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  1. o put clothing base into B2 by default.
  2. o b2 should have a 'heartbeat' config option for when ur dmgd.
  3. o in-script admin mod mount
  4. o when typing in a command and it shows the list of them
  5.     make it so you can select them using up and down arrows
  6. o an overwatch panel where admins can leave notes or comments
  7.     about a user. if that user is online when they open the panel
  8.     they can view notes about them.
  9. o when you close f1 menu on a tooltip the tooltip doesnt go...
  10. o add a /AddSalesman <string Flag>
  11.     /AddSalesman <string Flag> <string Model>
  12.     /AddSalesman <string Category> <string Model>
  13.     like /AddSalesman "Firearms" "models/gman_high.mdl
  14. o In F1 a button where players can click to edit their phys-desc.
  15. o introduce the voices from HL2 RP into blueprint by default
  16. o define ITEM's "body group" with ITEM.bodyGroup
  17. o cannot /FallOver if in noclip
  18. o apparently able to drop 0.1 cash, i've never been able to but w/e
  19.     line 624 & 670 of sh_core.lua change cash > 0 to cash > 1
  20. o shorter cinematic intro.
  21. oh and btw the BBU uses gmsv_furryfinder and uh; you can do stuff like setting it so users in a specific Steam group get certain flags and same for officers in the group :3
  22. o input.LookupBinding( binding ) use to lookup things for when it says like Press F1 for blah
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