[ Beta English Softsubs ] Over Drive

Jan 1st, 2019
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  1. [ Beta English Softsubs - Over Drive ]
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  11. I remember the time when our colleague in Japan tried watching this in theaters when it was still running. As he says, "It was a fun watch with good character development for a movie". But he also added, fangirls will have a field day with Mackenyu's body in this film - and he wasn't joking LOL I can already hear squeals of Mackenyu fangirls while watching this haha As he puts it - "Mackenyu having an attractive body did not detract from the plot. Squealing/gasping fangirls would distract from the plot. :P"
  13. I'll be honest. I next to know nothing about cars besides the mechanical engineering bordering to automotive engineering I learned during my undergrad. So kindly excuse me if I translated the automotive and rally racing terms wrong. But please do e-mail us if you find them and tell us how to correct them.
  15. I kinda want to make custom made Spica Racing and Sigma Racing shirts.
  17. A lot of special thanks to Draiken for this release. This won't be possible without his help.
  19. Kindly take note that this is a beta version softsub & made for people who can't wait. It is not translation checked, edited nor quality checked other than me, Ais, the translator. There might be errors in translations, grammar, among others. As indicated in the subs themselves, if you found error(s), please email us ( the time stamp(s) of the line(s), and how to improve that line(s) so that we can correct them. There will be a final corrected version in due time and will be released and announced at our site - - if the title would not be released in official digital media with English subtitles.
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