Riding Back to Alloycaster

Apr 12th, 2015
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  1. You are Jeanine.
  3. And tonight’s the night. You’ve been looking forward to this for a long, long time. You’re going all the way with Vance.
  5. “So, I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous.” He scratches the back of his head in that cute shy way of his.
  7. “I know. Me too. But I’ll be gentle.” You start sliding his pants down, the last bit of clothing being worn by either of you. Little Vance springs out, hard and ready.
  9. “Are you sure you want me to be on the bottom?” he leans up on his elbows.
  11. You don’t want to scare him. It’s taken a lot of work and sore jaw muscles to get here. “It’s alright. I don’t want you to worry about anything except having a good time. No pressure, no judgement, okay?”
  13. He grins boyishly. It turns goofy when you start stroking him up and down. “Let’s have ourselves a warmup.” You want him to relax and last for this.
  15. “Warmup? W-Oh...” You wrap your lips around his thick member. “I -ah, always feel a little guilty. You’re always-oh ho- doing this for me, but I don’t return the favor as much.”
  17. You pull your mouth up with a soft popping noise. “I told you, relax. It’s not a contest or exchange. It’s just something we do. And I like doing it.” You really do. It makes you feel wanted and sexy. You lower your mouth down again and hear him gasp.
  19. Your bring a finger up to your neck. You need to find the right spot for take out your gag reflex. You search for it with your index finger as you bob up and down. There it is. You give your neck a sharp, sudden jab. Suddenly your jaw is able to relax and you don’t care about the poking in your throat. You push yourself all the way down, taking Vance to the base.
  21. “Holy- Oh!” He mutters and grabs a bed sheet. “Oh! I’m going to-”
  23. You keep a steady rhythm going right up to just keeping the head in your mouth, to going all the way down again. You make sure your tongue pays special attention to that sensitive little spot on the underside. You moan to let him know you want him to let it out.
  25. “HTSH-” He starts pulsing. You feel the sticky emission flood down your throat. You swallow anything that isn’t already passed your tonsils. You’ve really become accustomed to the taste. You think even if you hadn’t taken out your gag reflex you wouldn’t mind.
  27. The last shots go down, and you slowly back your mouth off of him.
  29. He passes you down a drink. You love the stupid, lopsided grin on his face. Seeing him like that makes you feel accomplished.
  31. “Hoo, wow.” He leans back as you cuddle him. “I didn’t think we were going to take it that far.”
  33. You circle a finger on his chest. “What can I say? I like to get my reward.” You wink.
  35. After a short rest, you start making out stroking him again, feeling him harden in your hand. “Ready?”
  37. He nods. “Ready.”
  39. You roll off the bed quickly and grab the condoms and lube. You crawl up his body slowly. Half of it is to give yourself time to get excited, and half of it is to keep the sultry atmosphere so he doesn’t feel any pressure.
  41. You push yourself up, lining yourself up on his dick. You’re glad Kat took you to the spa today. You’re hairless, manicured, pedicured, and feeling especially sexy. It’s making this moment even better. You start grinding over him. He reaches up and grabs your breasts.
  43. “Alright, I’m putting it up.” You take the condom from it’s packaging and move back a bit. Your slide it over him, rolling the rim down. The lube is next. You’re excited, but you’re still a little intimidated by it.
  45. You lift yourself up and position the tip to poke your opening.
  47. Your eyes meet.
  49. Vance pushes up a little, this time causing you to gasp.
  51. “Sorry!”
  53. “No, it just surprised me. Eager?”
  55. He looks away bashfully.
  57. “Relax. I am too.” You pull his head back so you’re locking eyes again. You lower yourself down with the help of the lube. You can’t help but let out a small whimper. When you’re horny, you get this feeling like you need to be filled. Now you’re entirely filled up, it’s almost too much.
  59. “So warm.” Vance runs his hands up your legs, then your waist.
