KOTOR Anon JumpChain #6

Dec 17th, 2016
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  1. Table of Contents
  2. #1] Pokemon Trainer
  3. #2] BodyMod
  4. #3] Warehouse
  5. #4] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
  6. #5] Gravity Falls
  7. #6] Nine to Five
  8. #7] Jackie Chan
  9. #8] Samurai Jack
  10. #9] Percy Jackson
  11. #10] GTA
  12. #11] DC Occult
  13. #12] Sherlock Holmes
  14. #13] Chrono Trigger
  15. #14] Thundercats 2011
  16. #15] Jurassic Park
  17. #16] Outlaw Star
  18. #17] Ultimate Spider-Man
  19. #18] Venture Bros.
  20. #19] Anno 2070
  21. #20] Invader Zim
  22. #21] Yu-Gi-Oh
  23. =======================================================================================================================================
  25. [Jump #1] Pokemon Trainer:
  26. 1000cp
  27. ------------------
  29. >Location
  30. •Hoenn-(Rolled 8): Tropical island with a lot of pokemon and excessive water routes. My favorite region.
  32. >Background
  33. •City Life-(50cp) [Rustboro]: Acrobatic and adept in parkour. No wilderness experience. Rustboro city is in a low level area in the games so it seems like a good place to start.
  35. >Age & Gender
  36. •14-(Rolled 5)
  37. •Male-(No Change)
  38. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  40. >Starter
  41. •Actual Starter-(Free) [Torchic]: High attack power, good typing, and one of my favorite pokemon.
  42. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  44. >Skills & Abilities
  45. 1.Freerunning-(Free): Able to pull of acrobatic feats few humans and not many pokemon could match.
  46. 2.Survival Training-(100cp): Innate knowledge of survival skills. Could potentially survive anywhere.
  47. 3.Physical Fitness-(100cp): Healthy and strong body.
  48. 4.Technician-(150cp): Good with electronic devices like computers and pokeballs.
  49. 5.Psionics-(300cp): Telekinesis and telepathy. No mind reading and can't translate pokespeech. Skill cap equal to Gardevoir.
  50. ------------------Total:(650cp)
  52. >Items & Equipment
  53. 1.Bag-(Free): Bigger on the inside.
  54. 2.Pokegear-(Free): Can be muted.
  55. 3.Pokedex-(Free): Already filled.
  56. 4.Five Pokeballs-(Free): Standard catch rate.
  57. 5.Three Potions-(Free): Band-Aid in a bottle.
  58. 6.Hat-(Free): A red hat.
  59. 7.50k Pokedollars-(50cp): Perfect for not being poor during my journey.
  60. 8.Bicycle-(50cp): Collapsible 2-speed bike.
  61. 9.Parachute-(50cp): Reusable and directly integrated into the backpack.
  62. 10.Rebreather-(50cp): Breathe underwater and in toxic environments. Lasts forever.
  63. 11.Laptop-(100cp): Access to the Pokeworld internet. Solar powered with top tier parts.
  64. ------------------Total:(300cp)
  66. >Setbacks
  67. •None: I'm not taking any chances and I'm not ruining my time here. Complications might make things more interesting but I doubt I could endure them for ten years.
  68. ------------------
  70. >Future
  71. •Move-On
  72. ------------------
  74. >Pokemon I'm taking with me:
  75. 1.Blaziken/Will
  76. 2.Gardevoir/Mercy
  77. 3.Gyarados/Hope
  78. 4.Aggron/Wrath
  79. 5.Flygon/Spirit
  80. 6.Absol/Faith
  81. ------------------
  83. >Notes/Journal
  84. Making a build for Pokemon Trainer always takes me forever because I keep trying to make it perfect.
  86. During my time here I mainly just explored. That's always been one of my favorite parts of the pokeworld, the fact that you can just wander around and see all sorts of incredible people, places and creatures without hardly having to worry about time, finances, shelter or travel laws.
  88. Since I started in hoenn I was able to immediately capture all the pokemon that I would take with at the end. Aside from a few exceptions they were the only pokemon I caught since I didn't want to want to collect a bunch of creatures that I would never use or might eventually abandon, but I did try to befriend some of the other pokemon I encountered. Even though I wasn't really interested in becoming the very best like no one ever was I still tried to defeat all the regional gym leaders and I also competed in a few contests. I let the protagonist take care of Teams Aqua and Magma for the most part, but if there wasn't anyone else around and the situation was bad then I'd try to help out.
  90. After going through everything I wanted to in hoenn I headed to kanto to try and improve my psionic abilities by studying under Sabrina. Once I'd learned everything I could from her I decided to start studying some of the more supernatural aspects of this world.
  91. As I traveled the world I studied ghosts (The Real ones.), legendary pokemon, psychics, aura users, and other weird stuff. Thanks to my laptop and technical skills I was able to record and write about all my discoveries, and since I made everything available to the public I guess in the end I became a sort of paranormal adventure blogger.
  93. On the tenth year, when it finally came time to make my decision, I almost choose to stay forever. It wasn't perfect but the pokeworld was still an amazing place to live and I had built a nice life for myself. But, in the end, I realized the benefactor was offering me the chance to explore place that shouldn't exist and discover things about reality and existence that people could only dream of.
  94. I had to take that chance, not just for myself, but for every explorer that had dreamed of the opportunity.
  96. There was also a part of me that was still afraid of growing old and dying, so at the time I figured that continuing my chain was the best way to extend my life.
  97. =======================================================================================================================================
  99. [Jump #2] BodyMod:
  100. 600cp
  101. ------------------
  103. >Build
  104. •Medium-(Free): Average height, build, etc.
  106. >Body Type
  107. •Athlete-(100cp): Agility and flexibility specialist.
  108. ------------------Total:(100cp)
  110. >Stats
  111. •Strength.[2]-(100cp): Bench press 250 lbs.
  112. •Endurance.[2]-(100cp): Run 5k easily.
  113. •Speed.[2]-(Free): Run at 15 mph.
  114. •Dexterity.[2]-(Free): Basic parkour.
  115. •Appeal.[1]-(50cp): No acne.
  116. •Shape.[1]-(50cp): No extra body fat.
  117. •Sense.[1]-(50cp): 20/20 vision.
  118. ------------------Total:(350cp)
  120. >Perks
  121. 1.Endowed 1-(50cp): ...
  122. 2.Flexibility 1-(Free): Peak physical flexibility.
  123. 3.Metavore-(100cp): Able to eat anything and as much as I want without becoming fat or unattractive.
  124. ------------------Total:(150cp)
  125. =======================================================================================================================================
  127. [Jump #3] Warehouse:
  128. 150cp
  129. ------------------
  131. >Utilities
  132. 1.Electricity-(10cp)
  133. 2.Plumbing-(10cp)
  134. 3.Heat/A.C-(10cp)
  135. 4.Force Wall-(20cp)
  136. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  138. >Structures
  139. 1.Shelving-(Free)
  140. 2.Workshop-(10cp)
  141. 3.Housing-(20cp)
  142. 4.Medbay-(20cp)
  143. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  145. >Misc
  146. 1.Portal-(30cp)
  147. 2.Food Supply.x2-(20cp)
  148. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  150. >Add-ons from other jumps
  151. 1.Luxury penthouse [Nine to Five]: Expands to fit new companions.
  152. =======================================================================================================================================
  154. [Jump #4] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:
  155. 1000cp
  156. ------------------
  158. >Pokeform
  159. •Eevee-(Free): Not my favorite pokemon but it's free and if I evolve into espeon I'll be able to improve my psychic powers.
  161. Partner
  162. •Starter-(150cp) [Blaziken]: I'd rather give the human form that comes with this to one of my existing companions than someone new, plus It'll be easier to work with an old friend.
  164. >Location
  165. •Post Town-(Rolled 5): Latest point in the timeline. Have to deal with portal that lead to Mystery Dungeons and other weird locations.
  166. ------------------Total:(150cp)
  168. >Perks
  169. 1.Muscle Memory-(Free): Allows me to move and control my new body with relative ease.
  170. 2.Enhanced Physiology-(Free): Increased strength, endurance, speed and agility, all beyond that of a normal human.
  171. 3.Combat Diagnostics-(Free): Able to accurately approximate my own remaining health and PP.
  172. 4.Pokeglot-(Free): Able to converse fluently with other pokemon.
  173. 5.Natural Instinct-(100cp): Pokemon instincts. Enhanced awareness, intuition and muscle memory.
  174. 6.Multitalent-(100cp): Enhanced endurance. 50% larger PP reserves and only need 4 hours of sleep from now on.
  175. 7.All Terrain Hiker-(350cp): Gain the ability to walk on water, lava, unstable ground, and clouds without difficulty. Companions also benefit from this perk.
  176. ------------------Total:(550cp)
  178. >Items, Gear & Supplies
  179. 1.Explorer/Rescue Badge-(Free): Can be used twice per day to teleport to the entrance of any building I'm in, including Mystery Dungeons. Only in Mystery Dungeons will the badge teleport me automatically if I'm on the brink of death/KO.
  180. 2.Treasure Bag-(50cp): Bigger on the inside. Can be carried by any pokemon regardless of their body type.
  181. 3.Aura Ribbon-(50cp): Slightly boosts attack, defense, special attack, and special defense.
  182. 4.Wonder Map-(200cp): Automatically charts itself, marking any walls or structures encountered. Displays the location of me and my teammates, as well as any interesting locations I've discovered. Can zoom from 10 feet to 10 miles.
  183. ------------------Total:(300cp)
  185. >Drawbacks
  186. •None: Don't need the extra points and I don't want to make things more difficult than they already are.
  187. ------------------
  189. >Future
  190. •Move-On
  191. ------------------
  193. >Notes/Personal Journal
  194. Being able to communicate with my pokemon and learn how they live was an incredible experience. I helped them adapt to the fact that were in a new reality, and would be traveling to others, and they assisted me in learning what it was like to be a pokemon.
  195. Nobody enjoyed the fact that they'd been de-evolved, especially Gyarados, suddenly becoming so powerless really pissed her off. Still, the trials and challenges we went through made us all stronger and the bounds between us became even tighter, some more so than others.
  197. Near the end of my time here, as I was exploring the world, I made lists and guides for all the moves my companions and I could use so that we wouldn't get stuck with four moves each after we left.
  198. =======================================================================================================================================
  200. [Jump #5] Gravity Falls:
  201. 1400cp
  202. ------------------
  204. >Location
  205. •Northwest Manor-(Rolled 7): Home to the richest family in Gravity Falls.
  207. >Background
  208. •Journal Entry-(200cp): I'm a strange creature similar to the things found in the journals.
  210. >Age & Gender
  211. •34-(No Change): Haven't reset my age since Pokemon Trainer.
