Golden Opportunities VII

Dec 28th, 2016
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  1. "Goddammit Twi..."
  2. >You sighed as you leaned back into your couch
  3. >The living room, along with most of the house, was completely silent
  4. >About an hour ago you had traded your towel for some pajamas and thick, fluffy socks
  5. >Your hair still wetly clung to your neck, but because you had just tossed a couple of logs into the fire, it wasn't cold enough in the room for it to bother you
  6. >But something WAS bothering you
  7. >Something that went by the name of Twilight Sparkle
  8. >You sighed again at the thought of her, looking up at your ceiling
  9. >You had tried your hardest to tell her that what she had done wasn't that big of a deal
  10. >Humans didn't share breaths
  11. >There was no cultural significance to it in anyway whatsoever
  12. >At most Anon would have thought that it was a little weird
  13. >But, of course, Twi didn't believe you, and instead holed herself up in your room
  14. >The dummy...
  15. >Nevertheless, you could still feel your face heating up a little at the thought of what you had witnessed
  16. >Even though you had been in this world long enough to be used to the cultural differences, you were still an Equestrian at heart
  17. >You knew how... intimate breath-sharing was
  18. >You, like most ponies, knew what it meant
  19. >And you were born and raised in Canterlot, where tradition was the lifeblood of the community, so its significance had been doubly drilled into you
  20. >Only ponies that loved each other shared breath
  21. >It was deeper than marriage vows, more significant than forming a herd and even having foals
  22. >It was for your soulmate: the mare or stallion that you loved more than anything else in this world
  23. >Your other half
  24. >The one that made you whole
  25. >You had only seen it once or twice yourself, and never in public
  26. >And Celestia FORBID if you thought about doing it with just any old colt...
  29. >A groan escaped your lips, and in a bout of frustration you hit the back of your head against your couch
  30. >You honestly had no idea how the heck Twi could mess up a kiss like that
  31. >You loved that girl to death, and you'd happily do anything for her, but HOW!?
  32. >All she needed to do was lean forward and pucker her lips!
  33. >She wasn't performing some complex spell!
  34. >Your face reddened a little further when you replayed the scene in your mind
  35. >Twilight cupping Anon's face...
  36. >Anon holding her close...
  37. >The two's lips so close that they were nearly touching…
  38. >Their chests rising and falling...
  39. >A pang of jealousy hit your stomach but you were quick to beat it down
  40. >You only hoped that Anon was talking some sense into that purple dork...
  41. >Despite yourself, a small smile wormed its way onto your face
  42. >Twi had picked one heck of a stallion it seemed
  43. >Where most guys would have been making excuses before running out the door after all of Twi's silliness, Anon had stayed
  44. >And he had not only stayed, but he had insisted that he go and talk to Twilight
  45. >You had gotten the sense that he had thought Twi freaking out was his fault
  46. >You had insisted that he hadn’t done anything wrong, but he had been set on talking to her
  47. "Poor guy..." you murmured to yourself, looking into the fire
  48. >...
  49. >It was really sweet of him to stay
  50. >If something like this happened to YOU you’d be out the door in a heartbeat...
  51. >When everything was said and done you were going to do right by him
  52. >You didn’t know how you were going to do it, but you were going to do it
  53. >Celestia knows that he deserved it...
  54. >...
  55. >You know, this was supposed to be a FUN weekend...
  56. >You were supposed to help your friend get some dick, you were supposed to get a little action in the process, and you and Twi were supposed to hang out like a pair of sis's
  57. >Now look at you, awkwardly sitting in your own home, hoping that a cute little stallion would be able to--
  59. >You jumped in surprise
  60. >From the other side of your house, you could hear someone stomping down your stairs and screaming like a pack of timberwolves were nipping at their heels
  63. >...
  64. >Was that Twi?
  65. >It sounded like--
  67. >Your stomach tightened
  68. >Twilight sounded panicked; hysterical even...
  69. >You found yourself quickly standing, your inner sis surfacing
  70. >If Anon did anything to Twi you'd beat the stuffing out of him, stallion or not...
  71. >There was a shuffling in the kitchen, and just as you turned around you saw Twilight racing into the living room
  72. >You were about to ask her what was going on, but the second that you saw her you found yourself taking a step back
  73. >Your friend's eyes and hair were wild
  74. >She looked both pale and flushed
  75. >She was breathing heavily, and her eyes were darting around the room like she was expecting something to jump out at her
  76. >You flinched when her crazy, piercing eyes met yours
  77. >...
  78. >Whatthebuck...
  79. >"THERE YOU ARE!" Twi screeched, making you jump again. "SUNSET! SUNSET! I NEED YOUR HELP!"
  80. >She hopped over the couch and, before you could take another step back, grabbed you by the collar of your shirt and pulled the two of you together so that your noses were touching
  81. >Before you could open your mouth to say something Twilight began shaking you
  82. >Violently
  83. >And then the word barrage came
  84. >"Sunset, Anon told me that breath-sharing is perfectly alright and I was really happy to learn that and he hugged me and everything was alright but then the two of us started talking and I found out some really bad stuff that's happened to Anon andI'mfreakedoutandIreallyneedyourhelpbecauseIreallylikethisstallionandIwanthimtomeetmyparentsandmaybehorsemarryhimbutIneedtoprotecthissmileandIdon'thaveanyideahowtodothatsoIneedyoutohorsemarryhimwithmesinceyou'resogoodwithstallionsandyoucanhelpmemakehimhappyforeverandeverandeversowillyoupleasehelpme?!"
