Codex Old Ones

May 13th, 2015
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  1. In the waning centuries of the war in heaven, a commune of Old Ones decided to use their power over the realm of souls to jump forward into the future, just in-case things went badly. They made the jump expecting to arrive to future kin welcoming them, the Necron and C'tan Menace wiped clean from the universe, the Krorks, Eldar and other weapon races culled and/or repurposed to a state that could be integrated into the experiment. Only for the various Motherships to meet maelstroms and calamity. Nearly half perished or worse very shortly after arriving.
  3. The Remaining Old Ones, Their Slann Disciples and other servant races began eeking out communication through the tainted realm of Souls. The Necrons were weakened but still a threat to the galaxy, this new horror called Chaos bled into reality and it may have been their own actions that caused it, and the Tyranids invade the Galaxy like a virus. Worst of all they witnessed through the warp a being who glowed with a golden light in the realm of souls like a grand beacon, eclipsing their own power with its splendor. More frightening still, this being displayed this power while locked in a deteriorating state of undeath. What had happened to their Dominion over the Galaxy? What had made the Universe so wrong? It was clear that the experiment had failed and needed to be cleansed, how thoroughly was still being debated, but all agreed that the state of the galaxy needed mending.
  5. Thus they combined their might, emitting a Psychic call to all life descended from their creations or those species they had blessed. Those that heard the call that were dissonant and fractured found themselves imbued with a sense of belonging and an inherent understanding of their creators and their place in their plans. Those with Stronger pre-existing senses of unity and purpose found reason and will to resist the call. Many were even deaf to it all together despite having a connection to the Old Ones. Still, many Dark Eldar and Corsairs, fragmented Orks bands, Tarellians, Dronoks, Zoats, Loxotl etc. found themselves answering the Call of the Old Ones.
  6. (the goal of this project is to create a fluffy mostly Tournament Legal codex to play as space lizardmen, Obviously most Units will be lizardmen conversions, with Grey knight and space wolve weapons and some armor, however other factions have specific units to help conversions, such as Elves, Tyranids, Empire and more)
  8. --------------------------
  10. Forces of the Old Ones
  11. The Old Ones are few in number but command a vast army of Servant races who Reap the benefits of working with them, Optimization of Genetics and protection from any chance of extinction being chief among them, Eagerly Serving this Race of Demi-Gods who while unused to the current state of the warp command a deep understanding of its powers. (currently the army is best expressed as a counts-as ally force consisting of Grey knights, Inquisition, and Space Wolves)
  12. *all canon races will have Wiki entries linked
  14. Old Ones
  15. When they after eons of evolution managed to become physical manifestations of living sapient spiritual energy, they shed their former shape and became something majestic. While most resemble a mix of a dragon and feathered Serpent, some take other forms, like that of ancestral Slann that glows with power, a Radiant Eldar, a Mighty Krork Warlord, or some manner of graceful hybrid being. They typically act via Proxies and agents, only taking to the field for matters that truly warrant their power.
  16. (best expressed by using Kaldor Draigo's stats, however you build it, pose it on a terminator base much like a c'tan shard, Conversion bases include Elf Dragons of any stripe, Flamespyre Phoenix, Frostheart Phoenix, Lothern Skycutter and Empire Griffins)
  17. *Visual inspirations*
  21. Slann
  22. Primary Emissaries of the Old Ones, these slender creatures, resembling bipedal tailed, prehistoric amphibians are shaped in the image of the race the Old Ones once were before they ascended. They were effectively their hand and mouth, often believed by some to be the old ones themselves. They go into the fight with the best of Equipment, Reactive alloy blasters and power lances. Armed with great psychic power and well integrated cybernetics, they are a force to contend with.
  23. (best expressed as Grey Knight Terminators and Brother Captains, Convert from Kroot, with Skink Heads and Tails added, some green stuff for proper shapes, equip with grey Knight weapons and armor where applicable, or use the taller less wimpy looking Skinks)
  28. Elder Slann
  29. Ancient Slann who have grown large and wisened by their long life, they sit atop thrones fueled by their own powers, but one mustn't mistake their specialization for the assumption that they can't fight up close. Their thrones are armed with plasma weaponry and they can wield a psyonic blade. These beings can with enough time accumulate enough raw power to ascend and join the ranks of the Old Ones themselves, though such an occurrence is immensely rare.