  212. •Male-(No Change)
  213. ------------------Total:(200cp)
  215. >Perks & Powers
  216. 1.Awesome Opening Sequence-(100cp): Get a high quality intro sequence for each jump with brief character summaries and foreshadowing. With the purchase I also get a DVD box set of my adventures in the style of Gravity Falls.
  217. 2.Arts and Crafts Master-(100cp): Skilled at artistic endeavors.
  218. 3.Tales Designed to SELL MY MERCHANDISE!-(100cp): Good at lying and telling engaging tall-tales.
  219. ------------------Total:(300cp)
  221. >Powers [400cp Free.]
  222. 1.Purely Cosmetic Appearance Change-(Free) [Demon]: A humanoid, anime-esque demon. Dark skin, goat horns, clawed hands and feet, a tail, sharp teeth, wiry build, glowing yellow eyes, and feathers for hair.
  223. 2.Minor Ability-(Free) [Levitation]: Levitate and float around at walking speed.
  224. 3.Minions-(Free) [Birds]: Command over simple creatures. Must directly oversee them in order to issue commands.
  225. 4.Shapechanger-(Free): Able to change into anything I see, including inanimate objects. Also able to combine forms. Can shift into anything up to the size of an African elephant or my normal form.
  226. 5.Minor Ability-(50cp) [Clairvoyance]: Able to see through other people's eyes.
  227. 6.Moderate Ability-(100cp) [Advanced Clairvoyance]: Able to share people's senses at a distance.
  228. 7.Dream Demon-(300cp): Able to enter the mental plane to communicate with people through dreams, animate and communicate through certain inanimate objects, see through the eyes of images and pictures of myself, and root through people's minds. Can manipulate mental realms for combat, travel and fun.
  229. ------------------Total:(450cp)
  231. >Gear & Etc.
  232. 1.Claymation Magic-(150cp): Magic clay that can be molded into living creatures. Creations are completely obedient. Creepy appearance and movements.
  233. 2.Trust Someone-(300cp): Mass companion import. 400cp each. Free backgrounds.
  234. ------------------Total:(450cp)
  236. >Drawbacks
  237. 1.It Says "BEWARB"-(100cp): Almost nobody believes me when I tell or show them anything supernatural. Companions immune.
  238. 2.Journal Page-(300cp): Each journal contains detailed descriptions of me, my abilities, characteristics, weaknesses, etc.
  239. ------------------Total:(+400cp)
  241. >Future
  242. •Move-On
  243. ------------------
  245. >Notes/Personal Journal
  246. This was one of the last places I expected to be sent for my journey. Perhaps the benefactor wanted me to continue my investigations into the supernatural? Or maybe this was an experiment to see how I would react to being the mysterious creature people were investigating? Either way, I had fun.
  248. After living in worlds that were so much more free and exiting compared to our own I found myself depressed and disgusted with how boring earth was, or at least with how people thought it was. Cryptids and magic were real in this universe and people deserved to know that they existed. Unfortunately spreading knowledge about all the weird stuff that existed proved to be really difficult, both because of the drawback and because I hardly had any resources that could help me. There were also a few secret organizations that constantly got in the way of my efforts.
  250. Since I was already in her house I decided to introduce myself to Pacifica as soon as I arrived. I transformed into an exotic creature that she would want as a pet then revealed myself as mystical creature that could serve as her spy if she agreed to do me a few favors.
  251. Working with her was far from fun. I tried to subvert some of her schemes and make her a bit nicer but I didn't get too far before she became fed up with me. Later on I tried to befriend Dipper, Mabel and the others but they didn't trust me since I was a journal entry. They were right, since I stole the journals before they got rid of them at the end of season 2, and then became the villain for what could've been season 3, but I apologized and offered my help whenever they needed it.
  253. >Misc. Notes
  254. While I was here I learned a few magical spells and discovered how to create weak magical items.
  255. =======================================================================================================================================
  257. [Jump #6] Nine to Five:
  258. 1000cp
  259. ------------------
  261. >Location
  262. •Unknown-(Default): Don't know where I am but I know it's boring.
  264. >Background
  265. •Office-(50cp): Cubical worker with decent pay. Benefactor kill me now.
  267. >Age & Gender
  268. •21-(Rolled)
  269. •Male-(No Change)
  270. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  272. >Perks
  273. 1."Get that thing I sent ya?"-(200cp): Whatever leaves my hands with the intention of reaching a specific other person infallibly reaches them and at record breaking speed. I also get any shipments, packages or reports right on time with no hassle. As an added bonus my radio and cellphone reception is always crystal clear.
  274. 2.World's First Superhero-(300cp): Able to be a superhero without consequence. In future jumps my strength, speed and durability increases by 10% whenever I'm working to protect the innocent.
  275. ------------------Total:(500cp)
  277. >Gear
  278. 1.Bus Pass-(Free): Never using this.
  279. 2.Apartment-(Free): Upgrading this.
  280. 3.Broken Dreams-(Free): Funny.
  281. 4.Cost of Living.x2-(50cp): Enough money to spend on good food for two months. Can only be spent on food.
  282. 5.Vidya-(50cp) [Xbox 360 and PS4]: Two consoles with five games each.
  283. 6.A Fuggin' Car!-(50cp): Something to drive around in. Going with a slightly newer version of the car I have IRL.
  284. 7.Apartmet Upgrade, Penthouse-(300cp): A luxury penthouse which is about half the size of my warehouse in floor space and has all the utilities I'll need to live happily without going anywhere.
  285. ------------------Total:(450cp)
  287. >Drawbacks
  288. •None
  289. ------------------
  291. >Future
  292. •Move-On
  293. ------------------
  295. >Notes/Personal Journal
  296. The first few days of this jump involved a lot banging my head against a wall. I didn't sign up for this journey to work and pay taxes like a normal person, I wanted to explore strange new worlds and seek out new civilizations! (Speaking of which, I wonder when I'll be sent to the Star Trek universe?) Anyway, after I got over the initial shock and depression I decided that I could suffer through ten years of mundanity if it meant getting an upgrade to my Warehouse and few minor perks.
  298. My companions took this turn of events much better than I did, they were happy to finally have an opportunity to live as regular humans, although eventually they came to realize why I left this world in the first place.
  300. Getting to be a superhero was fun but I tried to stay under the radar as much as possible because I didn't want to attract a lot of attention.
  301. =======================================================================================================================================
  303. [Jump #7] Jackie Chan:
  304. 1200cp
  305. ------------------
  307. >Location
  308. •Uncle's Rare Finds-(Rolled 1): Antique shop in Sand Fransisco's Chinatown. Home of the main characters. Filled with magical artifacts and items.
  310. >Background
  311. •Chi Wizard-(200cp): I'm an old master chi wizard. Familiar with spells and supernatural creatures. Can teach Chi-magic to others.
  313. >Age & Gender
  314. •48-(Rolled): Old man time.
  315. •Male-(No Change)
  316. ------------------Total:(200cp)
  318. >Abilities
  319. 1.Everyone Is Doing It-(Free): Proficient in one form of hand-to-hand combat.
  320. 2.We Must Do Reeesearch-(Free): Able to find obscure facts, info, and recipes for useful spells or potions whenever I put my mind to it. Long research sessions will always provide usable results, though not always what I expect.
  321. 3.Experience-(Free) [Writing]: Master or a single non-combat skill or good at a particular job.
  322. 4.Name?-(200cp): Can prevent anyone from learning my name unless I expressly give it to them.
  323. 5.Backup-(300cp): Companion import. Origins are free.
  324. 6.Magic Must Defeat Magic-(300cp): My spells and supernatural abilities cannot be fought off by mundane methods. Only other things that are supernatural can stop them.
  325. ------------------Total:(800cp)
  327. >Equipment
  328. 1.Research & Reagents-(Free): Gain a large amount of well-preserved supplies for basic spellcraft. Comes with a small library of occult knowledge.
  329. 2.Passport-(200cp): Allows me to quickly arrange low-cost hassle-free travel to any location that could feasibly be reached by via a travel agency. Also grants unsupervised access to sites of historic significance.
  330. ------------------Total:(200cp)
  332. >Drawbacks
  333. •Won't Stay Dead-(+200cp): My foes cannot be permanently killed or sealed away. They will always return at full strength within a year's time. Picking this drawback because I never kill my enemies.
  334. ------------------
  336. >Future
  337. •Move-On
  338. ------------------
  340. >Notes/Personal Journal
  341. After Nine-Five this jump was a nice semi-break. I spent most of my time here teaching my companions magic and going on adventres to look for arcane knowledge or magical artifacts. I also decided to open my own magic shop and sell enchanted artifacts to earn money and keep occupied whenever I wasn't busy.
  342. =======================================================================================================================================
  344. [Jump #8] Samurai Jack:
  345. 1200cp
  346. ------------------
  348. >Location
  349. •China-(Rolled 8): Heavily populated, mix of modern and ancient stuff. From what I remember there's a lot of interesting stuff here so it seems like a good place to start.
  351. >Background
  352. •Magic User-(100cp): Skilled practitioner, not as concerning as a scientist. Most of my life has been spent studying magic.
  354. >Race
  355. •Humanoid-(Free)
  357. >Age & Gender
  358. •23-(Rolled)
  359. •Male-(No Change)
  360. ------------------Total:(100cp)
  362. >Skills and Abilities
  363. 1.Empathy-(Free): You know how to read and manipulate the emotions of
  364. others. With this perk you can easily figure out the perfect things to throw at your enemies to
  365. damage their moral or hamper their abilities.
  366. 2.Enchanting-(Free): Can grant magical properties to weapons by marking them with ancient runes. Start knowing elemental effects, can learn more by studying other weapons.
  367. 3.Scrying-(100cp): Able to see people, places and events in the present by looking through clear surfaces.
  368. 4.Enhanced Senses-(200cp): Superhuman sense of smell, sight and hearing.
  369. 5.Energy Beams-(200cp): Can fire powerful lasers able to cut through steel and start fires.
  370. 6.Teleportation-(300cp): Able to teleport to any location I can see. Instant movement between points on the same world. Can travel between planets by creating portals.
  371. 7.Summoning-(300cp): Once per day I can summon a single creature or individual I've personally killed. They will remain active and bound to me until they've been killed or banished. Can only have one summon active at a time but may keep an unlimited collection.
  372. ------------------Total:(1100cp)
  374. >Items and Equipment
  375. 1.Signature Outfit-(Free): A unique outfit that I can make from common materials.
  376. 2.Throwing Knives-(Free): A dozen small knives that can be precisely thrown.
  377. 3.Workshop-(Free): An small place filled with equipment and other stuff to help my work and research.
  378. 4.Wealth-(50cp): A small amount of money.
  379. 5.Camping Equipment-(50cp): Stuff to make living in the wilderness more comfortable.