  87. >...
  88. >...
  89. >...
  90. "...Twilight," you found yourself saying, grabbing your friend's shoulders so she wasn't shaking you quite so hard. "Why in Celestia's name are you naked?"
  91. >"I need your help, Sunset!" Twi said, ignoring your question completely. "How could something like that happen to Anon? He's the sweetest, cutest stallion in the world and everyone is--"
  92. "Wait, wait, wait," you interrupted, wiggling out of your friend's grip. "What happened? What's wrong with Anon?"
  93. >Twilight, panting like a dog, opened her mouth
  94. >You frowned
  95. "This time in words that I can understand please," you asked
  96. >Twilight's mouth closed
  97. >Her brow furrowed in that cute way that told you she was collecting herself
  98. >"Anon came into your room and talked with me," she began again. "He told me that breath-sharing didn't have any significant meaning to humans."
  99. >Yes, exactly like you told her...
  100. >Twilight paled a bit, swallowing thickly
  101. >"We started talking a little bit and something seemed wrong with him," she continued. "I tried to get him to talk about it but he tried to change the subject or insisted that nothing was wrong."
  102. >A shiver ran through her body, and for a moment it looked as if she had seen a ghost
  103. >"I pressed a little more until he f-finally told me," she said, her voice cracking. "He t-told me everything..."
  104. >Twilight then retold everything that Anon had said
  105. >His insecurities, his loneliness, his pain
  106. >She told you about the tears in his eyes, his sniffles, the way that he looked at her after he was finished and asked if the two of you were tricking him
  107. >...
  108. >You didn't like it
  109. >You might have been able to keep a straight face in front of Twi, but it felt like someone had punched you in the stomach midway through her story
  112. >HARD
  113. >You knew that guys had a hard time here
  114. >You knew that they were the ones that had to suck it up, push forward, wear the pants in the family
  115. >But STILL...
  116. >Anon was a cute guy...
  117. >A SWEET guy...
  118. >Even if the girls here were a little bit fussy they should have at least had SOME interest in him!
  119. >...
  120. >But the guys here were like the mares in your world...
  121. >And you HAD said yourself that there were a bunch of great, lonely guys here...
  122. >A grimace came to your face and your chest tightened
  123. >Maybe you hadn't considered HOW lonely some of them were...
  124. >While you were thinking on everything that Twi had said--and thinking hard--Twilight was becoming angry
  125. >It wasn't very noticeable at first
  126. >Her face scrunched up, her brow furrowed in a less cute way
  127. >Every once in awhile she would stop and huff
  128. >Little things that you wouldn’t see unless you were paying attention
  129. >But, as she continued to speak, the more visibly angry that she got
  130. >Soon, she was pacing
  131. >Her face began to morph and her eyes took on a worrying sharpness to them
  132. >It all happened to subtly that you didn't notice it happening until she was stomping around your living room looking like she was about to coldcock someone
  133. >Which was a little worrying because YOU were a someone
  134. >The only someone in that room in fact
  135. >"How could they DO something like that to a guy?" Twilight demanded, slapping her hands against her hips in frustration. "By the time Anon was done he looked like he was about to fall apart!"
  136. >She stomped her foot
  137. >"Its abuse! We need to go and tell someone so that they can do something about this!"
  140. "T-Twi--"
  141. >You cleared your throat
  142. >Come on Sunset...
  143. >Mare up dammit...
  144. "Twi, there's no one to talk to," you said, placing a hand on your friend's shoulder. "That's just how things are he--"
  145. >"IT'S HORSE APPLES!" Twilight barked, fury as clear as day in her voice. "IT'S HORSE APPLES AND I'M NOT GOING TO LET IT HAPPEN ANYMORE!"
  146. >You cringed, shying away as she looked you in the eyes
  147. "Twi--
  149. >You grunted as Twi's grip on your shirt tightened
  151. >You tried your hardest to wiggle out of your crazed friend's grasp
  152. >Kicking your feet, you realized that your legs weren't touching the ground
  153. >Looking down, you saw that Twilight, all one hundred and twenty pounds of her, had picked you up by your collar and was holding you in the air like a sack of corn
  154. >...
  155. >Holy hay was Twi scary when she was mad...
  156. >Dryly swallowing, you forced yourself to meet your friend's fiery gaze
  157. "What the heck do you need my help for?" you asked as calmly as you could. "You seemed to have a pretty good plan set up."
  158. >You watched as a bit of panic mixed in with the righteous fury in Twilight's eyes
  159. >She sighed, looking away from you
  160. >"...I've never had a coltfriend, Sunset," she admitted, slowly putting you down. "Back home I could never talk to colts, no matter how hard I tried..."
  161. >Her grip on your laxed a bit, allowing you to pull away and take a step back from her
  164. "It's different here, Twi," you reminded her. "You don't need to do anything to--"
  165. >"But I do!" Twilight insisted, shrinking into herself. "I need to show him how much h-he means to me. I need to show him that I care about him even t-though the world doesn't...
