Ani-Kan [Typeset]

Dec 1st, 2015
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  1. Ani-Kan translation
  2. from
  4. >I heard the anime doesn't feature any of us CVLs.
  5. >What in tarnation?!
  6. >There's clearly some preferential treatment going on here!
  7. >[Admiral's Office]
  8. >Ah'm gonna have to take it up in person!
  9. >What in the blazes is goin' on Admiral?!
  10. >Why are y'all treatin' us light carriers like this?
  11. >...Even if you come to me about it...
  12. >It wasn't like I got to show up either...
  13. >[Pleased to meet you everyone, I'm Kurogane Gin.]
  14. >[This time around, this Kancolle doujin will use the anime as a reference. Although the first thought when speaking of the anime was the complete absence of my shipfu and a whole lot of flaws, let us leave those complaints unspoken for now (^^). If you want a serious opinion, it's that ネシコTV (Neshiko TV? Is he talking about Nekkoro TV?) is really interesting.]
  15. >[I hope they'll keep working hard on the second season.]
  16. >[Well then, I hope everyone who has bought this doujin can come to smile a little bit.]
  17. >[2015/04/26 Kurogane Gin (bow)]
  19. [Pleased to meet you!]
  20. >I'm the Special-type Destroyer, Fubuki!
  21. >I'll be in your care, commander!
  22. >[Ehhhhh?! Why is the commanding officer sleeping?]
  23. >[And he's all snuggled up in the futon too! This IS the Admiral's room, right?]
  24. >Were you surprised, Fubuki? It's nothing worth worrying about.
  25. >Our Admiral's just a little weird.
  26. >He bases high strategy and his other duties on the dreams of the previous night.
  27. >How am I not supposed to be worried?!
  29. [There should be a Main Character Aura Buff...]
  30. >EHhh?! Fubuki-chan, you've
  31. >never actually been in battle before?!
  32. >Why didn't you just tell us?!
  33. >Isn't it a bit too headstrong to go in with no training?
  34. >...because...(murmur)
  35. >Hmm? What'd you say?
  36. >Well, because A(mu)ro and Ikari (Shin)ji...
  37. >didn't have any training beforehand and they did okay...
  38. >There's a limit to how headstrong/arrogant you can get!
  40. >What a beautiful person...
  41. >So this is the 1stCarDiv's Akagi-san!!
  42. [Annoying Twerps]
  43. >Peeking >is rude, you know.
  44. >Ah, K-K-Kaga san?!
  45. >Did I misunderstand you?
  46. >N-no, we're nto peeking, we're just...umm....
  47. >Our apologies, we just wanted to say that by observing stronger people in training that we could also gain valuable insights for our own training!
  48. >Ah, is that so.
  49. >Do tell, what have you destroyers learned from watching?
  51. >Well, about that...firstly, her right hand is clutching the rattan wrapping (Yazurido / 矢摺籐), which is incorrect. Her middle finger and ring finger aren't together. Moreover, her thumb isn't held close enough, so there's a gap.
  52. >As for her right hand, her middle finger isn't in the handguard, and it's worrying that she's holding the arrow too high relative to the launch position.
  53. >Also, also, the arrow isn't flush to her cheek.
  54. >Lastly, the bow is held too close to the palm and the arrow isn't resting on top of the thumb.
  55. [reference: the Kyudo Police]
  56. >Tch...this child!
  57. >I definitely can't let her near Akagi-san!
  59. [The Last Stop is Despair]
  60. >Mutsuki-chan's waiting today, too, for Kisaragi-chan to return.
  61. >I feel for her, but I can't just watch her run away from reality like this.
  62. >Look, Mutsuki-chan, I know it's sad, but Kisaragi-chan, she's...
  63. >I don't want to hear it!!
  64. >Kisaragi-chan's definitely alive!
  65. >Since Kisaragi-chan's so gentle, she might have ran and hid herself when the battle started to avoid fighting!
  66. >Once this war is over, she'll definitely return!
  67. >But if she fled in the face of the enemy, won't she be immediately court-marshaled as a deserter and dismantled?
  68. >Just give up!
  69. >Uwaaaahhhhh!!
