Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 3, Learning your ways

Jul 30th, 2016
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  1. “L-Luna… I…” Your eyes were slowly tearing up; you look down as you didn’t want her to see you crying
  2. >But why? Why were you starting to cry? Is her sorrow that strong to share it with you in just some words? You didn’t feel sadness inside of you, yet your tears were real
  3. >Do ponies have the power to make someone cry this much? Telenovelas in your world were harder than this, come on Alberto… man up… stop, crying…
  4. >But you can’t, your tears were falling down and the room was filled with the crying of the moon princess
  5. >Even if she says she is an ex-princess, a title is a title. Maybe Discord can give her title back? Or maybe you can? Hnn…
  6. “Princess Luna, I…” You opened your mouth to call her attention by calling her name and old title, but something in the floor gives you… confusion, doubt and… anger
  7. >It was a bowl, a bowl full of onions and it was mere inches near you. How didn’t you notice this thing!? That was the fucking thing that was making you cry! Not Luna!
  8. “Hey! Who the hell left this bowl of onions in the floor?”
  9. >This must be the work of an enemy stand!
  10. >Discord…
  11. >As it hurts it to left this kind hug with a cuddly pony, you stop hugging Luna, she let go too already feeling okay but you go and kick the bowl of onions. They magically disappear when you do so
  12. “Way to ruin a moment, papa! Where are you, Discord?”
  13. > Luna takes notice of your tiny tantrum and giggles at it, as if it was that funny…
  14. “What’s so funny?”
  15. >”Pardon me, prince. But I do find it funny that you are blaming Discord for something you probably did, I don’t think Discord is here, he is with my sister discussing something about the frozen north, remember? I told you about it”
  16. >Luna’s laugh stopped but your confusion doesn’t
  17. >What does she mean by something that “you probably did”? Does she mean magic? Because you don’t have any of it
  18. “But I’m an earth pony; Discord already explained to me the types of ponies. He even told me about you alicorns and I don’t have any way to do magic! I’m not a unicorn”
  19. >You checked your head out of curiosity
  20. “Nope! Not a unicorn, see?”
  21. >Luna’s shakes her head as she looks at you
  22. >”I believe you can’t sense it but you do have a strange aura surrounding you, and coming from Discord it must be some of his magic. You are his son and the new prince… it must be obvious that you have chaos magic with you, the gift of disharmony itself…”
  23. >Luna’s word were pretty low at the last sentence, it must hurt her that a colt got this kind of gift
  24. >But hey! Chaos magic, right? How bad can it be? Now that you think of it, there were moments in which you wanted things and they appeared, like the slippers or knowing the name of Celestia and Luna
  25. >You don’t get that much the disharmony part, but must be something that comes with big responsibility
  26. “Hmmn… so I have magic in me? Can you tell me how to use it?”
  27. >”I… rather not. Don’t get me wrong, prince, but chaos magic is unknown to me, even with this time in Discord’s rule… his magic is too random. And you are new at this, so it could be very… dangerous to use”
  28. >Not use it? And make a waste of this potential!? Never!
  29. >Oh hell you will try!
  30. >…Only if you knew how this worked, only thing you know is that stuff that you want happens but randomly…
  31. >Your pony belly suddenly made angry noises, your hooves rubs it to calm it down
  32. >Man, you are so hungry… you can’t think with your belly empty. How long it’s been since you ate?
  33. >Ugh… can you remember what was the last thing you ate? Quesadillas? Mole? Atole? Hnnn… they better have a version of México here or you’ll go nuts
  34. >”Uh… what is this?”
  35. >That smell… that smell…! It can’t be!
  36. >Luna was looking at a dish that was on the bed with three motherfucking tacos on it
  37. >And those are tacos de birria! Ohhhh yes!
  38. >”Why is there a dish with… a yellow napkin and grass on it?”
  39. >Vaya, this princess really needs to know the cuisine of your country. You’ll show her quality! Si señor!
  40. “That’s a taco! Home, sweet, home food! Dios, I kind of love this chaos magic already!” You say excited as you walk directly to the dish
  41. >Your mouth was already drilling from the look of it. Was this a true taco? Was it really, really true? No illusions? No fake? No taco bell shit?
