Mitama's Training: Mitama Edition

Oct 19th, 2018
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  1. =================================
  2. Mitama's Training: Mitama Edition
  3. Part 1
  4. =================================
  6. >Gayagayagaya
  7. >Gayagayagaya
  8. >Gayagayagaya
  10. Tsuruno: Fuooooh, there's a lot of people here!
  11. Yachiyo: I thought it was just some weird notice from Mitama, so I was sure there wouldn't be anyone else here.
  12. Iroha: Do you think it's just like I thought, and that maybe everyone was drawn here by that "bonus prize"?
  13. Yachiyo: If that's the case, then that means it's the same as us.
  14. Tsuruno: Of course they're curious! After all, it's the "Great Mitama Thanksgiving"!
  15. Yachiyo: I'd rather show up and be disappointed than regret it if I didn't show up.
  16. Iroha: That might be how everyone else feels about this too. But, you don't get the extra prize if you don't win, right...?
  17. Tsuruno: Leave it to this strongest magical girl, Yui Tsuruno! Fuhn, fuhn!
  18. Felicia: Anyway, I just don't feel up to it... Besides, we have no idea what we're even doing anyway. They didn't even include what we'd get as an extra prize...
  19. Iroha: Yeah, I wonder what Mitama-san will have prepared for us...?
  22. Mitama: Okaaaa---y, sorry to keep you waiting everyone---
  25. Yachiyo: She's here.
  27. Mitama: Thank you all for coming out to the Adjuster's Great Mitama Thanksgiving today--!
  30. >Silence...
  33. Mitama: H, Huh? Huh, huh? Oh, I get it. You can't get excited if I don't tell you what this is all about, right? You see, today's Great Thanksgiving is going to be a quiz tournament about me. And for the winner, as the extra prize! I'll gift an "adjustment session for free"--!
  36. >Murmurmurmur...murmurmurmur...
  40. Yachiyo: But she always has a price for something. I wonder what brought about this change...
  41. Iroha: But Yachiyo-san, this kind of opportunity doesn't come everyday!
  42. Tsuruno: Exactly as Iroha-chan said! One of us has to definitely win, and aim to be the strongest! Fuhn, fuhn!
  43. Mitama: It'll consist of simple multiple-choice questions. Aim to win. Those who get the questions wrong will drop out and the last one standing will be the winner. By the way, trying to use forceful means will be an automatic disqualification so be careful alright, everyone? ♪
  44. Now then, everyone, please win and earn the title of Mitama's Perfect Lover ♪
  47. Felicia: I don't need that...
  48. Sana: Anyway, let's aim for that "extra prize" and do our best...!
  49. Felicia: Right!
  51. Mitama: Now, let's get started. The first question, okay♪
  52. Out of the following, which are the Adjuster's 3 sizes--
  54. Momoko: What kind of question is that!?
  56. (You're given two options:
  57. A) B88.6 W59.1 H86.5
  58. B) B83.5 W60.8 H86.7
  60. Here, the answer doesn't matter)
  63. Mitama: Now--, have you all decided--? The correct answer is...!
  65. >..............
  67. Mitama: A-- se---cret--
  69. Momoko: Hey!
  70. Mitama: My, Momoko, you already knew?
  71. Momoko: No, I don't really care but of course I'd wanna throw a comeback at you!
  73. Yachiyo: What to say.... This is 10 times more bothersome than usual...
  74. Iroha: Ahaha...
  75. Tsuruno: Huh? Master, Iroha-chan.
  76. Iroha: What's wrong, Tsuruno-chan?
  79. >Tsuruno: Seems like there's a rope hanging on the side of Mitama, but... what is that?
  82. Mitama: Now, let's get started. The fir---st question!
  83. Iroha: Nn--.... It might be an ornamental ball or something?
  84. Yachiyo: Considering that it's Mitama we're talking about, it's certainly possible.
  87. ==========
  88. Part 2
  89. ==========
  90. Mitama: Now, let's get started. The fir---st question!
  92. >Gulp
  94. Mitama: Which of the following is the Adjuster's actual age?
  96. (You're given two options:
  98. A) 17 years old
  99. B) 27 years old)
  101. If you pick A)
  103. Iroha: If I remember correctly, wasn't Mitama-san a high schooler?
  104. Yachiyo: Yes, I don't know which school, but I'm certain that was the case.
  105. Felicia: Then this side's the right one!
  106. Sana: Yes...!
  107. Tsuruno: HOLD IT!
  108. Sana: Byaaah!? What's wrong... Tsuruno-san...?
  109. Tsuruno: It's still too early to choose that as your answer!
  110. Sana: Eh...but...why?
  111. Tsuruno: It doesn't matter what age you can still go to high school!!
  112. Yachiyo: True...! In other words, you're saying this is a trick question?
  113. Tsuruno: Yeah...
  114. Yachiyo: But I don't think that's enough of a reason to change our answer...
  115. Tsuruno: The hint are the songs she always sings to herself. I've heard her sing them several times. They were all old!