  71. [The Great Curry Battle: Revengeance]
  72. [An Adult's body, a Chump's tastes]
  73. >The great curry
  74. >revenge match starts now!
  75. >Since quite a few people felt that the last match's judgement was unfair,
  76. >All previous contestants will now be competing again!
  77. >Secretary ship Nagato-san sure looks cool, but who'd have known that her tastes are those of a child's, wwwwwwwwww
  78. >You're being made fun of.
  79. >Whatever!
  80. >Let's refer to her from here on out as the "Reverse-Conan-kun of Taste (note: there's a -kun in this)" wwwwwww (note: a Conan-type is a young or young-looking person with grown-up tastes. A reverse conan is naturally the very opposite. I assume it comes from detective conan).
  81. >Fucking rude!
  83. [Appetite Uber Alles]
  84. >The Judges have been increased to three people.
  85. >First let's introduce the male representatives, the Admiral-san everyone knows. >As the Children/Destroyer's representative, we have Fubuki!
  86. >[kind of embarassing...(note: I'm kind of guessing here, that font is horrid)]
  87. >The noncompeting and uninvolved Main Character
  88. >Next up is the female representative, Aka....ehhhh?!
  89. >Akagi-san, shouldn't you be in the contestant's booth?
  90. >But isn't there more curry to eat here?
  91. >Do you even know why we're here?!
  92. [B&]
  93. >Well then, due to the various circumstances of last round,
  94. >We have banned a number of things from the competition. Please adhere to these rules. >Firstly, instant packaging is forbidden.
  95. >Oh, okay.
  96. >Next up, stripping is forbidden.
  97. >Don't say it as if I wanted to be stripped!
  98. >Lastly, Hiei is forbidden!
  99. >Has my very existence been rejected?!
  101. [Productivity's Foe]
  102. >Well then, all groups, please begin cooking!
  103. >Naka will be in charge of interviewing our contestants on the ground.
  104. >Yes, this is Naka-chang, at the competition grounds!
  105. >It seems like everyone's buried themselves in their work, so it doesn't seem like it'll be easy to start a conversation with them~
  106. >Well then, until the cooking is done, let's all enjoy Naka-chang's solo....
  107. >Don't screw around!
  108. [An Expert Behind the Scenes]
  109. >First up, let's pay attention to speedmaster Shimakaze!
  110. >This time around, what will she resort to satisfy her need for speed?
  111. >But since instant meals are banned,
  112. >she's going to have to start from scratch....ehhh?!
  113. >She already--!!
  114. >She's already prepared pre-diced vegetables?!
  115. >And the materials are all polished and roughly of the same size!
  116. >This is definitely Houshou-san's work!
  118. [Houshou did all of it]
  119. >Is it really alright for SHimakaze to do this, Admiral?
  120. >Well, she's really toeing the line here
  121. >but let's give her a pass this time.
  122. >After all, it doesn't really cut down time by that much.
  123. >It'll be what she does from here on out that matters.
  124. >Having put her ingredients into the pot, contestant Shimakaze....ohhh?
  125. >It looks like she's taking something out...
  126. >Did she just take out pre-cooked curry?!
  127. >Disqualified, you moron!
  128. [The voices from heaven are the whispers of demons]
  129. >There we go--
  130. >This is my Special Curry, made with a careful blend of all my ingredients.
  131. >This isn't enough, Onee-sama...
  132. >What?!
  133. >That voice...Hiei?!
  134. >[No matter how delicious the curry sauce is, it won't be enough without the feeling of satisfaction from the ingredients.]
  135. >[The important thing is the ingredients...something is needed, something with Onee-sama's flair] >[A Gorgeous ingerdeint]
  136. >Gorgeous?! Like Gold powder or something?!
  137. >[Instead of that, how about using Diamonds? (note: in Japanese and Chinese, "金剛石," readable as "Kongou's Rock," is the word for Diamonds)
  138. >Wow! That really IS Gorgeous dessss!!
  140. [Food Taster / Testing for Poison]
  141. >Given that Akagi-san will eat it....
  142. >Then I can't allow anything she can't eat.
  143. >Ehhhh?!
