, though."
  68. >"Madalyn?" she asks with an inquisitive tilt of her head. "You mean Maud?"
  69. >Knowing her pension for odd names, he figures that's probably right, and nods.
  70. "Yeah, Ma- um- Maud was the one who really suspected the staff there of mistreating you, and did some digging. From what I heard, when she came to pick you up, she ended up breaking the head doctor's nose, but because of the dirt she got on him and the whole hospital, he was too afraid to press charges."
  71. >He shrugs, a small smile pulling at his lips.
  72. "Didn't stop her from leaking everything she found to the news, and for the whole place to be shutdown by law enforcement. After that, she brought you here to her house and hired me to watch over you."
  73. >Pinkie blinks owlishly.
  74. >"This is Maud's place? Where is she?"
  75. "Well, that's kind of why she hired me," he explains. "This is her house, but she's barely ever in it because of her geology work. She's constantly traveling around the world, and couldn't look after you herself because of it, so she pays me to be a live-in caretaker."
  76. >He shrugs.
  77. "And that's what I've been doing for the last year."
  78. >"Wow..." she breathes in what appears to be shock. "A whole year, huh?" Suddenly she smiles salaciously. "I kind of regret all the sponge bathes I must have missed. It felt real nice when you were washing me, and you're kind of cute to boot."
  79. >It's Anon's turn to look shocked, jaw working wordlessly for a few seconds as his cheeks burn.
  80. >Pinkie giggles at the expression and splashes some water towards the confounded boy.
  81. >"I'm just kidding, Nonny! Don't get all flustered."
  82. "R-right," he manages finally. "A-anyway, your other sisters, Liana and Mariana, are actually on their way right now to come see you, but it'll probably be an hour."
  83. >Pinkie scrunches her brow as she mouths the names.
  84. >"You mean Limestone and Marble?"
  85. > He nods and she grins.
  86. >"That's great!" she exclaims, exploding out of the water to stand with her arms stretched over her head. "It's been so long since I got to see my sisters here! I can finally talk to them before going back to Equestria. Hey, Nonny, want to help me set up a party for when they get here...? Nonny?"
  87. >Anon is too busy looking straight froward to answer, his head now waist-level with the girl.
  88. >"Oh!" Pinkie says embarrassingly, hands coming down to cover her privates. "I forgot about the bits being front and center with humans. I'm used to having a tail for modesty's sake."
  89. >She actually blushes as she lowers back into the tub.
  90. >"Sorry for flashing you the goods like that. I know it's inappropriate to do to colts 'cause of their delicate sensibilities."
  91. "Uh..." Anon drawls, blinking his eyes rapidly and shaking his head. "No, it's fine. Um, no harm done... But, if you're all washed up, now, we should probably get you dried and dressed before your sisters show up."
  92. >"I'm with you on that first part, but why dress?"
  93. "Do you really want to be covering your lap with your hands the whole time they visit?"
  94. >"Hmm, good point. It'd be weird if I was showing off the ol' pink canoe the whole time. If only I had my party dress Rarity made me here."
  95. "Don't worry about it," Anon tells her, standing to go grab a towel off the rack. "You've got plenty of clothes to wear- Madalyn made sure of it."
  96. >"Really? I hope she didn't spend too much. Clothes are expensive."
  97. >When Anon returns with the towel unfolded and stretched between his hands, Pinkie practically launches herself into it, nearly bowling Anon over in the process.
  98. >"Mmm, fluffy," she hums as she spins around, twisting the towel around her shoulders.
  99. >That still left most of her midriff and below exposed, and Anon averts his eyes.
  100. "I'll go get your outfit ready while you handle this," he says, opening the door. "When you're dried off, I'll be in the room just down the hall and to the left."
  101. >"Okey-dokie, Artichokey!"
  102. >With that, Anon left and retreated to Pinkie's room.
  103. >Having finally talked to the girl himself, he can actually understand Madalyn's design choices now.
  104. >The room is painted a bright pink with little swirls and dots of blue and yellow meant to represent confetti and streamers.
  105. >There's also plenty of stuffed animals, the bulk of which are reptiles, piled in the corner, having collected a thin layer of dust over the year.
  106. >It had all seemed so immature for a grown woman in her early twenties, but now he can't help but think it's perfect.
  107. >Going to the drawer, he quickly fishes out a pair of plain white cotton panties and ankle socks before moving onto shirts and pants.
  108. >Not entirely sure what she would like, he decides on comfort.