  30. (best expressed as Rune priests/Rune Priest Terminators, Convert from Slann Mage Priests and Lord Kroak, this will be easy)
  32. Psytors
  33. The Distant Ancestors of Tarellians, these Undiluted Servants who have accompanied them across time are nearly as strong as the young Slann themselves in both raw strength and as psykers. Raptor like with pointed quill like protofeathers, they come armed with integrated implants as good as any armor and weaponry.
  34. (best expressed as Grey Knight Paladins, Interceptor squads, Strike Squads, Purgation Squads, and Purifiers, convert from sarus, shave off crests and smoothen some features and add toe claws with green stuff, apply Kroot quills, use tyranids parts with judgment, apply Relevant Grey Knight equipment, embellish as needed)
  37. Tarellians
  38. One of the Descendant races, robbed of their home world by the Imperium during the great crusade, they have eked out a living as pirates and mercenaries, most recently finding steady work with the tau, only a few had truly grown to believe in the Tau's Greater Good by the Time the Call was heard. This left incredibly few of them not under the command of the Old Ones. They use self styled shark tooth bolters which fire bladed charges intended to slice past armor before detonating. Often would make use of Crude Cybernetics before gaining refined versions of the implants from their new leaders.
  39. (best expressed as Space wolf Grey Hunters, Wolf Guard, Blood Claws and Long Fangs, and Iron priests also feel free to draw inspiration from the gorn, convert from Sausus, file down crests no smoothing and add quills, paint rusty red, once again Apply relevant equipment and embellish as needed, Tau Equipment is compatible for this one)
  41. Carnnox
  42. Before the crusades, the Tarellians dabbled in gene engineering, the Result was the Carnnox, to them what Ogryn are to humans, though perhaps a bit smarter. (stand in for Space Wolf Terminator Units, Kroxigor conversion base, convert from Kroxigor and Terminator kits, I recommend taking after the Krogan in looks)
  44. Celoran
  45. Similar results of gene Experiments, these smaller breeds act as scouts, infiltrators and other roles. Fast breeders they can act with surprising bravery. They have Taken to the Old Ones with a Religious Awe, they can be seen in all manner of roles too small for their larger kin.
  46. (best expressed currently by Ministorum Priests, Mystics, Acolytes, Preachers, Deathcults and some inquisitors, Convert from Skinks, apply relevant equipment, add Kroot quills)
  48. Dronok
  49. Troodon like saurians, deeply avian in form compared to the Tarrelians. This Descendant race is small in number but incredibly knowledgable about the current states of the universe, having been experts at avoiding the eye of larger factions while scavenging the ruins of numerous battles. Particularly worthy of note is that they have made use of Hrud tech. These hardy raptors have found a strong niche by helping Old Ones catch up with what's been happening in the Galaxy since they left.
  50. (best Expressed as Wolf Scouts, Psykers, Acolytes Crusaders, Inquisitors, convert from skinks, add kroot/hound quills leg joints[but not feet] green stuff raptor toe claw, elongate neck, add Kroothound beaks[reduce/remove underbite] apply feathers to body, add relevante equipment)
  52. Buzulon
  53. A Chameleon like race, they had been entirely lost to chaos, save one. This individual, disgusted at what they had become assisted the Imperium in exterminating them. This individual then wandered alone, taking mercenary work in order to feel useful until his demise. This changed when he heard the call, the Old Ones used his DNA as a template to revive his race, on the rise but small in population they act mainly as skilled infiltrators and long range snipers, though the Last and First plays a very different combat doctrine.
  54. (best expressed as Vindicars and Calladius, convert from Chameleon Skinks, add relevant equipment)
  56. Loxatl
  57. Quadrupedal semi-aquatic Reptiles, these grey lizards hate The Imperium so deeply that they will hire themselves out to chaos, though they do not follow it themselves. In battle they use Flechette Blaster vest operated via neural implants. Having possessed little ambition beyond battle and bloodshed, they were easy marks for the call. Though more primarily aquatic, genetic optimizations have made them better suited for amphibious life.
  58. (best represented as Thunderwolf cavalry or Bikers, convert from Salamanders or Razordon, add suitable equipment)
  60. Zoats
  61. A six limbed centaruoid race, these reptilians found themselves used as slaves to a particularly experiential Tyranid Hive Fleet. Eventually the novelty wore thin and the nids attempted to cull them, assimilating their genome into the creation of refined Hive Guard. Nearly routed fully, some cells survived and answered the call, half because they had nowhere else to go and the other half because the Tyranids had exposed their specimens to slave hormones that reduced their capacity for independent thought. Between this the zoats nicked off with some tyranid bio-weapons which the Old Ones were able to recreate in their own capacity. Before the Tyranid Hive Fleets, they were solitary, mysterious, morally neutral, and rather peaceful druidic creatures.
