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Marvel Mash-Up

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  1. Cap Teaches Bucky Some Life Lessons +
  2. Captain America Loves Cat Photos
  3. Doctor Strange Does Magic Stuff +
  4. The X-Men Video Chat
  5. Spidey Gets Sand In His Pants
  6. Spidey Does Laundry... For Pizza
  7. Thor Want's Firestar's Hair Product +
  8. More Like Captain Obvious +
  9. Ice Man's Too Good At Freeze Tag!
  10. Professor X Gets A Brain Freeze +
  11. The Inshreddible Skater-Man
  12. Red Skull Gets His Boots Wet +
  13. Professor X Has a Headache +
  14. Kitty Pryde Trolls The X-Men
  15. Dr. Doom Finds His Bling! +
  16. Green Goblin Needs A Hug +
  17. Spider Runs Out of Time +
  18. Spidey Gets Zapped +
  19. Hulk, Meet Steve! +
  20. Capture Black Cat Right Meow
  21. Spidey Gets A Cold!
  22. Lizard Institute of Technology! +
  23. Cap Sings a Song!
  24. Dr. Doom Misses His Show! +
  25. Spidey Goes to Easter Island!
  26. Spidey Writes a Song!
  27. Kraven & J. Jonah Jameson Have a Giggle +
  28. J. Jonah Jameson Needs a Hug!
  29. Spidey Does Stunts!
  30. Thor Brushes His Teeth 100 Times a Day!
  31. Thor Rocks in Cleaveland!
  32. Odins Beard! +
  33. Thor Learns Hypnosis!
  34. Loku Ruins Thors Hair!
  35. Dad Jokes with Thor and Hercules
  36. Hulk Doesn't Know Where Money Comes From!
  37. Hulk Needs a Nap!
  38. Hulk Gets a Haircut!
  39. The Incredible Shrinking Hulk!
  40. Hulk Fights a Wooly Mammoth! +
  42. Hulk Vlogs!
  43. Hulk Gets Camera Shy!
  44. Hulk Gets a Spray Tan!
  45. Hulk Doesn't Like Spiders! +
  46. Hulk Hates Road Trips!
  47. Dock Ock Does Karaoke!
  48. Iron Man vs. His Blue Mustache +
  49. I Am Iron Man!
  50. Dr. Doom's Fun Time Pizzeria
  51. Iron Man Gets a Mullet!
  52. Iron Man Forgets To Set His DVR!
  53. Mandarin Gets Sassy!
  54. Iron Man Teaches Us the Perils of Gas Station Nachos +
  55. Iron Man Needs His Pizza!
  56. Iron Man Has a Terrible Memory
  57. Iron Man's Heart is Full of Mash-Ups!
  58. Iron Man Loses the Remote!
  59. Cap Loves Marshmallow Burritos!
  60. Cap's No Good Very Bad Memory +
  61. Captain America Explains the History of French Fries
  62. The Thing & Pizza: A Love Story
  63. Fantastic Four & the Perils of Bologna Sandwiches
  64. The Fantastic Four Forget How To Run!
  65. Part at Doom's Place!
  66. Everything's a Stretch to Mr. Fantastic! Puns!
  67. The Fantastic Four are Thor's Biggest Fans!
  68. Hulk Creates the World's First Electric Toothbrush!
  69. Hulk Can Fly?!
  70. Don't Mess with Hulk's TV Shows!
  71. Someone Get Hulk a Record Deal!
  72. Hulk Hates Goodbyes!
  73. Tony Stark Ties His Own Ties! +
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