  116. Iroha: Tsuruno-chan... then that means... if this is a trick question!
  117. Tsuruno: Right... the answer is a third option! Forty seven
  119. >Snap
  121. Tsuruno: Hoh? BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYY!?
  122. Felicia: TSURUNO------!! Hey! A hole opened in the floor and she fell through!
  123. Mitama: Fufufuu.
  125. Iroha: Mitama-san... pulled that rope and...
  126. Yachiyo: So this room...has traps like that set up...
  127. Sana: Awa awa...
  132. If you pick B)
  134. Konoha: We've been under her care several times now, but we don't know her age, do we?
  135. Hazuki: Well, she is a magical girl, so if you use common sense to think about it, then she might be 17.
  136. Ayame: I don't think so!
  137. Hazuki: Hm? Why's that?
  138. Konoha: I'm thinking the same thing as you, Hazuki. For one, I've never even seen a magical girl who's 27.
  139. Ayame: Please, Konoha!! Believe in my instinct!
  140. Konoha: Sta---re...
  141. Ayame: Sta---re...
  142. Konoha: (She's so cute...) Then, let's go with what Ayame said.
  143. Hazuki: H, Hold on a sec. Just in case, why do you think that?
  144. Ayame: 'C, 'Cause! If she's 17, then she's about the same as Hazuki and Konoha, right!? She seems a bit more adultish than that, or uh, uh, oh and, and! She says stuff like "my, my" like an old lady and--
  146. >Snap
  148. Ayame: Nn? WAAAAAaAAAAAA---H!!
  150. Hazuki: AYAME----!!
  151. Konoha: Hey, why is there a hole in the floor...!?
  153. Mitama: Fufufuu.
  155. Konoha: Yakumo Mitama...
  156. Hazuki: She pulled that rope... So, she has traps like that set up huh...
  161. Mitama: No one panic, okay? There's cushions positioned underneath. With that said, the correct answer was "17"--
  162. The Adjuster's a bit disappointed that there were people who got it wrong...
  163. But, give the next one your best shot, okay?
  165. Yachiyo: You can't let your guard down...
  166. Sana: We need to... watch what we say...
  167. Iroha: Yeah, we have to be careful...
  169. Mitama: Now then, onto the 2nd que---stion! I, the Adjuster, like to cook as a hobby but are those dishes delicious?
  172. (Your options:
  174. A) Delicious
  175. B) Taste nasty)
  177. If you pick A)
  179. Kako: H---m... which one is it.............
  180. Felicia: What the...!? Hey, Kako!
  181. Kako: Oh, Felicia-san.
  182. Felicia: Why are you over there!?
  183. Kako: Um, there's no particular reason why, but it's just, Mitama-san has this nice onee-san aura and she said her hobby's cooking so... Oh, and you see, there's also been times where she's bought cookbooks from our bookstore.
  184. Felicia: That stuff hasn't helped her at all!
  185. Kako: Eeeeh!?
  186. Felicia: Her cooking tastes like crap! The one time I was forced to eat it with the Red Nee-chan, we passed out
  188. >Snap
  191. Felicia: Aah? NYUWAAAAAAAA---H!
  193. Kako: Felicia-saaaaaaan!
  194. Mitama: Fufufuu.
  195. Kako: I's delicious...
  198. If you pick B)
  200. Ria: Are you sure this is the right side?
  201. Mayu: Nnn--, I wonder...? Manaka-chan, are you sure this is right?
  202. Manaka: This answer is so right that it's absolutely correct! She may have started a cooking class recently, but naturally I've heard stories of people who are so horrible at cooking that they can cause a convulsion of nature! Out of them, the one in contention for the number 1 and 2 spot of the title of Legend of Bad Cooking is the person in front of my very own eyes!
