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  1. Dear Evan Hansen Word Crawl
  3. Act 1
  5. Anybody Have A Map: Anybody have a map for this project? Start off with an easy 300 words. Your pace. Get into the feel of writing. Nobody knows how the hell to do this.
  7. Waving Through A Window: You try to speak, but nobody can hear... Because you turned off your social media for thirty minutes of sprinting. Good luck!
  9. For Forever: Evan can spin a really good story, so can you. Do 1k1hr to prove it.
  11. Sincerely Me: Do a fifty headed hydra. If you fail, sprint for 20 minutes. Kinky!
  13. Requiem: You will sing no requiem for the characters you killed. Write 2000 words to prove it.
  15. If I Could Tell Her: You're a million worlds apart, and don't know how you would even start? Start by sprinting for 20 minutes with your friends. Share a few sentences and critique to bridge that gap.
  17. Disappear: None of your characters should flicker out or have any doubt that it matters that they are here. Write 1500 words to ensure that they don't disappear.
  19. You Will Be Found: You'll reach up and you'll write again! Write 1000 words in 20 minutes to finish off the act with an inspiring attempt!
  21. Act 2
  23. Sincerely Me Reprise: You can't just make things up in a completely fabricated exchange that never happened! Sprint for 15 minutes and be sure to stick to the story this time!
  25. To Break In A Glove: It's the hard way, but it's the right way... To write your story. Do a 1k1hr.
  27. Only Us: And what came before won't count anymore, or matter, except for the last digit of your word count. That digit is how many fifty headed hydras you must complete.
  29. Good For You: Can't erase what you wrote in ink... Or in NaNo! Do 1k in 30 minutes.
  31. For Forever Reprise: All you're going to be left with is... You. But not if you have a 15 minute word war with a friend! If you lose, do a fifty headed hydra.
  33. You Will Be Found Reprise: Sometimes things will backfire. Some of this may be cut. Do 1k in thirty minutes anyway.
  35. Words Fail: Kill one of your darlings. Do it in continuous sprints until 5k words.
  37. So Big/So Small: Try 1k in 20 minutes. Too much? That's ok, you *will* get better. If you failed to complete, sprint to just 300 words.
  39. Finale: All we see is words for forever... So do a 3% challenge to finish up.
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