  380. ------------------Total:(100cp)
  382. >Drawbacks
  383. 1.Bloodless Violence-(+100cp): Unable to kill intelligent beings and less willing to land lethal blows against non-intelligent living things.
  384. 2.Sam-Moo-Rhai-(+100cp): People will constantly attempt to imitate my style and fail then try to fight me.
  385. ------------------Total:(+200cp)
  387. >Future
  388. •Move-On
  389. ------------------
  391. >Notes/Personal Journal
  392. This place, was way more fun than I imagined. Aside from traveling around the world helping people, studying magic, and practicing my combat skills, I also taught every good person I came across magic and gave trustworthy individuals enchanted weapons. I think my activities led to a few more people taking up arms against Aku, and when it came time for the final battle against the shapeshifting master of darkness, a good portion of Jack's army was casting spells and using magical equipment.
  394. Jack and I crossed paths early on, partly because I was activly seeking him out, initially he didn't trust me because of my abilities and appearance but after telling him the truth (Kinda.) and fighting alongside him we became allies. Before I left I tried to reverse engineer the enchantment on Jack's sword, but unfortunately I was never able to figure it out. [Rolled 11d100]
  395. =======================================================================================================================================
  397. [Jump #9] Percy Jackson:
  398. 1100cp
  399. ------------------
  401. >Location
  402. •House of Life Headquarters, Egypt-(Default/Free Pick): Best place I can think of to get started with my magical adventures.
  404. >Background
  405. •Magician-(100cp): Inducted into the art of Egyptian magic. Trained by my parents. Not immediately powerful but versatile and able to grow with practice and study.
  407. >Pantheon
  408. •Egyptian-(Default): Egyptian magic is really good, and I can't think of any other settings that offer it. Plus it's another magic boost.
  410. >Age & Gender
  411. •15-(Rolled)
  412. •Male-(No Change)
  413. ------------------Total:(100cp)
  415. >Perks
  416. 1.Old Traditions-(Free): Knowledgeable in the ways of the ancient civilization corresponding to my connecting mythology. I can read it's languages, I know the proper ways to honor it's gods, and I have a decent grasp of it's mythology.
  417. 2.Foci-(Free): I can use the appropriate tool or symbol to help channel my magic or other supernatural abilities, allowing for increased efficiency and fine control, varying with the quality and appropriateness to the task of the focus. Ex. A sword might help with battle spells but it won’t be too useful for healing. Focuses must be attuned before I can use them, a process that takes a couple minutes. The number of foci I can attune at a time varies with my magical power.
  418. 3.Magic-(Free): I've been taught the style of magic appropriate to my pantheon. Right now I'm a novice but I can receive further instruction. Have an aptitude for a particular branch of magic linked to a god I favor. Magic is very versatile, capable of anything from grand pillars of fire to teleporting entire pyramids. Requires training and practice to pull off high-end feats and will likely be exhausted without some method of supplementing my stores of power.
  419. 4.Blood of Kings-(200cp): I'm descended from the Pharaohs (or other similar Priest kings), granting me greatly improved magical aptitude and strength.
  420. 5.God Slayer-(400cp): Trained by the House of Life in the art of fighting and sealing gods and their kin. Know a lot spells and tricks very effective against those of divine blood. Monster's with divine heritage or empowerment can also be affected by these abilities, but they inflict no additional damage to non-divine monsters. This will work on anything deemed a god in future jumps. I'm also far more resistant to the whims of the gods, although people around me may still be affected by them if I don’t specifically ward against it. (Wards must be individualized for each god.) My foci share my resistance to the powers of gods and any weapons I attune may ignore most divine protections.
  421. ------------------Total:(600cp)
  423. >Items
  424. 1.Legendary Implement-(Free) [Magic Staff]: A custom made magical weapon that can channel my spells and enhance my offensive magic. The staff can also be summoned and banished by casting a spell.
  425. --Concealable-(Free)
  426. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  428. >Companions
  429. 1.Band-(Free): Two new companions with 600cp each. Both have the Illiterate drawback.
  430. 2.Grand Quest-(400cp): Able to import six companions with 500cp each. Our fates become interwined, ensuring we all share our future adventures.
  431. ------------------Total:(400cp)
  433. >Drawbacks
  434. •Divine Disdain-(+100) [Isis]: Disliked by one of the gods of my pantheon. They don't hate me but their servants are less helpful and they will cause trouble in matters related to their domain.
  435. ------------------Total:(+100cp)
  437. >Future
  438. •Move-On
  439. ------------------
  441. >Notes/Personal Journal
  442. I loved Riordan's books as a kid, the universe itself however needs some improvements.
  444. When I first arrived my new companions introduced themselves by trying to kill me. They didn't really intend to do any permanent harm, but I didn't know that until after the battle. Once we were done fighting they quickly explained that, because of my family history in this world, they were to become my servants but had to test my skills first to see If I was worthy. Introducing them to the rest of my companions was easy, but adjusting to the fact that they would be permanent members of our group took everyone a while to get used to. Still, they proved themselves while we were here and I'm confident they'll be able to keep up with us in the future.
  446. Learning a new form of magic and going on assignments for the magicians was fun, but I didn't like how the existence of magic and gods was kept secret from everyone, especially since normal humans were regularly put in danger from supernatural antics. I often tried to give magical items to some of the more heroic or kind-hearted mortals I encountered, and I subtly attempted to spread the truth whenever possible. Obviously this pissed off a bunch of other magicians when they found out so I had to go rogue and spend the remainder of my time here on the run.
  448. As I continued my efforts to spread the truth and empower mundane individuals my companions and I eventually came into conflict with the greek demi-gods, causing them and the magicians to team-up in order to finally take us down. It was a hell of a fight but me, my companions, and the few followers I had who were strong enough to fight beside us were able to hold out long enough to escape and disapear. I didn't want to try and push our luck any further after that so I decided to lay low till it was time to leave.
  449. [Rolled 99d100]
  451. >New Companions
  452. 1.Sphinx/Truth
  453. 2.Griffin/Courage
  454. =======================================================================================================================================
  456. [Jump #10] GTA:
  457. 1000cp
  458. ------------------
  460. >Location
  461. •Liberty City-(50cp): Voted ‘Worst Place in America’. The proving ground of Claude & CJ. Extremely high crime rate and apathetic/useless police so long as I stay below 3-stars.
  463. >Background
  464. •The Wild Card-(Free): Nobody knows who the hell I am besides the landlord of my apartment.
  466. >Age & Gender
  467. •31-(Rolled)
  468. •Male-(No Change)
  469. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  471. >Skills
  472. 1.Style-(Free) [Weirdo]: I've got a way of handling myself that bleeds into the 4th wall. Whenever I complete a mission a certain instrument or melody plays, I have a certain way of tallying up results (The face of my phone, a crime report, etc.), and I simply carry myself in a certain way.
  473. 2.Behind the Scenes-(50cp): Skilled in hacking, sabotage, and black market dealings.
  474. 3.Driver’s License-(100cp): Able to drive the normally unwieldy GTA vehicles with a good degree of competency and keep chases much closer. This extends to all vehicles but does not improve the mechanical capabilities of a vehicle. (Ex. Can't chase a supercar with a lawn mower.)
  475. 4.Trader Joe-(150cp): Able to acquire illegal merchandise, and sale or swindle criminals out of their money. Guns, shelter, etc, whatever I sell I can make a profit. People will only put up with my crap so long as I deliver.
  476. 5.Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics-(600cp): Extremely skilled at removing and revoking evidence and covering my tracks. I could accidentally leave hair or items at a crime scene and easily figure out how to play it off. Able to perfectly plan schemes up to a year in advanced. Things like blood samples or personal items with my name on them will not be affected by this perk and can still be used against me.
  477. ------------------Total:(900cp)
  479. >Items
  480. 1.Street Clothes-(Free): Nothing special, but at the very least I won’t be noticed
  481. 2.Piece-(Free) [9mm Pistol]: Regular pistol. Good against melee thugs but I don't plan on using it much personally.
  482. 3.Home-(Free): A nice but small home in the city. Not really important since I have a penthouse in my warehouse.
  483. 4.Box on Wheels-(Free): A regular car, useful for getting around.
  484. --Van-(Free): Something to sell stuff out of and carry a lot of people.
  485. --Emergency-(Free) [Ambulance]: Could be useful later on, or just driven for fun.
  486. 5.Loadsamoney-(50cp): $30,000-40,000 to start off.
  487. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  489. >Drawbacks
  490. •None
  491. ------------------
  493. >Future
  494. •Move-On
  495. ------------------
  497. >Notes/Personal Journal
  498. Couldn't think of anything interesting to do so I just started a cult. GTA is a fun game, but trying to change this place while maintaining a good morality is virtually impossible, at least with my current resources.
  500. So since I wasn't able to do what I wanted here right now I just saved and recruited people who I thought would be useful, then spread word of my existence through rumor and revelation.
  501. =======================================================================================================================================
  503. [Jump #11] DC Occult:
  504. 1700cp
  505. ------------------
  507. >Location
  508. •Gotham​-(Free): Crime ridden, as always, but also a nexus of dark magic.
  510. >Source
  511. •Natural-(Free): Born with magical powers.
  513. >Background
  514. •Modern Day Merlin-(Free): Born with abnormally strong magical potential. I could potentially match the greatest mages in history but there are many who wish to use me for their own ends. Merlin project his mind into the body of a small animal and offer to tutor me.
  516. >Age & Gender
  517. •20-(Free)
  518. •Female-(Free): Yes I can shapeshift, and yes I've changed my gender before, but I've never had any female backgrounds so I figured why not.
  519. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  521. >Skills and Abilities
  522. 1.Mystical Sensitivity-(Free): Acutely aware of traces of magical energy. I can tell what kind of spells were cast days after the fact, discern the potency and nature of enchantments, and track down anything that leaves behind a magical trail.
  523. 2.Sleight of Hand-(Free): Skilled in street magic, card tricks, and various other illusions. I can also pick locks and pockets. With some practice I could potentially do things like steal a watch right off of someone’s wrist.
  524. 3.Greatest Magician of the Age-(Free): I will never reach a point where my magic cannot grow further. I've gained increased base magical power and uncapped magical growth. Magical growth/learning rate is greatly enhanced before I begin to get diminishing returns.
  525. 4.Back To The Basics-(100cp): Prestidigitation mastery. Able to easily cast basic spells such as lighting fires, cleaning, small aesthetic or cosmetic changes, changing clothes, etc. Not much help in a fight but increased convenience. I can cast these spells at-will and with almost no magical cost.
  526. 5.Escape Artist-(100cp): Escape adept. Handcuffs, cages, or being blindfolded and chained up in the trunk of a car, I can escape from just about anything. Not Houdini, but not too far behind, either.
