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Jun 2nd, 2015
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  1. Tanya Patch
  2. Today we are posting a new patch for the early access release of Tanya and Klassic Pack 1 to Kombat Pack owners. The patch will also address the following for all users:
  5. • Memory Leak fix
  6. • Fixed Ermac Spectral meter issue.
  7. • Fixed Kitana Mournful infinite combo issue.
  8. • Added unlock counter for Krypt.
  9. • Online Chat Room, challenge, and Ranked ping meter enhancements
  10. • Ranked match cancel if ping meter is not 3 bars or better.
  11. • Match making improvements
  12. • Krypt switches fix.
  13. • Fixed crash occurring when receiving online VS challenge while editing Kombat Kard.
  14. • The Faction War Page is now accessible.
  15. • Improved navigation in the controls menu.
  16. • Fixed input for the Recording prompt in Replays.
  17. • Updated Lin Kuei Faction Kill 2 to properly display all shurikens.
  18. • Two players can no longer use preset commands bound to the same key.
  19. • The initial Choose Your Faction screen call outs now update properly when switching between keyboard and controller.
  20. • Attempting to leave Online Rooms no longer cause occasional crashes.
  21. • Frame Smoothing option no longer causes issues on High-End PC configurations.
  22. • Hourly Towers are now available in the Living Towers menu.
  23. • All player Kombat Kards show the backgrounds, borders, and icons.
  24. • Audio Option test will no longer distort.
  25. • Fixed an issue where sometimes the game would load to a black screen (with audio only.)
  26. • Fixed an issue where viewing recorded videos would bring up an incorrect message instead of the video.
  27. • Changing the Screen Resolution without rebooting the title will no longer cause visual issues.
  28. • Invasion Towers now display player names correctly.
  29. • Fixed an exploit that broke the Shrine of Dead Koins.
  30. • Updated controller input prompts.
  31. • Players can now go online while in offline mode on Steam.
  32. • Move Lists now update when characters switch sides.
  33. • In Online, challengers no longer receive an accept button prompt after a challenge is declined.
  34. • Kombat Kard background “Dry Heat” now unlocks after meeting the requirements.
  35. • Backing out of any game mode to a main menu while Offline no longer displays an erroneous error message.
  36. • Fixed several resolution and image issues with Cassie Cage’s Selfie Fatality.
  37. • AI that performs Brutalities or Fatalities no longer counts towards progression.
  38. • Unlocked costumes now display on weak/no internet connections
  39. • Fixed the damage information displaying incorrectly while in Practice mode in Fullscreen Mode.
  40. • The map in the Krypt can now be moved when using a keyboard.
  41. • Fixed Kenshi’s Spinning Hell move when attacking opponents at the edge of arenas.
  42. • Users no longer lose control when going to Tower Select or Character Select from the in-game menu of a tower.
  43. • Improved custom control’s stability when transitioning from spectating to match.
  44. • Using K’s and L’s no longer closes the chat window.
  45. • Players can now edit the left stick’s controls.
  46. • Opening the Controller Preset menu no longer causes the control scheme to revert to Custom1.
  47. • General Kombat Kard updates and fixes.
  48. • General player history fixes.
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