  144. >The pot's been shot through!!
  145. >What are you doing, stupid Kaga?!
  146. >Now all the curry's wasted!
  147. >I can't let Akagi-san eat anything the 5thCarDiv makes!
  148. >Kaga-san, you're out too.
  149. [A young woman's tastes]
  150. >The reason I failed last time was that I failed to understand the judge's tastes.
  151. >That is, I used a curry geared towards adults seeking spice!
  152. >I should have went for something everyone would like, like Pork Chop Curry...and so, today
  153. >I have specially made a fried pork chop-based curry sauce!
  154. >That is, Victory comes to those who seek beauty!
  155. >And so I will go for the pig curry victory! (note: poorly translated pun joke)
  156. >[It's because Onee-san drops these ancient pun jokes]
  157. >[that she's treated like an old lady.]
  159. [Retort]
  160. >Ara, you children of the 6thDesDiv
  161. >could it be that you're making the same curry as last time?
  162. >As expected of you twerps, no growth at all!
  163. >Don't call us twerps!!
  164. >Constantly changing attitudes and getup to match the expectations of others....
  165. >This is the sign of someone who lacks confidence.
  166. >No wonder you're an unmarriable christmas cake.
  167. >Let her go! You've already eroded all of Onee-san's self-worth!
  168. [Faking Death]
  169. >Time--Up!
  170. >Please stop your stoves!
  171. >In the end, only two groups finished
  172. >This isn't much different from what happened last time.
  173. >>Indeed. The kitchen is a housewife's battlefield.
  174. >To stand on the battlefield and not cook is like deserting in the face of the enemy!
  175. >I really want to see the Commander's expression!
  176. >Oy, weren't you the first person out! (note: I don't get what's going no here)
  178. [Unbiased Judgement]
  179. >Well then, now that the eating is done, the judging hereby commences.
  180. >Will the winner be team Ashigara or team 6thDesDiv?
  181. >This time, we'll judge based on raising the sign of the team you found tastier.
  182. >Well then, Akagi-san, please show your judgement!!
  183. >It's a tie!!
  184. >Was it that close?!
  185. >Well, they're both great once they're in my stomach. >Please just decide based on taste--!!
  186. [Towards the Final Battle]
  187. >Ohhhh?!
  188. >Fubuki also found it a tie?!
  189. >B-because there's too much I'd think about if I chose one above the other. Also I don't want people to be mad at me once I'm done....
  190. >What kind of spineless MC are you?!
  191. >Well clearly we chose the wrong people!
  192. >This last choice will be the defining battle! What will the Admiral's judgement be?!
  193. >Ahhh--only one sign was raised!!
  194. >Which team was it that won?!
  196. >It's the 6thDesDiv!
  197. >The Winners are the 6thDesDiv!
  198. >Whhyyyyy--?!
  199. >Was there something that I did wrong in my Pork Chop Curry?
  200. >Indeed,
  201. >From taste alone neither was better htan the other.
  202. >But there was one decisive difference between you too.
  203. >D...decisive difference....?
  204. >ANd that is "Youth!"
  205. >This has nothing to do with age!!
  206. >Well, it's because I'm a lolicon.
  207. >The wrong perosn was picked after all!!
  209. [In the Big Curry Festival]
  210. >So in the end, the competition fell aparta gain.
  211. >Ara, you feel that way as well?
  212. >Can't you hear it?
  213. >The wistful words of the disqualified curry...
  214. >The Summer Grass Sways;
  215. >Warriors settle to rest; leaving trails of dreams (note: by the font this is probably a poem. I don't know if it's an actual famous one, but I did translate it in a vaguely haiku format)
  216. >[My Curry Festival has only just started!!]
  217. >Although I don't udnerstand what you just said, you clearly still have a lot of appetite!!
  218. >[Leftover Curry; Leave it all to Akagi/the staff; savor it fully]
  220. [My Faith in my Luck is Strong; I go My Own Way (note, a guess. The first part "賭性堅強" is definitely correct, I don't know what the second part "我行我素派" means completely.]
  221. >Super Battleship Yamato
  222. >She is our fleet's pride; the strongest and mightiest of the battleships.
