MagiReco Another Story 7.4

Jun 17th, 2018
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  1. Things We Want to Share
  3. 7.4.1
  4. [battle]
  5. [in the witch barrier]
  6. Madoka: "Your soul gem!"
  7. Sayaka: "Huh?"
  8. "Ah."
  9. "..."
  10. pendulum witch: "GII GIIII GIIII"
  11. Sayaka: "Uwaah!!"
  12. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan!"
  13. Sayaka: "I-I'm fine!"
  14. Madoka: "Sorry! I distracted you with bad timing..."
  15. Sayaka: "No, no, I just let my guard down."
  16. "I won't let it happen again... I'm fine."
  17. "Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine... I can still fight..."
  18. Homura: "Miki-san..."
  19. pendulum witch: "GII BOO BO BOON!"
  20. Sayaka: "Y-you're not gonna hit me!"
  21. "Next... Next... I'll, be..."
  22. "C-counterattacking..."
  23. "..."
  24. pendulum witch: "GIII GIIIII GII"
  25. Homura: "Miki-san, watch out!"
  26. Sayaka: "Ah!"
  27. Homura: "Stop!"
  28. [she freezes time]
  29. Homura: "Miki-san, don't let go of my hand!"
  30. Sayaka: "Huh? This is... your magic?"
  31. Homura: "Let's take Kaname-san and get out of here for now!"
  32. Sayaka: "B-but!"
  33. Homura: "Just do it! Please!"
  34. Sayaka: "O-okay..."
  36. 7.4.2
  37. [in a park]
  38. Homura: "This far should be fine..."
  39. Sayaka: "Sorry... it's my fault... we let the witch get away..."
  40. Madoka: "It's not your fault, Sayaka-chan. That witch was really strong..."
  41. Sayaka: "But because of that, if it goes spreading curses in town..."
  42. Madoka: "That would be..."
  43. Sayaka: "You can't say it'd be okay, right?"
  44. Madoka: "But even so, it's better than fighting like that. It's better that we prepare ourselves properly first."
  45. "If we were to be defeated, there would be no one left to defend..."
  46. Homura: "T-that's right."
  47. "And also, Miki-san..."
  48. "Since you were fighting in front of us, your magic consumption was far higher..."
  49. Sayaka: "..."
  50. Homura: "You have to purify your soul gem... Use this grief seed."
  51. Sayaka: "Stop it!"
  52. Homura: "Kya!"
  53. Sayaka: "Ah, I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell..."
  54. "But, that's your share, Homura. I'm still okay."
  55. Homura: "That's not right... Yesterday, we said that at times like this, we have to help each other..."
  56. Sayaka: "That's why. We keep them for a time of need."
  57. "I'm fine, really."
  58. Homura: "But..."
  59. Sayaka: "I'm fine!"
  60. Madoka: "Sayaka-chan, calm down."
  61. Sayaka: "...Sorry."
  62. Homura: "..."
  63. "Y-you're not fine!"
  64. Sayaka: "!?"
  65. Homura: "But, Miki-san, you were shaking!"
  66. "When we were getting out of the labyrinth, your hand that I was holding was shaking..."
  67. Sayaka: "Ah, that was trembling with excitement..."
  68. Homura: "Even now... you're shaking."
  69. Sayaka: "..."
  70. "That's right. In truth... I'm scared."
  71. "It's not just me."
  72. "I'm sure you two are scared as well."
  73. "Because I know that, I want to work hard... I've gotta be strong!"
  74. "I need to be strong like you two are!"
  75. "I believe that there's a way to avoid becoming a witch."
  76. "I want to believe..."
  77. "But even so, I'm scared..."
  78. "I don't wanna become a witch! I don't want to hurt anyone!"
  79. Homura: "Miki-san..."
  80. Sayaka: "whimper... hic... I'm scared... I'm so scared..."
  81. Madoka: "..."
  83. 7.4.3
  84. [still in the park]
  85. Sayaka: "I don't wanna become a witch! I don't want to hurt anyone!"
  86. Homura: "Miki-san..."
  87. Sayaka: "whimper... hic... I'm scared... I'm so scared..."
  88. Madoka: "..."
  89. (Back there...)
  90. [flashback to in the rabbit witch labyrinth]
  91. Madoka: "..."
  92. "...It's okay."
  93. "I've come this far fighting."
  94. [back to the park]
  95. Madoka: (The first time I fought a witch in Mitakihara after knowing the truth about magical girls...)
  96. (I was really...)
  97. (Really scared.)
  98. (Even though I have people precious to me that I want to protect...)
  99. (I might someday become an existence that might hurt them...)
  100. (That is what scares me.)
  101. (I'm scared...)
  102. "Sayaka-chan..."
  103. *hug...*
  104. Sayaka: "M-Madoka?"
  105. Madoka: "Homura-chan..."
  106. *hug...*
  107. Homura: "Eh? K-Kaname-san, what's wrong? Hugging me so suddenly..."
  108. Madoka: "I'm not strong at all."
  109. "I just couldn't recognize that I was afraid until I heard what Sayaka-chan said."
  110. "I'm actually so scared, so scared that I don't know what to do."
  111. "I just pretended not to notice..."
  112. "I have to recognize it, and face it, but because I'm weak, I just looked away."
  113. Sayaka: "...sniff... sniff..."
  114. Madoka: "It's scary, right?"
  115. "It makes you feel uneasy, right?"
  116. Homura: "...whimper... whimper..."
  117. Madoka: "I'm scared, too..."
  118. "I don't want to become a witch."
  119. "I don't want anyone to die."
  120. "That's scary."
  121. "It's scary, right?"
  122. Sayaka: "U-waaaahh!"
  123. Homura: "sniff... whimper..."
  124. [fade to gray]
  125. Madoka: *We stood there hugging each other until our tears ran dry... We wanted to cry until we tired of crying.*
  126. *However...*
  127. *The witches would not allow us to do that.*
  129. 7.4.4
  130. [in the park, Madoka senses something]
  131. Madoka: "!?"
  132. "Again, a witch..."
  133. (And it's yet another different witch...)
  134. Sayaka: "We have to go."
  135. Madoka: "Are you alright?"
  136. Sayaka: "Of course!"
  137. "...Or I'd like to say that, but maybe I'm not in the best shape."
  138. "But thanks to a little crying, I feel refreshed and the tension's gone."
  139. Homura: "I too... can't quite say that I'm fine..."
  140. "But I feel like my heart has become a bit lighter."
  141. "How about you, Kaname-san?"
  142. Madoka: "It's been tough and scary having all this happen..."
  143. "But since we've all cried and talked about it..."
  144. "If we can share it, we'll be fine. Together, we can face forward."
  145. Homura: "That's right. Together... I'm sure we'll be okay."
  146. Sayaka: "Yeah, when I'm finding things tough, I'll say so. You two as well."
  147. Madoka: "Yeah!"
  148. "Then, let's go beat that witch. We have to stop the source of all this."
  149. [screen wipe]
  150. black feather: "They show no indication of leaving Mitakihara. It's going smoothly, huh..."
  151. white feather: "Indeed, but you must be on your guard."
  152. [screen wipe]
  153. Madoka: (Huh? Was someone looking at us now?)
  154. Sayaka: "Madoka?"
  155. Homura: "What's wrong?"
  156. Madoka: "Just now, I felt like someone was looking at us..."
  157. [screen wipe; we see nobody there]
  158. Madoka: "I'm sorry... It might have been my imagination."
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