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Mar 29th, 2021
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  1. 21 Feb 2021 Spring, 1901: Spring 1901: Test journal entry.
  2. 21 Feb 2021 Spring, 1901: Spring 1901: Bit nervous at having picked Russia. I'm new to gunboat and haven't heard great things about Russia, and my opponents are all skilled players intent on self-improvement. In my last (and only) game with Russia in gunboat I soloed, but I think a small draw is the best outcome I can hope for and work towards. Going to try a standard southern opening to keep my options open, hopefully Austria doesn't hold the Gal move against me. I'm going to attack Turkey or Austria eventually, but that will depend on their moves this turn.
  3. 22 Feb 2021 Autumn, 1901: Autumn 1901: England appears to be opening against France, so that's good for my northern ambitions. Not sure if Germany is going to let me Sweden, but I might as well try anyways. Italy is gearing up to... attack France? Surprisingly (or maybe not in gunboat Diplomacy), Austria and Italy have both moved away from Ven/Tri. It looks like Austria will take Greece next turn, and be a formidable challenge to Turkey--not sure what their A Smy-Ank is supposed to mean, but it can't be good. For now, I'll just take Rumania to get a guaranteed build.
  4. 23 Feb 2021 Autumn, 1901: Winter 1901: Hmm, it looks like England, Germany, and Italy are all opening in France's direction--bad news for France, but luckily I'm Russia. Italy and Austria seem content to let each other be, and it looks like my standoff in Gal is quickly becoming a permanent arrangement. Looks like Turkey wants an alliance, and they'll get one--at least until Austria is buried. With their fleet gone, I'll stay out of the Black Sea as well. Germany decided to let me into Sweden, which gives me two builds for the year.
  5. 24 Feb 2021 Spring, 1902: Spring 1902: Austria built A Tri and Turkey built A Smy, which is good for me because Austria has the perfect opportunity to stab Italy right now. A Tri-Ven and A Vie-Tri would leave Italy helpless with their one build, and Austria open to attack from me--exactly what I want. I'm going to support myself into Norway next turn, and stop there with enough to defend myself in the North. In the south, an alliance with Turkey to attack Austria is would benefit both of us, and I hope they understand that.
  6. 25 Feb 2021 Autumn, 1902: Autumn 1902: Trouble. Germany is going for an early invasion of Russia with two units, and Austria is now threatening Rumania. I'll need to react quickly to avoid being the earliest one eliminated. A strong reaction in the north and just defending in the south, then. France will be attacking Germany with me, and Turkey will be fighting Austria anyways.
  7. 27 Feb 2021 Spring, 1903: Spring 1903: My situation continues to deteriorate. I wonder if this is akin to the last flight log entry found on a crashed plane.
  8. 27 Feb 2021 Spring, 1903: Spring 1903: Going to try and stall until one of them gives up.
  9. 28 Feb 2021 Spring, 1903: Summer 1903: That did not go well, two centres down...
  10. 2 Mar 2021 Spring, 1904: Spring, 1904: Everything turned out better than I expected—I'm still in a bad place, but at least I'm not Turkey or Austria. Speaking of them, I think I'm going to bounce in Constantinople and move to Bulgaria to make sure that I keep Ankara. As for the north, England, Russia, and Germany still have me in a bad place.
  11. 4 Mar 2021 Autumn, 1904: Autumn 1904: Looks like I'm losing either Moscow or Warsaw next turn. I wonder if I can recover from this, or if it's all downhill from here.
  12. 7 Mar 2021 Autumn, 1905: Autumn 1905: Going to gamble that Austria has enough on their plate without invading Rumania. Ideally, I'll have one build next season.
  13. 7 Mar 2021 Autumn, 1905: Not sure how I can recover from this though, since my home centres are mostly gone.
  14. 9 Mar 2021 Spring, 1906: Spring 1906: Well, I guess that's another lesson learned that I should never count myself out of the game. While Italy and Turkey are being dismembered, I actually have a semi-defensible position right now and can bring in troops to hold Rumania/Bulgaria unti; I can get an extra build next year. However, I'm not sure if I can slip into Livonia and retake my home supply centres from there before Germany gets an army from Prussia to there. I can't move there right now since Germany is sure to support A StP-Mos...
  15. Thu 11 Mar Autumn, 1906: Autumn 1906: Plan seems to be working well, one build in Sev that I can bring out to Rum later, build another one, and take some more supply centres.
  16. Fri 12 Mar Spring, 1907: Spring 1907: I noticed that I've been writing less and less as of late. I'm going to work on fixing this because the journal and sharing thoughts is the main attraction of the game and I have the responsibility to keep up my end. Anyways, the loss of Moscow was unfortunate, I see now that I should have supported that with Sevastopol, and now I have to make my stand in Sevastopol. Italy supported me when they could have wiped me out, which is a good sign. However, I feel like I made a mistake moving to Armenia because now Italy perceives me as hostile. I will rectify that mistake, but it may already be too late.
  17. Sat 13 Mar Autumn, 1907: Autumn 1907: Going to stick with the plan above. Slip into Gal here, while making sure Italy can't grab Con. I hope they understand what I'm trying to do.
  18. Mon 15 Mar Autumn, 1907: Winter, 1907: Well, it looks like Italy is deciding to mop up me. With my SCs they would have 16 in total, and I'm a weak target right now.
  19. Mon 15 Mar Autumn, 1907: Winter, 1907: Well, it looks like Italy is deciding to mop up me. With my SCs they would have 16 in total, and I'm a weak target right now.
  20. Mon 15 Mar Spring, 1908: Spring, 1908: Now is probably a good time to re-assess my situation. I have no allies because of the previous miscalculation, and at least two countries want me dead—Germany seems to be pulling away. No stalemate lines have formed, and I've never heard of any in which Southern Russia/Northern Turkey play an important role. After Italy moves into Gal, they can easily take Rum and Con.
  22. In short, I am screwed.
  23. Fri 19 Mar Autumn, 1908: Exeunt.
  24. Fri 19 Mar Spring, 1909: Spring, 1909: Not much I can do at this point, it looks like it'll be an Italian/German/English 3-way.
  25. Sun 21 Mar Autumn, 1909: Autumn, 1909: When did it all go wrong? Was it when England first landed in St. Petersburg? Was it when I tried to attack Italy at the end? Or was it some other time entirely?
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