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The outsiders Dallas Eulogy

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  1.                                                 Dallas Dally Winston
  2.                                                       Eulogy
  4. We are here today for the death of Dallas Dally Winston,My name is Ponyboy curtis me and dally were friends we both considered ourselves family,Thank you all for coming to dallas funeral and listing to what i have to say, Dallas was 18, Passed away from suicide by cop,March 12th at 2:16 AM, In the vacant lot, Where he was going to meet the gang.
  5. Dallas Winston was so brave that there was a burning building on fire him and johnny ran into it and saved the kids and the injuries were so bad that ended up to johnny dieing and dallas had a broken back.
  6. Dallas was always in trouble and he didn't really live his life listing to the rules he did whatever he wanted to do if he wanted to do it.I said a Quote to dally and said “Dallas Winston wanted to be dead and he always gets what he wants”.
  7. Dally can be violent and impulsive but he genuinely cares about me,Dallas is filled with hate and doesn't have lots of real friends but he loves ponyboy and johnny the most.
  8. Dally taught me that you need to look out for only yourself so that nothing can touch you.
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