  166. >She took a step towards you
  167. >You, of course, took a step back
  168. >Because even though she didn’t look that angry anymore she could still clock you
  169. >And you had no desire to be punched today, thank you very much
  170. >"What if I mess something up? What if I do something wrong and he hates me for it? What if he freaks out when he finds out that I'm a mare not a girl? What if I'm awful in bed? What if I can't handle him myself?!"
  171. >With each step that she took toward you, Twilight seemed to grow smaller and smaller
  172. >She stopped looking like she was ready to punch a hole in the wall
  173. >She looked small
  174. >Scared
  175. >Like a little lost filly that didn’t know where her parents were
  176. >...
  177. >She was shaking, wasn't she?
  178. >...
  179. >Were those tears?
  180. >...
  181. >Oh Celestia dammit she was crying wasn't she?
  182. >Seeing this, seeing your friend beginning to break down in front of you, you forced yourself to stop
  183. >Twilight, tears coming to her eyes, kept walking forward until her chin was resting on your shoulder
  184. >She sniffled, and without a word you wrapped your arms around her
  185. >"I really, r-really l-like this stallion, Sunny," she whimpered. "I really like him and I don't w-want to mess anything up."
  186. >Her arms came up and she wrapped them around you
  187. >"I n-need help. I need someone that c-can help me tell A-Anon about... everything. I n-need someone that can help m-me be the kind of mare that h-he deserves..."
  188. >You knew what she was going to ask
  189. >How couldn't you?
  190. >You were a pretty smart gal
  191. >You could read between the lines, you could figure things out when you needed to
  192. >It also helped a bit that she had practically screamed what she wanted in your face just a second ago...
  195. >You knew what she was getting at, you knew where this conversation was going, but you didn't know how to feel about it
  196. >Should you say yes?
  197. >Should you gently turn her down?
  198. >It was a heck of a thing to ask a girl something like that out of the blue
  199. >Maybe you could talk her into asking someone else?
  200. >Maybe one of her friends back home or something like that?
  201. >You had all of these thoughts running through your mind, but the moment Twilight pulled away and looked up at you with those big, sad purple eyes of hers, you knew that you weren't getting out of this one
  202. >"I n-need your help to get A-Anon to love me," she said, a little bit of snot running down her nose. "I n-need a herd-s-sister."
  203. >...
  204. >Fuck it…
  205. >Your heart...
  206. >Grabbing Twilight by the shoulders, you held her at arm's length
  207. >You looked her up and down carefully, before staring hard into her eyes
  208. "Are you sure that you think that Anon's the one?" you demanded. "This isn't some school filly crush?"
  209. >Without hesitation, Twi shook her head
  210. >"N-No, he's the one," she said firmly, looking into your eyes as if she meant every word. "H-He's the one. I c-can feel it."
  211. >Your eyes narrowed slightly
  212. "Are you SURE?"
  213. >"Yes."
  214. "You only met this colt a few days ago and you know that he's the one?"
  215. >"Yes."
  216. >Your nose scrunched up
  217. "You're a HUNDRED percent sure? Because if this only last for a few months I'm going to drown you in my bathtub."
  218. >Twi nodded her head, looking into your eyes resolutely
  219. >"I'd bet my wings on it," she said confidently
  220. "And how the hell DO you know?" you demanded
  221. >To your surprise, a smile came to her face
  222. >She took a step away from you and touched her belly
  223. >"Dad always said that you'd feel butterflies in your stomach whenever you kissed your soulmate," she said
  224. >Your mouth, partially opened, snapped shut
  227. "...And you...?"
  228. >Twilight nodded again, patting her belly with a smile
  229. >"I felt them for all fifty kisses."
  230. "You know that everyone feels those butterflies when they first kiss someone right?" you asked, throwing up your hands
  231. >"It's not the same," Twi told you, shaking her head
  232. >Your eye twitched
  233. >This fucking mare...
  234. "And how the heck do you know? You said yourself you haven't kissed a stallion until today!"
  235. >Twilight's smile widened
  236. >She took a step forward, placing a hand on your shoulder
  237. >"I've never felt butterflies like this," she said simply
  238. >...
  239. "Are you SURE?" you asked again
  240. >"I'm sure."
  241. "Sure-sure?"
  242. >Twi gave your shoulder a squeeze
  243. >"Please Sunset?" she asked. "I couldn't think of another mare that I'd rather herd with."
  244. >Hnnnnnng!
  245. >ThismarewasgonnaKILLYOU!
  246. >Even though you tried to frown at her, Twilight's words made your chest puff out just a little bit
  247. >Here you were, an ex-villain, being asked to herd with a Princess of Equestria…
  248. >Most mares back home would give their left legs for an opportunity like that
  249. >And here Twilight was BEGGING you
  250. >...
  251. >Your mom would be shitting nails for a month straight if you came home and told her that you were part of a royal herd
  252. >And dad, the old cock, would probably have a heart attack...
  253. >...
  254. >As you continued to stare into Twilight's eyes to see if she was just full of shit, you began to feel just the teeny-tiny excited about the offer that your friend had just dropped in your lap
  257. >It was a silly offer sure
  258. >You were positive that this was just some school filly crush that would go away within the week
  259. >...
  260. >But what if it wasn't...?
  261. >Though you knew that you really shouldn't, you began to consider the offer, thinking about how life would be as part of a herd
  262. >It might have been fun rolling around in the cock like you were, but you weren't a kid anymore...