  527. 6.Talking Is a Free Action-(200cp): Able to do things like monologue during a short leap or cast spells to stop bullets after they leave the barrel of a gun. Whenever I begin to speak time will be compressed. Not indefinite, up to a paragraph or two can be exchanged in a single instant. Best for casting short, verbal spells effectively instantly. Can also be applied to anyone I'm speaking to, but they can't use it to cast their spells. Attempting to use this for other purposes will end the effect. Will go unnoticed to non-magical individuals. Optional activation.
  528. 7.Real Magic-(200cp): ​Training in how to use real magic, similar to what Zatara and Zatanna use. Teleporting, transmuting, energy blasts, etc. Could theoretically do anything with enough energy and the right spells. Currently I have roughly the same level of training and potential as Zatanna.
  529. 8.Baby Magic-(200cp): Able to eschew requirements for magic outside of the magical energy needed to power the spell and the focus needed to shape it. Wands, reagents, incantations, etc. are no longer required, simply the will and knowledge of how to accomplish something. When bypassing normal casting methods, depending on their strength and eschewed components, spells will be harder to cast and less effective.
  530. 9.Outside Help-(300cp): Able to tap into external sources of power, such as leylines, artifacts, or other sorcerers. I can weave this power into vast spells greater than the sum of their parts and I can handle far more power than would otherwise be possible. Using this puts a great strain on my body and mind. My skill and reach with this can grow in time, at peak I could gather power from magic users across an entire planet. This also allows me to power my magic with other forms of supernatural energy. EX, I could substitute mana with chi.
  531. 10.The Moving Finger Writes-(300cp): Skilled at negotiating the cost of magic. In exchange for the normal consequences of a spell I can expend large amounts of magical energy. This scales with the value of what would have been taken in place of the raw energy. Ex, Shrugging off addictive magic would be a small fee, but replacing a human soul in a ritual would cost an exorbitant price.
  532. ------------------Total:(1400cp)
  534. >Items
  535. 1.Stage Set-(Free): A comprehensive set of everything you need to put on a magic show. Any supplies used or destroyed will be replaced within 24 hours. This covers everything from a stage, curtains, some tables and chairs, and even a cutting box and glass tank, along with an assortment of tools such as chains, cards, and more. Order now and it’ll come with smoke machines, bunnies, and doves for no extra cost!
  536. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  538. >Companions
  539. 1.Jumper Brigade-(300cp): Eight companions imported. Each one has 600cp to spend.
  540. ------------------Total:(300cp)
  542. >Drawbacks
  543. 1.Tophat Troubles-(+100cp): ​Really bad fashion sense. Have to dress in stuff like cheap stage magician outfits or tacky robes and turbans.
  544. 2.Interesting Times-(+300cp): I have to pay the cost of having magic, which means I'll endure some sort of suffering while I'm here. I will, "live in interesting times", in the Chinese sense of the phrase, and any actions taken to avoid it will only backfire, serving simply to pull me in deeper.
  545. ------------------Total:(+400cp)
  547. >Scenario
  548. •Hell in a Handbasket: I've been trapped in hell and have to defeat three demon lords before I can escape. Each demon has mastery over a different element, fire, ice, and nature. I only have instructions on how to defeat the first two. I only have access to my bodymod body and perks from this jump while I'm in hell, I'm also assuming my companions are gone.
  549. --Post jump perks: "Back To The Basics" and "Talking Is a Free Action"
  550. --Demon Powers: Ice. Cryokinesis powerful enough to engulf most houses easily.
  551. ------------------Total:(+300cp)
  553. >Future
  554. •Move-On
  555. ------------------
  557. >Notes/Personal Journal
  558. [Rolled 30d100] Well... this should kill me, but I like this chain so I'm gonna keep going.
  560. When I first arrived here, things definitely could've been a whole lot better. I drastically underestimated how vast hell would be and my new body and memories took a bit longer to adjust too than I would've preferred.
  561. Just getting to a safe place to plan my next move was difficult and even with the guide there was a time when I didn't think I would ever escape my infernal prision. But, despite everything, I never gave up hope. I kept reminding myself that this was DC and that there was absolutely no way I was going to die before getting to experience one my favorite universes firsthand.
  563. Without my companions or outside abilities I had to be extremely careful in order to escape the underworld. I used my magic to sneak around many of the demons I encountered and took advantage of their stupidity whenever I had to fight them directly. The higher ranking demons were able see right through my tricks and illusions but I still had enough combat experience and raw magical power to defeat them.
  565. When it came time to face the final demon lord I was able to use my new memories and magical sensitivity to figure out what was protecting him, and after removing his defenses and slaying him in combat I was finally able to escape the underworld and rejoin my companions on earth. However I would later discover that the creatures of hell did not intend to let me remain free.
  567. After escaping from hell I went to find Zatanna and Batman to brief them on who me and my companions are so that they and the other heroes can have at least little warning in case we accidentally trigger the end of the world. Both Zatanna and Bats were skeptical and kinda annoyed by my explanation but they believed me enough to accept my warning.
  569. For the rest of the jump I mainly fought demons and monsters while trying to learn magic and act like a hero. I tried to stay away from the really dangerous stuff while I was here, but thanks to my choices my companions and I had to fight the evil asshole wizard Felix Faust when he tried to steal the Library of Eternity, and near the end of my time here I teamed-up with Batman in order to stop Ra's Al Ghul before he could use the Fountain of Youth.
  571. I may have also tried to save Barbra from getting shot and paralyzed by the Joker depending on exactly when I arrived.
  572. =======================================================================================================================================
  574. [Jump #12] Sherlock Holmes:
  575. 1400cp
  576. ------------------
  578. >Location
  579. •London, England-(Default): RDJ films continuity.
  581. >Background
  582. •The Adler-(50cp): Charming and charismatic, thief, con artist, or rogue extraordinaire. Master of manipulation, trickery, and misdirection.
  584. >Age & Gender
  585. •31-(Rolled)
  586. •Female-(No Change)
  587. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  589. >Skills and Abilities
  590. 1.More Than a Pretty Face-(Free): Pretty and cunning. outwitting others is a natural talent and I possess all the social skills and tricks of a professional con-man. While other people may be smarter than me I'm definitely the most clever person in the room.
  591. 2.Always on the Run-(50cp): I'm a natural at escape, possessing a sixth sense for timing exits that ensure I have at least a day’s head start before people realize they even need to be chasing me. This perk also helps me cover my trails, letting me vanish if I had previous time to prepare.
  592. 3.Like Minded Fellows-(100cp): No matter where I go I'll always be able to find people with similar goals, morals, etc. Locating allies or temporary helpers is preternaturally easy.
  593. 4.Charm and a Smile-(150cp): I'm Extremely attractive, knock people off their feet and prevent them thinking clearly attractive. I also always know exactly how to use my looks to my advantage.
  594. 5.Like an Open Book-(150cp): I have a preternatural awareness and understanding of body language, tells, and social cues. Picking out people's various social nuances is trivial, and telling just who would be the perfect mark is as simple as a few moments to scan the room. I'm also a master of manipulating my own tells and cues to give just the right impression at the right time.
  595. 6.Blinding the Brilliant-(300cp): I possess the ability to turn people's intelligence and mental faculties against them, turning their own brilliance into a tool for my own schemes. Fooling those with incredible minds and mental abilities is simple, negating any advantage they might have on me from such abilities. I'me not infallible, but anyone who relies on pure genius to thwart me will be sorely surprised.
  596. 7.Wrapped Around My Finger-(300cp): Whenever I directly interact with people I can shift and manipulate the emotional bonds they have with me, either changing their context or amplifying existing ones. Each use of this perk requires a single setting of interaction with the target, but over time I can maneuver their feelings into whatever I find preferable. Given enough manipulation I could have people tripping over themselves to fulfill my wishes.
  597. ------------------Total:(1050cp)
  599. >Items
  600. 1.The Wardrobe-(Free): A compact and easily transported travel trunk that will always take whatever form is most appropriate.
  601. Provides me with the perfect outfit and accessories for whatever event or situation I'm getting ready for. Provides mundane if exceptional attire that will vanish once I'm done with it.
  602. 2.Travel Papers-(100cp): Basic, easy to carry documents appropriate for my circumstances. Always one hundred percent authentic for legal purposes. These will let me legally travel anywhere in the world I wish, barring secure locations. Errors and inconsistencies are impossible to discern and officials will always process me as quickly as possible. Always lists my current identity info or whatever's convenient at the time, including falsified info.
  603. 3.The Ledger-(400cp): This ledger allows me to near-instantly transfer and launder money just by writing in it, with no possible interception or discovery. I can use this with any money I have authority over and it won’t leave behind any paper trails that I don’t want it to. I can also transfer money to the ledger itself, turning it into a completely secure and anonymous account. Contains all the necessary information to run my finances.
  604. ------------------Total:(500cp)
  606. >Drawbacks
  607. 1.Insufferable-(+100cp): I act like an asshole to everyone around me whenever I'm not actively working towards a goal of some sort.
  608. 2.Lack of Stimulation-(+200cp): Everything is boring! I find myself excruciatingly bored with normal hobbies and pursuits, and need to constantly find new forms of mental stimulation to keep functional. Without some form of challenge to keep myself occupied I'll turn into a morose and eccentric mess. Like experimenting on my roommate's dog eccentric.
  609. 3.Most Wanted-(+300cp): Internationally wanted criminal with a large bounty on my head and an entire organization dedicated to hunting me down. I have very few places to hide and the law will always find me given enough time.
  610. ------------------Total:(+600cp)
  612. >Future
  613. •Move-On
  614. ------------------
  616. >Notes/Personal Journal
  617. Another place I'm not too personally interested in, however unlike GTA I actually tried to stay mostly in character this time. While I was here I mostly just stole stuff and caused some social upheaval. The police thought I was a witch or demon or something so I played off that to frighten them off whenever I encountered them.
  619. My companions where somewhat annoyed by me because of my newfound eccentricity, but thankfully they were able to prevent me from doing anything too crazy.
  620. =======================================================================================================================================
  622. [Jump #13] Chrono Trigger:
  623. 1700cp
  624. ------------------
  626. >Home Era
  627. •Antiquity-(Free): The land of magic where almost all of humanity held power over the elements. Home to the floating island kingdom of Zeal. The people unable to use magic have been condemned to the icy desolation below. Soon the people here will awaken Lavos is a doomed attempt to harness it's power.
  629. >Background
  630. •Genius-(50cp): One of the smartest people around. Most people will ignore anything odd I do as part of my eccentricities. This kind of intelligence can be alienating, it would be easy to wind up either arrogant or isolated from others.