  42. >You try grabbing one with one hoof but… you didn’t had fingers and you didn’t get a grip on it
  43. >You try grabbing it with your two hooves… the taco falls to the dish
  44. >How can you grab things with these things!?
  45. >Fuck it! You’ll use your mouth as any other horse in your world
  46. >You crouch and take a bite of one taco, your mouth wasn’t that big like your human mouth and it didn’t catch much of it, but something was real… this was a taco! 100% Mexican delicious taco!
  47. “For some reason… this tastes like victory…”
  48. >Luna was looking at you with a curious expression, then it changed to a grin and she started giggling
  49. >”Do you want me to feed you? I can use my magic to do so”
  50. >You nod. You fucking nod like a fucking maniac. You don’t care much being fed by someone else. You were a kid and you were damn hungry!
  51. >Luna grabs half of the taco that you started eating and it starts flying with a blue aura around it
  52. >She doesn’t say anything as she makes the taco fly to your mouth, you just chomp that taco as the omnivore that you are
  53. >Soooo… taaaasty…
  54. >You munch and swallow; all you need is some water to drink it with the food. Do they have Coca-cola in this world? Time to find out!
  55. >You think about the soda, it was in your head as a clear image. Yet you don’t see it appearing in Luna’s room
  56. >What did you do wrong? Do you need to do something else? Or maybe they don’t have Coca-cola…
  57. >Or maybe you need to yell for it?
  58. >Between the food that is in your mouth you try to spell the words ‘Drink’, yet nothing happens. Hopefully a sink doesn’t appear in the middle of the room
  59. >Oh please! How else are you going to enjoy this but without a drink?
  60. >Think, Alberto… think…
  61. >Something pokes you on your left cheek, the cold of it leaving the track of your thoughts about creating any drink with your new magic and almost making you yelp
  62. “Ah?”
  63. >You turn your head slightly to the left; there was a bottle of water with the same aura that was levitating the eaten taco
  64. >”I don’t know what you are eating, or if is even edible… but you really wanted something to drink so…”
  65. >The bottle starts levitating near your mouth but you evade it, keeping a hold with it with both of your hooves
  66. “I appreciate that you are feeding me but I don’t think this is necessary… I need practice with this body, I don’t want to get lazy… even if I could levitate things like your magic, I would prefer to lift them with my hooves… if somehow I knew the way…”
  67. >You give a quick sip to the bottle of water, it tasted like spring water… and you have only tasted that kind of water once in your life
  68. >Luna showed you her hoof. You stare at it but look at her confused, what’s the big deal?
  69. “Eh… is something the matter? Pony manners when eating?”
  70. >”Look to the middle of my hoof, there is something we ponies use to get a hold of things. Even the tiniest of foals can do it when they are born, just use your frogs”
  71. >Frogs? Those animals that live in ponds?
  72. >You feel something sitting on your head; Luna rolls her eyes and removes whatever it was on your head
  73. >”Not those frogs, Prince…”
  74. >O-Oh, you made one appear over your head? Heh… whoops… Ok let’s focus on this
  75. >You give another look to her hoof more closely…
  76. >You leave the bottle of water on the floor and give a look to your hoof. There was indeed… something in the middle, like a… bone? Just by looking at it it made you shiver a little bit
  77. >You don’t know horse anatomy, hell, less pony anatomy… but maybe, just maybe…
  78. >Can you grab things with this… ‘frog’?
  79. >Hmmm…. Maybe if you think this is a finger, it could work. Dude, this is Discord’s world! Anything is so random is hard stuff makes sense!
  80. >You put your hoof in what’s left of your taco. You try, you try hard to get a hold and even imagine invisible fingers in your hoof
  81. >You feel a grip! But the taco falls to the dish again…
  82. “Aw, mierda…”
  83. >Luna was… hitting her two front hooves… was she applauding?