  223. >But her experience and training is incredibly lacking.
  224. >That can't be helped.
  225. >Even if I wanted to send her to training, we'd have to expand a massive amount of resources.
  226. >Right now this naval district odesn't have those reserves.
  227. >Eh? Where are you going, Admiral?
  228. >I'm off to go LSC.
  229. >[Taihou]
  230. >[Because I want her]
  231. >Are you retarded?!
  233. [The S(h)inging Younger Sister]
  234. >Ah, Naka-chan is glowing.
  235. >Ahh, she's ready to be remodeled.
  236. >Well then, let's hurry and get you remodeled.
  237. >Nah
  238. >[Sparkle]x2
  239. >[Glow]
  240. >Naka-chan is fine like this.
  241. >It's not fine at all.
  242. >Hurry up and head over to the drydock.
  243. >[Orders: Naka get your Kai II]
  244. >I told you I dno't wanna!
  245. >Naka-chang wants to shine forever!
  246. >[Idol Ichiban Boshi / The Number One Star of Idols]
  247. >I want to become everyone's focus!
  248. [The Darkness Elder Sister]
  249. >Really now...could you just be a good girl and get remodeled?
  250. >[this is really bad for the eyes]
  251. >[I--Don't--Want--To--!!]
  252. >Ahhh?!
  253. >There we go, remodel her if you want to, scrap her if you want to.
  254. > this really alright?
  255. >While I did say you don't have to accomodate her whims...
  256. >There's no way we'll be able to Yasen while she's glowing like this.
  257. >So you were just thinking about yourself too?!
  259. [So I can eat anytime]
  260. >Fubuki-san, I hope you'll be able to be my (larder/messcort) ship.
  261. >(P...partner/E...escort) ship or something like that....
  262. >I-I can't do something as important as that!!
  263. >Don't overthink it.
  264. >You just have to bring food to me while I'm docked.
  265. >A (larder/messcort) ship!!
  266. >Please allow me!
  268. [The road to being the Best Partner]
  269. >Akagi-san...
  270. >she's eating that much again.
  271. >If these kind of eating habits persist,
  272. >she may lose her beatuiful features in the not-too-distant future.
  273. >Therefore, I have to protect it!
  274. >In order to be recognized as the Best Partner!
  276. >Akagi-san, I'd like you to eat this plate today.
  277. >Eh? Did Fubuki-san make today's meal?
  278. >Yes!
  279. >It's thanks to this curry!
  280. >It tastes the same, but the calories are reduced by half!!
  281. >The calories are reduced by half...?
  282. >Could it be that you're worrying about my body?
  283. >Ehehe...that's a given, since I'm your partner ship.
  284. >Thank you...
  285. >I'm very happy, Fubuki-san.
  287. >If the Caloric content has been cut in half
  288. >that means I can eat twice the amount <3
  289. >You really are the best partner!
  290. >While I'm very happy, I really can't celebrate!!
  292. [Kirishima Release]
  293. >K-Kirishima, she....
  294. >threw her glasses away?!
  295. > heavy!!
  296. >Has that Kirishima been wearing something that heavy that whole time?
  297. >But even if her speed increases, her accuracy will....!!
  298. >Can you fight without glasses?
  299. >It's fine...
  300. >I, Kirishima, have been blind from the beginning!
  301. >So the glasses weren't even decorations?!
  303. >Congratulations on showing up.
  304. >Ah cut the crap.
  305. >Ain't nothin' worth cheerin' about.
  306. >Didn't even have any lines, all they showed was my back...
  307. >I may as well be some kinda bystander.
  308. >But isn't that good?
  309. >Since they only showed your back, they won't be able to see or make fun of you for your flat chest.
  310. >Ah don't see how that was supposed to cheer me up!
  311. >[The End]
  312. >[Thank you all for your company. I hope everyone had a few laughs.]
  313. > [Since I will personally be looking for evaluations, if you have any comments or concerns, feel free ot say them.]
  314. >[The next time we'll meet will probably be summer comiket, right? If I'm selected, I'll be relying on everyone again!]
  315. >[Until next time!]
  316. >[2015 04 26 Kurogane Gin, (bow again)]
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