Soul Singing

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  1. [18:15] The fatigue in Calista was apparent enough, and her father took it in curiously after he turns around. He smiles down at her - his usual confident, welcoming look, animated and smooth. "Did you, now? Good! Did you feel a connection with it after soaking it in your blood, hmm...?"
  3. "Take it easy for now. And remember - we're at our strongest when we have everything to lose. If you want your bloodstones to bloom, then your soul will need to sing to them."
  4. (Isaac Shimasu)
  5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. "I felt it.. when I pulled it out. It was so beautiful.. then I accidentally slipped and sort of cracked it.. then it turned to mist."
  8. Though her fathers newest advice sank in, when we have everything to lose.
  10. She raises her kimono to show her stomach a round scar there from recent healing. Though very faint, the shard there was a bit too long probably, and the skin around the area was red.
  12. Not because of a medical issue, but because the glow could be seen with how close it was to the surface. It ran through the muscles to the left of her stomach, nearly making the glow visible if one were to see her back.
  14. "I thought I would need another one for more practice, so I put in another one. I think I won't make the same mistake this time..."
  16. She looked moderately dejected she had failed on her first attempt, but such is the anxiety of a youth trying to impress the ones they looked up to.
  17. (Calista Shimasu)
  18. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. [18:22] Reito nodded slowly now,
  22. "I know Ichida. I provided the house for his group. If he's trying to become Shogun he has a long ways to go! Ren is very strong," She said with a smile. With Lei's bleeding from his nose, pink eyes glowed supernaturally only brighter as the Kitsune inclined her head,
  24. "Would you like me to take a look at your nose for you...? I can. I'm a medic."
  25. (Reito Shimasu)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [18:24] Isaac Shimasu asks, "It will be a few more attempts before you get it right, I can only imagine! Keep at it, hmm?"
  28. [18:25] Calista Shimasu says, "I'm trying... a medic is helping me so I don't just bleed everywhere."
  29. [18:29] Isaac Shimasu says, "Good. Bleeding everywhere tends to be messy."
  30. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  31. [18:32] She nodded slowly now, before pink eyes shifted to Jian Ming now,
  33. "Hello there! What can I do for you?" She asked, cheery as ever. She was listening to the conversation Calista and Isaac were having and while she didn't like the thought of her daughter hurting herself on purpose; she knew the reason.
  35. It was why she was letting Isaac handle it... She wouldn't know what to do beyond worry.
  36. (Reito Shimasu)
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