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Submissive Phone Sex | 888-433-9582 | $1.69 /min

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  1. Submissive Phone Sex
  3.              888-433-9582
  5. - One low flat rate – $1.69 a minute
  6. - No Connection Fee
  7. - No Minimum Number Of Minutes You Must Prepay
  8. - $5 OFF for 1st Time Callers
  9. - Call Anytime Day or Night
  11. Call now, girls are waiting : 888-433-9582
  13. “I like it when my sweet Prince calls for some of our hot submissive phone  sex. Although now when he calls, I’m never sure who is going to be the submissive.  He used to call to worship me and let me invade his thoughts and get inside his head. He was my loyal and devoted submissive slave. He wished only to please me and make me happy, offering to give me anything that I asked for. My wish was his command and I was quite fond of seeing him so eager to please. He was a skilled lover and despite being my sub, he was hardly ever around me when he wasn’t touching me in some way. I indulged him, as his touches were always so prefect. It was as if he always knew what I wanted and just how to catch me in a moment of surprise and pleasure combined. He left me dizzy before I realized what had happened. I was pondering my days sessions in the playroom when he slid up behind me and started to rub my shoulders and kiss my neck. I leaned against him and sighed softly, laying my head on his shoulder as I admitted how hard it was sometimes. To have all the control. He kept kissing me and asked me softly if I wanted to give up control. I should never have let him ask, even thinking it was just an idle question, it was a mistake. I answered yes before I could think it thru and added that I had never found anyone who could really top me.
  14. Thats when he proved me wrong. Over and over again for hours. With his fingers, his tongue and his cock he played me like a violin. I sang songs of ecstasy for him. It was the best submissive phone sex call I’ve ever had. I went down on my knees and made him my king with a crown of softness and warmth around his cock. He brought me over and over again and each time I vowed to myself that it would be the last. But it never was, because more than anything he did to my body it was what he did to my mind that proved my undoing. He invaded my senses and kept me overwhelmed with words and touches and kisses. He whispered things to me that made me melt. My panties were soaking wet from all the times I came. I was so turned on and felt so amazing. It was then that he had a moment of surety and let down his guard. He indulged me when he should have had strict control over me. He gave me my moment and I took it.
  15. I cleared the haze of lust from my head and let him know that we would have no more of this.  I am many things, not the least of which, a Mistress, a Goddess and yes, even a Princess. But I can’t be his sub. I’ll be Princess to his Prince but it’s a matriarchal kingdom.
  16. Letting anyone have control over me doesn’t happen very often because I can’t find anyone good enough to do it the way I like it. So when I do submit, it’s mainly because I approve of their approach. That being said, I have to admit that submissive phone sex with my sweet Prince is very hot and very addicting.”
  18. Submissive Phone Sex
  20. 888-433-9582
  22. Note: Article source : http://submissive-phonesex.com/
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