A roundup about BS-X and 64DD.

LuigiBlood Jun 30th, 2014 265 Never
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  1. Right now, BS-X Project is on hiatus.
  2. Not that I wish to, Kiddo was kind enough to give me a Super Famicom + Satellaview + BS-X cartridge, and even bought me a sd2snes.
  3. I did the testing myself with my own homebrew, and while I confirmed a few things, and discovered some more stuff, I still didn't find how Soundlink (Radio) works.
  4. I don't have any skills in enginnering, my father does, but I found out that I have just no way to make that work without skills for hardware stuff. If I may be in luck, I might learn some of that soonish.
  5. Also, maybe we'll have a working server sooner than expected, but for now it's on hiatus.
  6. I planned to update the emulators, and also to still make a proper version of SatellaWave.
  8. So far, this project is pretty much my pride. I'm proud of what I've done, I learned a lot of stuff that eventually ended up being useful for many things. I dedicated so much time to it, and I've seen Satellaview emulation growing. Now if only for other things it would have been like that too.
  10. I don't know if I'll begin a 64DD Project. I said that I want to make a dumper, but I don't know if I'm capable of making a 64DD emulator. By a freak coincidence, someone who worked on a dumper came back at around the same time I asked for a retail 64DD. So I am not sure if it's worth it anymore because the guy seems to be sure of himself this time. We'll see. Don't disappoint me, OzOnE.
  12. Also, for the BS-X Project, I have to give some Special Thanks to:
  13. - KiddoCabbusses, because you made me discover Satellaview, and for all the help.
  14. - Matthew Callis, for hosting the BS-X Project website.
  15. - ikari_01, because you did quite a lot of work for BS-X documentation, and that's cool.
  16. - nocash, even if we didn't directly talk to each other, you're a mad man with all these documentations.
  17. - BS-X English translators: GlitterBerri, Kakashi, quequotion, DarknessSavior... I'm trying to remember all the nicknames but it's not that easy and I still credited you all in the txt file anyway.
  18. - byuu, making an emulator is quite some task. I'm waiting for next version.
  19. - OV2, for converting the project and compiling snes9x-sx2 for me. Nice of you.
  20. - and... some others I've maybe forgotten. I wish not.
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