WarpedRealm release 1.45

Feb 12th, 2023
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  2. Release 1.45 Changes:
  3. - :tick: Fixed super rare items not having any repair multiplier and basically being repaired for free
  4. - :tick: Fixed discord link being outdated in the wiki
  5. - :tick: Created new server ad gif for vote sites
  6. - :tick: Max entity cap in spawn radius of spawners: 2 -> 1
  7. - :tick: Added internal tracking of all kinds of /sell related statistics (Thank u @luke)
  8. - :tick: Custom mobs will not spawn inside and in 16 block range of claims anymore
  9. - :tick: Added the new boosters to the prize pool of leaderboards
  10. - :tick: /jobs now opens the /jobs browse GUI instead of showing a list of commands
  11. - :tick: Added /warp bosscrates warp (saves like 2 seconds of running)
  12. - :tick: Added this new update to the pastebin and the wiki
  13. - :tick: Updated wiki regarding new job caps
  14. - :tick: Fixed /rankup alias executing two commands and one of them not doing anything
  15. - :tick: Decreased scoreboard refresh interval for the vote party amount
  16. - :tick: Added scoreboard toggle info line in the scoreboard
  17. - :tick: Updated the custom crafting wiki to not mention spectral catalysts dropping from regular custom mobs anymore
  19. - :tickanimated: Added a /help menu that grants access to bullet point sentences with core information about the following systems on the server:
  20. Dungeons, Quests, Jobs, Claims, Bosses, Custom crafting, Adaptations
  21. - :tickanimated: Tons of prep for the new skill system and resource worlds
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