Nagomi's Summer 2014 Event

Jan 6th, 2016
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  1. https://twitter.com/pirxzat/status/505312458894888960/photo/1
  2. (Comments in brackets)
  4. Midway: What is with these people... (guys, bastards?)
  5. : Ugh("Uwaa")... here they come again... ("they came again")
  7. Suzuya: Keep quiet and over the one on your left arm!
  8. : Stop screwing around, how many more times are you going to make us come!! ("goddamn it" here in place of "stop screwing around"?)
  10. Tokitsukaze: (Mou~) You're here again, Yukkaze~? (yuk-kaze, tokitsu's tic) I told you it's impossible~
  11. Yukikaze: Don't worry... Yukikaze will definitely save Tokitsukaze! (second -> third person)
  12. Tokitsukaze: You're (probably) being influenced (moved, roused) by something, am I right?
  13. : Or rather, I'd rather pass on your headquarters ("I kinda don't like your hq")
  14. Yukikaze: Why!? (but why)
  16. Tokitsukaze: You guys are scrubs, aren't you. ("Because you're the weakest of all, aren't you")
  17. : Even that fabulous(?) guy has a better fleet. ("The drag queen's place is better")
  18. Shinonome: We'll get her with our guts, Yukikaze (irritated tone, 'well we have our spirit, so screw off' -like)
  20. Arisugawa: O~ hohohoho, did you call!!? ("did someone say my name!?")
  21. Shinonome: Ugh (Ugeh), they really came. (speak of the devil?)
  23. Arisugawa: My oh my, you seem to be having a tough time ("hard fight"), aren't you, Shinonome!! How deplorably miserable of you!! (embellishment of "how sad of you")
  24. : What say we lend you some help this time!!
  25. Ryuujou: The allied fleet has arrived!
  26. Arrow: Cleared (the map/event)
  27. Amatsukaze: Come over here, Tokitsukaze!!
  29. Shinonome: Combined fleet, prioritize the sinking of the Arisugawa fleet
  30. : With all your might.
  31. Arisugawa: This is not the time to be doing that, is it!? Are you an idiot!?
  33. Hoppou: Onee~!!! Go home~!!! (Hoppou's in-universe greeting to Arisugawa, about the same as hello. And I really can't come up with a short, casual term for 'effeminate guy' to replace 'onee')
  34. Harbour: Hey (koraa), Hoppou!!!!
  36. Minami: Unryuu-chan's not here, is she... (not dropping? not coming out? She's clear reward so idk)
  37. Murakumo: We have all the carriers we need, don't we? (add "it's not a problem, is it"?)
  38. Minami: I guess so...
  39. Hiryuu: That's right, I'm here for you, am-- GACK (GOFU)
  40. Kaga: I am here, Kazusa-san. (This was drawn in summer 2014, well before the Kaga/engineer couple was conceived)
  41. Hiryuu: Kaga-san's guard is tough ("Kaga-san's defense is...", I think this is a thought bubble)
  43. Thanks for the hard work this summer event. (good job!)
  45. ---------
  46. [Native-corrected?]
  47. Persistent bastards...
  48. Here they come again...
  50. Just shut up and hand her over!
  51. How many times are you going to make us do this!?
  53. Just give it up, Yukkaze~
  54. No way, I'll definitely save you, just you see!
  55. I don't know what's making you do this,
  56. bu either way I'm not going to your base.
  57. But why!?
  59. I don't want a team of scrubs.
  60. Even the drag queen has a better fleet.
  61. We'll take her home either way, Yukikaze! [Sh - Shinonome]
  63. O~hohohoho, did someone call my name!?
  64. ...And he's here.
  66. What a pitiful sight, Shinonome! I'll be nice and lend you a hand this time, what do you say!?
  67. Reinforcements are here, people!
  68. <- cleared
  69. Get over here, Tokitsukaze!
  71. All hands, sink every ship under Arisugawa's command.
  72. Hold nothing back.
  73. That's not what you should be doing this time of the day, is it!? What are you, an idiot!? [Ar - Arisugawa]
  75. Onee!!! Go Home!!!
  76. Get back here, Hoppo! [Hb - Harbour Princess]
  78. Unryuu's not coming, is she...
  79. We have enough carriers as it is, why get another one?
  80. I guess...
  81. She's right, after all I'm he-- GACK
  82. I'm here for you, Kazusa.
  83. (You don't let up, do you, Kaga?)
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