  61. You start pushing yourself up, then slowly, lower yourself down. You thought you’d feel a lot better, but you’re just trying to keep yourself from grimacing. It takes a bit of time before you can really adjust.
  63. Yeah, that’s it. You give it a little rock back and forth as you slide up and down. Vance keeps one hand on you upper thigh, and the other plays with your nipple, thumbing it as you bounce faster.
  65. “You’re making such a cute face.”
  67. You blush. You practically beg to get his dick in your mouth sometimes when you’re alone, but something about him seeing your face as you start the enjoy yourself here makes you feel shy.
  69. “I like it,” He grips your thigh a little tighter. With the encouragement, you rock faster and harder. Oh yeah. That’s the spot.
  71. “Ah, ah, ah!” You let him hear you. Why be reserved now? You keep trying to make him open up by making him feel good, but right now you’re just losing yourself in your own pleasure. “More!”
  73. He pushes into your when you come down. Feeling his passion makes you want it even more. “Yes,” He grunts. “Uh!”
  76. “More, more! I love it.” You’re getting a bit wild now. Your eyes laze around as you feel nothing but Vance. They connect with his eyes one more time.
  78. He looks right in your eyes. “I love you.”
  80. That pushes you over the edge. Your body convulses as your kegal muscles squeeze him. You’re so happy you try to laugh and cry at the same time. “I love you too.” Your kiss him sloppily as you keep rocking on him. “I love you.”
  82. You feel him pulsing into the condom. Your body keeps shaking and your muscles spasm.
  84. The both of you slowly come down. You can’t believe it. He said he loves you. He came with you. It was magical. You fall on top of him in exhaustion and satisfaction. You dripple a small kiss on his chest and snuggle against him.
  86. “Did you mean it?”
  88. He holds you tightly. “Nope.”
  90. You look up and see him grinning dumbly at you.
  92. “Of course I meant it.”
  94. You punch him in the inner thigh. “You jerk,” you laugh as you say it. You adjust yourself so you’re snuggling without his hip bone digging in so much.
  96. Both of you lay there for a bit.
  98. Vance curls your hair. “Want to go again?”
  100. You shoot up. “Yes please!”
  102. ------------------------
  104. You are Robin.
  106. Kat pushes you down. “W-what are we going to do on the bed?”
  108. She looks down at you like she’s a wolf and you’re a piece of meat. You’re a little ashamed of how turned on that makes you.
  110. She crawls over you, licking her lips. “You know exactly what we’re going to do.”
  112. “M-make love?”
  114. Kat pauses. You thought she was going to laugh and ravage you, but she seems like she’s thinking about something. Her expression changes. “Yeah. We’re going to make love.” She gently kisses you. “Give me a minute.”
  116. Kat steps off the bed and rummages through the bags. She takes out some scented candles and starts lighting them. She takes out a message oil. “Take your clothes off and lie on your back.” She squirts some onto her hands. You comply.
  118. Kat shuffles a bit out of view. You feel her naked body straddle your back as she places her lightly oiled hands on you. “Hmmm.”
  120. “You like that, huh?” She kneads your stiff shoulder. “You’re so small. I’m jealous.”
  122. “Jealous?” you barely mutter. You’re so relaxed. You adjust your eye patch and change the position of your head. Kat’s so good to you.
  124. She switches and goes to your legs. “Yeah. You’re so cute. You can wear shoulderless shirts and cute clothes. Any time I try something like that I just look trashy.”
  126. You push yourself up. “Not trashy. Sexy.” You run a hand over her arm. “I-I’m jealous of you. You look sexy no matter what. Everyone just treats me like a child.”
  127. Kat lowers you and, kissing you and running her hands over you as she puts her knee between your legs. “Then I guess that makes me a child molester.”
  129. You both pause, then laugh.
  131. “That sounded so much better in my head,” Kat says before going back to kissing you. “It’s your fault. I can’t think straight with you gasping like that.”