  263. >Maybe it was time to settle down a bit?
  264. >No more one night stands...
  265. >No more racing out of some guy's house in just your underwear…
  266. >No more making out with guys you didn’t even know...
  267. >Just your sis and a sweet stallion to come home to everyday
  268. >...
  269. >Twilight WAS your best sis...
  270. >And Anon was as sweet as they came...
  271. >If you played your cards right he'd be the kind of colt that'd be faithful to you until the day that he died
  272. >And, if you were being honest with yourself, you wouldn't mind waking up to his sleeping face every morning
  273. >You HAD said it yourself that Anon was the kind of colt that you could take home to your parents with your head held up high
  274. >Hmmm....
  275. >You put your hands on your hips, your eyes narrowing
  276. "...You really want to do this?"
  277. >Twilight nodded
  278. >"Yes."
  279. >You scratched your chin, thinking long and hard
  280. >...
  281. >...
  282. >...
  283. >Fuck it
  284. >Sighing, you wrapped an arm around Twi's shoulders and pulled her against you
  285. "First things first: we're going to have to tell him that the two of us are Equestrians," you told her. "If he doesn't run out the house we just might have something.”
  288. >Twilight's eyes lit up
  289. >"Really?" she gasped, her smile widening. "Does that mean..."
  290. "That means that I'm CONSIDERING it," you grumbled. "CONSIDERING. Unlike you I need to get to know a colt a little better before I'm ready to horse-marry him."
  291. >"But you're THINKING about it!" Twi chirped with a happy little bounce
  292. >You made a face
  293. >Hnnnnng
  294. >Celestia dammit was she FUCKING CUTE!
  296. "If you're as serious about this as you say, then you're going to go ahead and do this whether I herd with you or not," you said in exasperation. "I can't let one of my best friends run around in the wild like that."
  297. >Anon could have just been pulling your tails after all...
  298. >He could actually just be trying to get some cunt himself
  299. >You knew a couple guys like that in the school
  300. >First they got friendly with a girl, told her some sob story, and fucked their brains out before disappearing
  301. >Something like that would CRUSH Twilight, and no matter how silly you thought she was being
  302. >You weren't going to let that happen to her
  303. >She was one of your first real, true friends
  304. >The filly that was the first one to offer you a hand when you had hit rock bottom
  305. >You owed her...
  306. >You owed her more than you could give...
  307. >...
  308. >You were going to do this, weren't you?
  309. >...
  310. >Fuck, you were...
  311. >A small smile came to your lips for an instant
  312. >You quickly beat it off your face, adopting a more business-like expression
  313. "If we're going to do this we're going to do this MY way," you said, pulling your friend so close that your cheeks were touching. "First we'll tell him that you're a princess and I'm a unicorn. If he's still here I'll see if he cares about you as much as you care about him. After that..."
  316. >You poked Twi's stomach, causing her to giggle
  317. "Well... after that we'll see where this goes..."
  318. >Before you could say more, Twilight spun around and pulled you into a hug
  319. >"T-Thanks, Sunset," she said, sniffling. "It means a lot. R-Really."
  320. >Grumbling good-naturedly, you returned the hug
  321. "What are sisters for?"
  323. >It had been about ten minutes since Twilight had left the room
  324. >At least you THINK it was ten minutes...
  325. >You hadn't bothered to look at the clock hanging on the wall
  326. >No...
  327. >Instead, you had been a little too busy lying on your back and staring up at the ceiling while you thought about what just happened
  328. >... All of the things that you said...
  329. >And the crying...
  330. >And you just being a bitch in general...
  331. >You sighed, closing your eyes for a moment
  332. >Why the hell had you said all of that?
  333. >Twilight didn't need to know any of that
  334. >You didn't need to dump all of that on her
  335. >Girls didn't like it when you did that shit!
  336. >You were supposed to be a fucking man!
  337. >You needed to suck it up, power through it
  338. >Not break down and cry and whine and wail like it was your time of the month!
  339. >Cringing a bit, you began to squirm as you remembered all that you had said
  340. >All of it
  341. >...
  342. >It had been... kinda nice to get off your chest if you were being honest
  343. >...
  344. >Still, though, you shouldn't have said it...
  345. >Twilight was probably downstairs telling Sunset how much of a bitch you were as you sat there feeling shit about yourself
  346. >They were probably down there having one hell of a laugh about it...
  347. >...
  348. >Why the hell did she ask you what was wrong anyway?
  349. >Did you look like you were about to cry or something?
  350. >...
  351. >And why the heck had she been so determined to get you to talk about it?
  354. >And what did she say about Principal Celestia?
  355. >You were pretty sure that she called you a stallion before you left too
  356. >And you don't think she meant it in the ‘You were a man's man’ way
  357. >...
  358. >You were confused
  359. >VERY confused
  360. >You didn't have any idea what the hell was going on or why Twilight had been freaking out over that breathing thing or why she had draped her gorgeous, naked body over you and started kissing you
  361. >You didn't understand any of it
  362. >And, even though you felt... pretty good, you kinda would have liked some answers
  363. >...
  364. >This better not be some M. Night Shyamalan shit where you think it’s a love story and you end up getting murdered by a death cult...
  365. >...
