Sisters Shenanigans [Celestia, Luna, SoL]

Sep 7th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. >Celestia's quill scribbled on an empty page of her journal.
  2. >She jotted down how bored she and Luna were today during the endless meetings on how Equestria's rail network would be improved.
  3. >Her mind tuned out both the steady crackle of the fireplace and the rain that couldn't quite decide if it wanted to be a light drizzle or a heavy downpour.
  4. >'...so Luna told the Equestrian Rail representative that he had precisely the budget we'd agreed on and that we trusted he was capable enough to make the best of it.'
  5. >Scribble scribble scribble.
  6. >'He looked most unhappy with this and wouldn't...'
  8. >A finger of cold air licked Celestia's back.
  9. >The quill, guided by her golden aura, deposited itself in its holder on the desk as she hopped off her stool.
  10. >Luna, lying on her back on Celestia's bed with her head hanging off the edge, let the book she floated in front of her face fall just enough so she could see over it.
  11. >”Done already? You usually have so much to write about on even the dullest of days.”
  12. >A night blue aura enveloped one of the letters on the elder sister's desk.
  13. >Said letter floated between the pages of Luna's book just before she slammed it shut.
  14. >”There is this new shop that opened up the other week that I've meant to take you to, but with the weather being what it is...”
  15. >Celestia trotted to the balcony door.
  16. >Raindrops drummed the glass and long rivulets of water ran down its entire length.
  17. >Tiny flickers of light in the darkness were all she could see of Canterlot.
  18. “It is indeed dreadful, and cold too.”
  19. >Sheets shuffled and bed springs creaked as Luna rolled the right way up.
  20. >”I have no problem with a little cold, but I can stoke the fire for you if you wish.”
  21. >Celestia turned to look at her sister, letting her lips curl to a warm smile.
  22. “If you could. I still have a paragraph to write.”
  24. >”Curses! It appears we have run out of firewood.”
  25. >Luna levitated the empty wood basket out of her elder sister's closet.
  26. >The sister, now back at her desk, glanced up from her diary.
  27. “Just ask the guard to-”
  28. >Crack! Flash!
  29. >Celestia let out a sigh as her sibling vanished in a flash of magic.
  30. >They had a guard at their door for a reason.
  32. >Crack! Flash!
  33. “You could have asked the guard to do that for you.”
  34. >The now full basket made a heavy thud as it settled on the floor.
  35. ”'tis faster this way.”
  36. >A single piece of wood floated out of the basket.
  37. >Luna chucked it into the flames and watched the flurry of sparks it released get sucked into the chimney.
  38. “It's good to give them something to do every now and then, since we end up protecting them more often than the other way around.”
  39. >Whump.
  40. >Another piece of wood flew into the flames, creating yet another flurry of sparks.
  41. >The fire roared as it caught on to the added fuel.
  42. >Celestia spread out a wing to catch more of its wonderful glow.
  43. >She sat still and enjoyed the tendrils of warmth licking her feathers.
  44. “Thank you.”
  45. >A warm glow spread all the way to her chest.
  46. >'Luna fetched us more wood for the fire. I could not have a better sister.'
  47. >She blew on what she just wrote to dry the ink, slotted the quill back in its holder, and slammed her diary shut.
  49. >”The Royal Historian is done with her task?”
  50. >Luna gasped for breath.
  51. >She had an overexaggerated look of shock on her.
  52. >”Are you sure you do not need to document where each drop of rain falls? How will the future generations survive without such information?”
  53. >Celestia bapped her sister on the cheek with her wing.
  54. “Did you have something planned or are you just bored?”
  55. >The corners of Luna's mouth drooped as she tread a bit closer to the fireplace.
  56. >She planted her rear on the floor, arched a wing, and tapped the floor next to her with a hoof.
  57. >”I thought you were cold and wished to warm up.”
  58. >Celestia couldn't help but let the widest of smiles on her face.
  59. >She trotted next to her sister and nuzzled her silky soft cheek before sitting down.
  60. >Luna's wing draped over her back.
  61. >The elder sister spread out her own wing and did likewise as they huddled together.
  62. >A dark, soft and very warm snout rubbed itself on the side of her neck.
  64. >The glow of the fire heated her from the front and Luna's side was pinned to hers.
  65. >The added wood had turned the earlier chill into but a distant memory.
  66. >Celestia sweated a little, but did not dare to move and break the moment.
  67. “Hey Luna.”
  68. >Luna stirred as she cracked open her eyelids.
  69. ”Mmh?”
  70. >The elder sister looked down at the younger one, a wide smile on her lips, and bowed her head so the tips of their muzzles touched.
  71. “Want to go do something very nice to ponies who have to stand outside in the dreadful weather?”
  72. >”Always, but which one of them? There's got to be thousands working out there even now.”
  73. “There's just two of us so we can't help them all, but how about we help those closest to us? I know there's a pair of guards at the gate.”
  74. >Luna glanced at the window.
  75. >Both sisters' ears perked up to listen to the hum of rain.
  76. >“A reasonable proposal. What did you have in mind?”
  77. >A sudden flash illuminated the room, followed by a boom a few seconds later.
  78. “Hot chocolate will cheer up anypony. Including our guards standing out there.”