  632. >Age & Gender
  633. •19-(Rolled)
  634. •Male-(Free)
  636. >Species
  637. •Enlightened One-(100cp): A natural magic user from antiquity. Memories come with knowledge and education in how to use magic. I can learn how to cast spells outside my element, buy my innate element will always be my most powerful and versatile.
  638. ------------------Total:(150cp)
  640. >Element
  641. •Light-(Free): The element of the sky, covers pretty much everything related to it plus more. Beams of light, holy energy, lightning, and wind. This also has decent healing potential and some spells that blind or daze foes.
  642. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  644. >Abilities
  645. 1.Combination Attack-(Free): My companions and I can merge our magics or special abilities into a single more powerful move. Fusing two spells, enhancing an attack with elemental energy, even a well-coordinated double strike and other things are possible with this perk. The other person needs to have this perk in order to use a combo attack and not all techniques are compatible.
  646. 2.Jumper's Theme-(Free): A personal theme son that plays whenever I'm doing something impressive or cool. I can decide if anyone else besides me can hear it, though other people won't find it strange if they suddenly hear it play out of nowhere.
  647. 3.Leave It To Me-(Free): As long as I've got some decent teachers or textbooks, I can easily adapt my existing knowledge to any level of advancement, incorporating new discoveries seamlessly and picking up fields that branched off the ones I'm familiar with. This works backwards as well as forwards allowing me to discuss advanced scientific principles with my more primitive peers.
  648. 4.Precision-(100cp): My manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination are both as good as an ordinary person can get, but with practice I can get the sort of stability and aim machines would be jealous of. I'll also know how to spot and identify my foes weak points, and how to target them effectively during combat. Ultimately the more accurate of a shot I am the more damage I'll do to my foes.
  649. 5.Mega Bomb-(300cp): I understand the secret to integrating magic seamlessly into my mechanical devices, enabling me to create devices like bombs powered with fire magic or medkits that use healing magic. Initially these devices will be one-shots that rely on a magical charge I have to deliver myself, but in time, I'll learn how to make more advanced fusions, such machines that run on magical power sources or automated spellcasting devices. Ultimately the only limit is my skill with machinery and magic.
  650. 6.Guru-(300cp): Able to study, practice and develop magic like a science, letting me delve into the secrets of sorcery the same way a physicist would unlock the secrets of the atom. This includes learning how to apply magical knowledge like an engineer does the sciences, letting you come up with breathtaking magical wonders similar to The Blackbird, the Mammon Machine, or the Ocean Palace.
  651. 7.Lathe of Heaven-(400cp): Weapon forging and blacksmithing skills riving an elder master. Swords, guns, armor, sunglasses, if it's worn or wielded I can make it into a masterpiece. I'll also learn how to make use of any material I find, bringing out its best qualities and minimizing its weaknesses. I could make bone sharper than steel, gold sturdier than titanium, and take legendary material nobody's ever seen before and figure out how to forge it.
  652. ------------------Total:(1100cp)
  654. >Items
  655. 1.Basic Equipment-(Free): A weapon of my choice along with a suit of armor, a helmet, and a week's worth of clothing. All except the clothing are made from a unique blend of steel and are lighter and stronger than similar items.
  656. 2.Gate Key-(Free): A device that can detect and stabilize rifts in space and time, enabling me to pass through them safely and easily. Works in areas where the fabric of time has been disturbed or weakened.
  657. 3.Spiced Jerky-(50cp): A bag of filling, nutritious, and delicious jerky. The bag is enchanted, it hold enough jerky to feed an army and it will slowly replenish over time.
  658. 4.Masterful Set-(100cp): A set of magical curatives containing sixteen energy restoring Ether potions. Ten standard, five of the stronger Mid-Ethers, and a single Full Ether. It also contains a set of three magical tablets capable of providing permanent enhancements to my body, mind, and spirit. The tablets boost strength and power, speed and reaction times, and magical energy and spirit respectively. The tablets are single use but the Ethers will replenish each week.
  659. 5.Third Eye-(200cp): When worn this devices can see a few moments into the future, letting it's wearer glimpse a few moments into the future. It will prove invaluable in combat, letting me evade attacks I would never have seen coming otherwise.
  660. ------------------Total:(350cp)
  662. >Allies
  663. 1.Will Thee Accompany Me?-(Free): Any companions I have will be able to find me wherever and whenever they end up. They will also receive a healthy new human body and the ability to use the magical element of their choice.
  664. 2.To Good Friends-(100cp): My companions have been inserted into the timeline, giving them a free species, starting era, background, and element choice. They'll also learn the equivalent of 400cp worth of abilities, and some basic equipment.
  665. ------------------Total:(100cp)
  667. >Drawbacks
  668. 1.Lavos Beckons-(+0cp): I must fight Lavos. If I fail to stop him from devouring this world my journey will end forever.
  669. 2.Footsteps! Follow!-(+100cp): People steal my stuff on a regular basis. The more important an object is to my success the greater the odds that someone will wander off with it. I can stop such thefts through vigilance, but hiding objects away will only ensure the thieves gain access to my hiding places. No matter how vigilant I am someone will steal my Gate Key at least once.
  670. 3.Conservation of Time-(+100cp): Four or more beings of different timelines cannot travel time together. Myself along with anyone I've crossed time or dimensions with is now bound in this way. only two such allies may accompany me at any time. I can still fight alongside any number of people within their home time but each ally I have within a given time period takes up one of these temporal slots; should circumstances force me to travel with one or two others, then one or none of my friends may join me.
  671. 4.The Trial-(+200cp): Within a few days after I arrive I'll be accused of a heinous offense found guilty. Even if I escape I'll never be able to prove my innocence and capture is the death sentence. People will sense my guilt and regard me with suspicion no matter where I flee.
  672. 5.Crimson Echoes-(+300cp): Through the power of Lavos anyone I accidentally erase from time will have a means to escape oblivion and hunt me down for revenge. This may or may not give them a power boost that makes them comparable to Queen Zeal.
  673. ------------------Total:(+700cp)
  675. >Multi-Ending
  676. •What The Prophet Seeks
  677. --Goal: Prevent the destruction of Zeal and ensure it survives into the modern day.
  678. --Reward: The Enhasan Pillow, an ultra comfy cushion filled with the dreams and ambitions of the kingdom of Zeal. Provides a perfect rest whenever I need it. Additionally any magic I have now or learn later will feel more natural, as if I were born with it.
  680. >Future
  681. •Move-On
  682. ------------------
  684. >Notes/Personal Journal
  685. Changing history for the better is great so long as you don't try to deal with time paradoxes, because if you do you just get headaches and that's no fun.
  687. When I first arrived here I decided to do probably the worst thing imaginable. I decided to fight Lavos, in the Ocean Palace, while he was more powerful than he would normally be, without access to all of my companions at once, and with only a very short amount of time to prepare.
  688. ..... No I did not die or run away. I've got access to three different magic systems, decades of combat experience, and physical abilities far above the average human so give me at lease a little credit.
  690. Anyway, thanks to teleport spam and abusing every magical shield I had, the fight itself wasn't the difficult part, it was everything that came after that was difficult.
  691. You see in order to even get to Lavos I kinda had to knock out the Queen and everyone else present in order to ensure they wouldn't interfere in the fight. So after we'd destroyed Lavos everyone believed we'd just ruined Zeal's only chance for survival, this activated the Trial drawback and forced me and my companions to flee before we were captured or killed.
  693. Shortly after defeating Lavos I discovered something strange, the time rifts were still open. I had assumed that they would close after I'd defeated the monster, but they were still present.
  694. At first I was thankful for this turn of events since it allowed me to travel into the future and track down the guru's and Schala's brother, but that changed once learned why the Gates were still open.
  696. A group of skilled individuals were coming after me and companions to get revenge for erasing them from history, and aside from eliminating the ones responsible for banishing them to oblivion they also planned to undo my changes to the timeline.
  697. Ultimately my companions and I managed to stop these individuals, but our victory felt hollow since all we had done was kill those who were originally supposed to be the heroes of this story.
  699. Still, I prevented the events of Chrono Cross, so overall I'd say this jump was a win.
  701. =======================================================================================================================================
  702. [Jump #14] Thundercats 2011:
  703. 1200cp
  704. ------------------
  706. >Location
  707. •Thundera-(Free): The capital city of the felines.
  709. >Background
  710. •Drop-In-(Free): Arrive with no memories or history.
  712. >Age & Gender
  713. •18-(Rolled)
  714. •Male-(No Change)
  716. >Species
  717. •Feline-(Free) [Lynx]: Cat-like humanoid.
  718. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  720. >Skills and Abilities
  721. 1.Thundercat-(Free): Strength and speed slightly above that of a well trained human, as well as the reflexes, sense of smell, and agility of a predatory cat.
  722. 2.Weapon Mastery-(100cp): I possess skill and training in the use of swords, bows, staves and spears.
  723. 3.Engineering-(100cp): Able to create and repair technological devices, weapons and vehicles. I can keep energy weapons in working order, integrate alien technology into vehicles, and repair an aircraft that's been broken for centuries. I'll also be able to figure out how to replicate simple technological devices after studying them for a while.
  724. 4.Supernatural Speed-(100cp): Able to run as fast as the wind and move so quickly that people will only see a blur. Perception and reflexes have been enhanced allowing my mind to keep up with my body.
  725. 4.Magitech-(300cp): Able to create powerful and long lasting magitech devices.
  726. ------------------Total:(600cp)
  728. >Items
  729. 1.Old Cloak-(Free): Dull cloak that will perfectly conceal my features.
  730. 2.Energy Pistol-(Free): A weak direct energy weapon that packs a major punch and has a nearly inexhaustible battery.
  731. 3.Mystic Library-(400cp): Good and evil magic. Studying these will improve existing magical abilities and allow anyone without mystical powers to slowly learn the magic.
  732. ------------------Total:(400cp)
  734. >Companions
  735. •Old Friends-(200cp): Companions receive a Drop-In, Alley Cat, or Warrior background and a body for free, as well as 400cp.
  736. ------------------Total:(200cp)
  738. >Drawbacks
  739. 1.“Whiskers.”-(+100cp): Get into trouble very often.
  740. 2.Misinterpreted Signals-(+100cp): Unwanted romantic attention. Once they discover I'm not interested they'll turn against me.
  741. ------------------Total:(+200cp)
  743. >Future
  744. •Move-On
  745. ------------------
  747. >Notes/Personal Journal
  748. Another kingdom doomed to fall. When I arrived here all I could think of was what had happened to Zeal, and while I may have been able to save that kingdom, the results were far from what I'd hopped for. So Instead of trying to save Thundera I just let the place fall, and in the chaos that followed I would soon reveal myself to be a far greater threat than Mum-Ra.