  84. >”Very well Prince, all you need is practice, don’t forget that”
  85. >Ehhr… whatever. You need a lot of practice, with your new body, magic and… anything else
  86. “Well… thanks, even if is a little… everyone starts with baby steps, uh? I don’t think my others versions got used to this at the first try…”
  87. >”Other versions?” Luna says tilting her head
  88. >Oh shit! She doesn’t know! Maybe you shouldn’t say anything… or else you get Discord mad… and he being mad means… la chancla returning
  89. >You take a gulp and scratch your head slightly
  90. “N-Nada, nothing…” You were about to continue eating, but Luna was focusing too much in the tacos you were eating. “Hey princess… you want one? They are tasty!”
  91. >She was giving pokes to it with her hoof, it looked so cute
  92. >”Why are you calling me princess? I’m not a princess anymore, Prince”
  93. >Yet she calls you prince and it makes you feel… weird
  94. “Look, if you were a princess for over thousands of years… you must still be a princess! You say you control the moon, right? Then you are the princess of the moon, as you said before. Now shut up and enjoy a taco with me! How about that? Eh? I can’t talk to my dad so he gets your title back, even if you are not in control anymore”
  95. >Well… being called princess yet not being one of control is… silly, but maybe she and her sister can control again the sun and moon? Eh… if Discord wants of course…
  96. >”I… appreciate that. There is some truth in your words, coming from the son of Discord… I really hope you don’t change, but knowing what awaits your future as prince of chaos…” She shakes her head and smiles, not showing you any more concern. “Nevermind, let’s just enjoy this meal you brought from your magic”
  97. >Aww, yeah. That’s the spirit, princess!
  98. >She gives a tiny and subtle bite to the taco, her face scrunches by the taste of it and she suddenly gives a wide bite to it
  99. “I’m gonna guess that you liked it” You say with a glad smile as you finish eating yours
  100. >The princess nods
  101. >”Ahm… this is indeed pretty delicious! Prince… do you have a recipe for this? Any ingredients? Maybe my sister would enjoy the taste of this dish”
  102. >You swallow and drink some water before replying her
  103. “Hell sure I have! All you need is some tortillas, guacamole, spicy sauce and of course, meat! Once I get used to this hooves, I can make tacos and more food from my world! Hell, I could open a stand too!”
  104. >You could hear her laugh as she gives another bite to the taco
  105. >”How funny! For a moment I thought you said that this meal has meat in it!”
  106. “Uh… it does have meat. The brown thing, you see? Is meat”
  107. >She stops in the middle of a bite, her eyes slowly looking at the dish, then at the tortilla that she was eating and then at you. Her pupils went tiny
  108. >”This… has meat… as… real… meat…?” She had a deadpan look in her face
  109. “Ohmm… eh…” You open your taco with the help of your right hoof and show the insides of it. “It also has… guacamole… heh…”
  110. >”Oh dear stars above…” Luna’s magic stop levitating the dish and she falls to the floor, the dish falls with her shattering in multiple parts instead of disappearing as the bowl of onions
  111. >She fainted! She even had some of the taco with salsa on her cheeks… oh my fucking god, ponies don’t eat meat!?
  112. “LUNA!” You go quickly to where she is fainted. “I’M SORRY! I DIDN’T KNOW HORSES DIDN’T EAT MEAT! I MEAN, PONIES! Well… I think I did know… but h-hey! Maybe that taco was more guacamole than meat!”
  113. >But she didn’t reply, she was knocked out and it was your fault for giving her meat…
  114. “Luna? H-Hello? Oh jesus…”
  115. >You hear a poof behind you and for instinct; you shiver from the presence of someone else in the room
  116. >”Oh, anooooon, I’m baaaack!”
  117. >Oh shit… it was Discord. You look behind and there he was with Celestia at his side
  118. >”What? No dad or son jokes in return? Tsk.” He looked disappointed. ”Hey, what are you doing in the floor?”
  119. >You had spicy sauce with the scent of meat in your mouth…
  120. >In the floor was Luna who had the spicy sauce in her cheeks…
  121. >Celestia gasps by the sight of the situation
  122. >Discord just watches without saying a single word looking at you with a grin
  123. >You stare as you sweat from your forehead
  124. “Uh… this is… not what it looks like?”