  133. You didn’t even realize you were gasping. You’re keenly aware of your whimpering though as Kat slides a finger in you.
  135. “I love you,” you both say in unison. She laughs again, causing you to laugh too.
  137. You both go back to making out. Her body presses into yours as you both become oily. Soon you’re both humping each other’s legs, gasping. Kat holds your head with both hands. Her tongue dances on yours. You try to keep up, but you’re getting hazy as you’re close to climax.
  139. Kat stops.
  141. “Please master, please let me-”
  143. She puts a finger on your lips. “None of that today. I want to try something different.” She goes back to rummaging through the bag.
  145. You were so close. You pout. Begging and being her pet is fun. You never would have admitted that to yourself if Kat hadn’t been so forward with you since you met. What is she going to do that’s different?
  147. As if answering your question, she takes out the double vibtrator strap-on. Your eyes go wide and she laughs. “Kidding.”
  149. You sigh in relief.
  151. “We’ll work up to that.” She lubes her index finger and crawls back over you. “If you’re up for it.”
  153. You think about it. You’d do anything she told you too, but you know she only wants this if you want it. That’s why you love Kat. She only really pushes you to if you want to be pushed.
  155. “Let’s try it,” you hear yourself say.
  157. Kat lowers her finger below where you can see. She inserts it into your butt.
  159. “Yee!”
  161. Kat laughs. “It’s not cold, is it? Does it hurt?”
  163. You shake your head. “Just...different.”
  165. That’s all she needs to hear. You squirm as she pushes it in and out. You know you’re making funny faces, and you know Kat things it’s adorable, but you were really hoping you’d look a lot more adult and mature doing something like this.
  167. “I think you’re starting to like it,” Kat teases.
  169. “It’s...yeah.” You squirm some more. “I like it. It feels like I’m taking-” Oh no.
  171. “What’s wrong?” Kat stops suddenly.
  173. You wiggle out from under her and scramble for the bathroom. You close the door behind you, mortified. You leap onto the toilet.
  175. Kat knocks. “Are you okay?”
  177. “I’m fine!” You’re so embarrassed. You can’t believe you ruined it like this. Kat must think you’re so gross.
  179. You hear Kat slump against the door. “You know I’ve already had a finger in there, right? You don’t have to be embarrassed.” She opens the door cautiously and comes inside.
  181. “Yes I do,” you squeal back. “I-I, I’m being gross.” You look down into the toilet. There’s nothing there except a small droplet of lube. “Oh, I thought I had to... you know.”
  183. “Drop a log?”
  185. You throw a towel at her. “Have princess time!”
  187. Kat bursts into laughter. “There’s no way you call it that!”
  189. You feel the heat in your face. “It felt like I had to go...”
  191. “It’s fine,” Kat says. “I sprung that on you pretty suddenly. Let’s go back in the bedroom and try again, okay?”
  193. You nod. It was a false alarm. You’ve never had anything move around in there, so you guess you just confused your colon. You’ll never not be embarrassed when it comes to doing things with Kat.
  195. But she’s not making you feel bad. She just smiles lovingly as she lowers you onto the bed. You feel safe.
  197. Kat puts on the double strapon and the illusion of safety shatters.
  199. “Too much?”
  201. You find yourself getting up on all fours. “It’s okay. Let’s do it.” You know if something goes wrong, Kat will support you.
  203. Kat smiles as she pushes up behind you. She lines them both up. “Here goes.”
  205. Oh. Look at that mirror. You can see your face.
  207. It contorts as you’re penetrated in two holes.
  209. ------------------------
  211. You are Clair.
  213. And you’re lonely. What’s the deal with Kat and Robin going to bed and not inviting you? You thought you had a more inclusive arrangement. It’s not like you want to get dependent on them, but you'd like to be invited to the same room if you’re going to join them in bed once in awhile.