  750. In the year leading up to Thundera's fall I studied the magic of this world, stockpiled weapons and devices, and gathered followers in my usual manner so that I could have some help when I enacted my plans later on.
  751. After Thundera was destroyed I sent my followers out to collect valuable tech and information, spread word about our cause, and attempt to undermine the lizards. During the course of their adventure Lion-O and his friends heard a few minor rumors of me and my group, but were otherwise completely unaware of our activities and the fact that I was spying on them.
  753. Shortly after the sword of Plun-Darr was recovered I revealed myself and stole the ancient weapon before Mumm-Ra could recover it. Later on, after the Tech Stone had been recovered, I confronted the dark sorcerer and destroyed him with my light magic. The obviously caused a lot of chaos and confusion, but overall I think I made the situation slightly better since the world was no longer being threatened by an evil power mad sorcerer.
  754. Unfortunately despite killing their primary foe the Thundercats saw me as a threat so I was forced to fight against them for the rest of my time here. The Thundercats were a major nuisance, but since I had already killed Mumm-Ra and stole his sword there wasn't really anything they could do to drastically disrupt my plans.
  756. Once my chain is over I'm definitely coming back here to finish conquering the planet.
  758. "I am sorry about about your father Lion-O. He seemed a good man."
  760. =======================================================================================================================================
  761. [Jump #15] Jurassic Park:
  762. 1300cp
  763. ------------------
  765. >Location
  766. •San Diego-(Rolled 6): A more affordable and accessible park near sea world.
  768. >Background
  769. •Geneticist-(50cp): Extraordinary knowledge of genetics but reliant on structure and controlled variables.
  771. >Age & Gender
  772. •27-(Rolled)
  773. •Male-(No Change)
  774. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  776. >Skills and Abilities
  777. 1.PhD.x2-(50cp): Comprehensive knowledge of genetics and chemistry.
  778. 2.Missing Link-(50cp): Able to patch holes in information with bits of similar material. This works with DNA, Programming Code, Audit evaluations, and more. Filling empty space with similar data in this manner usually allows it to function with minimal repercussions.
  779. 3.Cloning-(100cp): Able to perfectly recreate any biological creature with enough time and the right facilities. I'm able to extract genetic material, create functioning cells, and maintain ideal artificial growth chambers. Doesn't work on beings without understandable biology. Can not reproduce magical or divine effects.
  780. 4.Chaos Theory-(100cp): Able to justify my knowledge, predictions, information, and judgement with mathematical equations and only those with an understanding of mathematics will doubt me.
  781. 5.Genetic Improvements-(150cp): I'll always know exactly what lines of genetic code to replace to give creatures the traits and abilities I desire, so long as I have access to the necessary DNA.
  782. 6.Fossil Hunt-(200cp): Frequently come across valuable paleontology samples from ancient creatures. Samples I find will almost always be well-preserved and can make a full skeleton. Additionally I can get genetic material from bare bones.
  783. 7.Hybrid-(300cp): Can almost effortlessly take samples from two or more species and find a way to combine their best traits. These hybrids function more effectively than their parts but may end up more cunning and ruthless than expected.
  784. ------------------Total:(950cp)
  786. >Items
  787. 1.DNA Samples-(100cp): Samples of two dozen complete dinosaur genomes.
  788. 2.Laboratory-(200cp): All the equipment I need to analyze and synthesize genetic material, plus chambers to ensure artificially created life can prosper.
  789. ------------------Total:(300cp)
  791. >Drawbacks
  792. 1.Biosyn-(+100cp): An opposing genetic engineering company wants me for invasive genetic research and to study my gear. Will resort to illegal actions.
  793. 2.It Rex Everything-(+200cp): Will be attacked by dinosaurs once a month.
  794. ------------------Total:(+300cp)
  796. >Future
  797. •Move-On
  798. ------------------
  800. >Notes/Personal Journal
  801. After what happened in Chrono Trigger and Thundercats I decided to treat this jump as a vacation.
  803. I spent my time hanging out with my companions and some other new friends, and I also made unique magical creatures to entertain people.
  804. Fighting dinosaurs every so often was fun, and the rival company that wanted me for research wasn't even an obstacle.
  806. I may have killed a few people and set a building or two on fire while I was here, but other than that I left things well enough alone.
  808. =======================================================================================================================================
  809. [Jump #16] Outlaw Star:
  810. 1400cp
  811. ------------------
  813. >Location
  814. •Ctarl-Ctarl-(Rolled): The homeworld of the Ctarl-Ctarl. Likely a very harsh place to cause the evolution of the Ctarl-Ctarl.
  816. >Background
  817. •Mechanic-(100cp): Extremely proficient in building and repairing weapons and spaceships.
  819. >Race
  820. •Human-(Free): Standard human. You’re still awesome, but in the jack of all trades way where you think around the enemy’s strength
  822. >Age & Gender
  823. •20-(Rolled)
  824. •Male-(No Change)
  825. ------------------Total:(100cp)
  827. >Skills and Abilities
  828. 1.Repair Savv-(Free): Top notch mechanical skills. Weapons, armor, and personal equipment are all easy to repair, and maintenance takes mere minutes instead of hours.
  829. 2.Dirty Fighting-(100cp): Throwing dirt, attacking from behind, suckerpunches. I'm familiar with most of the dirty tricks in the book.
  830. 3.Cross-wiring-(200cp): My mechanical skills allow me to see possible connections that make things more efficient. Saving fuel, enhancing speed, better weapons. Anything to get that extra edge in my ship or weapons.
  831. ------------------Total:(300cp)
  833. >Items
  834. 1.Fancy Suit-(Free): A colorful set of clothing, highly individualized and tailored to fit perfectly.
  835. 2.Diagnostic Tools-(Free): A small data display with numerous connectors and scanners. Lets me know what's wrong with simple technology and some forms of advanced technology.
  836. 3.5,000 Wong-(50cp): Money. Plenty of it too, since a mid to high level bounty is worth 10,000 Wong.
  837. 4.Small Arms-(50cp): A collection of ballistic pistols and rifles, typical of the average bounty hunter.
  838. ------------------Total:(100cp)
  840. >Companions
  841. •Crew-(200cp): Eight companions gain an origin and 300cp each. May select human or bio-android race for free or spend 50cp to select Ctarl-Ctarl or Saurian.
  842. ------------------Total:(200cp)
  844. >Starship and Upgrades
  845. •Medium Frame-(Free): The Azure Dragon. A sleek, dagger shaped vessel designed for speed and long exploration missions.
  846. ++5 Slots
  847. ++Max Crew: 8
  848. ++Capable of carrying 1 Small Ship
  850. •Grappler Arms-(Free): Heavily reinforced arms meant for melee ship combat, can only be countered by highly precise strikes with conventional weapons or other grappler weapons.
  851. •Grappler Gun-(Free): A large cannon fitting in the Grappler arm, using the arm’s motors to help slow down the rate of recoil. 1/6th the power of a Main Cannon. 10 shot magazine with two additional magazines in the container pod.
  852. •Missile Pods-(50cp, 1 slot): Clusterfire missiles capable of seeking multiple targets in the general direction at time of firing. Each pod contains 25 missiles at a time.
  853. •Torpedoes-(150cp, 2 Slots): A forward facing torpedo tube with a magazine of six torpedoes, capable of surviving multiple laser blasts.
  854. •Laser Cannons.x2-(200cp, 2 slot): Light Speed weapons used both for point defense against missiles and long range against lightly armored ships.
  855. •Ship’s AI-(Free): Capable of better directing repair drones, diagnostics, and limited navigational assistance.
  856. •Etheric Drive-(Free): A standard FTL drive, meant to allow for interstellar travel. Not exceptionally fast, but it’s durable enough to get you where you’re going.
  857. •Room Upgrades-(50cp): Better quarters.
  858. •Advanced Repair Drones-(100cp): Can perform interior and exterior repairs both during and after combat. Can also perform minor medical treatments.
  859. •Etheric Sails and Hull Reinforcement-(150cp): A set of Etheric Sails capable of capturing the local ether currents for slower travel, or of entering an Etheric Steam for significantly faster FTL. Hull reinforcement also doubles the strength of my ship’s armor.
  860. ------------------Total:(700cp)
  862. >Drawbacks
  863. 1.Explosive Words-(+200): Magic does not react well around me. Magic cast on me hurts more and magic I cast has a 10% chance of hitting me instead.
  864. 2.Treasure Hunting-(+200cp): Rumors are always abound of fantastic hoards of riches, or of legendary caster shells. The problem is that finding them takes months of effort, and costs me more than it would the riches are worth, but my greed won’t let me avoid these rumors.
  865. ------------------Total:(+400cp)
  867. >Future
  868. •Move-On
  869. ------------------
  871. >Notes/Personal Journal
  874. Ahem, I'm sorry I lost control of myself for a moment there. Anyway, this whole jump was basically just another vacation but unlike Jurassic Park I didn't have any real obligations and I could actually go off and explore and have fun.
  875. I was able to travel the stars with my companions, go on some fantastic adventures, and experience things that helped me get out of the funk I'd been in since Chrono Trigger.
  877. Of course things weren't all sunshine and stardust. Owning a starship proved to be somewhat annoying thanks to the maintenance, fuel, and docking costs, and my companions and I made quite a few enemies while we were here.
  879. Still, getting to explore space was awesome. And while I was here I was able to study some this world's technology and magic, and I also collected some genetic samples from the Ctarl-Ctarl.
  881. =======================================================================================================================================
  882. [Jump #17] Ultimate Spider-Man:
  883. 1500cp
  884. ------------------
  886. >Location
  887. •New York City-(Rolled): The home of both the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. a thriving city full of danger and adventure. One that is rapidly getting use to alien invasions and other bizarre events.
  889. >Background
  890. •Web-Warrior-(Free): I'm a known (anti)hero with incredible superpowers. Spider-Man will want me join his team and learn how to use my powers responsibly. (Even more so if he learns I'm misusing my abilities.)
  892. >Age & Gender
  893. •27-(Rolled)
  894. •Male-(No Change)
  895. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  897. >Skills and Perks
  898. 1.Natural Web-Head-(Free): I'm naturally agile and amazing at highspeed combat in the air. I'm also very resistant to nausea and vertigo, and have little trouble with blood flow when upside down. Incredible agility and razor-sharp reflexes, able to move nearly as fast as some people throw a punch. Naturally gifted at parkour and would make for one hell of a pilot with just brief experience with the controls.
  899. 2.Master Manipulator-(100cp): I have an uncanny sense of how to manipulate people to my own ends. I can weave plots and plans to ensnare foes or learn more about them. Manipulate foes into helping my own goals.