  109. >From what she was saying, anyway, the idea of getting dressed at all wasn't too important, so she'd prefer something simple and easy to move in.
  110. >A pink T-shirt and some shorts, then.
  111. >Laying it all out on the bed, Anon looks down and nods.
  112. >This should work just fine.
  113. >"When you said I was gonna have to wear clothes, I didn't think you meant I was getting dressed for a gala," Pinkie says from over his shoulders, getting Anon to jolt and whip his head around to look at the girl.
  114. >Her eyes are wide and there's a light blush to her cheeks as she points.
  115. >"And are those panties and s-socks...? L-lewd."
  116. >Anon steps away and looks at her more closely.
  117. >Her hair is still damp and mussy, but she looks dry for the most part, and has even wrapped the towel underneath her arms and around her chest, the end coming down to just barely cover her modesty.
  118. "Pinkie," he says, hand on his chest. "Don't sneak up on me like that."
  119. >She breaks her gaze away from the outfit to blink at him.
  120. >"Sorry, I didn't mean to," she says. "These things are way quieter than hooves."
  121. >She points down at her feet and wiggles her toes.
  122. >Looking at how slight her frame is, he can believe her being able to walk around without any of the floorboards creaking.
  123. >Really, he'd be surprised if she was more than a hundred pounds.
  124. >In that moment, he resolved to get as much good food into her as he could while she was lucid.
  125. >It's hard feeding someone when they barely react to the outside world, each bite of soup or porridge taking nearly a minute for the girl to listlessly chew and swallow.
  126. >It was enough to know she was at least getting enough to live before, but now seeing just how bubbly and energetic Pinkie really is, he can't help but feel she should be far more filled-out than the almost gaunt figure she sports now.
  127. >Putting that aside for later, he looks back to the clothes.
  128. "What? You don't like them?" he asks.
  129. >"It's too much," she repeats with a frown. "What if I have to go potty? I'd have to take it all off and put it back on when I'm done."
  130. >"That's not, uh, that not how going potty works," Anon says dully. "You just, you know, pull the pants and underwear down and go."
  131. >She purses her lips and squints her eyes.
  132. >"Oh yeah, I think I remember that," she mumbles. "Still seems like a pain."
  133. >Returning her attention to the clothes, she grabs up the shirt, turning it this way and that, then nods.
  134. >"This should be enough, right?" she says as she pulls it over her head, letting the towel drop as she does.
  135. >Once she pops her head through and wiggles her arms out, she looks down at herself and smiles.
  136. >"See? This covers everything just fine," she says lifting her arms up.
  137. >In doing so, she pulls the T-shirt's hem up, just barely revealing her belly-button and below to the man.
  138. >"...Ooops. Sorry," she says, quickly dropping her arms and tugging her shirt down. "... Again."
  139. "Maybe you should at least put on the underwear," he suggests.
  140. >Okay, fine," she agrees, grabbing the small undergarment. "But the socks stay off. At east until after my sisters' visit."
  141. >She smirks at Anon then.
  142. >"Then I'll put the sock, you naughty colt."
  143. >She giggles.
  144. >"I'm surprised Maud hired a kinky guy like you, but I'm not gonna complain."
  145. >Anon wants to argue with her, but frankly, he's not even sure about the logic he's arguing against.
  146. >She thinks white ankle socks are kinky?
  147. >Eventually he just reminds himself that he is technically talking to a crazy person right now, and that debating with her on something inconsequential isn't on his priority list.
  148. >No, making sure she doesn't hurt herself is, which is what he's doing when he jolts forward to catch the girl as she flails to regain her balance after failing to put her underwear on.
  149. >She's managed to tie her ankles together with the bit of fabric and is on a head-first collision course with the edge of the bed frame before Anon manages to wrap his arms around her and divert their path.
  150. >Thinking quick, Anon twists their body right before bouncing off of the mattress, making sure not to land on her while his arms protect her head.
  151. >Once they come to a complete stop Anon quickly pushes away, the two on their sides, and looks her over.
  152. "You okay?" he asks frantically. hand coming up to push her hair from her face and check for any bumps or bruises.
  153. >She stares at him with big, blue eyes for a long moment, then gulps and nods her head minutely.
  154. >Anon releases a heaving breath.
  155. "Good. I don't know what I'd tell your sisters if they showed up with you concussed or with a broken bone.
  156. >He sits up, hands on his knees as Pinkie follows suit.
  157. >The underwear are still twisted up around her ankles as they dangle over the side of the bed, and Anon stands to fix that.
