Conflicts of Interest Between Critical Distance & Aevee Bee

Mar 3rd, 2016
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  1. Summary:
  2. Aevee Bee supports Critical Distance on Patreon since 2014. Since then, there have been multiple articles from Critical Distance including Aevee Bee without mentioning that she also supports Critical Distance on Patreon.
  5. Kris Ligman has recently put up a Patreon page for Critical Distance, and suggest you support it if you like the world of videogame criticism. [03/05/14]
  6. []
  8. Aevee Bee supporting Critical Distance on Patreon
  9. [] [2014]
  10. [] [2016]
  13. ((List of Articles Lacking Disclosure on Aevee's Financial Support of Critical Distance))
  14. Format: [month/day/year]
  16. 1) Kris Ligman
  17. [08/16/15] []
  18. Meanwhile, in Aevee Bee’s ZEAL magazine, developer and games educator Robert Yang muses on the way we model bodies in games, in which their dynamism (or possibly, embodiment) is frequently overlooked:
  20. 2) Zolani Stewart
  21. [12/06/15] []
  22. Aevee Bee wrote two stellar pieces of writing on Destiny this week, one of them is a series of mini-reviews on the game’s flavour text, the other a longer piece on what makes Destiny curious and interesting as a massive budget title.
  24. 3) Zach Alexander
  25. [04/12/15] []
  26. Aevee Bee discusses Bloodborne’s worldbuilding, and Tim Rogers goes full Tim Rogers on the design of the game.
  28. 4) Kris Ligman
  29. [03/09/15] []
  30. Aevee Bee makes a case for ‘small writing’ and interstitial worldbuilding moments in games.
  32. 5) Eric Swain
  33. [05/29/15] []
  34. This month I’m joined by the editor-in-chief of the micro zine ZEAL, Aevee Bee.
  36. 6) Kris Ligman
  37. [06/07/15] []
  38. Did you know we run a twice-monthly podcast now? Be sure to tune in to our full-length episode featuring Kaitlin Tremblay as well as Critical Distance’s own Alan Williamson and Lindsey Joyce, and then check out latest minisode featuring ZEAL‘s own Mammon Machine, Aevee Bee!
  40. 7) Mark Filipowich
  41. [08/27/15] []
  42. In this edition we invite three writers regularly featured at Critical Distance to discuss the theme of Danger. Gita Jackson opens the topic by confessing at Offworld,”I’m afraid to die in games“, where she ties her experience with danger to the simulated danger in videogames; also at Offworld, Aevee Bee writes “I love my untouchable virtual body” to argue that true empowerment isn’t in eliminating vulnerability, but controlling the conditions of vulnerability; finally, Nick Dinicola over at PopMatters claims that “She Who Controls the Flashlight, Controls the Horror” in analysing how the different abilities and avatars augment how Resident Evil: Revelations 2 creates tension.
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