  366. >That's what happened in those movies right...?
  367. >Before you could further reflect on the movies of a skinny Indian, the sound of the doorknob being turned made its way to your ears
  368. >"Anon?" A voice called from the other side of the door "It's me and Twi--"
  369. >"Twilight and--
  370. >"Shutthefuckup!... It's me and Twi. Do you mind if we come in?"
  371. >Sunset...?
  372. >What the heck did she want to talk to you about?
  373. >Did you do something wrong...?
  374. >You quickly sat up, looking toward the door
  375. >A bit of nervousness made your stomach tighten, but you mostly managed to ignore it
  376. "Y-Yeah," you said, wiping your face with a hand. "You guys can come in if you want."
  377. >...
  378. >You did something wrong didn't you?
  379. >Sunset was coming up here to yell at you
  380. >She was going to yell at you, drag you out of her house, and toss you out into the cold
  381. >...
  382. >Or worse, she was going to start laughing
  385. >Start mocking
  386. >Make you feel the kind of shitty that only girls could make someone feel...
  387. >The wave of anxiety that came over you at that thought was a little harder to ignore than your nervousness
  388. >A lot harder, actually
  389. >You could feel the blood drain from your face, and a bout of nausea made you lean forward
  390. >Please don't laugh...
  391. >Please don't laugh...
  392. >You could take her kicking you out or hitting you or anything like that
  393. >But not laughter...
  394. >You dryly swallowed as the door slowly opened, revealing both Sunset and Twilight, the latter who was still in her birthday suit
  395. >...
  396. >Not that you were LOOKING or anything...
  397. >Not knowing what to expect, your body tensed as both girls stepped into the room and closed the door behind them
  398. >Thankfully, they didn't start laughing
  399. > They didn't start yelling either
  400. >Twilight was biting her lip, looking like she wanted to run over and wrap you in a hug
  401. >Sunset, meanwhile, was looking you over very carefully, her face an expressionless mask
  402. >Both were completely silent as they made their way over to you with careful, measured steps
  403. >You said nothing, just staring at both girls while trying not to shake too badly
  404. >With each footstep that they took you could hear your heartbeat getting louder
  405. >The nausea got worse and worse until you were ready to puke your guts out
  406. >You broke out into a sweat
  407. >What were they going to do...?
  408. >You were barely able to keep it together as Sunset stopped just a foot away from you
  409. >Her pretty blue eyes were searching your face, looking for something
  410. >Finally, after what felt like an eternity of silence, you watched as a trace of pity came to those perfect blues
  413. >"You're shaking like a leaf," she murmured. "Poor guy... you must be ready to jump out a window..."
  414. >You forced yourself to smile, but from the looks on their girl's faces you didn't do a very good job of it
  415. "I-I'm alright," you said
  416. >Grimacing, Sunset shook her head
  417. >"No you're not," she told you
  418. >She then did something that you weren't expecting
  419. >Taking one final step, she bent down and slipped her arms underneath your armpits
  420. >"Come on, get up," she said, giving you a tug. "Let me give you a hug. You need one."
  421. >...
  422. >You DO kinda need a hug...
  423. >Wordlessly, you stood to your full height
  424. >Sunset pulled you against her, pressing your face against her collarbone
  425. >As she began to run a hand through your hair, you returned the hug
  426. >One, two, three, four, five seconds passed
  427. >Still no yelling...
  428. >Still no laughter...
  429. >The wave of relief that hit you when you realized that they had both come in here to comfort you was so strong that you nearly lost your balance
  430. >A very shaky sigh escaped you
  431. >This wasn't a trick...
  432. >They cared...
  433. >...
  434. >They cared.
  435. >You found yourself blinking away tears as you wrapped your arms around Sunset and held her as tight as you could
  436. >You sniffled, and had to bite your lip hard to keep from letting anything else out
  437. >"It's alright, you're alright," Sunset cooed in your ear. "You're alright now. We're here. We're here..."
  438. >The next few minutes were filled with nothing but hugs and gentle assurances
  441. >The nausea left you and your shaking started to stop
  442. >Sunset held you tight, nuzzling the side of your face
  443. >Eventually you weren't on the verge of crying or breaking down or looking anymore like a cockless little bitch
  444. >You were just standing there, hugging a girl
  445. >...
  446. >A girl that cared about you...
  447. >At least you think she cared
  448. >She came up here and hugged you after all
  449. >That meant that someone cared about you, right...?
  450. >Ten minutes must have passed since the two had entered the room
  451. >You waited for Sunset to release the hug but she didn't
  452. >After five minutes passed before you couldn’t take it anymore and broke the hug yourself
  453. >Both girls were smiling at you, as you took a half-step away from them
  454. >You found yourself smiling in return
  455. >"You feel better?" Sunset asked
  456. >You nodded
  457. "Y-Yeah, I think--"
  458. >"ANON!"
  459. >You grunted as Twilight, nearly in tears and STILL NAKED, slammed into you, knocking you off your feet and onto the bed
  460. >She followed you, once again straddling you
  461. >"I'm sorry that it took so long to come back up here," she said, cupping your face with her hands and pressing her nose against yours. "Me and Sunset--"
  462. >"Sunset and I."
  463. >Twilight bristled, looking over her shoulder to stare at Sunset, who stick her tongue out at her
  464. >Shaking her head, the purple girl turned back toward you
  465. "Sunset and I were talking and I lost track of time."