  62. (best expressed as Swiftclaw Biker Squads or Thunderwolf cavalry, convert from Hive/Tyrant guard kits with Lizardman parts added, Dragon ogre also has good parts)
  64. Koptryx
  65. Avian/saurian beings, they live in mobile aviary ships and are shockingly robust. Essentially flying cousins of the Dronoks. They freely make use of tech to enhance their flying and aerodynamic capacity.
  66. (best expressed as Skyclaw Assault Squads, convert from Ripperdactyls with any set of feathered wings and tail feathers to add to tail, finish with Kroot hound quills and head[again reduce underbite, add suitable weaponry)
  68. Terynchus
  69. Pterosauoid creatures, small but potentially ridable as cavalry. They are most at home pulling hover skiffs faster than most engines could ever manage, working in tandem and such
  70. (no counts as here just yet, maybe more skyclaws or part of a hover platform, convert from Terradon/Ripperdactyle kits, other converting ideas pending with role)
  72. Rak'Gol
  73. A vile degenerate species most closely related to the Zoats. They are effectively insane, valuing only the senseless slaughter of all that is not them. Lacking in much technology of their own, even the Orks make more refined machines than they do, their best claim to fame is the use of the dead Uv'oth's tech. Simple enough that the call can control them, the Old Ones see them as a shameful failure among the living descendant races and freely use them as disposable brutes as a way of mercy killing their species. Alas high numbers and their own dangerous attitude make this hard to accomplish.
  74. (best expressed as Servitors, Daemonhosts[Tech Shamans], Acolytes, Eversors[Abominations], and Flagellants, convert with a Gaunt or Genestealer upper torso on top of a kroot hound body, with tail and head of choice, add relevant weapons mounted on arms or in place of hands, Skaven, Ork and Dark Eldar Weapons will especially look good, matching does not need to be perfect as the Rak'Gol love stealing tech from other races)
  76. Sslyth
  77. A vassal Race of the Dark Eldar, most were lost to Slaanesh with very few answering the call, deafened under a cloud of sensations and worship of their god/dess. Those that did Come brought with them their use of Dark Eldar Shard Weapons and near immunity to pain, as well as a culture of hedonism foreign to the more purpose driven species' they now call kin. Tempered with their new master's efforts they serve as bards when not in the battlefield.
  78. (no sufficient counts as in codex used, unit exists in dark Eldar Codex and could theoretically be used unchanged as long as the venue permits house rules, no converting needed)
  80. Venatychus
  81. Physically resembling larger less upright versions of the Psytors. Their stance and lack of psychic power marks them as a purposefully made servant race. Acting as willing sapient mounts for other races, but capable of acting on their own. Their young lack sapience and are often sent into battle as fodder to weed out the numbers and avert population troubles.
  82. (sadly redundantly best expressed as Thunderwolf cavalry and Swiftclaw Bikers, the Young however are good for Fenresian Wolves and Cyberwolves, convert from Lizardmen/dark Elf cold ones, fix the face if you go lizardmen version, could also convert from seekers of slaanesh if you wanted to)
  86. Jokearo
  87. Created as specialized engineers for the Old Ones, they have changed little over the years and most answered the call like a dog reunited with its master, those under the ownership of the Inquisition were observed with berant behavior and placed into rooms with blanks, eventually they equipped with wards to block out the call made from a tiny enclosed fragment of blank brain tissue.
  89. Trialophes
  90. Intelligent Theropod saurians, they are marked with two vertical crests on their head and a third tapering off like a shield. These creatures serve as walking tanks, armed and armored for attack. They move with a deliberance of motion that can be mistaken for slowness. (best represented as Generic and Venerable dreadnoughts, convert from dragon ogre Shaggoth backside, classic carnosaur kit would be perfect, greenstuff crests or convert from shields and saurus head crests)
  93. Stegnathus
  94. Large sized Omnivorous predators, they are surprisingly nimble despite outclassing the Trialoph. Their backs are lined with bladed back plates tapering in their tail and back end being covered in spikes. Cybernetic augmentation allows these to be fired as projectiles, in addition to equipable weapons.
  95. (best expressed as Contemptor Dreadnoughts, again convert from dragon ogre Shaggoth backside with lizardmen shields as back plates, form spikes as you please, classic carnosaur kit would be perfect)
  97. (for back and tail)
  99. Tanklyo
  100. A servant race made to act as walking heavy weapons platforms covered in naturally growing metal plating and a shell compatible with all manner of bristling weapons. They are a sight to be feared despite being pure herbivores.
