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Jul 3rd, 2019
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  1. C02X5KQZJG5H:openmrs_sdk kshetty$ mvn openmrs-sdk:help
  2. [INFO] Scanning for projects...
  3. [INFO]
  4. [INFO] ------------------< org.apache.maven:standalone-pom >-------------------
  5. [INFO] Building Maven Stub Project (No POM) 1
  6. [INFO] --------------------------------[ pom ]---------------------------------
  7. [INFO]
  8. [INFO] --- openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:3.13.2:help (default-cli) @ standalone-pom ---
  11. OpenMRS SDK 3.13.2
  13. For more info, see SDK documentation:
  16. usage: create-project
  17. Description: Create platform/reference application/owa module
  20. usage: setup
  21. Description: Setup a new instance of OpenMRS server. It can be used for
  22. setting up a platform or a distribution. It prompts for any missing, but
  23. required parameters.
  24. -DaddDemoData Add demo data when setting up a platform server.
  25. -DdbDriver Database driver e.g. 'mysql' or 'h2'.
  26. -DdbPassword Password for the database user.
  27. -DdbUri Uri for JDBC connection to the database (default
  28. value matches dbDriver)
  29. -DdbUser Username for the database (defaults to 'root').
  30. -Ddistro OpenMRS Distribution to setup in a format
  31. 'groupId:artifactId:version'. You can skip
  32. groupId, if it is 'org.openmrs.distro'.
  33. -Dfile Path to file for batch
  34. setup.
  35. -Dplatform OpenMRS Platform version to setup e.g. '1.11.5'.
  36. -DserverId Unique id of a server.
  38. usage: deploy
  39. Description: Deploy a module/distribution/platform to a server. It can be
  40. used for deploying a new artifact or upgrading/downgrading an artifact,
  41. which was previosly deployed.
  42. -DartifactId Artifact id of an artifact, which you want to
  43. deploy.
  44. -DgroupId Group id of an artifact, which you want to deploy
  45. (defaults to 'org.openmrs.module').
  46. -DserverId Unique id of a server.
  47. -Dversion Version of an artifact, which you want to deploy.
  49. usage: undeploy
  50. Description: Undeploy a module from a server.
  51. -DartifactId Artifact id of a module, which you want to
  52. undeploy.
  53. -DgroupId Group id of a module, which you want to undeploy
  54. (defaults to 'org.openmrs.module').
  55. -DserverId Unique id of a server.
  57. usage: reset
  58. Description: Reset server and its database to the initial state.
  59. -Dfull If 'true', delete modules installed manually
  60. (defaults to 'false').
  61. -Dserverid Unique id of a server.
  63. usage: delete
  64. Description: Delete a server and its database.
  65. -DserverId Unique id of a server.
  67. usage: run
  68. Description: Start a server. If it is run from a module/distro/platform
  69. project, the project will be redeployed before launching.
  70. -Ddebug Enable remote debugging on the given port (defaults
  71. to '1044' if empty).
  72. -Dfork Set to 'false' to disable forking a process for
  73. running the server (defaults to 'true'). Useful for
  74. debugging within an IDE without a remote debugger.
  75. Not that 'false' disables the live-reloading
  76. feature.
  77. -Dport Port to use for running the server (defaults to
  78. '8080').
  79. -DserverId Unique id of a server.
  81. usage: watch
  82. Description: Add a module from the current directory to the list of
  83. watched projects. It enables the live-reloading feature for a module.
  84. -DserverId Unique id of a server.
  86. usage: unwatch
  87. Description: Remove a module from the list of watched projects. It
  88. disabled the live-reloading feature for a module.
  89. -DartifactId Artifact id of a module to unwatch.
  90. -DgroupId Group id of a module to unwatch. It is optional,
  91. if artifact id is unambiguous.
  92. -DserverId Unique id of a server.
  94. usage: info
  95. Description: Display server details including the list of watched modules.
  96. -DserverId Unique id of a server.
  98. [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  100. [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  101. [INFO] Total time: 1.417 s
  102. [INFO] Finished at: 2019-07-04T00:34:59+05:30
  103. [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  104. C02X5KQZJG5H:openmrs_sdk kshetty$
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