  900. 3.Gadgeteering-(100cp): Gifted at the sciences, I'm capable of developing all sorts of useful devices such as web-fluid, webshooters, trackers and other inventions. Quite capable of achieving all As in classes and can with time and effort understand truly amazing technology. As an added bonus my scientific knowledge may be underestimated by other geniuses, but only to their detriment.
  901. 4.I’m summoning the Spiders-(200cp): I have the natural ability to know just what to say in any situation. More than that I can affect people more with my words than normal. Enemies always find my words annoying and infuriating. It's easy to enrage an opponent into a foolish action, scaring them into surrendering, sowing dissent between allies, or revealing their plans in a desperate attempt to one up me. Conversely I'm are able to make allies out of conflicted opponents or wayward companions incredibly easy. Getting even the most suspicious neutral to open up and begin to trust me at an incredibly fast past. This ability is not perfect however, some people are just too strong willed or distrustful for this to work on. And sometimes this can lead to an unexpected outcome, although fortunately very rarely.
  902. 5.Symbiology-(600cp): I have an in-depth understanding of how to create artificial symbiotes. These bioweapons can be developed from the DNA of Superpowered individuals like Spider-Man, and are capable of bonding with a host to increase their physical attributes and grant them super powers. These creatures are dangerous however since they can often take over their host, and force them to follow the pre-imprinted commands. With my knowledge I can grow and control symbiotes of all types. With time, study, and experimentation I can learn to make new types of symbiotes, even forge them from different types of DNA to make weirder and more terrible creations. I could make an army of venoms, a plague of carnages, or even biosynthetic hybrid spider soldiers. However, these creations will take extensive time, research, and resources.
  903. ------------------Total:(1000cp)
  905. >Powers and Abilities [+400cp Power Stipend.]
  906. 1.Symboite Perfect Host-(150cp): I've found a newborn symbiote that has found me to be his perfect host. As such I'm in control of the merging and have gained increased powers.
  908. ++Web Shooters-(50cp): On top of tendrils for combat and movement, the symbiote can produce a nearly inexhaustible store of webbing and spray it into lines or other shapes.
  909. ++Regeneration-(150cp): The symbiote can heal me as fast as it can normally regenerate itself, able to repair and regrow limbs and organs in minutes. The symbiote still needs a large portion of my flesh existing to repair me, so while I could regrow a limb or even my head, losing most of my body will be too much for the symbiote. The symbiote can control my body if I'm mentally incapacitated, either due to pain or a missing head, but what the symbiote does duing this time will reflect my relationship with it. A longer bond with the symbiote will have it doing what I'd probably would wish it to, but perhapse in a more barbaric manner.
  910. ++Independence-(150cp): The symbiote can support itself without a host, forming a humanoid shape and acting independently. It still follows my commands, but has a somewhat increased intelligence as it can follow most orders and take initiative on its own to protect me.
  911. ++Camouflage Capabilities-(200cp): While standard symbiotes can hide by entering their hosts, mine has a superior ability to camouflage both me and itself. It can appear as normal clothing, even mimicking texture, it can give me an altered appearance to make me look like someone else, and even mimic its surroundings for a form of invisibility.
  912. ------------------Total:(300cp)
  914. >Items
  915. 1.Webshooters-(Free): A copy of the original webshooters used by peter parker with a copy of the formula used to make webbing.
  916. 2.Companion Import-(200cp): Full companion import. Everyone receives a free background and 800cp to spend.
  917. ------------------Total:(200cp)
  919. >Drawbacks
  920. 1.Amnesia-(+200cp): I have no memory of my origin’s background and I'm desperate to learn what it is, the truth centers around Doctor Octopus, leading me to do battle with him or serve him for some time. This drawback also effects companions.
  921. 2.Bad Bosses-(+300cp): I find yourself constantly indebted to or under the control of some of the worst villains in NYC. Whether Osborn or Doctor Octopus have something I desperately want or have me convinced I need them. While its entirely likely that I'll overcome, and overthrow my current bad boss, expect the situation to stay the same with someone else coming in to fill their shoes.
  922. ------------------Total:(+500cp)
  924. >Future
  925. •Move-On
  926. ------------------
  928. >Notes/Personal Journal
  929. This jump started off with me and my companions waking up in a bunch of high-tech prison cells while a symbiote slithered around in my bloodstream, and from that point things only got weirder. Thanks to the drawbacks I'd picked my friends and I ended up being forced to work for Doctor Octopus and several other major supervillains. Obviously we hated having to take orders from so many selfish and idiotic individuals but we were all desperate to learn of our origins in this universe so we obeyed the villain’s commands, however most of the time we only did so to the barest minimum and we all hid our full strength and tried to undermine or overlords as much as possible. Near the end of our time here my companions and I finally learned that we had originally been researchers working for Osborn and Octavius. Apparently we were trying to help Doc Ock replicate spiderman's powers but in the processes my companions were accidentally exposed to the spider mutagen and I was bonded with a symbiote. For some reason we all lost our memories after gaining our new powers, some of Osborn's people found us shortly after the incident and while he was annoyed to learn that the project "failed" he had been more than happy to take advantage of the nine new superpowered agents he had at his disposal.
  931. Aside from the quest to regain my lost memories, my main focus in this jump was bonding with my newest companion, the symbiote who I'd decided to name Void. The creature immediately proved itself to be a valuable ally and while my companions were initially creeped out by him they came to accept the symbiote overtime. However I think it'll be a very long time before they even consider being bonded with a symbiote of their own.
  933. Also, I made sure to grab as much info, tech, and research data as I could so that I could prepare for other Marvel jumps and try and replicate some of Iron Man's tech in later jumps.
  935. =======================================================================================================================================
  936. [Jump #18] Venture Bros. Cyoa:
  937. 1000cp
  938. ------------------
  940. >Location
  941. •Ünderland-(Rolled): A dictatorship run by the super villain Baron Ünderbheit. Smaller than Delaware, borders Michigan and is rife with volcanic activity. There is an active rebel movement known as the Ünderground.
  943. >Background
  944. •Super Scientist-(100cp): I'm a scientist capable of more than could be realistically expected from a person. Possess expertise in numerous fields and can be expected to excel in each of them.
  946. >Age & Gender
  947. •28-(Rolled)
  948. •Male-(No Change)
  949. ------------------Total:(100cp)
  951. >Skills and Abilities
  952. 1.Superscience-(Free): I'm an expert in practically every mundane scientific discipline as well as engineering. Along with my considerable knowledge and intelligence I have an innovative streak that means I'm definitely going to expand what is possible in various fields and invent things with real application.
  953. 2.In-(100cp): I'm in with either the OSI or the Guild and have a good reputation. I can expect good funding for whatever projects I have that work in their interests. I'll also find it much easier to ingratiate myself into large organisations.
  954. 3.Quizboy-(200cp): Possess insanely good general knowledge. As well as this my memory is enhanced to retain pretty much everything I hear and read.
  955. 4.Robotics-(300cp): Incredibly skilled at robotics. Strength suits, giant flying battle robots and intelligent AIs with real personalities are well within my grasp. Within this field inspirations and discovery come incredibly thick and fast.
  956. ------------------Total:(600cp)
  958. >Items
  959. 1.Learning Bed-(100cp): Can teach while you sleep! Some information may be obsolete but I could probably reprogram it with the right know-how.
  960. 2.Shrink Ray-(200cp): A gun that shoots a ray that shrinks objects and people. Things seem to function as normal while shrunk.
  961. ------------------Total:(300cp)
  963. >Drawbacks
  964. •None
  965. ------------------
  967. >Future
  968. •Move-On
  969. ------------------
  971. >Notes/Personal Journal
  972. I've only seen a few episodes of this show, so from what little I know I decided to spend my time here going on weird adventures, fighting supervillains, making and selling crazy inventions to the government, and trying to out SCIENCE! and out MAGIC! everyone else just for fun.
  974. =======================================================================================================================================
  975. [Jump #19] Anno 2070:
  976. 1500cp
  977. ------------------
  979. >Faction
  980. •S.A.A.T-(200cp): The survival of humanity in the current era is due to one reason alone; it's technological supremacy. The S.A.A.T. is an international conglomerate of scientists and researchers dedicated toward expanding that supremacy. Their focus in cutting edge technology has resulted in advancement in manufacturing, cybernetics, AI, as well as underwater development.
  982. >Age & Gender
  983. •26-(Rolled)
  984. •Male-(No Change)
  985. ------------------Total:(200cp)
  987. >Ark
  988. •Vortex-(Free): The Ark technology is based upon precepts founded by S.A.A.T., and the Vortex-class shows it. Only loyal scientists associated with the S.A.A.T. typically pilot these Arks. This Ark is capable of manufacturing a T38 Ocean Glider, a non-combat automated submersible trimaran, as well as the Commando Ship. You also gain a small bonus to research.
  989. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  991. >Technologies
  992. 1.Techs-(Free): Not surprisingly, S.A.A.T. is focused on the development of human technology as well as human resources to create and refine that technology. While they are capable of constructing undersea resource extraction and manufacturing, allowing for the creation of sophisticated drugs and cybernetics, they still require islands to settle upon
  993. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  995. >Perks
  996. 1.O Captain My Captain-(Free): You gain the necessary innate knowledge to pilot your Ark, both above and below water. You're also knowledgeable of it's systems, allowing you to manage the development of the nascent civilization you're over-seeing.
  997. 2.Simulation Training-(Free): Population management, money management, taxes, supply chains, land surveying, geo-analysis - you are the helmsman of making sure humanity survives, and you've been trained as such. And trained well. While your Ark's on-board AI helps a good deal, even without her, you're skilled enough that the only thing you require to shepard your burgeoning civilization is time.
  998. 3.A Moving Reef-(Free): Your Ark seems to attract a literal horde of appealing, aquatic sealife, turning your roving artificial island into a diver's paradise. Expect to be lulled to sleep at night by the keening cry of birds and the gentle glow of bioluminescent fish lurking
  999. 4.Science Works-(Free): You gain a basic understanding of the technology utilized in Anno 2070. In addition, you also gain insight into the workings of S.A.A.T. as well as a familiarity with the people in it's hierarchy, and they you.
  1000. 5.Resupply-(Free): No man is an island. An Ark may be, but man is not. Settling or resettling land is always a challenge, and sometimes it's best to call upon old friends to help you out. This ability allows you to spend credits and/or money to order material you may need to construct your infrastructure, giving you a modicum of leeway when spending your resources - you're reassured you can call upon your faction for the basics.
  1001. 6.Academics Unite-(100cp): Scientists are, in many ways, their own band of brothers, rising above personal ideology and political associations in order to pursue their research. This perk effectively inducts you into that group. Regardless of which side they are on, fellow scientists are far more open to communication and utilizing diplomacy to solve matters, as well as
  1002. sharing information, such as current or previous studies, or current research goals and problems. This also allows you near free and open access to most places of research and study, such as labs and universities, regardless of their affiliation.