  215. Well screw them. You have other dependencies that you don’t need to wait to be invited to. You undo the cap of the small flask and take a sip. There are a lot of people on this ship, and you’re going to find whoever is having the most fun.
  217. You settle into the bed and get comfy as you search out with your mind. It’s strange, taking a few drinks and searching for minds. Not safe either.
  219. When you’re sober you’re fine. You can cut connections and filter out anything that comes your way. When you’ve had a drink, you can’t. The upside is it lets you feel everything. The downside is you don’t have a whole lot of control.
  221. But you’re not too worried. You doubt you’ll run into any suicidal minds tonight. Besides, you’re Clair. If you do end up in trouble, you can get out fine. Those safety rules are for amateurs.
  223. You know. This isn’t really ethical, or something a mentally healthy person should do. Maybe you should stop doing this.
  225. After tonight. You found something hot and steamy. Oh yeah, these people are turned on.
  227. Oh, of course. Kat and Robin. Figures it’d be them.
  229. Oh well. You take another shot and let yourself melt into Robin. Kat starts massages your back. Awww yeah. This is the life. You can even feel her weight on your back as you enjoy the massage.
  231. Before long, you’re feeling a knee between your leg. You grab the flask and take another shot. You’re not worried about anything you find in their minds, you just want to feel it all.
  233. You’re just about there when Kat stops. Why? Damnit, what’s she doing? Is she...lubing a finger? You feel a sense of safety and agreement from Robin. Is that going in your butt?
  235. Hello! You squirm and wiggle as the finger does the same. Oh wow, this is new. You flail on your bed. It’s like being tickled from the inside. It takes awhile, but eventually you start to get into it. Yeah. That’s the stuff. It almost feels like taking a-
  237. Oh no. You watch Robin’s point of view as she scrambles into the bathroom.
  239. No. Nope. Not going to happen!
  241. Why did you have so much? You crawl out of her brain, searching for anything else to be your anchor. You use the entirety of your willpower to set yourself free of Robin’s orbit.
  243. And you float. You’re just about to pull it back and call it a night when you see another couple going at it. Oh man, she’s riding that thing like a champ. You catch a few surface thoughts, and most of them are about being loved and riding a massive dick.
  245. Well, you have to get in closer now. You’re not missing out on either of those.
  247. You settle into the woman’s mind. She’s a confident one. Busty too, judging by how you feel yours/her breasts bouncing. You relax and let her do all the work as you enjoy the feeling of bouncing on her partner.
  249. You’re only vaguely aware that your own body is doing the same on your bed.
  251. A rough hand caresses your nipple, and another holds your leg. It feels so good. Not just riding a man, but feeling loved and wanted. You’re pushed over the edge and quiver. You can even feel him cumming into his condom. You can’t believe how perfect this was for Vance’s first time.
  253. Wait, what?
  255. No no no no no.
  257. You try to get into the girl’s vision instead of just feeling what she’s feeling. You drunkenly stumble through her senses. By the time you get to vision, all you can see is a large chest your head is resting on.
  259. You pull out entirely. You don’t really want to know.
  261. Relax, Clair. There are a lot of couples on this ship. Yes, you’ve been pushing Vance and Jeanine together to soften the blow when you tell him what happened. Yes, you remember that they were totally going to seal the deal tonight, but you’re sure that wasn’t them.
  263. Right?
  265. Ah hell. You don’t care right now. You’re too drunk and satisfied. Odds are good you’ll forget this whole thing happened tomorrow anyway, so why bother worrying?
  267. Your eyes droop. Your butt still feels like there’s a finger in it. You vaguely still feel sore riding your boyfriends dick.
  269. Maybe you should give this psychic drunken voyeurism thing a break. You’re starting to even weird yourself out.
  271. Starting tomorrow, you’re taking a break from all this. For real this time. The next time you’re feeling lonely or horny, you’ll just do what normal people do.
  273. What the hell do normal people do?
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