  466. >Her grip on your face tightened, and before you could so much as open your mouth she pressed her lips against yours
  467. >She'skissingyouagaineverythingsrightintheworld
  470. >You quickly returned the kiss, enjoying the warm, tingly feeling that came to your stomach as you did so
  471. >"I'm sorry," Twilight murmured again. "You were sitting in this room scared and alone and IshouldhavebeenhereI'mgoingtobeaterriblemarefriendohCelestiahelpmeI'llkeepkissingyouuntilyoufeelbetterand--"
  472. >A hand appeared on Twilight's shoulder, stopping her barrage of words
  473. >"Twi, why don't you get up and give the guy some space to breathe?" Sunset suggested, giving you an apologetic smile. "We need him to sit up anyway so we can talk to him."
  474. >Her nose scrunched up
  475. >"And will you put some clothes on, for Celestia's sake..."
  476. >...
  477. >There that weird thing was again...
  478. >Swearing on the principle like she was a god or something...
  479. >Giving you a few more kisses--which you very much enjoyed--Twilight rolled off of you and grabbed the stack of clothes sitting at the edge of the bed
  480. >You sat up as she began to put them up, looking up at Sunset
  481. >...
  482. >And not at Twilight
  483. >Because she was getting dressed and you didn't want to look like a pervert
  484. >...
  485. >You weren't
  486. >Sunset gave you a small smile before she walked over toward her desk
  487. >"I'm sure you have a lot of questions, Anon," she called over her shoulder
  488. >She grabbed the comfy looking wheelie chair at her desk and pulled it over toward you
  489. "Yeah, I have a couple of questions," you admitted with nod as she pulled it in front of you and sat down
  490. >More than a couple actually...
  491. >Sunset, still smiling, nodding in return
  492. >"You're probably wondering why you're here, right?"
  495. >You nodded again, trying to focus on the bacon-haired girl even as Twilight struggled to get into her bra
  496. >...
  497. >NOT a pervert...
  498. "Yeah, I was wondering about that... and some other stuff," you told her
  499. >"Twilight told me as much," Sunset said, looking over toward the girl affectionately. "She also told me that she really-really likes you."
  500. >...
  501. >...
  502. >...
  503. >Wat?
  504. "Wat?" you blurted out
  505. >Sunset's grin turned a little more toothy
  506. >"She told me that she really liked you and wanted to make you her boyfriend," she said matter-of-factly. "And maybe more if everything works out like she wants it to."
  507. >Your eyes widened
  508. >WAT?!
  509. >Your head snapped over toward Twilight, who was now THANKFULLY wearing panties and a bra
  510. >The girl's face was beet red
  511. >Her hands were behind her back and she was tracing the carpet with a toe
  512. >She shyly looked up at you
  513. >"I-If you want to be m-my col--boyfriend," she mumbled with a shy wiggle
  514. >...
  515. >YES!
  516. "YE--"
  517. >Easy there Anon...
  518. >Bring it down to a six...
  519. >You don't want to scare the shit out of the girls...
  520. >Your mouth snapped shut
  521. >Feeling a little bit lightheaded, you forced yourself to take a few deep breaths
  522. "Y-Yeah, I'd really like that," you said. "I'd like to be your boyfriend. That'd make me really happy. You're the prettiest girl in the world."
  523. >...
  524. >Nailed it
  525. >Twilight's face lit up
  526. >With a squeal, she bounded over to you and threw her arms around your neck
  529. >"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!" she cried, rubbing her cheek against yours."OhmygoshIcan'tbelievethatyousaidyesthisisgoingtobesogreat!"
  530. >...
  531. >This was happening...
  532. >A girl just asked you out
  533. >A smart, nice, pretty girl just asked you out and you said yes
  534. >She wanted YOU to be HER boyfriend
  535. >HER
  536. >YOU
  538. >...
  543. >A smile exploded across your face
  544. >You began to bounce on the bed, squealing
  545. >Twilight began to bounce as well, making her happy girl sounds
  546. >The two of you bounced and squealed and nuzzled each other like a couple of crazy people
  547. >And you would have done it for quite awhile, if not for someone clearing their throat behind you
  548. >"Twi," Sunset called
  549. >Twilight paused, stopped her squealing and bouncing and nuzzling to look back at the bacon-haired girl
  550. >Sunset gave her a look, nudging her head toward you
  551. >Twi looked at you, then at her, then at you again
  552. >She did this two more times before her eyes lit up in realization
  553. >"Oh!" she said, before deflating and adding, "Oh..."
  554. >The smile on her face became a bit nervous as she looked back at you
  555. >"Anon, before you say yes or no I n-need to tell you something," she announced, not quite able to look you in the eye. "Something important a-about me and Sunset here..."
  558. >...
  559. >Oh god...
  560. >They're trannies aren't they?
  561. >You've been kissing and snuggling dudes this whole time…
  562. >...
  563. >Oh god...
  564. "O-Oh?" you stuttered, hoping against hope that what your dad had been saying about you for years wasn’t about to be proven right. "And what is t-that?"
  565. >Twilight and Sunset exchanged glances
  566. >Not a very good sign...
  567. >Twilight pulled away from you and sat at the edge of the bed
  568. >"W-Well, you see, I'm not t-the girl that you think I am..."