  101. (best expressed as Felblades and leman Russ tanks, convert from Bastiladon)
  103. Zenotops
  104. Vast Omnivorous creatures resembling armored ceratopsians, these thinking steads serve as part tank, part transport. despite being capable of rational thought they work best with a rider to spot for them and work the weapons
  105. (best expressed as Land Raiders and Rhinos etc. Convert from Stegadon)
  107. Tyloken
  108. Space faring monsters resembling large aquatic reptiles. These beasts have never had a home world and thus have been little more than predators traversing the void and warp for unfortunate ships. Armor plated and well armed, they possess grown body cavities that make them excellent transport ships. They notably take great glee in munching on the prey inside the ships of other races.
  109. (best expressed as a Thunder Hawk or other large transport vessel, convert from dragons or trygon kits?)
  112. Vastatex
  113. This beast is of an apex predator build. These six limbed carnosaurs posesse one primary and one vestigial set of arms. Now uplifted from their tribal life style, these ferocious saurians direct their predatory might towards the enemies of their rightful masters. Armed with the best military tech the Old Ones have to offer, they have taken to war like an ember to dry tinder.
  114. (best expressed as a nemesis dreadknight, convert from a carnosaur/Troglodon kit, apply Dread Knight weapons for the Dinoriders feel but if it had it's own model the I-Rex from JW would be a good distinct inspiration)
  119. Quakebringer
  120. Vast Sauropods that are effectively living fortresses and temples.
  121. (counts as Titan of some manner, no 1-1 matches, possibly knights or Titans)
  126. Stalkship
  127. Metal shelled living ships that walk on long legs, striding across the field when the land, they come in large and extra large.
  128. (again no 1-1 matches yet, Knights? Titans?)
  133. (added conversion note, The Empire Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark of Hysh kit contains good otherworldly looking weapons)
  134. ------------------------------------------
  136. Named Characters
  138. Sotek
  139. Newest of the Old Ones, and is the first Old One to have ascended within the 41st millenium. Having seen the galaxy in its current state while still mortal has offered a different perspective. Believing the Necrons are a secondary concern to chaos and feels that the calamity is heavily the fault of their own kind. The Deactivation protocols for the Eldar have suffered horrific malfunctions and the Kroks have devolved to the point that theirs never kicked in, perhaps it is folly to use life and spirit as tools in such a manner, though unsure how to gain it, Sotek sees that restoring peace is the first and foremost concern and perhaps they should step aside after cleaning up their mess. A result of this idea has made Sotek unpopular at best, declared enemy of the Old Ones at worst.
  141. Kukalquets
  142. Another Old one, vain and egocentric, but pragmatic with matters. His goal is a galaxy united under the Old Ones, or moreover, United under himself. His Ultimate Goal is to become a God powerful enough to brute force the other Gods into destruction or submission. Though not a God yet he certainly likes to act like it, though he's still has yet to overestimate his abilities.
  144. Kogobi
  145. Last and First of the Buzulon, He acts as an open warrior, shaped by age and time into a hulking bruiser. Once Burdened with Guilt and emptiness, he now proudly bears glorious purpose. As Progenitor of the new generation of Buzulon he fosters them protectively, seeing them all as his children and personal responsibility.
  146. (best expressed as Castellian Crow, conversion unknown)
  148. Wretch Claw
  149. An oversized and over powerful Rak'Gol, Best kept on ice and aimed in the general direction of the enemies. Loathed by his masters, but valued as a crude if effective living weapon.
  150. (Best Expressed as Murderfang, convert with Skaven stormfiends & Hellpit abominations, adding tyranid hive/tyrant guard, dark eldar talos and lizardmen parts as needed)
  152. Priest General Rugops
  153. A fanatic, one of many, seeing the Old Ones as Forgotten Gods Returned to guide them to a new Golden Age. The Old ones for their part humor these beliefs, some already believing it of themselves, others because they have no need to tell them otherwise. A Latent Psyker, he trains to become like his masters and leads on the field from his advanced command throne.
  154. (best expressed as Inquisitor Karamazov, convert from Tetto’eko)
  156. Gors'eith the Twisted
  157. A Sslyth who was once touched and blessed by Slaanesh. She sees the Old Ones as a means to an end. A Chance to become a Mighty Goddess in her own right. She utilizes her awakened powers as a mad sorceress to serve the Old Ones for now. Perhaps she will keep them as her pets when she has usurped them as masters of the Galaxy, as an act of gratitude. Though Wary, many Old Ones write off her ambition as empty bravado. Others still even encourage it as it will either make her see a more sane perspective or destroy her for them.
