Smile! Miss Maid (one-shot)

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  1. Good morning, Master. I almost think aloud, but manage to control myself at the last moment. The moment before he rises is the high point of my life. His sleeping face is so cute - and, I suppose, he's not afraid of me. I try to smile at him every now and then, but he recoils in fear when I do. I'd never admit it, but I like Master. I'm happy he's still not married, and, truth be told, sometimes I fantasize about marrying him. I try not to - realizing I never can only makes me cry in the end. Now I just wish I had a beautiful smile to show him...
  3. Suddenly Master jerks awake. He must have seen me fantasizing about him again with some horrifying leer. Despair fills my soul, but I manage to gather myself, as usual. "Good morning, Master. Breakfast is served." I watch, longingly, as he staggers to his feet. I help him change to morning dress and follow him down the stairs as usual. I stroke my right tentacle as we descend, gazing at his shoulders and butt - I know he would be disgusted by my thoughts about him, but luckily he can't see it.
  5. I read Master's schedule aloud as he eats. He's going to be away all day inspecting his holdings. Of course, a housemaid like me can't come along, no matter how hard I wish for it. It would be foolish to even ask. I quietly prepare his luggage for the day as he finishes breakfast, and call the teamster to the entrance. I bid Master farewell even as I already plan to betray him. A wicked woman like me doesn't deserve to be Master's maid...
  9. Before the carriage even clears the garden, I'm in the laundry room, pulling out his dirty laundry. I slip out of my long, heavy dress and fall into the pile in my plain underwear. It feels so good, it smells so good! I fill my lungs through his underwear, shivering with pleasure as the smell fills my nostrils. It's simply wonderful. Master is so lovely. Sometimes I imagine flaying his mind as he sleeps. I hate to admit it, but I often get wet when I do.
  11. Even now, I imagine worming the tendrils out of my tentacles and into his ears - pushing their way through his flesh and inside his skull, finally penetrating the soft brains within to rewrite his mind. Maybe I would make him love me, maybe I would make myself his wife. My fingers furiously rub my crotch through the rough cotton as I imagine how penetrating his brain feels. They go inside him, probe around, retract, only to enter him again...
  13. I shudder in orgasm, my face buried in the laundry. Shame fills me even as the bliss begins to fade - this is not even the first time I've violated his trust. I should just die. Instead, I continue to touch myself, now more softly, as I imagine him penetrating me. I briefly imagine him lovingly stroking my breasts from behind, but it just feels to unreal. It's more likely he would punish me for my sins... He would roughly spank me until I cried, and then brashly insert himself into my dry anus. Oh, Master! I wish you would even hurt me...! I'm sorry, Master! I'm so sorry, Master!
  17. "What is it, Miss Sot-" I shriek in panic as Master barges through the door. Why is he here? Why isn't he at his lumber yard?! Master also screams, in disgust, I assume. I hear a crash as I spin to my feet, and see him flat on his buttocks in the corner. My life is over...! I might as well go for it, at this point. I lunge at Master, extending my arms and tentacles, and slam their wet holes onto his ears even as my arms wrap around him. I can't pause to enjoy the sensation, and I only hear him gurgle into my ear as I assume his eyes spin into his skull.
  19. Master falls limp as my tentacles put him to sleep. What should I do? I want to make him love me, but I'd hate myself for the rest of my life if I forced my beloved Master into something he would hate. I briefly entertain the thought of forcing him to make love to me. There's no way I could do something that horrifying. I have to take responsibility. I make him stay paralysed for a few minutes, so I can confess everything in peace.
  21. "...And that's when you came in, Master. I'm truly sorry for my actions." I can't tell if he's managed to take it all in. He doesn't look as disgusted as he should. It's time to end it all. "Master, can I ask something of you?" I pause for a moment to prepare for the inevitable. "What do you think of me?" Master looks at me, still dumbfounded. "I like you, Miss." What? Is this some way to tease me? "I like you. I never told you because I thought you hated me, with all the faces you make when you think I can't see."
  25. Slowly his body begins to move again. I kneel in front of him, dumbstruck. "I'm sorry I can't marry you, but could you become the mistress of an eternal bachelor...?" I struggle to say a word as Master slowly rises to his knees and hugs me to his chest. "I'm sorry, Miss, but I don't think I can wait anymore, now that I know your feelings." His lips slowly press onto mine, and his tongue snakes past our lips. I can't believe this is real... Master loves me? Master is going to make love to me? I must be dreaming.
  27. He softly lays me on top of the laundry without breaking the kiss. His hands caress my waist and hips softly but firmly, until one stops at my hips, wiggles into my bloomers and begins to rub me where I had so recently touched myself. I return his kiss, wrapping my tentacles around his head as his touch makes me squirm on the barely cushioned floor. Without thinking, I allow my tendrils to extend and enter his head. The soft feeling of his brain brings me to the edge, and I shudder in orgasm from the dual assault of his brain and fingers.
  29. To my surprise, Master moans in pleasure as I gather my ragged breath under him. He pulls down his trousers and lets his erect member fall to my abdomen an instant before he explodes in and around my navel. Master gasps and moans as he trashes around, humping my abdomen, then my thigh, before he finally finds his way inside me. I bite my lip as he tears into me - the tiny amout of pain is overwhelmed by the happiness that floods all around me.
  31. My tendrils violate Master's brain, jerking back and forth with every thrust of his hips into mine. The pleasure is unimaginable - in moments we both again shudder in completion. Master's semen spurts out into me and he falls limp on top of me. I pant and moan under his weight as my tendrils continue to caress the insides of his skull. Suddenly he shudders again, releasing more of his love inside me just as my tendrils fall out of his ears. I wish I would get pregnant from this. Master, my love...
  35. I tuck Master into bed, as always. Finally I can freely smile at him, knowing that he won't recoil at the sight. "Goodnight, Master." I bend down to kiss him goodnight. "Miss." He wraps his arms around my neck as he speaks. "Wouldn't you rather sleep with me from now on?" My face flushes bright red as he pulls me down onto the soft sheets.
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