  569. >Oh sweet Christ...
  570. >For the next half, both Twilight and Sunset talked
  571. >They didn't talk about being dudes
  572. >...Thank god
  573. >They also didn't talk about being in any kind of cult
  574. >They weren't murderers or kidnappers or cannibals or anything horrible like that
  575. >...
  576. >That being said...
  577. >It didn't make what they said any less surreal...
  578. >Apparently, Twilight and Sunset weren't human
  579. >This Twilight wasn't the cousin of the Twilight from school
  580. >Both her and Sunset, in fact, were magical ponies from another dimension called Equestria
  581. >Twilight was a winged unicorn, also called an alicorn, while Sunset was a unicorn
  582. >They lived in a magical realm where a pony called Princess Celestia raised the sun and her sister, Princess Luna, rose the moon
  583. >Twilight was also a princess
  584. >She was the Princess of Friendship, she had told you
  585. >She was also an ‘Element of Harmony’, and had saved the land where she had come from dozens of times
  586. >Sunset was an old student of Princess Celestia’s that had traveled to this world by accident, and had decided to stay here because she enjoyed her new life here
  587. >And that…
  588. >That was some shit...
  589. >You had been barely able to digest that when the girls had went on to explain why you were here in Sunset's house
  590. >There weren't a lot of guys in Equestria, and most of the ones there weren't worth a damn
  593. >So, after the two had talked a little bit about the fact that Twilight--a PRINCESS-- had never done anything with a stallion, Sunset had offered to let her stay at her house so the two could have a little fun
  594. >They looked around the school a little bit, picked you out, and the rest was history
  595. >...
  596. >There was also something about portals and something about Sunset turning into a demon one time, but you weren't too worried about that
  597. >You were...
  598. >...
  599. >Whoo...
  600. >You were… SOMETHING about all of this…
  603. "--And I know that it sounds like we were just looking for some colt to rut for a couple days, and, at first, that might have been the plan, but I promise you that it's different now, Anon," you said, your heart pounding in your chest.
  604. >You were sitting on Sunset's bed right next to Anon
  605. >Who agreed to be your coltfriend
  606. >He said yes when you asked him
  607. >Both you and Sunset heard him
  608. >...
  609. >SweetCelestiayouhopethathedoesn'trunawaynow!
  610. >You were wrapped in Sunset's blanket, only shivering a little bit
  611. >One of your hands had slipped through the opening in the cocoon so that you could hold Anon's hand as you told him EVERYTHING
  612. >Who you are
  613. >What you are
  614. >Where you come from
  615. >What you do for a living and what you're doing here
  616. >You, as nervous as all Tartarus, laid everything bare for this sweet, wonderful colt
  619. >And he...
  620. >Well...
  621. >He took it... BETTER than you expected...
  622. >...
  623. >He didn't run out the door like you feared
  624. >He sat there, holding your hand, looking at you and Sunset with an expression that you couldn't quite place
  625. >But he wasn't running away, and he wasn't shouting or freaking out
  626. >...
  627. >And that was something, right?
  628. >Still, even if Anon thought you and Sunset were cuckoo, you were determined to finish what you started
  629. >You were going to tell this stallion how you felt about him
  630. >You were going to do it even if it meant that he was going to run out of this house screaming
  631. >...But you REALLY hope he didn’t do that...
  632. "I've never felt what I feel when I look at you," you continued, hoping that Anon could hear the emotion in your voice. "I like to hear you talk, I smile when I hear your laugh, whenever you're pressed up against me I don't know what to do with myself!"
  633. >You have his hand a squeeze
  634. >Come on!
  635. >You gotta sell this!
  636. "I want to make you happy, I want to make you smile. I want to hold you every night and I w-want to see you every m-morning when I wake up."
  637. >W-Wew...
  638. >You didn't know that it could rain inside...
  639. "This might b-be a little t-too early to say this... but I think I l-love you, Anon."
  640. >"Aw..." Sunset said, covering the smile on her face with a hand
  641. >D-Dyke...
  642. >Not able to think of anything else to say, you just quietly say there and waited for Anon to say something
  643. >Acceptance, disapproval, anything
  646. >It took a minute or two, but he found his voice
  647. >"...I think that's the sweetest thing that anyone's ever told me," he said calmly, that look of warmth and affection that you loved so much coming to his eyes. "And I really like you too, Twi. Girls like you don't exist; and even if they do I always figured that I'd never find one."
  648. >"But..." Sunset said, leaning forward a bit in her chair
  649. >Anon grimaced
  650. >"But... it's a little hard to believe?" he admitted
  651. >"We sound crazy, don't we?" Sunset asked
  652. >You twitched, looking over and glaring at your friend
  653. >Whathebuckareyoudoingfilly?!
  654. >Stoptryingtobuckthisup!
  655. >His face scrunching up a little more, Anon nodded
  656. >"Yeah. I mean, I'm trying to keep an open mind but it's a little... far-fetched."
  657. >You frowned
  658. >Yeah...
  659. >That was about what you were expecting...
  660. >You knew if someone came up to you and said that they were from another dimension you'd laugh them off
  661. >...
  662. >At least you would have laughed them off before you knew the mirror existed...