  203. Mitama: My, that's so mean, Manaka-chan.
  204. Manaka: It doesn't matter what you say, this is the truth!
  205. Mitama: Haa... The Adjuster is sad... Even though I've even recently started to pay attention to the color of food...
  206. Manaka: I, Is that true? Then, the rumor I heard about cooking that uses paints was...
  207. Mitama: I've already graduated from using paints.
  208. Manaka: I see. Then, Manaka will also change her mind and...
  209. Mitama: Right now, I use Red #4, Red #5, Yellow #1, Green #1 to--
  210. Manaka: Those food colors are all banned! Just how many people are you planning on kill--
  212. >snap
  214. Manaka: Heh? FAAAAAAAAA---!
  215. Ria: Kurumi-saaaaaaaaan!
  216. Mayu: No way...
  220. Mitama: Anyway the correct answer was "delicious"--♪
  222. Iroha: The Great Mitama Thanksgiving is...
  223. Yachiyo: ...basically an event where we're made to dance for the tyrant named Mitama...
  225. ======
  226. Part 3
  227. ======
  229. Mitama: Oh myy... At this rate, it seems quite a few people will be left...
  230. Sana: If that's the case...then what'll happen...?
  231. Mitama: Don't you worry. I've prepared for.
  234. Mitama: Now then, the 9th question! Which of the following is the Adjuster's favorite movie--?
  236. Yachiyo: Looks like we have no choice, we'll just have to guess now...
  237. Iroha: Yes...
  239. (Your options:
  241. A) The Elegy of the Virtueless Boys
  242. B) Friends for a Week The Fake Girlfriend
  243. C) Pacifistic Hayashi)
  245. If you pick A)
  247. Ria: For starters, I guess I'll go with the masterpiece I know.
  248. Mayu: Wow, Ria-chan, you're even familiar with these kinds of movies. Are they interesting?
  249. Ria: I was shown them once a long time ago, but I remember being really surprised that there was this much action back in the days when there wasn't even CG.
  250. Mayu: Oh, really~~
  251. Ria: The fact there were humanlike emotions in that lively group filled with jumbled desires might've been a tiny factor in causing me to cry.
  252. Mayu: Ria-chan, you're really good at explaining things. You just made me a bit interested.
  254. Mitama: If that's the case, then by all means, please do watch it♪
  255. Just as Ria-san said, the action was a big selling point too. It's even called a monument of gun action movies.
  256. Ria: However, I just didn't care for the main actress. After all, when it comes to the heroine, they would have to choose a super model like me, Ami Ria or
  258. >Snap
  260. Ria: Huh? KYAAaaaaAAA--HH!?
  262. Mayu: Ria-chaaaaaaan!
  263. Mitama: I must admit, you are pretty Ria-san, but it's rude to the actress of that period if you get too carried away.
  266. If you pick B)
  268. Ren: Rika-chan... do you think this is the right answer...?
  269. Rika: Nn---, I don't know anymore.
  270. Ren: too... I don't know anymore...yes. But, if you like this one, Rika-chan...then I guess I'm also...okay with this movie...
  271. Rika: Thanks, Ren-chan. You see, I love this movie.
  272. Ren: Just like I thought...
  273. Rika: Yeah! You see, at first the guy starts dating a girl in order to disguise himself, but little by little, the guy ends up falling in love with another girl. But, that girl ends up becoming best friends with the girl he wanted to deceive. As a result, they form a love triangle and the guy's heart switches back and forth. It's a super sad movie, the kind that squeezes your heart.
  274. Ren: I kind of...want to see it now...
  275. Rika: Eh, really!? They're still showing this one in theaters! Let's go see it together next time!
  276. Ren: Sure...!
  278. Mitama: ...........
  280. Ren: ---!? Eh... um...
  281. Rika: Do you think I said something I shouldn't've...
  282. Ren: I, I don't know...
  283. Mitama: ............Fufuu
  285. Ren: Hauu...I'm glad...yes...
  286. Rika: My heart started pounding...
  289. C)
  291. Iroha: Mitama-san likes these kinds of movies?
  292. Yachiyo: I guess... For now, I'll pick the movie I do know...
  293. Iroha: Since we've never talked about movies with Mitama-san before...
  294. Yachiyo: Right, that's why it's a random guess.
  295. Iroha: What kind of movie is Pacifistic Hayashi...?
  296. Yachiyo: It's about a geek boy named Hayashi who wants to live in peace but he suddenly gets involved in a worldwide war.