  125. >Celestia rushes to her sister; you move the hell out of her way
  126. >”Sister! Sister, answer me!” She looked to you, instead of angry she looked at you with a scared expression. “What did you do to her?”
  127. “I… she… ate tacos?”
  128. >You smiled as you sweated
  129. “I’m sorry! The tacos had meat and I didn’t know ponies don’t eat meat! I swear! Lo juro!”
  130. >”She… ate meat?”
  131. >The situation was heavy, you don’t know how bad meat can be for pony’s system, or if it can change the way they express… hell, you are innocent! This is an accident! How else can you explain it?
  132. >You hear a burst of laughter coming from Discord
  133. >”Incredible! Not only one day and the kid have already knocked out Princess Luna! Hilarious! Hahahaha!”
  134. >Boy, or he sees everything from the good point of view or he just likes watching others suffering
  135. >You look at Celestia who was trying her best to wake up her sister. She was removing with her right hoof part of the spicy sauce Luna had on her mouth
  136. “Celestia… I’m sorry” You say your words to her who was now trying to shake the body of Luna in an attempt to wake her up
  137. >”Oh, don’t be sorry son. You said that as if it was an accident!” Discord says appearing from your right side and putting a claw over your shoulder. “Or maybe you did it on purpose, hmmm?”
  138. >Celestia stares at you; her expression was starting to calm down. You look at her and then at Discord and gulp some saliva before answering
  139. “It was an accident…”
  140. >
  141. >A big red X appears in front of you. Your body levitates right in front of Discord, he looked disappointed
  142. >”Wrong, young prince! Nothing should matter to you! If you do something on purpose, just say it! You are the prince of chaos now, you don’t have to care for how other ponies feel… if they feel sad, enjoy their sadness! Laugh at them! Not with them!”
  143. >So… act like an asshole
  144. >Still… it feels wrong, but is something you agreed with to get a better job. Well, this looks more like a new life to start again
  145. >Starting as a global asshole that has the attention of everyone and rules… looks like you are becoming a president
  146. >”Although I’ll give you some points, giving Luna a meal with meat was a nice touch. Maybe now she’ll be a little chubby like her sister” Discord says chuckling
  147. >But Celestia didn’t find it funny, not at all
  148. >”This isn’t funny, Discord. What if my sister got poisoned by the food your son gave him?”
  149. >Oh shit she sounded dead serious, but come oooooon, it was only meat. They are just tacos! What can possibly go wrong?
  150. >”As Anon said, it was meat. Is not like she is going to become a carnivore, or who knows? Maybe she will.” Discord let out an evil chuckle. “Time only will tell, princess”
  151. >Wut? Didn’t Luna said that she was an ex-princess? Why is Discord calling Celestia a princess?
  152. “Uhmmm… dad?” You called his attention, he looked at you and you continued talking. “Luna told me she doesn’t use her title anymore… I thought you removed it from them or something. Why do you call Celestia a princess?”
  153. >”That’s easy Anon. “Discord snapped his talons making a paper crown appear on top of Celestia’s head. “I actually don’t mind calling them princess, I really like it!” He looked at Celestia with an evil grin. “After all, what better to remind them that they aren’t in control anymore but calling them princesses?”
  154. >Celestia looked down in shame without showing any expression. She didn’t want to feed Discord’s ego, silence was the best answer to this situation although it showed the same result
  155. >“That’s exactly what I expected from you. Whatever, me and my son have some work to do. Chaos work of course.” Discord snapped his talons, making you and him disappear in a blink of an eye, leaving the two princesses alone. “Ta-ta, princesses! Haha!”
  156. >As you two left the room, the curiosity of Celestia gets the best of her as she grabs what’s left of the taco Luna was eating. She gives it a tiny bite and her eyes went wide
  157. >”This is actually good…”
  158. >You didn’t feel your body, not at all, but you feel it traveling across place to place, not likely as how you went in the portal time ago. This… teletransportation of Discord was the shit!
  159. >You two appear where you fainted from the previous assault of la chancla. Ah… you remember it as if it was yesterday… good times that you don’t want to repeat
  160. “So… what are we going to do today, dad?” You say giving a smile to Discord and you don’t know how but a squeal came out of your mouth. You stopped smiling and tried to look if that sound came from someone else… it actually scared you something that you did? What the fuck was that?