  663. >Anon looked between the two of you, and you could see the doubt in his eyes
  664. >"You guys wouldn't happen to have any proof or anything would you?" he asked. "Can you turn into ponies or do magic or something?"
  665. >Sunset smiled
  666. >"Actually, I can show you some Equestrian magic if you want," she said, getting up and kicking her chair away. "It might not be exactly like what we can do back home but I'll show you that we're not crazy."
  667. >Both you and Anon exchanged glances, and you were sure you looked just as shocked as he was
  668. >Sunset could do magic here...?
  669. >When?
  670. >Why is this the first time that you're hearing it?
  673. >Anon's nose scrunched up just a little bit
  674. >"This isn't just going to be some slight-of-hand stuff is it?" he asked suspiciously
  675. >"Nope, this is real, honest-to-goodness magic," Sunset replied, stretching. "Or something close to it at least."
  676. >"And what are you gonna do?" Anon asked as she stepped away from the two of you
  677. >Sunset shook her arms and legs out, taking deep breaths as she did so
  678. >"I'm gonna transform. Sort of," she said, rolling her shoulders. "Me and the other girls call it ponying up."
  679. "And when were you able to start doing this?" you asked, no longer able to keep quiet
  680. >"A little after that whole fiasco with the other Twilight," she said eveningly, closing her eyes. "Now, hold onto something. This is the first time that I've done this in a room this small."
  681. >Your friend's brow furrowed in concentration
  682. >Her body tensed, and her hands closed into fists
  683. >"Alright... Here we go..."
  684. >At first, nothing happened
  685. >Sunset just stood there, looking a little bit constipated
  686. >But then you could feel a slight charge in the air
  687. >A magical charge
  688. >Looking down, you could see the hairs on your arms standing up
  689. >Sunset grunted
  690. >The charge became a little more pronounced
  691. >You could see the air shimmer
  692. >Every few seconds a blue spark would crackle somewhere around the room
  693. >Sunset's hair began to move is if caught up in some unfelt breeze
  694. >She grunted again, a vein on her forehead becoming visible
  695. >"Come on..." she growled. "Almost there..."
  696. >More magical lightning
  697. >The room began to grow brighter
  698. >From beside you, you could hear Anon gasp, his hand squeezing yours almost painfully
  699. >A part of you wanted to look over to see if he was okay, but another wanted to see this unfold
  702. >A pillar of light sprouted from Sunset's forehead, and another two formed on her back
  703. >The two on her back began to grow wider and longer
  704. >The one on her forehead became long and straight
  705. >Before you knew it, your friend had a long, narrow horn and a pair of wings that would have made Celestia jealous
  706. >...
  707. >Huh...
  708. >Releasing the breath that she had been holding, Sunset relaxed
  709. >Opening her eyes--which now seemed to be glowing just a big--she looked over you and Anon and smiled
  710. >"And there we go!" she chirped with a flap of her "wings". "Easy as that!"
  711. >Beside you, the bed creaked
  712. >Anon, his eyes wide, stood up and gently wiggled his arm from your grasp
  713. >Not taking his eyes off the transformed Sunset, he made his way toward her
  714. >"So what do you think, Nonny?" she asked as she stopped right in front of her. "Do you believe us now?"
  715. >Anon reached up and slowly touched her horn
  716. >"...Holy shit," he whispered, his voice filled with childlike wonder. "You went super saiyan..."
  717. >Sunset giggled, extending one of her wings to touch his arm
  718. >Anon's smile grew, and he reached out to gently touch it
  719. >"You weren't lying," he breathed, looking back at you. "You guys aren't human..."
  720. >You couldn't help but giggle
  721. >Harmony above was he adorable...
  722. >"Yep!" Sunset chirped. "If you decide to go out with Twi, you might find yourself with a pair of alien girlfriends."
  723. >Anon froze
  724. >His head slowly swiveled toward your friend
  725. >"...Girlfriends?"
  726. >Sunset nodded
  727. >"Uh-huh. Back home ponies are polygamous," she explained. "And even though I told Twilight that she could keep you all to yourself, she wanted me to form a herd with her."
  730. >Anon's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as he realized what she meant
  731. >"So t-that means... you want to..."
  732. >His head snapped over to you, disbelief in his eyes
  733. >You nervously smiled
  734. "Sunset has a lot more experience with stallions than I do," you told him. "So I thought that she'd be a good herd-sister, if that's alright with you."
  735. >Anon's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water
  736. >Paling, he looked over and Sunset
  737. >"A-And t-that m-means..."
  738. >"I need to make sure that you're a good guy first, but yes," Sunset said, booping his nose with a wingtip. "You'll have the two of us all to yourself if everything works out."
  739. >Anon grew very, VERY quiet
  740. >The smile on your face diminished just a hair when you noticed that he was shaking
  741. "...Anon? Are you--?"
  742. >Before you could finish speaking, Anon's eyes rolled into the back of his head
  743. >He then crumbled to the ground, out cold
  744. >...
  745. >Gasping in horror, your eyes snapping down at the fallen stallion, then at Sunset
  746. >Sunset was casually looking down at him as she tucked her wings against her back
  747. >A quiet click broke the silence
  748. >The alarm clock on Sunset's nightstand flicked to life
  749. >"Huh... Looks like the power's back on," your friend remarked, putting her hands on her hips. "Neat."
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