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  1. [05:26:26] dhorn: alright then, here is an onyxia fight with glancing values for 3 people, one at 300, one at 305 and one at 310 weapon skill
  5. the first two ones aren't all that interesting (both the wowwiki formula and the 70%+0.03%*(310-weapon_skill) formula are really close in expected average damage at these levels) but the last one, the 310 weapon skill test, is the interesting one here
  6. the average damage of his glancing blows was 102.7% the average damage of his normal white hits - keep in mind that the wowwiki formula would result in an expected average damage of (0.99+0.91)=95% here, while the sample size is only 1 fight, we are looking at a difference of 7.7% between expected and observed damage
  7. [05:26:42] dhorn: next up a thread on the official warrior forums
  8. [05:26:50] dhorn:
  9. [05:27:51] dhorn: he mentions that it is "semi-confirmed" that glancing blows can deal more damage than white hits, although he only mentions a difference of 0.4%
  10. [05:29:16] dhorn: again, what he would have gotten with the wowwiki formula here would be around 95% - he observed around 100% of normal white damage on his glancing blows and even believes that it gets higher than that, albeit very slightly (note that I am not trying to argue that this is possible)
  11. [05:29:40] dhorn: on the ninth page of that thread, we get some concrete numbers
  12. [05:30:56] dhorn:
  13. in one of his tests, the highest MH hit and highest MH glancing were equal, the lowest MH hit even ended up slightly below the lowest MH glancing observed
  14. [05:32:34] dhorn: again, I refer you back to the wowwiki formulas, this time the high/low ones - the test was performed at "capped" (for glancing damage that is) weapon skill and the wowwiki low end multiplier is as low as 0.91 at this point - he should be seeing low end glancing blows around 180 damage at best if the wowwiki formula applied
  15. [05:35:34 | Edited 05:36:28] dhorn: that basically concludes my argumentation as to why I believe the wowwiki formula to be wrong, so here's a bunch of sources I have on hand that believe the 70%+0.03% etc. variant to be true:
  16. - the retail thread above
  17. -
  18. -
  19. [05:37:21] dhorn: as well
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