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Jul 28th, 2015
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  1. v1.25.01.00 (** July 2015, revision 5425)
  2. -----------------------------------------
  3. General tab
  4. [New] <js> Module artist can now be specified.
  5. [New] <js> Modules can now override the globally configured resampling mode. This setting is only saved in MPTM files, but can also be changed in other formats to quickly change a single module's resampling mode.
  6. [Mod] <js> Removed player settings button, as the most common (and only?) use case - changing the resampling mode - can now be achieved directly from this tab.
  7. [Mod] <js> In IT files, the default tempo can no longer exceed 255.
  9. Pattern tab
  10. [New] <js> In the order list, it is now also possible to just copy the order list pattern numbers instead of their content ("Copy Orders" in context menu or Ctrl+Shift+C by default).
  11. [New] <js> Added option for smooth (tick-by-tick) pattern scrolling.
  12. [New] <js> Added hidden setting "Pattern Editor.NoEditPopup", which disables the "editing is disabled" popup and allows note previewing (keyjazz) in all pattern editor columns while editing is disabled.
  13. [Imp] <js> Apply DNA and NNA settings to live note preview. Entering note cut / off / fade also instantly previews its effect.
  14. [Imp] <js> Effect visualizer window size is now remembered across sessions.
  15. [Mod] <js> Reset beat highlight together with measure higlight (
  16. [Fix] <js> Effect visualizer could still not show up properly in some cases (
  17. [Fix] <js> Make note and data entry shortcuts always operate on octaves instead of +/- 12 notes when using custom tunings (
  18. [Fix] <js> Show correct note name in status bar for custom tuning notes.
  19. [Fix] <js> Sample seeking didn't work properly on channels where the last note event was a note-off and didn't apply pitch envelopes.
  20. [Fix] <js> Panning commands were still applied when seeking even if ProTracker 1/2 mode was enabled.
  21. [Fix] <js> Playing patterns not present in the order list was broken since OpenMPT (
  22. [Fix] <js> Jumping to a pattern through the order list would still execute the last row of the previous pattern in some cases since OpenMPT
  23. [Fix] <js> Fix inconsistencies in the previous / next pattern displays when jumping around in the order list.
  24. [Fix] <js> Duplicating and inserting patterns didn't update the tree view properly.
  26. Sample tab
  27. [New] <jh> Support loading OggFlac sample files.
  28. [Imp] <js> Don't reset sample draw status when modifying a sample.
  29. [Fix] <js> Time stretch ratio calculator was always based on the current tempo, not on the user-supplied tempo.
  31. Instrument tab
  32. [Imp] <js> Pitch/Pan Separation note list uses tuning note names.
  34. Tree view
  35. [Mod] <js> Sample / instrument preview is now stopped using Note Cut / Off / Fade keys instead of automatically fading out after some seconds.
  36. [Fix] <js> Dropping files made the tree view inaccessible until a new drag & drop action was initiated (tx coda).
  37. [Fix] <js> Previewing UAX samples played them at the wrong frequency.
  39. VST / DMO Plugins
  40. [New] <js> Instrument random variation is now applied to the velocity of notes sent to instrument plugins.
  41. [New] <js> Tremor (Ixx) is now also supported for instrument plugins (
  42. [New] <js> Added hidden setting "VST Plugins.EnableAutoSuspend" which activates plugin auto-suspension for all plugins (later, this will be configurable per plugin). If a plugin didn't emit any sound during the last four seconds, its sound output is automatically suspended.
  43. [New] <js> It is now possible to override the project path reported to plugins (some plugins can store data alongside the module file) by using the hidden setting "VST Plugins.ProjectPath". In the setting value, %1 is replaced by the module path and %2 by the module filename (tx zetaPRIME).
  44. [Imp] <js> Automatically create instruments for newly added instrument plugins (
  45. [Imp] <js> Indicate bitness of non-native plugins in the plugin selection dialog.
  46. [Imp] <js> The default plugin editor is now DPI-aware.
  47. [Imp] <js> Allow sending incoming MIDI notes to plugins even if no instrument is assigned to them (pass data as-is).
  48. [Fix] <js> Some VST plugins (e.g. SmartElectronix Ambience) write directly to the memory chunk that is passed to them when loading preset files. This memory block was not writable since OpenMPT 1.22 and thus caused a crash.
  49. [Fix] <js> In OpenMPT 1.24, no more than one missing plugin was reported after loading a module.
  51. VST::Specific Plugin Fixes
  52. [Fix] <js> HERCs Abakos stopped working in OpenMPT
  54. VST::Plugin Bridge
  55. [Imp] <js> Added support for audioMasterGetChunkFile opcode.
  56. [Fix] <js> MIDI events sent to 64-bit plugins or 64-bit OpenMPT were garbled.
  57. [Fix] <js> A couple of plugins whose editor previously froze will now work fine.
  58. [Fix] <js> KORG M1 crashed if the editor of more than one shared instance was opened (
  59. [Fix] <js> 4klang's editor window no longer freezes.