  161. >”Well… before we begin our little job, I want to know what Princess Luna told you, come on… I know she did tell you something”
  162. “Well…” You scratched your right hoof. “She only told me of part of her life, about being something evil and you taking over the place and… stuff”
  163. >God you are not good paying attention to stories, are you?
  164. >”Oh, thank goodness… for a moment there I thought she would get things in your head about being good and other disgusting words”
  165. >What’s so bad in having good words in mind- …oh right, god of chaos
  166. “You don’t have to worry. I told you, you are my father now, aren’t you? I’ll follow you even if these creatures try to do a revolution or something.” You imagine ponies with a tiny revolution against Discord… god it looked cute, you let out a chuckle by that thought. “Yeah, you have my word that I won’t betray you”
  167. >”We’ll see, Anon… we’ll see… time will tell and I have various plans, let’s begin with the tiniest one”
  168. >Discord grabs from behind his back a pair of glasses and makes appear a tiny paper out of nowhere. He starts reading the paper in front of you
  169. >”For starters, I’m gonna train you so you get along ponies. You /can’t/ say vulgar words in public, imagine a little kid saying bad words, how would you react?”
  170. >Well, in México there are little shits who start saying anything at young ages… those spoiled brats
  171. “Can’t I say bad words in Spanish then? Nobody knows Spanish here, or do they?”
  172. >”That’s another point you need to fix. Ponies here say words like: “Everypony” and “Anypony” you need to get used to that vocabulary and fit in their society”
  173. “Chingado…”
  174. >Discord looks at you with a raised eyebrow
  175. “Digo… ehm… what do I say?”
  176. >Discord readjusts his glasses, for some unknown reason his right glass broke
  177. >”There are some words that ponies tend to use instead of vulgar words: “What the hay”, “Horseapples”, “Ponyfeathers” eh…” Discord stops reading and looks at you, you were really confused at how the FUCK you were going to remember that. “Let’s forget about these words, maybe you’ll learn them later along them or just don’t say anything vulgar”
  178. “Along them? Do I need to go and make friends?”
  179. >”I wouldn’t say make friends is the word. Well you see… your first mission is about infiltration”
  180. >Infiltration? You are now a spy instead of a prince? What the hay?
  181. >Even if it was your thought, you cringe at that word… god damnit ponies and his stupid vocabulary. What’s next, pony puns in cities?
  182. “An infiltration? Wait, what happened to that crystal you showed me before? I thought it was important but now you… changed plans? I’m confused…”
  183. >”Yes, yes, yes. All in due time, I want to test your abilities if I’m going to give you the crystal”
  184. >What? Is he going to give you that green and black crystal from before? Why?
  185. “But why are you giving me that cryst-“
  186. >Discord snapped his talons and a map appeared in the middle of the throne room
  187. >“You see… your mission is to infiltrate this part of the map”
  188. >His finger was pointing to some green area called “Everfree Forest” but… things about this map were weird. Yeah, /everything/ here is weird, but you have curiosity of why some areas of this map show a pink area and others only green, brown and of course, blue areas. Which the blue must mean there is water…
  189. >And why did Discord change the topic so fast? Now you were curious about the crystal
  190. “I have so many questions… first of all, what do you mean by abilities? Can’t I practice my chaos magic and then use it with the crystal? Or is this mission the reason you gave me this magic? Answer me, as your fucking son I demand answers”
  191. >You were having your doubts at the last part, but to hell with it. You want him to see in you that you are serious on this, you wanted to know and maybe help him in whatever he needs
  192. >”Ohoho, a bit rude, aren’t we? Alright, I’ll tell you.” Three mirrors appeared in front of where Discord was, he was in nowhere to be seen, but his voice could be hear by someplace in the room. “The reason I’m sending you to a mission, is to test your abilities to different circumstances around you in different places. I’m not going to lie; I plan to send you to another dimension so you can deliver some sweet chaos from my part. But first I need to see how you can perform it here”
  193. >You take a step and look at the 3 mirrors, they showed different versions of you, or rather how the other humans looked as ponies. They were the same examples as before, gee Discord doesn’t have any other human to show you than these three? You are starting to get bored to see them every time
  194. “So… what you want me to do is to get me prepared to a point where I’ll be in some other word and… do chaos? Or is that you want to take over another world?”