  158. >She's silent as he tugs them off, unravels them, and then slides them back onto her pale legs.
  159. >Pushing them up to her knees, that's as far as he's comfortable, and he looks up to meet her eyes.
  160. "Um, you think you can pull them up the rest of the way?" he asks awkwardly.
  161. >"Uh, y-yeah, easy-peasy," she answers, reaching down to pull the underwear on.
  162. >Dressed as much as he'd get her, Anon rubs the back of his neck and thinks.
  163. "Still have about forty minutes before your sisters show up."
  164. Noting her thin figure again and remembering the meager breakfast she got down that morning, Anon asks, "You hungry?"
  165. >All traces of bashfulness flee the girl's face as she beams.
  166. >"You serious?! I'm so hungry I could even eat a baker's dozen of Mr. Cake's brand muffins...! Without syrup!"
  167. "Wow, you must be ravenous," Anon jokes.
  168. >Pinkie springs up, serious face an inch away from his.
  169. >"Ravenous doesn't even begin to describe it," she says, then smiles. "What are we gonna eat?"
  170. >Anon blinks.
  171. "Ah, well, we don't have much in the house now besides some corn flakes and milk."
  172. >She sticks her tongue out in disgust.
  173. "But I do have some eggs and cheese slices. Bread too. How about an omelette and toast?"
  174. >"Hmm, I don't now..." she begins, rocking back back on the balls of her feet while rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "That sounds almost too scrumptious."
  175. >Anon hesitates
  176. "Is... is that a yes on the omelette?"
  177. >Pinkie rolls her eyes good-naturedly.
  178. >"Yes, silly, that sounds great! I was just joking with you."
  179. >Anon sighs in relief.
  180. >He wasn't sure he had time to go out and shop before their guests arrived if she didn't like anything in the house.
  181. "Good. Come on then, and I'll whip you up some lunch in the kitchen."
  182. >"My tummy's rumbling already!"
  183. >With a chuckle, Anon begins making his way to the kitchen, the sprightly girl bouncing at his heel with each step.
  185. >Anon is astonished, and maybe a little worried as he watches Pinkie eat her meal.
  186. >She had been so hungry when he started cooking that she ended up eating a bowl of cereal sprinkles with a healthy helping of sugar while she waited.
  187. >And now she's already plowed through more than half of a five egg omelette.
  188. >Anon had made what he thought would be extra specifically so that he could eat what was left, but now, as the girl puts another slab of cheesy eggs atop her jelly toast, of which she insisted on, and shoves it in her mouth, he doubts they'll be any leftovers at all.
  189. >Honestly, if it weren't for his instincts as a caretaker, he'd probably look away, but instead he stays alert for any sign that the girl is going to make herself sick.
  190. >He's already kicking himself as it is by giving her so much, so soon.
  191. >She might not be so malnourished as to be on death's door or anything near that extreme, but he's afraid she might still suffer some level of refeeding syndrome at this rate.
  192. >She notices him staring intently, and smiles through a mouthful of food, cheeks bulging out.
  193. >Swallowing half of it down, she asks through the rest, "Wa' som'?"
  194. >One look into those hopeful eyes is all it takes to kill the declination on Anon's lips, and he ends up forcing a smile.
  195. "Ah, sure," he says right before being forced to flinch back from the semi-soggy toast shoved in his face.
  196. >Those big blue eyes are still watching him, though, so he bites the bullet, albeit in questionably edible form, and chews.
  197. >It's not that bad, and the absolute joy on Pinkie's face when he hums appreciatively makes it worth it to the man.
  198. >Finally finishing what's in her mouth, Pinkie grins.
  199. >"You sure now your way around a kitchen, Nonny! This is the best breakfast-for-lunch I've had in ages!"
  200. "Thanks, but it's nothing special," Anon says. "Just something I whipped up with what was in the fridge."
  201. >Taking a sip of the tea had brewed up in the microwave, Anon looks thoughtful as he continues.
  202. "I was actually planning on going to the store today, though, and I probably still will, so if you want, I can pick up some real food and cook you something actually good for dinner tonight."
  203. >Pinkie looks positively giddy.
  204. >"That. Sounds. Awesome! I'd love to taste more of your super-tasty cooking, Nonny!"
  205. >She gasps.
  206. >"Maybe Limey and Marble can eat with us, too, and we can all have dinner together! Wouldn't that be a great before I go home?!"
  207. >Anon's fingers tighten around his cup.
  208. "But Pinkie," he tries. "This is your home, right? You don't have to go anywhere."
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