Sep 2nd, 2017
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  1. >be manlet Anon in equestria
  2. >She somehow finds out a way to access the internet, and thus, more informations about the average human male
  3. >And that you're a good five inches below the threshold
  4. >"You never told me you were an ASIAN, Anon,"
  5. >Fuck
  6. "Yes, I ching chong, I don' wan' no troble,"
  7. >Better run and hide for a while
  8. >She'll certainly forget about it
  9. >No way you can give her these kind of ammunitions against you
  11. >A couple days later
  12. >"Hey Anon,"
  13. >Oh shit
  14. "Hey Twilight, what's up,"
  15. >"I've been great! This internet thing is incredible, there's just so much stuff to read and learn and you click on one page and then on another and before you know it, Luna already rose the moon!"
  16. >Good, good, seems like you're out of dodge--
  17. >"And I've done some more research about your ethnic group and realized that you don't look asiatic at all!"
  18. >Why is this horse so fucking curious all the time
  19. "Huh, it's, uh, because my grand dad was caucasian,"
  20. >She keeps her inquisitive stare on you as you look around for a way out
  21. >"You know, you don't have to feel ashamed of your size--"
  22. "W-what, are you calling me a manlet?!"
  23. >You blurt it out without thinking
  24. >Fucking ptsd
  25. >"What's a 'manlet'?"
  26. >FUCK
  28. >You scream as you point behind her
  29. >And sure enough, she falls for it
  30. >Stupid horse!
  31. >And you're already running for your life before she even realizes you're gone
  33. >Week later
  34. >You're fucked
  35. >You've got no food left, you're forced to go out and buy something
  36. >But you KNOW you'll stumble on her if you do
  37. >Shit...
  38. >You do your best Snake impression on your way to the market, crouching down and marching along every walls you come across
  39. >And you start salivating when the market's smell hits your nostrils
  40. >Okay, let's buy as much shit as possible without--
  41. >"Hey Anon!"
  42. >FUCK
  43. >You freeze
  44. >Don't turn around
  45. >Maybe if you don't move she'll think you're dead and move on
  46. >"Nopony saw you in days! We were starting to worry about you!"
  48. >>30855756
  49. >She takes the few steps needed to close in on you and starts inspecting you, eyes growing wide when she notices that you didn't shave and the bags under your eyes
  50. >"Are you okay? You don't look--"
  51. "YES, okay, I admit it! I'm a manlet! I'm small! Way below average! Are you happy now?!"
  52. >Twiggywiggy is left flabbergasted by your outburst
  53. >"Uh, I-I didn't mean to--"
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