  195. >You didn’t hear an answer coming from him, and silence wasn’t a good answer
  196. “Oh come on Discord, I don’t want to sound negative, but… I find it really hard… how can I manage chaos? Will I succeed? Will I fail? I’m having my doubts, Discord… I even apologized to Celestia for what I did to Luna, and you want me to be as good as you in chaos… eh… I don’t know dude…”
  197. >Well, nobody was good from the night to the morning… maybe you can practice, a lot, but starting a mission already? You don’t know how ponies could react if they find you are the new prince of chaos… word could spread out and all… god damn, show some valor, Alberto…
  198. >The reflections in the three mirrors started to… laugh? What the fuck?
  199. >”You should throw the towel and go back to México, you useless spic.” The Anon in the right mirror says, he then looked to his right
  200. >”Leave the hard work to people who can do it” The Anon in the middle mirror says, as the other Anon he looks at the right, probably waiting something from the other Anon to say
  201. >”Ravioli ravioli, you should surrendyoli!” The Anon in the left mirror says
  202. >Oh, so these three faggots think you can’t do shit? Magic from Discord or not, you are not giving up
  203. “So you want me to create chaos, right!? Whatever you want me to do, I’ll show you how dead serious I do with my magic!” You looked back at the mirror, the reflections were gone. “Although I don’t know how this will get me any further…”
  204. >Discord appeared in front of you and grabbed you with his magic. You could hear some music in the background… this time it wasn’t part of your doing
  205. >
  206. >” Little Anon… you’ve probably got it all wrong, so for the best of effect, let me reflect the possibilities… “
  207. >Discord sits you on his throne as he grows in some meters
  208. >”Well this Anon might have a PhD” His claw shows the Anon that was in the third mirror showing a shit eating grin. “This other has a powerful horn.” With his paw he shows the Anon that had a horn around his neck as a necklace
  209. >Damn, they really have something, uh… what secrets the Italian Anon will have on his hands? Ugh…
  210. >”But boyo you can go far away! “The two images of the Anons disappear for a second. ”You’ve got a brand-new magic that you gotta learn.” The two Anons reappear, the smug one this time had his face and mane burned out as if it had a recent explosion and the other Anon had a bucket of water on his head
  211. >Discord appears next to you this time in his normal size putting his paw around your neck
  212. >”You can rescue a filly in danger with a power you don’t even know”
  213. >He moves away and brings a photo of Luna; in the picture she looked rather elegant and serious at the same time. Maybe it was a poster?
  214. >“And Princess Luna might think you are just a foal” Discord then brings a permanent marker and draws a mustache with some fake glasses on the picture. “But you just gotta tell her who is in control, and I’ll say”
  215. >You disappear and then appear floating above the castle with an amazing view of the place. Pink clouds that /were/ cotton candy, buildings and pigs flying, the moon and the sun… chasing each other? Well, the usual randomness of Discord’s world
  216. >”Hello there little kid, look around and you will see. This new whole world, is up your crown.” A boat appears in front of you; Discord using a pirate outfit grabs you and gets you up the boat that was now flying around the place. “You ain’t never had a dad like me!”
  217. >The boat magically appears near a beach, it looked pretty normal… until you looked that the sea was orange instead of blue
  218. >You step out of the boat and feel the sand on your hooves, the sand was… colt as snow. There was a big X in the sand and shovels near it. Discord was digging and you… really wanted but aren’t able to hold a damn tortilla with your hooves, so you’ll just watch him dig
  219. >He starts digging at an insane speed until he reaches bottom, bringing a red chest right in front of you
  220. >”Life is your treasure chest” Discord opens the treasure chest with his fist, not giving it enough strength but it opens anyway. “And I’m your golden key”
  221. >THE FUCKING TREASURE CHEST HAD NERF GUNS IN IT. You haven’t seen one in years!