  1003. 7.Engineered Biosphere-(200cp): The requirements for human habitation is delicate indeed. While mother nature can, in certain circumstances, provide for a civilizations needs, occasionally such parameters need to be... tweaked. If a resource is present under your faction's control, careful tinkering with the local environment can result in said resource being replaced by another. Like can only replace like, however - crops can replace crops, mineable resources can only be replaced by mineable resources, drillable resources by drillable resources, and so on. This process can take many forms - careful landscaping and geo-modification, careful re-analysis of early geosurveying, and so on. The replacement resource, however, must exist in that universe, and must be able to be harvested naturally. Note, this does not accelerate the resource removal or harvesting, meaning such things will play out on their normal timescale.
  1004. 8.Reusable Resources-(200cp): Recycling requires effort. There is always a loss - in terms of energy, in terms of time, in terms of effort, in terms of materials. Your faction's knowledge of materials science has minimized this loss to the utmost; When destroying buildings, recovering crashed vehicles, or decommissioning equipment, you always recover the same amount of material put into it's construction, ripe for being re-applied to other tasks.
  1005. 9.Artificial Alloys-(300cp): Naturally occurring substances can offer a good start point for the development of new and innovative machinery and technology. However, often times these natural resources have limitations - whether it be rarity, difficulty of acquisition, and so on. In such cases, science steps to the fore, fashioning new materials unseen by nature to do that which mother nature started. This ability allows, with enough time and research invested, to create substances that mimic those found in nature, albeit manufactured artificially. While this new artificial substances do not surpass the original, it can for all purposes be substituted by it with no drawbacks. However, the material must still be manufactured - but, once the process is known, other factions, civilizations, and individuals, by following the process, can also create the artificial material. This ability works postjump, even for materials that do not naturally occur in the new universe.
  1006. 10.Undiscovered Country-(400cp): Chaotic change is the best time for reaching out to seize new opportunities. In the shifting world of Anno 2070, the most valuable asset to be found is, as always, new land. Shifting weather patterns and changing coasts have resulted in new land grabs, opportunities that did not exist previously now ripe for the taking. With effort, you can now find these opportunities. Actively searching for new lands to settle will result in the discover thereof - a newly isolated peninsula now turned island, a tectonic upheaval, or simply a long-abandoned island nation that was evacuated early during the 21st century, now prime for resettlement. These islands cannot stretch natural disbelief, but it can twist things slightly, such as a newly volcanism-formed island long ignored in the hectic turmoil of modern-day Anno 2070. Said islands are always large enough to support a population, though sometimes not that large; a manufacturing outpost at most. This perk explicitly carries over post-jump, but the effort to locate said new land is always non-trivial, requiring time and man-power to do so.
  1007. ------------------Total:(1200cp)
  1009. >Items
  1010. 1.E.V.E.-(Free): This AI is built into every Ark, allowing for real-time logistic assistance and management. While not equipped with a great deal of initiative, E.V.E. is capable of bringing matters to your attention so you can attend to them personally. May or may not nag you if you work for more than twelve hours straight.
  1011. 2.Credits.x2-(100cp): You get 50,000 credits, the local equivalent of money. Have fun.
  1012. ------------------Total:(100cp)
  1014. >Drawbacks
  1015. 1.Who Gave You This Number!?-(+100cp): It seems that everyone likes to talk to you. And I do mean everyone. EVERYONE. Expect to constantly receive calls and communications from damn near every high-up faction member in Anno 2070 during your 10 year stay here, resulting in inane conversations or simply critique of your actions, random threats, or occasional grumbles. Even F.A.T.H.E.R. 2.0 will be calling you up to discuss the nature of progress and human suffering. Have fun.
  1016. 2.Hell Hath No Fury like a Scientist Scorned-(+200cp): Well, you seem to have annoyed one Dr. Tori Barton. Maybe you stole her research, thwarted one of her plans, or just didn't invite her to the S.P.I.R.T. Prom. Expect to deal with constant minor harassment of the diplomatic variety for most of your stay here. Killing her off, sadly, will result in a negative hit with the other factions, given that she's not doing anything majorly destructive to your faction's interests.
  1017. 3.Shoot Down The Rising Star-(+200cp): Thor Strindberg sees what you're capable of, and he doesn't like it. Expect to deal with his efforts to thwart your plans and expansions, both overt, diplomatic, market-wise, and militarily. Killing him may be troublesome, given his rank in Global Trust Inc, but most will probably say he had it coming.
  1018. ------------------Total:(+500cp)
  1020. >Future
  1021. •Move-On
  1022. ------------------
  1024. >Notes/Personal Journal
  1025. Vacation jump, spent pretty much all my time trying to help fix up the planet, develop more settlements, and invent new medicines and medical treatments. I tried to keep the use of magic and magitech to a minimum since I wanted to ensure other people cold easily replicate and spread my inventions.
  1027. Several of my companions, (Will, Faith, Hope, and Truth.), also used this jump as an opportunity to practice their leadership skills and by the end of the jump they'd all obtained high-ranking positions, though none of them manged to become Ark captains.
  1029. =======================================================================================================================================
  1030. [Jump #20] Invader Zim:
  1031. 1000cp
  1032. ------------------
  1034. >Location
  1035. •Earth-(Rolled 2): The polluted homeworld of the tall yet incredibly stupid humans.
  1037. >Background
  1038. •Extradimensional Invader-(Free): Not a part of this universe, no new memories, knowledge, or personality.
  1040. >Race
  1041. •Human-(Free)
  1043. >Age & Gender
  1044. •36-(No Change)
  1045. •Male-(No Change)
  1046. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  1048. >Abilities
  1049. 1.Boundless Enthusiasm-(100cp): Able to find entertainment from the most dull activities. Very difficult to bore.
  1050. 2.Invader Training-(150cp): Best Irken training possible. Become an expert on disguises, infiltration and espionage. Useful for conquering planets singlehandedly.
  1051. 3.Duct-Tape Fusion-(250cp): Able to combine two things into a more powerful thing using advanced alien tech. If either thing separates or breaks free before the fusion is complete the effect is undone.
  1052. 4.Aggressive Genetic Fusion-(500cp): I can inject someone with genetic material from anything organic and it will invasively re-write their genetic code, turning them into whatever DNA they were injected with.
  1053. ------------------Total:(1000cp)
  1055. >Items
  1056. •None
  1057. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  1059. >Drawbacks
  1060. •None
  1061. ------------------
  1063. >Future
  1064. •Move-On
  1065. ------------------
  1067. >Notes/Personal Journal
  1068. After I arrived I set up a base of operations in the city. I used my social skills and shapeshifting abilities to blend in then spent most of time here trying to steal Irken technology and ruin Zim's plans. I also tried to befriend and help Dib since I think he could use some vindication, and also because he's proven to be semi-competent.
  1070. Him and the other members of the secret society of conspiracy theorists he was a part of never fully trusted me, but they were willing to accept my help so long as I was useful. During the Battle of the Planets episode Dib and I made sure Zim didn't accidentally destroy Mars or Mercury, and for the rest of the jump I kept watch over both planets in case I needed to use them to stop the Irken armada from destroying earth.
  1072. =======================================================================================================================================
  1073. [Jump #21] Yu-Gi-Oh:
  1074. 1000cp
  1075. ------------------
  1077. >Location
  1078. •Domino City-(Rolled 1): Home to Yugi, main setting of the 1st anime.
  1080. >Background
  1081. •Normal-(50cp): Basic dueling knowledge, friends, and easily susceptible to/by evil. Live with my parents in the city and go to school with friends.
  1083. >Age & Gender
  1084. •17-(Rolled)
  1085. •Male-(No Change)
  1086. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  1088. >Starter Deck
  1089. 1.Starter Deck-(50cp)
  1090. ------------------Total:(50cp)
  1092. >Skills and Abilities
  1093. 1.Normal Hair-(Free): Single, regular colored normal hair. People will likely underestimate me.
  1094. 2.Blend In-(Free): Relatively unnoticeable. Fairly safe for me to walk in cities at night. Get attacked less during team duels.
  1095. 3.Millennium Evil-(300cp): Able to initiate shadow duels that will allow me to kill people by playing card games or other games/bets. If it isn't Yu-Gi-Oh my opponent has to agree to play.
  1096. 4.Anti-Shadow Realm-(600cp): Protection from Shadow Duels, pocket dimension traps, and other similar things. Additionally anything to do with games and life bets are always in my favor.
  1097. ------------------Total:(900cp)
  1099. >Items
  1100. 1.Duel Disk-(Free)
  1101. 2.Deck Box-(Free)
  1102. 3.Legal I.D-(Free)
  1103. 4.Chewed Up Hat-(Free)
  1104. 5.Attire-(Free): Clothing set that suits my persona.
  1105. ------------------Total:(0cp)
  1107. >Drawbacks
  1108. •None
  1109. ------------------
  1111. >Future
  1112. •Move-On
  1113. ------------------
  1115. >Notes/Personal Journal
  1116. This was another vacation jump more or less. Immediately after arriving I introduced my companions to Yu-Gi-Oh, but only Will, Hope, and Wrath really got into it. Everyone else either only played occasionally or went off and did their own thing while offering support.
  1117. The friends I had gained from my background were confused when I started hanging out with my companions so I decided to tell them exactly who and what I was. I'd expected them to freak out and maybe even tell someone about me after this revelation but they actually took it much better than I'd expected and promised to keep my true nature a secret.
  1119. After spending a few weeks gathering some better cards and refamiliarizing myself with the game and world of Yu-Gi-Oh I decided that I was going to take part in the Duel Kingdom tournament. Unfortunately I hadn't been invited, so I kinda had to sneak aboard the ship bound to Pegasus's island. All of my companions who had taken interest in the card game accompanied me on this adventure, and somewhat surprisingly so did my new friends from this world.
  1121. Despite our presence the story went pretty much exactly the same, however I may have kicked evil Bakura's ass and thrown his Millennium Ring into the ocean before he could steal the Millennium Eye. He got his artifact back later on but it was nice to have the psychopath gone for a little while. Later on my friends and I decided to take part in some of the other tournaments and storylines, but much like in Duel Kingdom we didn't leave any major impact on the plot.
  1123. After Yugi and his friends saved the world for the final time I used the Library of Eternity from DC Occult, and my knowledge of egyptian magic and mythology that'd I'd gained in Percy Jackson to recreate the Millennium items. Thanks to several perks from DC Occult and Chrono Trigger it was actually much easier to accomplish than I thought it'd be and the result left my companions and I each with a single powerful artifact with abilities similar to the existing Millennium items. I also decided to give each of my two friends from this jump Millennium items as well since they'd been put in danger several times throughout our adventures.
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