  61. Playback
  62. [Imp] <js> Improve NNA channel allocation by also taking volume envelopes into account: If all NNA channels are used and are playing at full note volume, but are effectively muted due to their volume envelope, they can now be reused.
  64. MPTM
  65. [New] <js> Support for decimal default tempo (e.g. 123.45 BPM). Note that it is not possible to set decimal tempos using pattern commands yet (
  66. [New] <js> Support for decimal tempo for instruments' pitch/tempo lock.
  67. [New] <js> In modern tempo mode, a swing factor can be configured which determines how much every row of a beat contributes to the beat (globally in the Song Properties and per pattern in the Pattern Properties). Unlike manual tempo changes, this will not mess up the timing information sent to plugins (
  68. [Mod] <js> Newly created MPTM files use modern tempo mode.
  69. [Fix] <js> Fix potential misreading of some global song settings (was very unlikely to happen).
  71. MPTM::Custom Tuning
  72. [New] <js> 'd' and '+' can now be used in note names.
  73. [Mod] <js> Behaviour change: When executing tone portamento and the sample doesn't change between the notes, re-apply the sample settings such as default volume and panning like with normal samples.
  74. [Fix] <js> Editing a tuning's note name no longer requires to remove the octave number first.
  76. IT::Compatible Playback Mode
  77. [Fix] <js> Position jump effect on the same row as a pattern loop end immediately cuts the pattern loop.
  79. XM
  80. [Imp] <js> Detect files made with MilkyTracker 0.90.86 or later and enable FT2 pan law for them.
  82. S3M
  83. [Fix] <js> In S3M files not made with OpenMPT or Scream Tracker, support portamento between different samples again like in old versions of ModPlug Tracker (fixes k_vision.s3m, made in IT).
  85. MOD
  86. [Mod] <js> Heuristically enable ProTracker 1/2 mode if 8xx commands seem likely to be used as sync markers rather than panning in 4-channel MODs.
  87. [Mod] <js> Treat EXO8 modules to have paired patterns like FLT8 modules.
  88. [Fix] <js> As in XM and IT, don't reset pattern loop counter on pattern breaks.
  90. Other formats
  91. [Fix] <js> MT2: Don't load samples for instruments which already have a VST instrument assigned.
  93. Stream Export
  94. [New] <js> It is now possible to export to a sample slot rather than a file (
  96. Audio I/O
  97. [Mod] <jh> Add StopSoundDeviceBeforeDump in [Debug] (default false) setting and change the default behaviour to stop the audio device after dumping the crash information. This helps debugging crashes inside the audio thread with the default settings.
  98. [Mod] <jh> Remove "Sound Settings.Enable*" hidden settings. Allow switching off individual sound device backends via "Components.Block*" instead.
  99. [Fix] <jh> PortAudio latency calculation was wrong for WASAPI exclusive mode devices.
  100. [Fix] <jh> WaveRT devices are now shown as such (instead of WDM-KS) in the options.
  101. [Fix] <jh> Under increased system load, it was possible that WaveRT devices would stop rendering audio.
  103. Misc
  104. [New] <js> MIDI Mapping: Experimental support for 14-bit MIDI controllers. Combinations of CC 0...31 and CC 32...63 now act as double-precision MIDI messages.
  105. [New] <js> In the settings dialog, the default artist name and default behaviour for new files (module type / template) can now be specified on the General tab.
  106. [New] <js> Add the possibility to forget all song window settings in the Display settings.
  107. [New] <js> Hidden setting Misc.AllowMultipleCommandsPerKey was added to allow more than one keyboard shortcut being bound to the same key combination (may do unexpected things with existing mappings with overlapping shortcuts, so beware).
  108. [Imp] <js> Add dropdown menus to "New" and "MIDI Record" buttons in the main toolbar to select file type and MIDI device respectively.
  109. [Imp] <js> Tuning dialog: Mouse wheel can now be used to scroll the note map.
  110. [Mod] <js> Default directories and auto save settings have been merged into a new "Paths / Auto Save" settings tab. "Create backup files" has been moved there as well. "MIDI Record" option has been moved to the MIDI setup.
  111. [Mod] <jh> Show more useful information in the About dialog.
  112. [Mod] <jh> More defensive CPU feature detection for really old CPUs.
  113. [Mod] <jh> Update lhasa to v0.3.0.
  114. [Fix] <jh> UnRAR code required Windows XP, while the rest of the code also works with Windows 2000. Drop the version requirement back to Windows 2000.
  115. [Fix] <js> Song duration estimation: Pattern loops were only calculated correctly when placed on the last channel. Pattern breaks leading to a row greater than the current pattern's size were not computed correctly.
  116. [Fix] <js> Fix possible crash when changing the number of channels, mostly happening when appending modules.
  117. [Fix] <js> When saving an external sample fails while closing the module containing the sample, the module remains open so that the user can investigate the problem.
  118. [Fix] <js> Hideable message box visibility settings were read from the wrong settings variable since OpenMPT
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