  222. >You grabbed one and Discord grabbed a bazooka… it better be a nerf gun
  223. >”I get my fun you get the rest” He pulled the trigger, instead of a rocket a paper with the words ‘boom’ appeared. “You ain’t never had a dad like me”
  224. >Once again you disappear along with Discord, this time you were back at the castle in the throne room
  225. >”Yes sir! We pride ourselves in chaos. Every color, size and theme!” The entire throne room starts to change into different colors like a damn disco. ”Say what you want, you are a prince now.” Discord makes appear two illusions, one from the human world with you alone drinking in the bar and the other was you as a pony with a crowd of ponies saluting at you. “Your old life shouldn’t matter, just compare!”
  226. >Paperboards of various draws of tiny colts that probably are the other humans in other dimensions appear around you
  227. >”Look at your enemies, your puppets they will be.” Discord controlled each one of the paperboards as puppets, making them collide with one another. “I’m in control to help you a whole, you ain’t never had a dad like me”
  228. >Discord starts dancing and humming the song as random items fly through the throne room
  229. >”Can the other Anons do this?” Discord levitated his head as a ballon near you. “Can they do that?” His head multiplied into three, he started to juggle his head as they all went directly to where his neck was. “Their parents might… but I’ll tell you what… “ His head started to inflate until it exploded into hundreds of pieces. “They aren’t me!”
  230. >Some parts of his head got in your face, you use your hoof to remove them and now you were in a very calm park with a fountain and some ponies near it taking pictures
  231. >From the fountain a Discord in a now shark outfit appears, scaring the ponies near the fountain
  232. >”Well, lookie here…”
  233. >They yelled and started to run away from him
  234. >”Can they say Arrivederchi, snap like this!” The place in a flash changed from pacific into a noisy and weird area, the fountain was now a chocolate fountain and the ponies were fighting each other, yelling at one another. “And then make the harmony disappear?”
  235. >You were sitting and looking amazed at how a god can change things with a snap of his fingers… ehhmm… talons
  236. >Discord comes to your side and rises you with his magic
  237. >”So don’t you sit there, we have a schedule to work. I’m gonna help but I won’t do it alone”
  238. >And again you are back at the throne room, you sitting as Discord was doing his music number
  239. >”Oh, they were wrong to call me an ‘evil creature’. Made a mistake turning me in stone…”
  240. >Discord was turned into stone? Rad. Maybe Luna forgot to tell you that
  241. >”I got a powerful urge so help me out, what do you think? I really wanna hear”
  242. >You would speak but… you don’t want to ruin the song
  243. >”You’ve got a contract that’s three miles long, no doubt.” He was reading a long ass contract that maybe is the one that you signed before. “Well all you need is a mirror somewhere near”
  244. >He rips the contract and you magically appear over his shoulder, he was grabbing you like a father would do with his son
  245. >”Your rule little pal is what I guarantee”. You let out a small giggle as Discord started running around, damn you feel like a kid. “And also fun, it will be done!”
  246. >Discord makes appear some minotaurs in unicycles throwing each other pines in fire
  247. >”You ain’t never had a dad, never had a dad”
  248. >He summons dragons who instead of throwing fire were throwing water through their mouths
  249. >”You ain’t never had a dad, never had a dad”
  250. >”You ain’t never…” Ponies dancing in the ceiling appear. “Had a…”Fireworks started to appear from every corner of the room. “Dad… like… me!”
  251. >The display of chaos in front of you was… something incredible. If Discord can do this… and even more, imagine what you can do… you can become… a demigod like him, maybe… heh… yeah… you are a prince, you now have high goals to complete
  252. >Discord starts laughing evilly, you grin and do your best to laugh at his side, ignoring that you have a kid laugh, it was a good attempt of evil laugh
  253. >”You ain’t never had a dad like me”
  254. >And everything disappeared in one big flash, the map from before reappeared in the middle of the throne room and you were in front of it, Discord sitting in the throne looking at you with an evil smirk
  255. >”So my son, what do you think now?”
  256. >You raise your head and with a determined look you stare at Discord
  257. “I’m ready!”
  258. >To become a prince and probably a demigod…
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