  158. (Convert from a Bloodwrack Medusa with Dark Elf Hydra head and comptable set of extra arms)
  160. Marduk, Nammu, and Ishkur the Liberators
  161. The Zoats under the Tyranids possessed only limited free will do to constant hormone alterations. They would have been completely dead had a few not escaped the initial enslavement. Most of these original refugees were tracked down by their own kind, extorted with the chance of freedom and survival. within two generations, all but these three had perished, but were it not for them, the Tyranids would have consumed the Zoats in their entirety. They had waited for the Hive to make their final move and orchestrated a rescue with the assistance of a mercenary army from the Thexian Trade Empire. Old and Hardened from their time alone, they are great leaders to their people.
  162. (convert from Dragon Ogre Bottoms and River Troll upper bodies, trim off nose and shape snout with green stuff. add futuristic weapons, Rules currently unknown)
  165. (Krootox, Smaug, Great Eagles, Cave Drakes, Winged Nazgûl, Necrons and Tau may all have yet untapped potential as conversion fodder)
  167. ---------------------------------------------
  169. Vassal Races
  170. These are the races Recognized as External Servants of the Old Ones, whose place in the future of the experiment is yet to be decided.
  172. Cleansed Eldar
  173. Whatever faction of Eldar they came from they are now united under their original makers. Their very souls branded with specialized wards against Slaanesh, they can once again reincarnate and act without fear. Now equipped with organic symbiote suits with wraithbone weave to act for the Old Ones. They are frankly shocked at how few had followed them. Perhaps it is that some communications between the Eldar and their Creators have... resulted in a few slipped words from the Old Ones which have altered their perspective. As for the Old Ones on the Cleansed, it is much like restoring faulty equipment to factory standard condition.
  175. Kork Rebuilds
  176. Kept few in number to avert WAAAHG! energy overloading their instincts, these restored Krorks enjoy the benefits of the Orks strengths but with a mind capable of wielding them with intelligence, albeit under very strict supervision of the Old Ones. Many Orks see these things as a paradox, Orky and Unorky at the same time, Gork has Disowned them, Mork has not.
  178. Kroot Supplicants
  179. It is Unknown if the Kroot are Truly a descendant race or if they simply heard the call as a result of the Ork genome they assimilated. The Old Ones have made them able to pick and choose the genes they assimilate much more effectively, freeing them from the need to eat only sapient life. The Tau and Those Kroot who stayed with them are quite alarmed along with the Tarellians at losing a not insignificant population to what appears to be mass brainwashing, such a perversion of the greater good.
  181. Nectontyr Turncoats
  182. Last of the Necrontyr, caught between extermination at the hands of the Old Ones and the living death of Biotransferance, they chose to chance death at the old ones to strike a bargain. They betrayed the Necrons, providing them with an understanding of their tech and tactics, alas their Intel was of little use against the C'tan. However in this new era, they can put their secrets to use, reprogramming and hijacking entire tomb worlds. When they take to the field they employ Necron weapons tech and necrodermis armor/implants, the latter mitigating their short life, while the Old Ones have cured their helpful servants of the cancers that once plagued them. Some grumble though that had they simply done this from the start, the war would never have happened.
  183. (convert with Dark Reaper, Tau and Necron parts to create the look of a living necrontyr in necrodermis armor)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------
  186. Aesthetics
  187. weapons and armor draw inspiration from the Protheans, Reapers and Geth (mass effect) while the Zoats draw more from the Collectors (also Mass effect) The Integrated Cybernetics harken to Riptor (killer instinct 3) while many other shapes and forms draw from Lizardman/Aeon Calcos,(Soul Calibur) King Kong, Jurassic Park/World & more recently Reptiles Jaw mask (MK)
  189. Theoretical real Codex
  190. at some point if this is ever made into a True Codex there are some extra rule sets to consider
  191. -Call of the old ones: an Old One Exclusive ability that would enable difficult but possible mind control of particular enemies
  192. -the fragmented and uncalled: Rule variants specific to the Descendant races that would enable them to be played independently of the old ones army: expressing both Pre-Call forces and those who resisted the call and Specifically Rules for using the Tarrelians with Tau
  193. -Assuming Command: Any army of under the Old Ones' banner can have an HQ be possessed and acts s an Avatar of the Old One's direct will on the battlefield. If the HQ is removed from play, roll to see who else the Old Ones can possess. This can go on until the last unit is down. This rule cannot be used if you have an Old One physically on the field.
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