  80. >Luna lifted her wing off her sister's back, folded it, and then gave it a shuffle to make the feathers settle.
  81. >“That is a most excellent idea. I wouldn't mind some myself.”
  82. >She pushed herself up on her hooves and tread to the window to look out of it – though she saw little more than a reflection of herself and the room.
  83. >“We'll make it four cups of steaming hot chocolate, so you won't have to be without.”
  84. >Celestia gave her wings a flap before folding them.
  85. >It propelled her upwards just enough that she could just stick her hooves out and be standing upright.
  86. “I see we have already reached an agreement. I wish all my negotiations were as easy as those with you.”
  87. >A dark hoof jabbed her barrel.
  88. >“Then perhaps you should 'negotiate' yourself a prime minister who could take care of all the boring stuff.”
  89. >The elder sister let out a short sight.
  90. “If only there was somepony as experienced as we are. I'd let them take over in a flash.”
  91. >As if on que, another flash illuminated the room.
  92. >This time the delay between it and the sound was just one second.
  94. “Do you remember where the cocoa powder is, sister? The cooks must've moved it again despite me telling them not to.”
  95. >The tingle of magic filled the air as a closet near Celestia flew open.
  96. >A box of cocoa powder lied on the top shelf.
  97. “Oh. How'd you know it's there?”
  98. >Luna glared at her with an arched brow as the pot in her night blue magic set itself down on the stove.
  99. >“That's where I put it last night. So you've been the one who keeps moving it.”
  100. >A silence filled the kitchen for a second.
  101. “This is where I've always kept it...”
  102. >Celestia pointed a hoof at the empty spot on the shelf in front of her.
  103. >It'd been centuries; maybe she just forgot how it used to be.
  104. “...as far as I remember. Was it really there way back then?”
  105. >“Back then?”
  106. >The younger sister blinked twice, her face blank.
  107. >“I am not sure. That's where it was when I first used it a few years back, so I thought it's where it's supposed to be.”
  108. “Ah. Well, that's no problem. We can keep it there from now on.”
  110. >“Even mix of sugar and cocoa, sister. Not two to one.”
  111. >Celestia glanced backwards and found Luna staring at her instead of the bowl she whipped cream in.
  112. “Don't worry, this cup's for me. I'll do yours and the guards' the way you like it, all sour and tasteless.”
  113. >She returned her focus to the measuring as she heard a sigh from behind.
  114. >“I've told you, sister. There are flavors other than sweetness. Most of us like those other flavors as well. Give them a chance.”
  115. “Mm-hmm.”
  116. >She poured a spoonful of sugar into her cup, then reached into the bag for another.
  117. >Dreadful days called for extreme measurements.
  118. “I guess some things never change.”
  120. >An endless torrent of rain pummeled the courtyard between the main doors and the main gates.
  121. >It came down so hard it made the gutters overflow.
  122. >The royal sisters, with a tray full of mugs of steaming hot cocoa floating between them, lit up their horns and a dome of magic appeared above them.
  123. >It was a perfect split of Celestia's gold and Luna's blue.
  124. “It has been a while since we've had it this hard. I must remember to thank the weather ponies. It isn't quite 'raining like I've never seen before' but I have to say it is not too far off.”
  125. >Celestia had to raise her voice to make it audible over the noise of heavy raindrops pounding the magical shield.
  126. >Luna glanced at her, then up at the darkness that was the sky.
  127. >“It is quite the storm, yes. But no match to the ones Discord threw at us.”
  128. >That was certainly true.
  129. >It didn't rain chocolate milk, for one.
  130. >The elder sister's lips curled into a smile as she thought of the stark contrast between Discord then and Discord now.
  131. >Lord of Chaos, the greatest O&O Game Master Equestria had ever seen.
  132. >“Should we ask him to make another one of those? I'm sure he'd be happy to.”
  133. >For a moment, the only sound was the pouring rain and the sibling's hoofsteps on the sopping wet stones of the courtyard.
  134. >That one sly smile sneaked onto Luna's face as Celestia glanced her way.
  135. “I hope you're not planning on asking him to bring the Smooze over for dinner.”
  136. >“Banish the thought.”
  138. >“Hey, I thought-”
  139. >Clang!
  140. >Both guards snapped into attention as they saw who came through the gates.
  141. >“Princess! What can I do for you?”
  142. >They stood as far back in their alcoves as they could.
  143. >That kept them dry, but left them even more bored than usual.
  144. >Luna flashed a smile at both the pegasus and the earth pony.
  145. >“Well, since you asked so directly, you can drink this hot chocolate we brought.”
  146. >A night blue aura wreathed one of the mugs as it floated towards the earth pony guard.
  147. >It earned the sisters a confused stare.
  148. “What? Are you surprised we are concerned for your well being?”
  149. >Celestia enveloped another mug in her magic and levitated it to the pegasus.
  150. >The little pony eyed the mug, not quite sure whether she was supposed to take it or not.
  151. “Go on. We thought you could use some hot drinks in this weather since you're stuck out here. Guarding the gate can be a thankless job, but it is an important one.”
  152. >Both the earth pony and the pegasus finally found the courage in themselves.
  153. >Their armor clinked as they hopped out of their alcoves and beneath the sisters' rain cover.
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