  297. It really was thrilling when the program he wrote to build robots as a hobby was actually used by the Department of Defense to make the broken robots start moving again.
  298. Iroha: Huh...
  299. Yachiyo: Oh, that didn't perk your interests?
  300. Iroha: Oh, no, that's not the case at all, but I don't really watch movies or anime so I can hardly imagine what you're talking about...
  301. Mitama: .....
  302. Sana: (Oh...) in danger...!
  303. Iroha: Kyaah! Owowow...S, Sana-chan...?
  304. Sana: Right now... Mitama-san will...the floor...
  305. Mitama: Um, I was just watching them and I wasn't really going to do anything...
  306. Sana: Ehh...!?
  307. Iroha: ........
  308. Yachiyo: ...........
  309. Sana: Sniff...sniff...
  310. Mitama: Ummm...huh...? Then...
  312. >Snap
  314. Sana: Eh...? BYAAAAAAH---!?
  315. Iroha: Sana-chaaaaaaan!
  316. Yachiyo: Mitama!
  317. Mitama: But... I felt so sorry for her...
  320. Mitama: With that said, the correct answer was "Pacifistic Hayashi"...But anyway, this is a problem.
  321. Momoko: What is, Adjuster? We've come this far, keep it up until the end.
  322. Mitama: But you see, I've run out of prepared questions...
  323. Iroha: Eeeh...
  324. Yachiyo: What a farce...
  325. Mitama: I didn't think this many of you would get them all right. What should I do...?
  326. Momoko: Don't ask me... Well, since it's about yourself, wouldn't it be easy to make up questions? If it comes down to it, I'll help out, but...
  327. Iroha: Or you could provide your services to all the remaining people here.
  328. Mitama: That's a little much...
  329. Iroha: Of course...
  330. Mitama: Hmmmmm---...Then, I'll use the last card I have left!
  331. Momoko: That last resort you mentioned earlier, huh?
  332. Mitama: I was right to make these ahead of time. As they say, if you're prepared, you don't have to worry ♪
  333. With that said, here!
  337. The final competition consists of drawing lots!
  338. Out of these, guess what? Only one is the winner!
  339. A sudden death match where you never know who'll be left, including those who've fallen and those who don't have enough points and those who've won so far!!
  340. A one and only match!
  342. Iroha: Eeeeh!?
  343. Yachiyo: This such a farce...
  344. Mitama: I'm so---rry. But, the Adjuster's happy. She got to feel a lot of everyone's love.
  345. Yachiyo: Whether it's love or not aside, I don't dislike you, Mitama. Besides, despite everything I've said, I had fun. Although at first you had me wondering what was going on when you suddenly said that you'd have a Great Thanksgiving.
  346. Momoko: Seriously, that was way out of the blue... Oh, speaking of which, I never asked you this but
  347. Mitama: Nn?
  348. Momoko: Why did you suddenly decide to have a Great Thanksgiving?
  349. Mitama: You see, that's because...
  352. >Mitama: That's right, if you want to know why I decided to do a Great Thanksgiving...
  355. Mitama: Yaaaaah!!
  356. Familiar: ---!!
  357. Mitama: It still won't go the way I want it to... I need to pour... a bit more magical energy into the cloth... as if I were trying to soak it... One more time... with this...!!
  358. Familiar ----!!?
  361. Mitama: I...did it... I did it... By myself, I was able familiar... I'm able to fight by my...self...I did it... Momoko...Kanagi...
  364. >Mitama: With this, even if one day, this Kamihama City were to go back to being a normal city and no one would need my adjusting services anymore, I'm now able to keep myself alive.
  365. >It's different from those days, over half a year ago, when I wasn't needed, even on the other side.
  366. >I've finally obtained the magic to keep living, that I really should have had before.
  369. Mitama: And... with this, even if one day, I have to stop being neutral, I'll be able to help someone...
  373. Mitama: You see, the reason why I did a Great Thanksgiving is because, fufuu, a little something good happened to me.
  374. Momoko: What kind of answer is that...? ---!? This is the presence of a witch...
  375. Iroha: Yes, I felt it too!
  376. Yachiyo: Now then, shall we all hunt on Mitama's behalf today too?
  379. Mitama: Thanks, everyone! Make sure to draw your lots later, okay--!? .......... (When I stop being neutral...I wonder, who should I pick to use this power on...?)
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